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Cover image: Paris Hilton Š

Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall © Ron Galella

Contents 10 New(s) Stuff worth to check out.

58 Portfolio Ron Galella Classics covered.

21 Book Review(s) No suprise. Again a fine selection of international book publications.

70 Portfolio Mouron & Rostain Curious what the rich and famous use and throw away? Check their trash bag!

28 Photo File Paparazzi. The how and wow.

84 Inside Young Collectors. Final part.

30 Portfolio Tazio Secchiaroli Federico Fellini involved him in ‘La Dolce Vita’ and the very first paparazzo was born.

86 Flashback REHAB by graphic design duo Ben Laloua and Didier Pascal.

42 Collectors Tip Richard Avedon.

88 Portfolio Darryn Lyons From warzone to the hills of Hollywood.

44 Portfolio Daniëlle van Ark After reading The Human Zoo, she couldn’t help but think of celebrities and paparazzi.

100 Bkmrks 8 www’s for great (and hilarious) work by paparazzi.

54 Interview A small talk with America’s Most Wanted: celeb photographer Ron Galella.

103 GUP Guide Upcoming photography exhibitions Europe USA/Canada Asia/Australia



Newspaper paper, 16 pages Willem van Zoetendaal, 2008 € 2.00

No numbers, no dates, two independent quires in tabloid format. Photo magazine ‘Archivo’ is a bi-monthly publication from the Young Photographers Foundation and the Gerrit Rietveld Academie of Amsterdam. For each edition the makers burrow through the archives of two photographers and, more often than not, uncover unknown (and striking) work. Archivo circulates 5,000 copies each edition and, priced at 2 euros, is a serious bargain.

Paparazzi by Peter Howe

The author of ‘Paparazzi’, Peter Howe, was once Director of Photography for New York Times Magazine and later for Life Magazine. With a well-informed and sustained critical view throughout, Paparazzi gives a historical overview of paparazzi photography in pictures. Howe spoke with veteran paparazzis such as Ron Galella and Phil Ramey as well as with photographed stars including Susan Sarandon. A complete overview of the wonderful, seedy world of paparazzi photography.

Paperback / hardcover, 175 pages Artisan Books, 2005 ISBN 9781579652777 $ 24.95 / $ 35.00

22 — 23


Glamour From The Ground Up by Ed Fox

Foot fetishist, Ed Fox presents ‘Glamour From The Ground Up’. We couldn’t expect anything other than this ample and colourful book from the likes of Taschen. The Los Angeles based Fox ornamentally and sensitively positioned the most beautiful and alluring porn-industry models for the photos. As beautiful as the curves in the incandescent, untarnished images may be, there is, apparently, for Fox nothing more bewitching than a foot.

Hardcover, 280 pages + DVD Taschen ISBN 9783822845073 € 29.99

GUP: Guide to Unique Photography


On Loving Animals by Isabella Rozendaal

In her first book Isabella Rozendaal portrays the typically Western phenomenon: pets and their owners. Not only does Rozendaal show the animals and their owners at home but she also travels to dog shows, horse races,veterinarians surgeries,and hunting grounds amongst other locations. At times confrontational, sometimes shocking, always bizarre. As a viewer you never knew that this everyday world could be so far removed from your own.

24 — 25

Softcover, 72 pages Veenman Publishers, 2008 ISBN 9789086901555 â‚Ź 24.95


Useful Photography #007 by KesselsKramer

Softcover, 80 pages KesselsKramer Publishing, 2008 ISBN 9789070478162 € 20.00

This brand new 7th edition from the series ‘Useful Photography’ is collected and edited by renowned Dutch photographers and collectors such as Hans Aarsman, Claudie de Cleen, Julian Germain, Erik Kessels and Hans van der Meer. From sporting stars to movie stars and ordinary people like us find nothing as motivating as a

GUP: Guide to Unique Photography

large, sculpted, shining award in recognition of personal achievements. This feeling of reward and pride is desired by all, not just Hollywood or sport stars. Thankfully there is a multitude of awards for every humble occasion, profession and hobby. ‘Useful Photography #007’ explores the sub-word of non-celebrity achievement.

30 — 31

Federico Fellini, 1979 Š Tazio Secchiaroli, courtesy David Secchiaroli and

Portfolio Weegee Stephan Vanfleteren Text: Han Schoonhoven

Paparazzo originale ‘Tazio Secchiaroli: Greatest of the Paparazzi Hardcover Text by Diego Mormorio 200 duotone photographs Harry N. Abrams NY, 1999 ISBN 0810941775 $ 35


ike a true Roman, Tazio Secchiaroli (1925-1998) was afraid of nothing and no one. Bold, direct and honest, he claimed magazine editors played it safe by publishing boring, censored portraits of the famous. It could get way more exciting than that. In the late 50’s Secchiaroli travelled through Rome on his Vespa hunting down celebrities taking snapshots of their unguarded moments in his quest to get to the top. This was

an approach film director Frederico Fellino could not ignore. He involved Secchiaroli in his film ’La Dolce Vita’, which, in the end was largely based on the pioneering paparazzo. The success of the film brought an end to Secchiaroli’s paparazzo existence. He was embraced by Sophia Loren and Marcello Mastroianni. The tables had turned: the celebrities now hunted him.

Terence Stamp, 1967 Š Tazio Secchiaroli, courtesy David Secchiaroli and

Portfolio Weegee Stephan Vanfleteren

Brigitte Bardot, 1963 Š Tazio Secchiaroli, courtesy David Secchiaroli and

GUP: Guide to Unique Photography

Federico Fellini, 1979 Š Tazio Secchiaroli, courtesy David Secchiaroli and

Collectors Tip

Mik e Nichols a nd Suz y Pa rk er’s r i a f f a e v o l y m r o st

In 1962 Marvin Israel, Art Director of Harper’s Bazaar, set out to make a series of fashion photographs, paparazzi style. There was only one man for this project: Richard Avedon (1923-2004). He loved paparazzi photographs and often used them as inspiration for his fashion photography. The result: a satire of the tumultuous relationship between Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. Text: Pim Milo


uzy Parker and Mike Nichols were the two actors who would come to Paris to play the leading roles in the epic drama ‘Napoleon and Josephine’. They were to act as if they had a relationship outside the film set. Suzy Parker was one of the original super models, blessed with magnificent bone structure, emerald green eyes and copper-colored hair. Christian Dior declared her ‘the most beautiful model in the world’ and she became the face of Coco Chanel. Her co-star was Mike Nichols, who later directed such blockbuster films as Who’s afraid of Virginia Woolf? (1966), The Graduate (1967) and Catch 22 (1970). The pastiche of Suzy Parker and Mike Nichols was calculated, planned, and rehearsed. Avedon familiarized himself with the idiom of Fraenkel Gallery 49 Geary Street San Francisco CA 94108 USA T: +1 415 981 26 62 W:

the paparazzi by working his way through piles of Paris Match with Israel. In a 20 page fashion sequence he used all the typical paparazzi techniques, shooting with a telelens from across the street. Avedon’s grainy black and white photos caught Parker and Nichols off guard and their incensed reactions to the presence of the press. One photograph showed Nichols : disgruntled look on his face, middle finger pointing skywards, lashing out with an angry kick. Throughout the shenanigans Parker never failed to wear the most beautiful creations from Chanel, Dior, Nina Ricci and Yves Saint Laurent. The credibility of the photos was reinforced by Israel mimicking the sensational style of a tabloid magazine. The text was also convincing: believably concocted in the generic style of a gossip magazine, written by Nichols himself. To this day there are still people that believe the reportage in Harper’s Bazaar was paparazzi document: the secret relationship of Mike Nichols and Suzy Parker.

Portfolio Daniëlle van Ark

“After reading Desmond Morris’s ‘The Human Zoo’, where Morris likens the behaviour of the city and it’s inhabitants to a zoo, I couldn’t help but think of celebrities and the paparazzi. I wanted to investigate red carpet event protocol, autograph sessions, and other spaces where celebrities, fans and paparazzi come together. No central photography or large format this time, instead I pointed a video camera at the people who make the famous what they are. The paparazzo. It does indeed appear that an animal instinct emerges: The hunter’s eagleeye, the unmistakable excitement of catching more than a mere glimpse of a star. I wanted to get close enough to hear the celebrities breathing. They were not allowed to pass until I had got what I wanted for a moment there, I was the paparazzo.”

42— —45 43 44

Danielle van Ark took these stills during the’honoring of artist Chuck Close’ at the Guggenheim Museum in New York and at Jennifer Lopez’s album release in New York.

46 — 47

Portfolio Ron Galella

F ck Off

Native New Yorker Ron Galella (1931) received a professional arts degree in photojournalism from the Art Centre College of Design in Los Angeles, California. He started out as an Air Force photographer during the Korean War before becoming a freelance and magazine photographer in 1955. His first spread was four pages for Show Magazine in 1967 entitled, ‘He Shoots the Stars. The Man Behind the Camera…’ Magazines like Life, The New York Times, People, The Star and Vanity Fair followed suit. Galella: “My passion is to show the world the stars it celebrates in the natural and spontaneous moods that only paparazzo photo journalism can capture. I am interested in printing onto film what is real.”

58 — 59

Marlon Brando

Portfolio Ron Galella

Sean Penn 66 — 67

Sophia Loren

Jackie O.

Jane Fonda

Woody Allen

Portfolio Bruno Mouron & Pascal Rostain

In 1980 Bruno Mouron and Pascal Rostain were drawn to an article in the French newspaper Le Monde. A sociology professor had written a piece about a study aimed at analysing consumption and social behavior in relation to trash. Mouron and Rostain decided to do their own research: What does Brigitte Bardot throw away? Gerard Depardieu or Yannick Noah? Afterwards, the duo went on to research the trash of Hollywood celebrities: Brando, Nicholson, Cruise, Madonna and Wacko Jacko. Even Ronald Reagan’s trash wasn’t safe from scrutiny. ‘TRASH’ has become a work in progress for Mouron and Rostain. They are also presently investigating non-celebrity trash in 42 different countries. From the favelas in Rio de Janiero to the affluent neighbourhoods of Quatar. TRASH aims to show the widespread development of standardised consumerism. There is, it seems, a story in every trash bag, and strangely enough a very personal portrait of each consumer.

Hardcover Text by Loïc Malle 24,5 x 28 cm 64 pages Published by MEP Regard, 2007 ISBN 9782841052066 € 30.00

70 — 71

GUP: Guide to Unique Photography

Michael Jackson’s trash

A— 82 —A83

GUP: Guide to Unique Photography

Jack Nicholson’s trash


Some pictures stand out from the crowd. In Flashback GUP looks back on an exhibition, event or project that made a lasting impression.

Rehab March 2008, SMBA - Amsterdam

What is it about Paris Hilton’s escapades, Britney Spears’ self-destruction or Pete Doherty’s drug problems that fascinates us so? Put simply: Everything. It’s pure entertainment. Celebs adorn the covers of international magazines on a daily basis, even the serious media gets in on it. Not purely entertainment, it’s also a manic scouting mission of sorts for a new iconic image. Graphic design duo Ben Laloua and Didier Pascal examine this media phenomenon with ‘REHAB’: blurring boundaries and weakening relationships to reality within the media. The exhibition presents many different ‘paparazzi’ photos. Amongst them a photo of Paris Hilton, an icon of modern times, crying on her way to prison taken by Nick Ut in June 2007. Exactly 35 years earlier Ut took another iconic photograph: a naked Vietnamese girl running from a napalm bomb attack. Quite a contrast. Is the media industry behaving reasonably or should we learn a lesson or two from these changes and send the media to rehab?

86 — 87

Mr Paparazzi Portfolio Darryn Lyons

Rudolph Nureyev pictured leaving the opera in Paris. 94 — 89 88 95

The Australian born Darryn Lyons began his professional career as a news photographer at a local newspaper in Geelong. At 22, he left for London to work for Rupert Murdoch’s tabloid newspaper News of the World. After two years he went to work for the Daily Mail for whom he reported from Bosnia-Herzegovina covering the war in Yugoslavia. A few years later he started his own agency Big Pictures and

GUP: Guide to Unique Photography

reported ‘worldnews’ like David Beckham’s affair with the Dutch PA Rebecca Loos. Darryn Lyons stopped photographing in 2000, but remains active on the other side of the lens. In addition to TV appearances, he enjoys his five minutes of daily fame with the ‘Mr. Paparazzi Show’ on MrPaparazzi. com. Safe to say, Lyons has become something of a celebrity himself.

90 — 91

Portfolio Debby Huysmans

One of the liberation victims, a Serb soldier lies dead.

96 — 97

Streching Danny.


Worldwide paparazzi There is no other photography business in which the trade in photos goes as rapidly as with Paparazzi photography. And of course the best medium to sell photos of world famous stars, worldwide to a worldly audience is, yes indeed the three w’s of the internet. Want to sell your pics and videos and become a paparazzi? Why not go to the one and only, a.k.a. Darryn Lyons’ personal venture. The agency’s clean - cut and good humoured blog features both UK stars and USA celebrities. As a nice touch, the pink mohawked Mr. Paparazzi will personally guide you through the best pics and videos of the week via video link. Also featured in this issue in the portfolio section, a site worth looking at. You can take a look at the online gallery where Fellini’s schooling becomes somewhat apparent. I don’t think many photographers who qualified as paparazzi can say that Fellini was their biggest influence. Perhaps just another unfair statement when talking about this resourceful lot... You can rent wedding photographers, you can rent a friend, or even a lover if you want to, so why not rent a paparazzi? I mean, let’s be honest, we all want to feel like a celebrity sometimes. To be fair I had never even considered this concept before. So if you’re intrigued or just so happen to live in the Washington D.C. area and fancy hiring your own paparazzi, check out their their site. 100 — 101 This photojournalist proudly boasts a series of Guinness Book-worthy records: he has smashed 76 cameras, broken 11 ribs and has been to the emergency room 162 times! This man is one of the reasons why a paparazzo can be scary to celebrities. But have a look, this ‘King of Paparazzi’ really handles his Leica camera very well Daffy Jones has been a paparazzo for about twenty years. He works for magazines like Tatler, The New York Observer and Vanity Fair. Daffy shoots in black and white giving attention not only to regular celebrities, but also to celebrities of the art and fashion world and the English aristocracy. An extra are the wide angle landscape shots of red carpet events. Jones offers his work for sale on his website. This pint-size paparazzi is fifteen years old and already accepted by the celebs as a paparazzi. Blaine does it mostly for fun, but it seems that a career as a hardcore paprazzo awaits him. He grew up in Hollywoood so the stars knew him from early on. They also think he is cute, giving him a distinct advantage, allowing him to take photos others can only dream of... Austin Visschedijk is just fifteen and a good friend of Blaine Hewison-Jones (see above). Austin is also thought of as cute by the celebs and can get in everywhere to get the ‘best’ photos. The story is that Paris Hilton, in a spa, personally convinced him to become a paparazzo. Have you always wanted to know how to become the best paprazzo in the world? Then this website is for you. Features include an A-Z of tips on how to corner the best celebrities and get a shot, tactical advice, tips about the hunt itself, recommended asking prices, useful technology, legal rights, etc. And naturally, the biggest cliches are not forgotten. GUP: Guide to Unique Photography

© Kurt Lubinksi, Berber, Marocco, 1930. Coll. Spaarnestad Photo, Haarlem

Jewish Historical Museum

© Kurt Lubinski, Cyclists, Amsterdam, 1932. Coll. Ullstein Verlag, Berlin

Photographer in exile Kurt Lubinski – Jun 8

Nieuwe Amstelstraat 1 1011 PL Amsterdam T: +31 20 531 03 10

Renowned photojournalist in the 20’s and 30’s, Lubinski’s noteriety has now somewhat diminished. He originally worked in Germany but as a Jewish man was forced to flee from the rule of the National-Socialists to The Netherlands. There he focused on being a travel journalist.

© Kurt Lubinski, Veenendaal, 1933. Coll. Spaarnestad Photo, Haarlem

Showcasing creativity in photojournalism and providing a platform for developments in the profession are part of the World Press Photo’s aim to encourage and stimulate press photographers around the world. Every year the exhibition is officially opened in Amsterdam as part of the prize-giving ceremony in April. The exhibition can be seen until March 2009 in over 80 cities worldwide. Assassination of Benazir Bhutto, Rawalpindi, Pakistan, 27 December © John Moore, USA, Getty Images

World Press Photo De Oude Kerk Oudekerksplein 23 1012 GX Amsterdam T: +31 20 625 82 84

The Exhibition Apr 29 – Jun 22

110 — 111

Gallery Pennings Geldropseweg 61 B 5611 SE Eindhoven T: +31 40 293 02 70

Anke van Iersel – Jun 14

Beauty comes in many forms. Young Dutch photographer Anke van Iersel photographs some of these different forms in intimate portraits. Her pictures captivate you as you fall in love with the atypical, uncontrived beauty she has captured. © Anke van Iersel

Noorderlicht Photo gallery A-Kerkhof 12 9711 JB Groningen T: +31 50 318 22 27

© Kiyoshi Suzuki - Mind Games 1982

© Kiyoshi Suzuki bookdummy - Mind Games 1982

Noorderlicht Fotogallery hosts a first retrospective of the influential Japanese photographer Kiyoshi Suzuki (1943–2000). They will be showing vintage prints from his legacy, many for the first time. Suzuki was best known for documenting life in its fragile state and had a reputation of being ‘a photographers photographer’.

© Kiyoshi Suzuki - Mind Games 1982

Kiyoshi Suzuki – Apr 27

Life As a Night Porter Š Chris Shaw

Tesselschadestraat 15 Amsterdam The Netherlands Open: Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 12.00 - 17.00 h. or by appointment

GUP #014 - Paparazzi