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OPENINGS The Virginia Community Healthcare Association Recruitment Services Newsletter Winter 2011 What’s New in Community Health The big news in Community Health this year is growth – growth in funding, growth in dollars available for loan repayment, growth in expected new patients, growth in demand for Primary Care clinicians, and growth in hiring. All this growth translates to great opportunities. The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act directed a one-time appropriation of $2 billion to Community Health Centers (CHCs). Commensurate support ($300 million) was extended to the National Health Services Corps (NHSC), an indispensable CHC partner responsible for attracting health care professionals to public health service. The health care reform law appropriated $12.5 billion for the expansion of CHCs and the NHSC over 5 years, beginning in 2011. With the advent of health care reform, the numbers of insured people seeking care from CHCs will unquestionably grow. The CHCs are thus likely to further cement their role as the bedrock of primary care for all, while remaining the safety net provider for the uninsured. CHCs may well be entrusted with the primary health care of up to 40 million Americans. CHC patient population growth, both insured and uninsured, is expected at rates never before encountered. Primary Care Providers, both experienced, seasoned professionals as well as those coming directly from residency and student training programs, will be needed in record numbers to keep pace with the influx of new patients. Family Practitioners, Internal Medicine Physicians, Pediatricians, OB/GYNs, Dually Boarded Providers (IM/Peds), Nurse Practitioners, Dentists, and Behavioral Health Providers (Psychiatrists, Licensed Clinical Psychologists, and Licensed Clinical Social Workers) will all be needed to support the anticipated increased patient demand. Perhaps you have not considered working in community health – or have considered it but back-burnered the idea for a future point in your career – now is the time to take the leap! CHCs have much to offer – and you will receive more than you give, with rewards both tangible (see “Our Practices Offer” on page 2) and immeasurably gratifying.

Announcing the Launch of Recruitment Services FaceBook Page We now have a Facebook Page specifically for recruitment. See real time position listings, pictures of our CHCs, and information about everything from loan repayment to the working environment and more. An ancillary Physician Ambassador Blog will soon be launched to facilitate peer to peer discussions for medical students, residents and others curious about the “real” professional life in a CHC. Check it out at

Community Health Centers ‐ The Perfect Place to Practice Medicine! 

Current Clinical Vacancies (as of January 7, 2011) include:

 Medical Directors  –  Vacancies  in  Central  Virginia  and  the  Shenandoah  Valley  area.  Positions  involve  patient  practice  as  well  as  administration.  Requires  5+  years  experience including health care administration, prior CHC experience preferred.   Primary  Care  Physicians  –  Openings  for  both  Family  Practitioners  and  Internal  Medicine  Physicians.  25+  vacancies  in  urban,  rural  and  suburban  sites  in  Central  Virginia, the Shenandoah Valley, Lynchburg, Tidewater, on the Eastern Shore, in  Southern Virginia, Southwest Virginia and the DC metro area / Maryland. Spanish  required for some positions.   OB/GYNs – Vacancies in Lynchburg VA, Cumberland MD, and Baltimore. Requires 2‐5  years experience, in full spectrum of services.    Pediatricians  –  6  vacancies  including  sites  in  northern  Virginia  and  Maryland,  Tidewater,  Lynchburg  and  the  West  Virginia  mountains.  Requires  2‐5  years  experience. Spanish required for some positions.   Spanish‐Fluent  Clinicians  –  Opportunities  for  Nurse  Practitioners,  FPs,  IMs,  Pediatricians  and  Behavioral  Health  Providers  in  northern  Virginia,  the  Shenandoah Valley and the DC metro areas of Maryland.   Nurse Practitioners – Openings for Family, Pediatric and Psychiatric NPs in Virginia,  West Virginia and Maryland. Spanish required for some positions.   Behavioral Health Practitioners – 3 openings including a Psychiatrist, a Psychologist  and an LCSW in Baltimore and northern Virginia. Spanish required.   Dentists – Vacancies in the Tidewater area and Central Virginia, in solo practitioner  roles with support staff.  Requires 1+ year minimum experience.   

Our Practices Offer       

Competitive Compensation  Comprehensive Benefits  Loan Repayment Opportunities  Malpractice Insurance at No Cost  40‐Hour Work Week  Predominantly Outpatient Settings  State‐of‐the‐art Facilities and Equipment 

   

Continuing Medical Education Including  Time‐off and Expenses  Complete Support Staff, Freeing You to  Focus on Patient Care  No Financial Buy‐in Required  Community Involvement and Impact  Lifestyle of Your Choice – Rural or Urban 


Contact one of our Recruitment Specialists today:  Thomas Gaskins (ext. 13) or Kim Riley (ext. 16) or Anita Browning (ext. 21)  at 800‐966‐8272   or email us at: 

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What is New in Community Health? - Growth of Community Health Centers, growth in new positions (including medical, dental and behavioral hea...