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Bay Area Web Developers: Who to Look for? There are certain considerations in selecting from among the many Bay Area web developers. You wouldn’t want to end up working with a developer that you’ll later on let go of. As such, consider the following: experience, technical skills, customer service, Internet marketing know-how, availability, full range of services, and fees. ----------Can’t seem to choose among the hundreds of Bay Area web developers? Then read on to determine what to look for in a credible web developer. Collaborating with a web developer can be likened to having a haircut with a new stylist. You notice your friend sporting a trendy hairstyle. Thrilled at the thought of changing your look, you ask for the stylist’s name. Trusting her recommendation, you immediately book an appointment at Salon X. As you enter the establishment, you are impressed with the nice décor and warm ambiance. You are then invited to sit on the luxurious leather seat. You quietly watch as the stylist you hardly know cuts your hair. The stylist insists that this style is “it.” But when you turn around and look in the mirror, you aren’t sure whether you like it. Forcing a smile, you thank the stylist and proceed to the counter to pay $60 out of obligation. Unfortunately, this is how some feel when working with Bay Area web developers. You approach the web developer with a vision of how you want your site to look then you entrust the style and message to the company. In other words, the fate of your website is in the hands of the developer. Because of this, you have to make sure that you have to choose carefully from among the many Bay Area web developers. Here are the things to consider: 1. Experience. Bay Area web developers with many years of experience in the field possess the right skills to create more sophisticated-looking and functional websites. With the tools and tricks up in their sleeve, they will help you accomplish your objectives better. A good way of gauging a web developer’s skills is by viewing their design portfolio. Do you feel that they were able to capture the essence of the organization? Apart from their previous works, you should also inquire about their specific schools. Do they know graphic design? Do they hand-code HTML or do they use an editor? What do they know about Internet marketing? 2. Web Graphics Ability The ability to create professional and original graphics will immediately set apart one developer from the rest of Bay Area web developers. A skilled developer will

know how to make an attractive layout, use the right color scheme, and make tasteful graphics. 3. Customer Service and Communication A developer should be able to get back to you quickly if you have questions. Good Bay Area web developers should be responsive to their clients’ needs and should be able to assist them within a reasonable timeframe. In addition, the developer should be able to relay their technical ideas in a way that you can understand. 4. E-marketing Knowledge Having a beautiful website will be useless if it generates no traffic. Ask the Bay Area web developers that you’re considering about the online marketing assistance that they provide to their clients. Do they do SEO? Directory submission? Meta tag creation? Link building? Will they help develop web content? 5. Availability Which of the Bay Area web developers that you’re taking into consideration can start your project immediately? What are their working hours? Can you call them up for questions? If there are maintenance issues, how long will they be able to implement changes? 6. Full Range of Services Will the developer provide help with the following? • Acquiring a domain name • Web hosting • Internet marketing • Copywriting • Database programming Working with Bay Area web developers that offer a full range of services will save you money, time, and frustration. You can be confident that they can handle the more technical concerns. 7. Fees The cost of hiring professional Bay Area web developers varies greatly. To avoid overspending, get a written estimate. Have the firm break down the costs per service. Do you have to pay for the estimate? Is a down payment required prior the project’s commencement? Do they have a flat rate? What items will cost extra? What are the costs for website maintenance? If you are currently searching for a web developer offering design and media services, you may visit:

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