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2011 Proposal

Create - Craft - Capture

WHY VFXAnimation VFX Animation offers results-driven media programs that build brand awareness, generate quality leads, and increase traffic. We deliver effective marketing programs that connect marketers with a video , smart marketing automation and IP based video streaming for effective communication to help them acheive success.

EDITORIAL VFX is the go-to destination for the growing interactive digital Marketing agency. We work on 3 business upgrades. 1. Design strong messaging content with powerful videos

to meet the objectives of our clients in targeting audiences. 2. We also work with our automation software that enables our clients to capture leads and nuture their customers to develop lifelong , profitable , relationships.

3. we also provide the leading online video platform trusted by organizations of all sizes to publish and monetize professional quality video experiences across PCs, tablets, smart phones, and TVs. 4. we also provide other media related work such as web sites , branding , Below the line advertisng materials.

Digital Media Movies - Production Outline and Sample Digitial Movies VFX creates movies that are skillfully written and designed messages that explain your story in an engaging way. It builds a convincing argument that persuades the viewers to take the next step in the sales process. It is built upon a recent advancement in multimedia technology. The movie is usually 3.5 minutes long and follow our unique solution selling model. The movie can be used in more than 25 different ways making it both effective and economical marketing tool.

Production Outline Strong Message based Solution selling model with a strong desired action. The “perfect 3.5 Minute Message ” with many ways to use. Powerful introduction Draw out, Understand and , to get attention emphathize with pain points

Features and benfits (tied back to pain points )

Competitive Differentiation

Awards and other networthy Events

Customer Quotes

Company History

Plan to forward Movie to others

Desired Actions


VfxMovies is ranked very high in search engines for “video SEO,” “video marketing,” “video advertising,” “video platforms,” and more. With our steady monthly audience growth, VFX will remain uniquely positioned to showcase marketers’ brands - delivering the results they need to influence a growing, involved web video audience.

Smart Marketing Automation and Video Publishing INTELLIGENT MARKETING AUTOMATION


marketing automation solution includes a smart

This digital video created by VFXAnimation helps clients

lead nurturing system that automatically sends :

with some typical engagements such as

the right message to the right person at the right time, boosts business efficiency by combining CRM, email marketing, lead nurturing, and ecommerce, saves time and money by automating workflow and business operations, and puts business growth on autopilot to achieve the entrepreneurs' quest for freedom..

SEO Custom Players Custom UGC campaigns "Velvet Rope" and Authenticated Video Advertising and Monetization best practices Catch-Up TV experiences YouTube cross-publishing Reporting analytics integration Video encoding best practices iPhone apps and sites Mobile experience development Ad Server integrations Player publishing best practices FreeWheel integrations Localization 3rd party technology integrations

Proposed Working Sheet 2011 MDK Developer Pvt.Ltd Proposed work will involve from smart marketing automation , to websites , to video seo publishing . Defined below is the step by step process that will take place for your company in the following months. SEO Custom Players Custom UGC campaigns "Velvet Rope" and Authenticated Video Website best practices Advertising and Monetization Catch-Up TV experiences Will Develop the website with all interface designing , PHP codings , Webforms , Analytic YouTube cross-publishing Design created on Jquery , PHP , CSS style sheet. Reporting analytics integration Video encoding best practices Number of Job 2 Websites iPhone apps and sites Mobile experience development Ad Server integrations Marketing Player publishing best practicesCampaign FreeWheel integrations Lead Marketing Campaign , Email marketing , reports , Tracking , Nuturing leads , Localization Follow up sequences. 3rd party technology integrations Ongoing for 6 months

SEO PPC - Google adwords , link building , Hubspots , Word press analytics , plan the model Architect the structure for targeting online audiences. Reporting . Online Integration with webpages.

Continued ...

Video Seo All conversions from HTML 5 , to montezing , uploading encoding , content management Delivery , mobile devices , Distribution & Syndication , Youtube sync , Social Media. etc Intergrated on Website and Delivered for 6 months.



3.5 minute movie will be created on the projects for MDK Developers , and presented in All above delivery of video seo and also intergrated on the webpages for traffic genertaion. Source files delivered to Company as soon as done. - 10 days time for completion.

Others Html , newsleters , E brouchers , Campaign materials , design below the line , lead generation materials , synchronisation materials for targeting audience. (Research ) Shall be done within the same cost till the contract is active.

Amount Spoken We prefer to build long term relationships with our clients at an price affordable • 15.000 Rs monthly ( 1st of every month) - Cheque Favouring VISION WORKS.

Details to be provided by MDK developers Pvt.Ltd Content Logo FTP Details Control Panel Details Rendered Images Stock photos if available . Marketing Materials for reference All past projects details as easier to incorporate on the site developed Editing of any content to be notified within two working days

Ongoing Process

Please provide if applicable - Any Networthy Any Deatils such as Awards and Associates that would be incorporated for ref. Existing Customer database if provided will be used for viral marketing. Used in Movie and website

Video Movie payments Artist : 2500 Rs Studio : 1000 Rs

The above charges are applicable seperately and not part of the contract .

Marketing Automation Plan ( MAP)

For Further Information Please do Contact me

Gunsen Shah / Interactive Design Consultant (91)95660.46556


Proposal for mdk developers p ltd

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