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PICFARE INDUSTRIES LTD Sales & Marketing Division

Plot No. 17/19 Nkrumah Road, P.O. Box 9396 Kampala, Uganda T: +256-41-4230416 / 4343619 / 4256356 F: +256-41-4345137 E:


Picfare Industries Ltd. Plot No. 35 Yusuf Lule Road, Njeru P.O. Box 1025, Jinja, Uganda T: +256-43-4123181 F: +256-043-4123151 E:

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An ISO 9001 : 2000 Company

Driving progress, adding smiles Security Printing Commercial Printing Industrial Printing School and Office Stationery Business Forms


In our business of stationery and printing we shall attain market leadership within East Africa through total customer satisfaction, excellence in technology and quality. OUR MISSION

To achieve total customer satisfaction by providing them quality products, prompt deliveries and best customer care. To maximize our production capacity by bringing latest technology, minimizing production waste and maintaining eco friendly atmosphere. At Picfare, we shall continuously improve our human resources development by taking care of our employees, their families and providing them the best training and growth opportunities.

COMPANY PROFILE The story of Picfare, now proud to be Uganda’s largest printed paper-products solutions provider began in 1981 in a small premise in 2nd Street, Kampala. By 1992, we began producing exercise books and catering to the import substitution in local markets. After learning the importance of education in Uganda, and acquiring Nytil, we moved to Njeru, Jinja to expand our capacity and consolidate synergy. And now… We are on a rigorous development track - increasing our product range, by the day. We have ventured into the printing business - commercial and security - and have appeared as the first government approved “Security Printing Company”. We have developed our own design studio with a highly qualified team. Today our products are not only available across the country but also cater to neighbouring countries.

SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY At Picfare, we believe that we must, even as we grow, embrace our responsibility to people, processes and to our planet. Only this total commitment can bring sustained and collective value to our shareholders, our employees, our customers and our society so much so that we have made it one of the core values of Picfare. Our initiatives comprise: Scholarship Programs Started in 2001 with the permission of Ministry of Education and Sports, we award Uganda’s 5 top scoring students of Primary Leaving Examination (PLE) from Central, North, West and East Uganda an annual scholarship of 1.1 Million Ugandan Shillings (630 US $) every year. In fact, now this program has become one of the greatest motivations for PLE students to excel in their examinations. School Badminton Tournament In partnership with Ministry of Education and Sports, we have initiated the National School Badminton Tournament to promote and nurture sports talent in our country. We organize and sponsor the whole tournament from logistics to prizes; speaks much of our sporting spirit. The event is now part of the national curriculum of Ministry of Education and Sports. What ’s more, we also donate education related material to many schools, NGO’s and Universities on a regular basis.

Picfare sponsoring Free medical camp “ Uganda Medical Mission” Picfare Industries Ltd along with its other group company SRNL sponsored a 11 day Medical camp at their factory premises between 12th Aug, 08 - 22nd Aug, 08. The Picfare Medical Camp was visited by eminent doctors and medical professionals from USA, Canada, UK and India along with doctors from Uganda. A total of 6760 patients benefited from the free medical camp and many patients were operated too free of cost. The expenses towards medicines and hospital stay during recuperation were all taken care by the medical camp. Though the organizing of such Medical Camp is a very expensive propostition running into millions of shillings, Picfare Industries Ltd has decided to have this as a annual activity by which the organization actively contributes to the society.

SECURITY PRINTING It was the ultimate test of trust for us, when the Government of Uganda granted us our first license for security printing. Since that precious grant, we have been keeping trust of all our clients by providing the most latest and secured features on all their valuable documents. •• •• •• •• •• ••

Here’s how: Our security division is equipped with state-of-the-art machineries An excellent managerial talent pool always adheres to client’s standard We specialize in additional security features such as Holograms, Water Mark etc As sole licensed Security Printers, we can stock & print on special security papers and inks – enabling us to cater to clients’ specific security needs Our workstations are covered under CCTV, Access Control, Audit Trail, Vaults We have tied up with security agencies to ensure safe delivery of ‘Security Jobs’ to all our clients

In fact, ask them and our clientele in Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi, Rwanda, Congo will stand testimony to our professional, secure and highquality completion of their security printed jobs.

Here are the products we offer under security printing: •• •• •• •• •• •• •• •• •• •• •• •• •• •• •• ••

Bank Cheques Demand Drafts Pay Orders POS Rolls ATM Rolls Share Certificates Dividend Warrants Interest Warrants FD Receipts Ballot Papers / Election Materials Mark Sheets Degree Certificates Birth Certificates Death Certificates Pin Mailers Products for Cellular Industry

Products for Cellular Industry Having achieved high level of security printing capacities, we have extended our product portfolio to include Total Print Solutions for the Cellular Industry, an industry where it matters the most in recent times – what with extensive investment being made in this segment. Our Security Printing Features offerings are: •• •• •• •• •• ••

Scratch Off Applications Security Printing Inks Security Papers MICR Numbering Bar Coding Personalization For Direct Mail

And Products like: •• Recharge Vouchers •• Scratch Cards •• Welcome Kit •• Forms & Stationery •• Personalized Direct Monthly Billing •• Security & Quality Control Understanding fully well that a high level of security is required for such product categories, we ensure that customers are secured from any form of pilferage/counterfeit. To that effect, we employ: •• •• •• •• ••

Latest Security Equipments deployed to prevent any theft or data leakage CCTV Monitor and recording 24x7 Encrypted Data Handling Allow no manual Intervention between Personalization printing and Scratch off labelling

Also, as we are ISO 9001 : 2000 Quality Certified, our products undergo stringent quality control measures, before they are shipped to our client: •• •• •• •• •• ••

Multiple levels of quality check both with system and manual processes Intelligent camera system on the personalization machine Rejects automatically diverted to locked box Full Machine and manpower logging Final Manual Inspection Machines operated by experienced expatriate technical staff

With us, you enjoy On Time Delivery and quality offering to your clients •• •• •• ••

All production planning is done through SAP We keep a minimum 3 months stock of raw material at any time Modern machinery while maintaining critical spares in stock Large Capacity and efficient production staff to ensure always on-time delivery

Banking by Certifications •• ISO 9001 : 2000 Certified •• Government Certified Security printer Infallible Commitment •• Best Quality & seamless service •• Innovative Print Solutions •• On time Delivery •• Full Confidentiality •• Comparable Pricing •• Up-to-date Online Job status through portal

Banking industry Security printing also entails printing securely and safely for banking products – as that is where precious customer information is stored. It is the basis on which a customer builds trust for a bank. ATM Card PIN Mailer Individual and confidential PINs allow customers secure access to their own accounts in banks & financial institutions. These PINs are conveyed through PIN Mailers – which are printed on carbonless paper or with carbonized ink. This allows the secret code number to be transferred on the inner sheet and the design, in a way that the secret code number cannot be read by use of any kind of light i.e. U.V. or Infrared etc. Banks can also print their secret code and other variable information themselves on these PIN Mailers for maximum security. These vouchers can be printed in various sizes as per customer specification. Picfare takes on total responsibility for secure printing of this critical PIN that in many ways symbolizes customer trust.

COMMERCIAL PRINTING Picfare having become a generic brand in the stationery segment ventured into the competitive and quality conscious arena of “Commercial Printing�. With its philosophy of giving only the best, Picfare over the years invested heavily in the state of the art printing machinery with the latest being the installation of

Poster Calendar Streamer Insert Shelf Talker Flyer Brochure Leaflet Magazine Text Book Annual Report Customized Book Catalogue

a six colour Heidelberg Printing Machine. With printing size as large as 700 mm X 1020 mm to the smallest size and with the maximum printing speed, Picfare can deliver jobs of all sizes tailor made to customers requirement and at the least turn-around time. To name a few from the vast range of products:


Across the world, BOPP self adhesive tapes are considered as one of the most important materials for packing a product. From carton box sealing to stationery purpose, they are used across small scale to largescale industries and homes, are very economical and cost effective. How do we manufacture BOPP tape? At Picfare, we manufacture Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) Film coated with acrylic based adhesive in different micron (GSM) coating thickness to deliver high initial tack, uniform and enhanced, safe, permanent seal, which ensures tamper proof & security protection. Available in clear and brown colour, Picfare BOPP self adhesive tape has a clear adhesive and is truly firm and resistant Enjoy the following features on our BOPP: • Light-weight packaging • High adhesion and tensile strength • Weather-resistance • Broad temperature range

They can be used for: • Security protection • Packaging carton boxes with automatic sealing machines • Gift wrapping • Packaging for export • Steadying & bundling • General Purpose Repair • Protection Our BOPP tapes give you: • Get superb tack and adhesion to surface • Ensure a strong grip with excellent adhesive backing • Quality processing equipment that guarantees consistent quality • Assured, marked tape length • Longer shelf life of 12 months • Peak performance even under extreme conditions of pressure and temperature • Sticks on all surfaces viz. Paper, Plastic, Wood, Glass, Fiber, Metal, etc

SCHOOL STATIONERY A wide range of quality product offerings at various price levels has made Picfare the undisputed market leader in the stationery category. Journey to the current position of having become a generic brand in the stationery segment is result of our continuous investment in technological and product innovation. • Picfare Silver Exercise Book • Picfare Gold Exercise Book • Musana Exercise Book • Striker Exercise Book • A4 Exercise Book A. Picfare Gold – Single Line B. Champion – Single Line • Counter Book A. Bronze B. Silver C. Silver Plus D. Gold • Ruled Paper • Duplicating Paper A. Gold B. Others • Drawing Book • Colour Pencil • Art Pencil • Graph Book / Sheets • Flip Chart • Pencils • Rubber • Ruler • Math Set • School Chalk

OFFICE STATIONERY In 2003, Picfare understood the vast potential of office stationery and expanded. Since then, a continuous addition to our product range has enabled us to offer a complete product basket catering to all office needs – from papers to pads, and more. Our office stationery is today a class apart and out-competes not only domestic brands but international brands too. Even as we constantly innovate and conduct market research, it helps us introduce new products at regular intervals as per the requirement. Office Stationery includes

• • • • • • • • • •

Photocopy Papers Writing Pads Spiral Pads Accounting Book Duplicating Book Pre-Printed Office Stationery Box File Typing Paper Envelops Trading Items

BUSINESS FORMS Two enriching decades into the stationery market, and our experience is enough to gauge what our customer requires. In the business and organizational printing for instance precision in reproduction and timely delivery becomes key – and that’s what we deliver. Our pre-printed continuous stationery, one amongst the many products under this division, has become the benchmark in its category and the first choice amongst consumers. Our various offerings under this division are:

• • • • • • • • •

Pre-Printed Computer Forms Stationery Printed Invoices Delivery Challans Vouchers Letter Heads Envelopes Air-Way Bills Event Tickets

PROCESS Being a leading printed paper-products solutions provider for an entire nation is no mean task. We always attempt to simplify the printing process, to not only deliver the fastest, but the best results. It combines digital workflow with leading state-of-the-art hardware and software, at every stage: Pre-press Process Coupled with dedicated, skilled manpower, our prepress facility is considered one of the finest in the East African Community. Machines - The approval cycle is based on PDFbased soft proofing and colour-calibrated inkjet proofing on state-of-the-art latest EPSON proofing machines. • • •

Once approved, the final PostScript or PDF is generated. It is put through our in-house colour separation and plate making process. A thorough pre-press check mechanism is developed for quality adherence.

Manpower Our manning team is well trained and adept in high quality scanning, complex colour retouching and colour matching, fixing errors and fine-tuning customer supplied files. Our lab facilities include: • Scanners • Workflow software (Trapping, Imposition, Ripping) • Output devices (Image-setter)

• • • •

Proofing devices Colour Management system Archiving system Software - Popular Desktop Prepress applications including Adobe InDesign, QuarkXpress, Adobe PageMaker, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Macromedia FreeHand, CorelDraw and Adobe Acrobat on Apple Macintosh G5s and Pentium 4 PCs

Press Process Printing Facility Our state-of-the-art printing machines from Heidelberg and Rotatec have helped expand our capacity manifold. • They can print up to 5 colour-printing plus online coating in a single pass. • Sheets up to a maximum size of 700mm x 1020mm can be printed. • Bilomatic machines form the back-bone for our stationery printing division. Thus, precision and automation make for fast make-readies and turnaround times. Our skilled and experienced press-crew can handle demanding jobs, with care and professionalism.

Computer Controlled Registration, Ink-key Preset & Dampening – Our machines help us achieve a rare precision that few others can. • • • • •

The register (printing of each separation exactly on top of each other) needs to be perfect to get the proper sharpness and detail in the job - the computerized console allows even the minutest adjustments to be made on the fly The amount of ink required on each part of the sheet is pre-calculated by the computer when making the plates This data is used to automatically set up the ink-keys before the job is started, allowing for faster and more accurate colour matching, and lesser wastage Of course, these computer generated values can be tweaked manually as per your requirements at the press, if needed The ink-water balance too is controlled from the console to ensure proper emulsification

Online Coating The coating unit available on press allows a thin water-based coating of gloss/matt/silk finish to be applied to the sheet. Apart from the aesthetic value, this coating forms a protective layer over the printed surface, giving it rub-resistance and resisting finger-prints and other marks. Its greatest advantage is that it is almost instantdrying, allowing the other side to be printed immediately and also subsequent processes to start without a lengthy drying period.

Post Press Process We have a highly automated finishing department which offers a range of coatings for your jobs, apart from services like folding, binding, punching, boiling etc. The Post Press Facility includes: • Laminations • Coating • Binding • Sheet Collating • Form Collating • Sheet Counters • Packing (Shrink & Stretch packing)

Packing, Shipping and Logistics A well structured system includes automatic and manual checks, to ensure the quality and quantity of all jobs before being shipped. The completed product has to go through many processes to get it to the form that it is in. We ensure that it reaches you in the same pristine condition as it leaves our production facility by taking utmost care in packing it. • • • • • •

Automated shrink-wrapping, stretch-wrapping and palletization machines are used as required for packaging the job Thermo Cole/Styro Foam padding and water- proof plastic sheets are used where necessary Quality tested 5-ply and 7-ply cardboard boxes are used to package your job and boxes are clearly labelled to ensure easy identification on your end We partner with all major shipping / logistics and can ship your job throughout Uganda and abroad to your door We can also dispatch consignments by road transport or Air-Cargo as required You can also request multi-location deliveries, and we can pack the job as per your dispatch list and ship to various locations i.e cross docking, etc

OUR FACILITIES We take our responsibility of showing Uganda the way, very seriously. It shows in the various modern facilities that we house “the most Widest, Trusted and Affordable One-Stop Offset Printing Solutions”. We consciously invest in printing support services and seasoned professionals to do all forms of off-set printing, perfecting it to client’s expectations. Our Design Studios

Printing Facility

Our workstations at Picfare are equipped with the latest versions of Macintosh / IBM and design software enabling us to provide a full range of design services such as retouching, colour correction, manipulation etc. with a high level of accuracy and integrated colour management systems, to maintain colour consistency and standardization throughout prepress and printing.

Our Printing Facility includes Commercial Printing and Security Printing Services. Coating We specialize in

Pre-Press Facility

Binding Our range of binding choices includes

The highly trained pre-press team ensures that every job is processed to get the beast results and is committed to adding value. Our state-of-the-ar In-house Pre-Press facility is equipped to do •• Colour Separation •• Film Making •• Exposing & Film Making

•• Online Coatings in gloss, matte and silk finishes •• Lamination in gloss and matte finishes •• Spot UV coating available in gloss & matte

•• •• ••

Centre Pinning (Saddle=stitching) Perfect Binding-Six clamp auto perfect binder carries out perfect binding Wire-O-Binding and Spiral Binding aer also done with automatic punches

WHY CHOOSE US Here are some reasons why we excel in what we do, and why we are first choice for the entire Uganda. Raw-material Inventory


Being the largest manufacturer of paper items, we maintain large paper inventories to support operation. Find large volumes of paper stocks at any given point of time at our production facility, ensuring readiness of whatever you want.

With diverse offset printing capabilities catering to commercial and security printing requirements, we cater to a range of printing needs.

Quality Adherence As a, ISO 9001 : 2000 certified quality manufacturer & printer, we take extra care to thoroughly check every job, small or big, for adherence to set standards. We have the requisite process to test paper quality, ink and all the other intermediaries.

Logistics & Distribution Our in-house logistics division ensures faster delivery of your ordered items, saving on precious timelines.

Personal Service Feel at home the moment you enter our business premises. Feel it even more when you work with our managers, supervisors, artists, layout designers and staff.

Competitive Price Our large scale operation and effective process control enables the best quality output at “the most competitive price” for our job.

High Tech Facilities Our latest computer and design facilities are all state-of-art, opening up limitless possibilities in graphics, layout and publication design.

Quick Turn around Time Thanks to our modern printing machines and fast processes, we always deliver on time, without fail.

Excellence With a total accumulated experience of more than two decades, we deliver nothing less than “Excellence.”

OUR CLIENTELE Ranging from telecom to NGOs, and education to many others, we prize our clients and their satisfaction above all else. Presenting a complete list of reputed organisations we have serviced with our timely quality and excellent services. Banks •0 •0 •0 •0 •0 •0 •0 •0 •0 •0 •0 •0 •0 •0 •0

Barclays Bank Bank of Baroda Bank of Uganda Bank of Africa Cairo Bank Crane Bank Centenary Bank DFCU Diamond Trust Bank Kenya Commercial Bank Orient Bank Stanbic Bank Standard Chartered Bank Tropical Bank Housing Finance

Telecom •0 •0 •0 •0

Uganda Telecom Ltd Warid Telecom Zain Communications Ltd MTN

Manufacturing •0 •0 •0 •0 •0 •0 •0 •0 •0 •0 •0 •0 •0 •0 •0

Unilever Bidco Mukwano Britannia BAT Century Bottling Crown Beverages City Tyres Crestanks Kampala Pharmaceuticals Roofings Rwenzori Sadolin Tororo Cement Hima Cement

Service / Hospitality Sector •0 •0 •0 •0

DHL Express Krua Thai Grand Imperial Hotel Equitoria Hotel

Government Agencies •0 •0 •0 •0 •0

URA (Uganda Revenue Authority) UIA (Uganda Investment Authority) Ministry of Finance Ministry of Education Ministry of Justice

•0 •0 •0 •0 •0 •0 •0 •0 •0 •0 •0 •0 •0 •0 •0 •0 •0 •0 •0 •0 •0 •0 •0 •0

Ministry of Public Service Ministry of Health Ministry of Defence Ministry of Internal Affairs Ministry of Foreign Affairs Electoral Commission Kampala Water NW&SC UMEME CDA COJ JCRC JMS PPDA DPP NSSF Parliament of Uganda NEMA UPDF UETCL UBOS NDA Population Secretariat Civil Aviation

NGOs •0 •0 •0 •0 •0 •0 •0 •0 •0 •0 •0 •0 •0 •0 •0 •0 •0

Uganda Red Cross Society (URCS ICRC WHO USAID UNICEF UNDP UPHOLD UNEB World Food Programme (WFP) FAO (Food & Agriculture Organization) Feed the Children Save the Children Reach the Children AIDS Information Centre GTZ Windle Trust Malaria Consortium

Education •0 •0 •0 •0 •0 •0 •0

Makerere Univeristy Kyambogo University MUBS LDC UMI UIRI JCRC

OUR REACH Through 22 years of operation, we have recognized distribution across all possible sales points as a key priority. Be it a big town or a small village, dedicated town-wise presence vide our channel partners servicing local requirements has meant that Picfare is available across. Picfare initiated the “Delivery Van Operations� to ensure our products reach out the remotest and smallest retailers. We now enjoy the confidence of customers in Uganda, and across East African Countries such as South Sudan, Congo, Rwanda, Tanzania, Burundi, North Sudan etc. Today, we are the highest exporters of paper products and have received the Platinum award for excellence in export performance - testimony to our massive reach in the entire region.



Uganda Jinja




Head Office

Rwanda Burundi



Sales & Marketing Division Picfare Industries Ltd. Plot No. 35 Yusuf Lule Road, Njeru P.O. Box 1025, Jinja, Uganda Other Contacts Printi...

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