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professional practice



My name is GUNJAN DHAWAN and i am an Architect and an Interior Designer currently based in Milan, Italy. I have pursued my B.Arch from T.V.B.S.H.S ,New Delhi, India and further Masters in Interior and Living Design from Domus Academy, Milan, Italy. I have been a part of Design and Development projects for firms like Bestech and Arcop.


After completing my Architecture and gaining some professional experience, I specialized in INTERIOR DESIGN. Masters in Interior Design from Domus Academy,Milan , Italy. It gave me a lot of international exposure and i developed a new mental conscious of the world around and promoted additional abstract skills.

Network Pilot Project

CONCEPT:The Idea was to connect three or more adjacent Cascine together and design a network where one cascine becomes the Brain of all other cascine providing the information point of all Networks and is called the Network BRAIN of the EXPO.


SCOPE: Transforming the waste land which was unused into a valuable land by introducing the heritage route and making it lively.

DESIGN Idea :Preserving the charm of the old construction and giving it a contemporary touch so as to make the environment lively and interactive.

SITE:Adjacent to Milan Expo 2015 , Lambardia

1. Landscape Plan

2. Information Centre

3. Main Corridor

In Cube

CONCEPT:The project is an inspiration from Soma cube, which has sevens modules. These seven modules in a cube are replaced by seven kiosks in our project which will be placed in seven different parts of the city, so as to promote the company. These


SCOPE: Creating a space for uneducated talented people and giving them an opportunity to show their talent and earn their living by selling their creativity.

seven kiosks are the main source of generating talents where a digital portfolio is made and transferred to the main server in the main building. Therefore the main building is a cube and is called “INCUBE� i.e. Interconnecting Network CUBE.


SITE:Adjacent to Castello museum near park sempione, milano

1. Sample Module

2. Stillted Structure

3. Market area on Ground Floor

Key Of Hope

CONCEPT:This Project is about creating the senses of emotions (hope & discomfort) through lighting. This project explains how hope lasts forever in everyone’s life, during every phase of life from birth to learning,

SCOPE: Experimenting and understanding the effect of lighting in the interior spaces by different means of lighting techniques and installations.

experiencing, finding your identity and surviving the real world through different means of lighting techniques and installations.The key of hope is symbolic and is depicted by LED tubes in various forms throughout the maze.

SITE:Glorria maria gallery , milano

1. Learning

2. Experience

3. Difficulties

just married

CONCEPT:This project was a real interior design project of an existing apartment with real dimensions and real couple ( client’s) requirement. We started this project by analyzing the two characters i.e Daniele and Giorgia .

SCOPE : Experiencing a real interior design project and see how different needs may affect the design of the same space.

DESIGN IDEA:Idea was to create their individual spaces in a way that danile’s personal space will reflect 80% of his character and 20% of giorgia’s character so that the feeling of being together is always felt even when they are not together.

SITE:Appartment in milano

1. Kitchen

2. Bedroom view

3. Living room

live your street life

CONCEPT:Theidea is to create a space which adds life to a place, where people give character to it like streets and not the physical structure. Creating a space which is designed by the people and does not have any purpose but yet is part of our lives.

SCOPE : Creating a space which becomes part of our lives and is not subjected to any purpose or requirnment.

DESIGN IDEA: Creating a movement path which has several interactive nodes called nukkads and chowks . Design Execution Path, Nodes, Edges, Landmark


Barren Parking lot near Lotto Station, Milano

1 .Informal Steating Area and the Bar

2. View of the site fron Piazzale Lotto

3. View of the Open Air Library

architecture I completed my Architecture from T.V.B.S.H.S batch ( 2005-2010) where I got the opportunity and training to design in specialist fields like housing, office design, institute design, urban design with construction knowledge as well as ecological design at the same time. I have equipped myself with the necessary concepts and techniques during my graduation for being a professional.

office design 1 1

CONCEPT:This Project is about designing and office building with commercial aspects as well. The idea was to design in sink with the surrounding which was highly commercial and had offices around. The Aim was to under the working of the

SCOPE : Understanding the working , functionallity and services of an office building. ( Service floors, Service cores, Basement details etc.) 3 2

services that goes in an office building like toilets details, service cores - lifts, Basement parking, storage etc . The design was further resolved through Working Drawings with exact Colomn Beam layouts and other Fixing details.

SITE:ECE House, Connaught Place, Delhi, India

1. Plans

2. Sections

3. Details


CONCEPT:This was a Housing Project for Government Employees which was titled as Ideal Neighbourhood where detailed age group study was done so as to understand the needs and requirements of every individual living in a neighbourhood.

SCOPE : Understanding the needs and requirenments of every age group in a society and designing sustainabily a healthy and lively enviornment.

DESIGN IDEA : Retaining all the Existing trees on the site. Use of passive design elements Restricted car movement within the site. Effective use of rain water Use of wind movement Orientation of the houses according to the sun Movement.

1. Site Views

2. Age Group Study Sections

3. Detailed views of the Houses and Site

restructuring gurgaon city

CONCEPT:This was an Urban Planning Project where we restructured the Entire city by analysing its pros and cons. Objectives :1. Transit Oriented Development 2. Robustness in the Grid 3. City For Pedestrian

SCOPE: Understanding the designing and planning of an Urban space ( City level Planning)

4. Enviornmental Sensitive Design 5. Social Sustainability Proposal to undercut the urban sprawl and restructure Gurgaon’s urban form to one that incorporates transit lines as well as creates a cohesive cityaround a new civic centre.

SITE:Gurgaon City, Haryana, India

1. Detailed Sections

2. Views ( City Level)

3. Model of the Civiv Centre

community for old age people 1

CONCEPT:This proposal plans for an action on aging for developing skills banks for the accumulation of knowledge, expertise and diverse the skills of the elderly for the benefit of the young generation. Creating a society, when young and the

Scope : Creating community spaces which incorporate two extreme age groups for the upliftment of the old age people.

old have a special relationship where each one assists the other to their mutual benefits. DESIGN IDEA: Integrated community Multiple levels of work spaces Attached units with common corridor No Boundary walls Private outdoor Spaces Chawl Typology

1. Plans

2. Sections

3. Details

PROFESSIONAL PRACTICE I worked as a Trainee in Bestech Group during my graduation and as an Architect in ARCOP Associates. I have conrtibuted in the designing and construction of a 5 star Hotel Radisson Indore and Housing - Plam Spring in Gurgaon. I worked under the guidance of Senior Arcitects and gained inquisite amount of knowledge about Interior spaces, outer facade treatments and landscaping.

practical experience

IDEA:This Project was designing a 5 star hotel Radisson in Indore. Work On the Elevations: Brick work Details Glass fixing

sdkl snalkdas sadonsd nadnasldn ndlkwandw ncancja dnwand wndiwdwd dwjdw oopjopjq qwsjwd kolwnd oppod ijpowid wjpowjds.

Tensile Structure Stone Fixing Interior : Room Details Bathroom fixtures Cil level and lintel level Details Wall Treatment

1. External View of the Hotel

2. Brick Work Detail

3. Detailed Plan


As an architectural student i always photographed buildings during my educational trips. During my Masters , I got the opportunity to visit a lot of buildings all over Euorpe which enhanced my passion for photography.


SCOPE: These pictures are shot while travelling during my graduation and post graduation around india and Europe.

exposure During my education, I got the opportunity to visit various traditional cities and understand their architecture like Udaipur, Ahemedabad, Chamba in India and European architecture ( Rome, Venice, France) during my post graduation. Visits:Salone del mobile 2010 Milano( Furniture Fair) Riva ( 1920 ) Kartell ( Milano) Cersaie ( Bolonia, Italy)


SCOPE : Visits to Design Exhibitions and Design Fairs.


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