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Volume 2 /// Issue 1

CONTENTS Kingdom Choice Awards

Review of the Concert/ /Rundown of the Winners// Interview with Heesun Lee & D-Maub

Where it All Started: JudaCamp Concert

Review of the concert featuring an exclusive interview with Jules Bartholomew

B. Cain & Rock // Matt T. Benefit Concert Concert review

Soup Kitchen

The Thanksgiving day Collabo effort between Gospel Unplugged, One Accord and other NYC Gospel Artists

Thank You from the CEO

A special thank you from our CEO; Terrence C. Charles Jr.

In the world of entertainment, there are all sorts of awards shows. From the BET awards to the Oscars, there are platforms designed specifically to honor those who are successful at what they do. However, we at Gospel Unplugged like to focus on the people that the public does not generally know about, but should know about. Thankfully, on October 30th, 2010, we found ourselves at an event that did just that!


Kingdom Choice Awards Male Rap Minister D-Maub

Female Rap Minister Heesun Lee

Rap Album Gauge

Rap Single Sho Baraka

Rap Mix Tape Big Fil

Debut Album R-Swift

The Kingdom Choice Awards started by Marcus Hall, who most know as “Minister Marcus”. The event was created to, not only honor artists in the gospel arena who people may not know about, but it honed in on another specific: hip-hop artists. This event broadcasts and showcases what God is doing in the holy hip hop arena and how these artists are just as effective and anointed in their ministry. The award show had various categories within the holy hip hop arena and some categories that were open to all genres within gospel music. The host of the show was nonother than one of gospel’s most recognized artists, Richie

Lyricist Freestyle Malakai Da Truth

Male Urban Singer Jay Cabassa

Video Gauge

Female Urban Singer Danielle Lewis

Urban Album

TJ Da Praying Man


Sherwin Gardner

Producer/Production Company G-Styles


DJ Y-Not

Radio Podcast Holla Fest Radio

Spoken Word Oraia Speaks

People’s Choice RIchie Righteous

Righteous. He was filled with jokes and laughs. He also came out freshly decked out in outfits made by IngActiveWear, a gospel apparel company, made known by their “Sin is Wack” t-shirts. We were excited to see people who we have worked with in the past! The main artist for our third open mic concert series this summer, Dave TV, was on the Red Carpet being interviewed by various magazines and radio shows. The artist who we introduced ourselves with by hosting her album release in New York, Danielle Lewis was present with her husband, producer A-Minor Musik. Furthermore, she won the the Kingdom Choice Female Urban Singer Award. This award show definitely shows the value and power behind holy hip-hop. Be on the lookout for next years award show! by Celeste Rimple


HeeSun Lee


GU: Where are you from? HSL: Staten Island New York

GU: How does it feel to be in NYC? D-Maub: I can’t describe it, the love that I have received, the acceptance, I am truly honored.

GU: How does it feel to be the top female in your industry? HSL: It’s a blessing and a humbling experience which continues each and every day. GU: When can we expect a new album from you? HSL: In Mid 2011 I will putting out my second album.

GU: How is the Holy Hip-Hop Scene in Ohio? D-Maub: Great!! It’s growing, ministries are getting it and the unity we are building is on a different level.

Dave TV, who was featured at our third Open Mic series was also at the awards show.

The newleyweds! Andre “A-Minor Musik” and Danielle (Lewis) Johnson. Talk about a power couple.

Dave TV, who was featured at our third Open Mic series was also at the awards show.

Richie Righteous was very entertaing as the host for the evening, regularly switching his outfits and making sure to stay “fresh�.

Christian Rapper Big Fil wasn’t shy towards the camera just minutes after winning the Best Mixtape Award.

Andre Mullen (right) sat down with Heesun Lee, who took home the Female Rap Minister award.

We were happy to run into an artist we’ve come to know very dearly here at Gospel Unplugged, Danielle Lewis, who took home the award for female Urban SInger

Our CEO shook hands and met with “Richie Righteous” who one the People’s CHoice award later on in the night.

Where it all started: Concert Review + Exclusive INterview

October 31st, 2010 was an epic day in the ministry of Jules Bartholomew and JudaCamp. They were celebrating 7 years of ministry and they put together an amazing event called the ‘Where It All Started’ Concert. It was to show whom Jules has worked with, and what he’s done to get where he is at now with his ministry. This event took place in the church where Jules grew up

Concert Review and got his love and passion for music, Calvary Cathedral of Praise. On the bill with JudaCamp who opened up with ‘Living God’ was, an Alumnus Choir from the prestigious performing arts school, LaGuardia high school where Jules attended. He also had a special Sisters n Brothers reunion. Sisters n Brothers was one of the first things birthed from the heart and mind of Jules Bartholomew and it was awesome to see them together after so many years.

Also ministering was VaShawn Mitchell, he sang two songs (one he wrote) that are taking over many praise and worship sessions in America. Chasing After You and Nobody Greater. He led us into worship and it was a great experience to be apart of. Bishop Hezekiah Walker, a person who gave Jules a chance to showcase his talents as a musician and as a songwriter, sang his single ‘Souled Out’ that has blazed the nation. It was definitely a preparation for the high energy that JudaCamp was about to bring. JudaCamp did the title track from their album ‘Dance’. They certainly had the people dancing with this up-tempo, enthusiastic praise song. The most certainly ended this night on a high note! By Terrence C. Charles

Exclusive Interview

Gospel Unplugged had the privilege of going to and being a part of the Where It All Started concert. We caught up with leader Jules Bartholomew and interviewed him. GU: How old were you when you started playing music? And who or what is your source of inspiration? JB: I was 9 when I started playing keys. I was always into music but I became really engaged with keys around that age. My dad is my inspiration, when I was younger he took me to his rehearsals and he’s always been one of my largest supporters and encouragers. GU: What is your favorite music, and favorite singer(s)? JB: Being that I didn’t sing when I was younger, Steven Ford and Benjamin Love keyboardist for The Winans were my favorite musicians growing up. GU: Tell us briefly, the history of your ministry and how you came up with the name?

JB: Well there is a significance of names and in our name we wanted to pay homage to God for what he does. Juda means, God be praised and we want to show that in all we do God is praised. JudaCamp came about because at the time we had Sisters N’ Brothers, and we had all these young people hanging out at the rehearsals so I decided to start something for them and now we know it as JudaCamp. GU: Do you write your own songs? JB: Yeah, I write all the music, each song reflects one thing or another. God Favors

Where it all started: Concert Review + Exclusive INterview

Me brings life. When I wrote God Favored Me for Bishop Hezekiah Walker because favor is what he reflects. The songs that I write are not for me but God transcends them for other people. GU: Does your songs and music come from life experiences? JB: Not really life experiences, but out of other experiences. In my experience I have come to learn that we have to balance reality and ministry, we need to keep it 100. People see us in certain positions and feel like it should be a certain type of way, but

I’ve learned to never question who God appoints. GU: How would you define your sound? How do you describe your music to people? JB: I like to call our music G.R.I.P. Music. God Reach In Person, when we play and sing our music it exemplifies Christ and God reaches to his people through us. We don’t like to put our music in a box, our music is for every person who hears it, it is extremely versatile. GU: What venues and places have you toured, traveled or had the opportunity to minister? JB: I personally am not into

standard Christian venues. I love the streets and the city and reaching out to those who are not saved. I like doing ministry out of the church, prison ministry is something that I love to do, and ministering to the souls of people is something I thank God for the ability to do. GU: What’s in the works for 2011? JB: A new album will be coming in 2011, and we also have a bible that we do in our ministry and within the year it will be open to the public. We have a lot of soul changing to do and we are

going to be doing surgery out there. GU: What advice do you have for your fans and/or aspiring gospel artists? JB: Sow what you want. Everything I’ve given to Bishop Rochford and Walker, I am being blessed back. GU: How can your fans stay connected with you? JB: You can check us out at,, and on FaceBook by searching Jules Bartholomew and JudaCamp.


Be sure to go to grab their current album 180 Degrees.


B,Cain Matt TRock Benef. it



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By Terrence C. Charles


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By Terrence C. Charles

g Da y Kitc


David Metayer (shown right) who leads the group known as One Accord first had the idea to start this soup kitchen and reached out to anyone who was willing to help.

Bianca Cain from B.CAIN & Rock glady escorted those in need towards the the food and seating area, making sure that all thier needs were met.

Marcus Pass, leader of Tru Praise brought some island flavor to the kitchen rocking his “rasta� hat.

Although the soup kitchen took place in a church, we did not restrict people from sharing their culture with us. What we have here is a Black Israelite Jew, blowing the Rams Horn as a way of giving thanks.

Jerry “Juice� Alexidor, leader of the Broken Chain band was more than happy to come out and help serve the community

Debbie Esther Louis (shown left) coordinated the event. On the right is Carlin White, drummer for the Broken Chainz Band.

This picture captures the smile of a volunteer who found out about the kitchen last minute and was willing to help us.

As the first official year of Gospel Unplugged comes to a close I would like to thank everyone who has been apart of our incredible journey. From the artist we’ve had the pleasure of working with, the people who have supported us, we thank you. I first want to thank my team of Celeste, Bianca, Sam, and Farah. If it wasn’t for you guys a lot of what was done this year wouldn’t have happened cause I wouldn’t have been able to do it on my own. As a team you all have been dependable, last minute meetings, late night emails and phone calls, and you have put up with my crazy ideas and formed it to create

From the CEO great things. We got a lot accomplished in 2010, and I know in 2011 with God we can do much more. Shout out to Celeste for being a great partner and encouraging me when I was frustrated and wanted to give up. Constantly praying with me when I was in search for direction and guidance from God. I love you with all my heart. A big thank you goes to Danielle Lewis. Thanks Danni for allowing us to host you Album Release as Gospel Unplugged’s first event. It was a pleasure working with you and we appreciate all the support and love you have given us. What I admire about you is your drive and the love that you show. I was telling someone the other day if we

were in a room with Barack Obama you would show me just as much love as you would show our President and that’s a great quality you possess. We love you and thank you for working with us.

Pass. The energy you added to the series was so crucial to the worship atmosphere. Thank you to Love Tabernacle Fellowship for allowing us to use their facilities to house the series, we really appreciate you for that.

Thank you goes out to all those who came out and supported our Open Mic/ Concert Series. We appreciate many of you coming out and being apart and sharing your talents with us. Thanks to the artist of the concert Andre Byrd, Melissa McHugh, and Dave TV, you guys really were a tremendous blessing to us and I know people who came out to here you were blessed. Special thanks to our host, Linny Smith Jr., Juice Alexidor, and Bianca Cain in the absence of Marcus Aaron

For all those who let us cover events to put in our newsletter thank you. You have let us share with the public the great music for Christ that you are putting out there. You are helping us unplug the gospel. Please continue to keep us in your prayers and be on the look out for more of our events and all the things we have for 2011.

Terrence C. Charles Jr. CEO Gospel Unplugged

The Staff of Gospel Unplugged wants to wish everyone a Happy and Prosperous New year. THank you for all your prayers and support and we’re excited to continue serving you in the year 2011.

Gospel Unplugged Volume 2: Issue 1  
Gospel Unplugged Volume 2: Issue 1  

Kingdom Choice Awards, JudaCamp Interview, Thanksgiving day soup Kitchen and more.