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by Terrence C. Charles

e g n u o L c i s u The Gospel M SummerFest Recap The stage was set for a wonderful day of musical ministry at Lincoln Park in Hempstead on Saturday. The Gospel Music Lounge in conjunction with Faith Fellowship Christian Church sponsored the 2nd Annual Gospel Summerfest. The event culminated a blessed week of outdoor services by Faith Fellowship Christian Church, where the gospel was preached to the community. The setting was ideal for evangelism as the basketball courts and soccer field were in an earshot of all that was taking place. The first ministry up was Voices of Promise, an anointed set of young people proclaiming God’s words. They sung and played with a definite spirit of excellence. Mike Willis and The Called took the stage next to minister. They have an energetic lively sound with wonderful

musical arrangements. Mike Willis kept the audience engaged as he moved about and exhorted throughout the songs. They took the audience to church and declared the goodness of Jesus. The host for the concert was Pastor David Walker Sr. of Faith Fellowship Christian Church. Pastor Walker introduced the anointed lyrical minister to the stage Blessed. Blessed ministered an acapella verse first, so those that listened could truly hear his heart and message. He craftily did an altar call within his next song and purposefully directed it to those in the other parts of the park. Blessed proclaimed the error in their ways and how they can receive salvation by faith through prayer. The ministry continued with The A-Minor Musik Group, who just released an excellent project

available on iTunes. Hearts were encouraged as they sung of the ‘Joy’ found in Jesus and told the Lord they will exalt His name on high. The spirit of the Lord was definitely moving on Saturday and each ministry that came up took it one step further. T.R.U. Praise ministered after the A-Minor Musik Group. The ‘T.R.U.’ stands for ‘through righteous uplifting’; in everything the group does they desire to lift the name of Jesus only. The messages in T.R.U. Praise’s songs made the audience focus on Jesus and their own personal relationship with Him. They declared He is the ‘Great Creator’, thus one’s heart needs to be fixed, which takes place after we choose Christ. As T.R.U. Praise left the stage the words resounded ‘I choose life, I choose Christ’. The final ministry for the night’s concert was the anointed

Jovita Sheppard, a true modern day psalmist that sings the heart of God. She professed the awesomeness of God for the whole park to hear. Jovita challenged the audience to surrender totally to God and allow Him to have His way in their lives. As the band played, Jovita exalted the Lord and gave Him uninhibited worship, which set the atmosphere for God to move. Pastor Walker had the final words for the night, making an appeal to those who did not receive Christ in their lives yet. He encouraged them that right where they were they could say a prayer and receive Christ into their hearts. It was an excellent night of praise and worship unto God. The Gospel Music Lounge is to be commended for an excellent presentation of Jesus to the community of Hempstead.

by Andre Barracks

God has been working mightily in the gospel music industry. Slowly but surely, God is raising up new music ministries, not only in NY, but all over this country, with the purpose of spreading His gospel in different ways to reach different people! Gospel Unplugged was blessed to be able to meet three amazingly anointed artists: Danny Hypp and Levitical Sound, Broken Chainz, and the featured artist of the night, CHAMPION. Throughout the course of the concert, we realized that each artist was tremendously anointed, carrying unique sounds while all keeping the same basic purpose: winning souls for Christ. Thankfully, we were given the opportunity to go behind the scenes and talk with each artist/ministry! Take a look at what we found out!

and Levitical Sound

Danny Hypp Levitical Sound


the Haitian Mass Choir be a gospel artist, Danny and later developed his quickly responded that he ministry, Levitical Sound. is more of an interceder of worship. Danny’s relationship His job and his ministry’s with Christ, allowed him goals are to send a message to birth Levitical Sound of encouragement and which was given to him by restoration through God. The idea worship. of this ministry began with a basic principle: As of right now, there is difference Danny is working with his between when God’s producer, Sam Trax. You people worship God the can find one of Danny’s way they want to tracks on Sam’s and when God’s people album “Gospel worship God the way HE Blueprint Volume 2”! If you wants them too. Danny’s would like to get to know music not only Danny better, or have any consists of songs and questions lyrics that God has given about his ministry him, but a lifestyle that feel free to follow him on encourage worship to God twitter at wwww.twitter. as He would com/BroD_Hypp. have us to.

Behind the scenes of this ministry, stands a young man with an incredibly humble spirit who is, what he would describe himself as, “a small time guy from the suburbs” and who is simply a worshipper with a pure heart and desire to see God’s will manifested in the life of His people through music. Danny began singing at the age of 18 and his life was drastically changed when he heard the song “You’re Calling My Name” by Hezekiah Walker for the first time. This song was the beginning of a new chapter in Danny’s life. He then went on to When asked if he sing with would consider himself to

Upon first hearing The Broken Chainz Band, the first words that come to mind are different and unique! This band, composed of 8 young people, sing a genre of gospel music that they describe as “Freedom Music”, which would be placed inside the general genre of rock. Their main purpose is to “spread the message of freedom through repentance and redemption with the power of the blood of Jesus Christ” and they are VERY effective at their goal! All of their songs have a common theme which is freedom. Many people today, saved and unsaved, are in bondage from various things in life, and Broken Chainz is introducing their listeners to freedom and the joys that living

and leading a Christian life can bring. Furthermore, it goes beyond just relaying the message of freedom. They each experience and have seen freedom manifest in their daily lives. Juice, one of the band members, explains that he struggles in his flesh and with other issues, and when he tastes freedom in different areas of his life, he feels and acts different. He likens this feeling to an inmate coming out of jail for the first time. There is definitely power in freedom! Broken Chainz write their own songs and each and every song is derived from a situation or circumstance that everyone in the band can relate to in some way

or the other. Another interesting fact that definitely stood out in the course of the interview was that the target audience of Broken Chainz is NOT “church folk”. On the contrary, their desire is to reach people outside the church. From personal experience, I can attest to the fact that Broken Chainz music is sure to have you out of your seat, worshipping God and dancing all the shackles of bondage off! There is truly a spirit of deliverance that is released through their music.

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by Farah Louis

Champion, formerly known as Amante Lacey and the Life Worship Band is a Gospel Christian Rock band from Central, Ohio. Champion’s sound is unlike any new age modernized Gospel music bombarding our itunes playlists or MP3 players.

with inspiring songs such as “Champion”, “Clap Your Hands” and the anthem “Hello,” a song that inspires people to jump out their pews with an urgency to serenade a Hello to the lord for His visitation and presence.

Champion began as a underground Gospel Champion is band, creating a buzz and transforming the sound gaining both national and and image of Gospel music international to a more transparent and popularity with their passionate music, ministering over sound of worship, seas in London, England, offering a melting pot Maui, Hawaii and of hits with their recent Montreal, Canada release “The Scales of and all across the U.S. Worship.” Although relatively new to many, Champion receives “The Scales of a lot Worship” is an album that of recognition for their emerges track by track music and talent, however,

lead singer Amante Lacey says ““Do not believe the hype about yourself! You must be passionate about what you’re doing and for whom you’re doing it.” Gospel Unplugged recently caught up with Champion at “Manifest 2010” in Brooklyn, New York. We sat with lead singer Amante (Lead vocals, Guitar), Matt Goodloe (Bass & guitar), Donnie Reis (Violin & Guitar & Backing Vocals) and Chris Triplett (Drums) as they shared with us their journey thus far as traveling Gospel artists, their vision and the ministry.

Champion Inter Inte Farah: We’re familiar background of music, is with Amante Lacey and there a specific genre for Life Worship Band, explain the ministry? to us why did it change to Donnie: No there’s no Champion? specific genre, it’s more Amante Lacey: We of a combination. We’re wanted something that a praise and worship stuck outside of church band. Amante is a worship walls where if someone leader and rest of us add went to Target or Best in our qualities. Buy it would catch their Farah: What’s attention. Champion’s favorite song Farah: What’s to play? Champion’s source of Amante: “I am Free” inspiration? and although “I Am Free,” Amante: Our is not our song, nor did we inspiration is each other, write it, we like like it. We we all inspire one another have a sound, we have a way we write and arrange and in different ways. music, we’re able to take a Farah: In Champion, song played a billion times each band member and arrange it our own comes from a different way.

Farah: Is there a song

name for the new album?

Amante: We have that reflects the a time the ministry was ever going an idea for the name but there’s a great chance through something? that they might hate it, Amante: Two songs so I don’t want to say it on the album “Great and now but we’re working on Mighty” and “Invincible”, something new. not because we were going Farah: To some, this though something but because those songs were ministry is fairly new but just hard to get through. successful, can you tell us I write though other in your own words what peoples experiences, or you define as success? bible reading or a phrase Chris: In a spiritual I hear in my head. We’re not situational writers, we ways, being exactly where won’t write a song about you’re suppose to be, our car breaking down on where God wants you to the road, we write from be. Where we are, I’m not satisfied, at the same inspiration. time, I haven’t lost hope. Farah: So, Champion Having a pure heart and is working on an upcoming pure mind to be exactly project, do you have a where God wants you to

erview rview be position allowing God to connect you to the write people. I believe we are a successful band, has nothing to do with where you are but where you believe you will be.

grind. It’s an impossible process and sometimes you have to deal with impossible people. Some people are so heavenly minded or their just traditional that they don’t want to give you a chance. Amante: We When we come out to understand for the last minister, we come to year in a half that we’re change lives and hearts walking in a process. Some and to lead people to get people outside anything saved, however, some thrown at us we can people all they care about handle. Even when bad is your press kit or who you stuff happens we get over are and not the purpose of it because we understand ministry. it shouldn’t have happened but we get over it. Farah: Do you believe God lead you all to be Celeste: Are their any together and go through hardships you all faced as this process together? a group? Chris: This is definitely Donnie: Absolutely, ordained by God. the whole process of the


Champion is a strong ministry, a beacon for hope for other ministries, what advice do you guys have for other ministries?


If you’re not having fun it won’t last. “Do not believe the hype about yourself, have confidence but don’t believe the hype. People take it so serious, it’s one thing to be passionate but no fun, it won’t last. You will always be stressed but we always laugh.”

Farah: Can you guys tell us about any upcoming shows



New York and that’s all we can tell you London, New Orleans, Cincinnati, Baton Rouge....Expect to change lives, sell records and spread the word. In the beginning, we had a hard time trying to fit in but it’s sincere, it’s not a show. We’re all shy when it comes to being on stage, as long as i’ve been on stage, i get nervous about the hype people give me. They hype it builds up to the point your hands are sweating, we’re petrified but once that first track goes and everyone is dancing and screaming then we’re good. Lyrics are for the church but the music is not for the church

The A-Minor Musik official Album Release featuring Dwayne ‘DW’ Wright, was on August 29th, 2010 held at the beautiful Uptown Grand. Songs full of life and energy, songs that caught your attention and made you listen filled the air. The host for this spectacular event was none other than Jaiden, a well-known vocalist in the R&B industry. First to take the stage was Jay White. He came with his dreadlocks following behind his back and his bass strapped against his chest ready to open this show. He did an original piece then flowed into ‘Lord I Lift Your Name on High’. The feel that he created in this song was very bluegrass and it emulated Victor

Wooten. It was a great way to open up for a great event!

stage with him, he also had great singers to share it with as well! He had the incredible Next to take the stage Anaysha Figueroa, and the was the man himself, sultry canning vocals of Dwayne ‘DW’ Wright. With Josiah Martin. Both did a his bass plugged in ready wonderful to go, job of blending nicely he was on stage with with the music. DW’s great musicians. Dana music was very intriguing Hawkins was on bass and and positive. drums, Carlin White on drums, Rob Now it was time to for Stephens on organ, the group we were waiting keyboards, and bass, Cory to hear from all night, the Henry on keyboards and A-Minor Musik Group. The organ, Vindell Smith on group guitar, and in consists of four the horn section was wonderful lead vocalists: a group of people, best Linny Smith Jr., Naomi known for playing with Solomon, Danielle Lewis R&B Superstar Maxwell: and CJai. Linny Kenyon Harrold kicked off the set with on trumpet, Kenneth a high praise song in Whalum on saxophone, ‘Exalt Your Name’. He had and Saunders Sermons on people fist pumping, hand trombone. clapping, and foot stomping. DW didn’t only have When you hear him sing great musicians on the the song and listen to the

lyrics, you can see why he is exalting the name of Jesus. Next was Naomi Solomon who sang ‘It’s Me’. The song speaks about someone letting God know their exact coordinates after humbling themselves and saying, listen God it’s me right here standing in need of you. After Naomi came Danielle Lewis. Danielle is no stranger to Gospel Unplugged; we hosted her album release in April 2010. She sang ‘More of You,’ which is a Christian Contemporary Music song that’s worship all the way. A-Minor Musik Group closed out their set with the smash single ‘Joy’ featuring CJai and Vaughn Dutch. The high energy of CJai had people on their feet, bopping their head with

by Terrence C. Charles

the music knowing that the Joy of the Lord is their strength!! Accompanying the lead vocalists was producer and drummer Andre ‘A-Minor’ Johnson, Densen Curwen on keyboards, Kayton Bassier on organ and synths, Nat Emmanuel on bass, and the background vocals of Chris Anthony, Jennifer Mitchell, and Feleisa Hyatt. This was an amazing night!! Great venue, great food, and great music all coming together to celebrate the release of a project that is changing what we know as Gospel music today. The A-Minor Project and Dwayne ‘DW’ Wright’s, Unbreakable can be purchased on iTunes.

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Gospel Unplugged: Summer Recap  
Gospel Unplugged: Summer Recap  

Recap of the hottest Gospel concerts this summer