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Newsletter Volume 1, Issue 3 1st September 2008

Pappaji’s 1st September Message-(from 1/9/2000 Also Inside this issue:



Pappaji’s 1st September message


Munjvan no Bhar


Experiences with P.P.Pappaji


Appearance of Pappaji in my dream


Gunatit Jyot visit to Wicksteed Park


A note from the editors


Any other news


Forever Divine Akshar-mukto associated with Vidyanagar - Santo, Beno, Youths (yuvako) and married couples (grahasto).

bliss of Akshardham, continuing to serve all devotees of Swaminarayan. In the same way, we too should be full of joy in the knowledge that He is our Atma; we should continue to serve all My blessings for 1st September are that devotees to the best of our abilities. you all remain in “chidakash” and experience the peace of heaven – whilst Today, my blessings are that you all you perform your worldly duties. remain firm in the knowledge that you are the light of Yogiji Maharaj and to We should never remain submerged in serve His devotees is the supreme defeelings of desperation or desolation – votion. I pray that you all experience the peace and bliss of Akshardham that because we have been fortunate I experience. enough to have the association of the satpurush (Yogi-Maharaj) in our lives. We should never dwell on negative Yours Pappaji’s Jai Swaminarayan. On thoughts regarding ourselves or any 1st September. other devotees. Yogiji Maharaj is our soul (atma) and He always remained tranquil, at peace and experienced the

Sabha Times  The Navratri Celebrations will be held on the 5th October at: Iver Heath Village Hall from 16:30—18:30  The Annakut Utsav will be held on the 2nd November at: Vyners School from 12:30 to 15:00

P.P. Pappaji's Picture of the Month

Munjvan no Bhar-(extract from: “Pappaji na Sanidhye”) Pappaji entered the Jyot Mandir in Vidyanagar with a newspaper article in his hands. Immediately, through mahatmya a devotee tried to take the newspaper, cutting out of Pappaji's hands. Pappaji's response was amazing, he replied "The

only burden I experience is when my devotees are not happy, holding this newspaper is not a burden". It was always Pappaji wish that all devotees remain ever cheerful and happy in the knowledge that we are the most

luckiest in the world. When we are miserable or unhappy for any reason whatsoever, that simple fact was more of a burden to Pappaji. His endeavours were always to help us remain happy.

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We arrived in India on the 29th of December 2005 and went to Vidyanagar on the 1st of January 2006.

three times.

One day we were invited to Pappaji’s home. There we saw Pappaji The 3rd of January was the very first on his exercise bike. Again after the day that P.P.Pappaji was arriving exercise, P.P.Pappaji gave us more from Ahmadabad Jyot and to cele- Smurti by blessing us constantly by brate his arrival the Jyot beno putting his hand on our heads conprepared a welcome home celebra- tinuously and we felt that Pappaji tion for Pappaji. We were asked to was trying to give us more than give a Har of flowers but had to put blessing itself. it near Pappaji’s charnarvind (feet). Priti and I went to put the Har of Whilst in India it was the beno’s flowers near his charnarvind, and cricket season at P.P.Pappaji farm. then all of sudden Pappaji started to On the second day of cricket I was pull the Har and wanted to wear it invited to go to P.P.Pappaji farm instead. All the benos in the hall with P.P.Pappaji in his car. When we started shouting ‘put it around him’ arrived there all the beno stopped and smiled and clapped with deplaying and gathered around the light. We did that and then took it car. There was so much excitement off again but again Pappaji wanted to see him. P.P.Pappaji had his winto wear it and started pulling at it. dow open, so as we were going We put the Har back onto Pappaji through the cricket field all the and this made everyone more debeno gathered around and touched lighted. We received so many bless- P.P.Pappaji’s hand and shouted with ings on stage and P.P.Pappaji kept excitement. on looking at us and kept on giving us blessings. We felt very fortunate On the last day of cricket, it was all to be asked to do this and so happy the bhaio’s turn to play cricket. I that P.P.Pappaji blessed us with was there already there at such a great smurti. P.P.Pappaji farm when P.P.Pappaji arrived. Again everyone gathered P.P.Pappaji always had time to bless around the car as it headed towards everyone that was there and conthe edge of the cricket pitch where stantly blessed us by putting his P.P.Pappaji was going to watch the hand on our head, touching us on cricket. As P.P.Pappaji got out the the side of our faces or holding our car he started walking towards the hands. Paavan was very, very fortu- centre of the pitch with the help of nate for we feel that Pappaji P.Bhartiben to play cricket. blessed him so divinely; Pappaji had P.P.Pappaji sat on a chair and was put chanlos on our heads but for given a cricket bat. As a ball was Paavan he held his face and brought slowly thrown at the bat, Paavan’s forehead to touch his P.P.Pappaji started hitting it. It was forehead to put chanlo on him. Pap- a wonderful sight to see. paji not only did this once but did it Continued on page 3

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On the last day in Vidyanagar, it was the 17th of January 2006, there was a mapuja for one of the bhaio from England in the hall of the Jyot. P.P.Pappaji was there also on stage. As I was leaving after the mapuja, P.Bhartiben approached me and said for Priti, Paavan and I to receive flowers from P.P.Pappaji as a farewell gift. We were more than glad to do this and we couldn’t believe how fortunate we have been with all the blessings and smurtis we were receiving.

Also that night, we felt very sad to leave all P.P.Pappaji and Jyot benos. We went to Jyot for the very last time in the evening. As Priti and Paavan were saying their goodbyes to their Guru P.Bhavnaben and also the benos I was with the bhaios for their 8:30PM sabha. As all the bhaios do this every evening I was with them that night. As I sat there praying I really wished I could see P.P.Pappaji for the very last time before I headed back to England.

Then all of sudden P.P.Pappaji came out of his room and sat with us. I called Priti and Paavan over to say our farewells to P.P.Pappaji, who blessed us again. The whole experience provided us with the best religious experience that anyone could ask for and is very special to us and that is why I feel I have to write this so that we will always remember our time in India with P.P.Pappaji. By Vijay Gandhi & Family

The article quote in this newsletter is; “I am extremely lucky to have met my savour and having being accepted by him so easily. I felt I had crossed the ocean of life in a second.”

Appearance of P.P.Pappaji in my dream – by P. R. N. Bansal–Delhi–(abridged version) I had gone to Chicago once in 1992 and another in January in 1993; there I met P.P. Dinkarbhai at my relative’s residence. He gave me kakaji’s photo and asked me to chant Swaminarayan mantra, which I did to try and overcome my problems. One day in February 1993 I had a dream. In the dream, I saw a tall person dressed in white Kurta and a white thin cap tied under a chin. He was constantly looking at me without speaking a single word. He did not resemble any of our Hindu gods and I was a bit nervous and fearful. So I closed my eyes and opened them. He was still there. I did this 4 or 5 times and his figure got imprinted in my mind. In the morning I looked at Kakaji’s photo and there was no resemblance. I talked to P.P.Dinkarbhai, he also had no clue. In February 1993, I went back to India and P.P.Dinkarbhai told me to go straight to the temple in Ashok Vihar. I agreed to go. After

roaming a lot, I succeeded in finding the temple, which was a flat at the time.

immediately said “yes”. The answer did not satisfy me and created doubt in my mind.

P.P.Guruji opened the door and said for me to come back in the evening so that he could take me to see Pappaji. I did not know who Pappaji was. I agreed to come that evening.

I gathered courage to ask again, this time in Hindi – a bit slowly and clearly. He again instantly replied in English “I have told you “yes” once, so what causes you to doubt my reply?” I was speechless. I prostrated before him and begged him for protection for my family and myself. He was very gracious, generous, and kind to take my family and me in his care.

P.P.Guruji took me to uncle’s farm where Pappaji was staying. He was holding a Sabha with the beno’s of the Jyot. Guruji and I sat in the drawing room waiting for Pappaji to come. Pappaji entered the drawing room, I looked at him and instantaneously the figure of my dream flashed across my mind. There was no doubt he was the same person. I sat beside him and we talked about my job and residence. All this time my mind was thinking, was he the same person who had come into my dreams. I went near to him and asked him in a low voice in English “did you come in my dreams in Chicago?” and he

This is how I met my master, P.P.Pappaji on the 24th February 1993 at my uncle’s farm in Delhi. I am extremely lucky to have met my savour and having being accepted by him so easily. I felt I had crossed the ocean of life in a second.

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Gunatit Jyot visit to Wicksteed Park 10th August 2008 saw the Samaj day out at Wicksteed Park, Kettering. Although the weather was fairly cool and windy, thanks to the grace of Guruhari Pappaji it stayed dry making it an enjoyable and fun day out. Most of the haribhaktos travelled by coach from Jyot, whereas other haribhaktos from Leicester and Northampton went by car. The day started with some excitement as the coach couldn’t enter Jyot grounds due to the narrow roads, and so volunteers ferried people to and from the coach in their cars both in the morning and evening. unseasonal weather she was determined to take part on this occasion for the benefit of satsangi. Deviben also accompanied some of the ladies on a steam train that went around the park. Param Pujya Deviben also graced us with her divine presence. Despite the unseasonal weather she was determined to take part on this occasion for the benefit of satsangi. Deviben also accompanied some of the

The two hours coach journey from the Jyot to Wicksteed flew by thanks to P. Deemaben. It can be said without any doubt that Deemaben was the life of the party! The game antaksari was played on both legs of the journey with various teams. Plenty of bhajans, hindi film songs and others were sang. The singing, banter and laughter got everyone involved. At Wicksteed Park the morning was dedicated to organised activities; cricket for the bhaio and fun activities like the lemon and spoon race for the baheno. Once again everyone inbaheno on a steam train that went around the park. The day was very much a success that everyone enjoyed. We would like to extend a special thanks to the organisers of the event: Shilpaben, Sonalben, Parulben, Jeselbhai, Dipakbhai and Rajubhai, and a very special thanks to both Ramnikbhai Ladva and Ramnikbhai Kotecha, and their helpers, for making the much needed and lovely tea!

volved enjoyed the activities and remembered how Pappaji loved to both watch and play cricket. This was a great opportunity for people to get to know each other in a social context. Lunch was a team effort. All the mandal were asked to bring one item in a large quantity each. Everyone enoyed lunch in the presence of Deviben. In the afternoon people where left to their own devices to look around the park and go on the amusement rides. Param Pujya Deviben also graced us with her divine presence. Despite the

This newsletter was started to encourage everyone’s input for improving our understanding of Gunatit Jyot , Gunatit Mission and the importance of seva and some of our beliefs or traditions. We thought that you may like to have your say in what goes into the newsletter. Suggestions are always welcome. To contribute your suggestions you can either email us at: or speak to Sunil or Paavan Gandhi at a Sabha or any other time you see them.

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Hi there, this is Paavan Gandhi—one of the editors for the GJ newsletter. Well, first of all we hope that you like this special edition 1st September newsletter . I would like to mention that this is the first newsletter to reach over 5 pages so keep up the good work everyone for writing some good stuff! Also, did you know that the newsletter comes out every 3 months. The dates of release are also listed on this page. Finally, I would just once again like to say a massive thank you to everyone that has helped with newsletter and given advice and encouragement.

1st September 2008  

Appearance of Pappaji in my dream A note from the editors Forever Divine Akshar-mukto associ- ated with Vidyanagar - Santo, Beno, Youths (yu...

1st September 2008  

Appearance of Pappaji in my dream A note from the editors Forever Divine Akshar-mukto associ- ated with Vidyanagar - Santo, Beno, Youths (yu...