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Volume 1, Issue 2 June 2008

A Tribute to P.P.Pappaji, P.P.Jyotiben & P.P.Didi Also Inside this issue:





A Tribute to P.P.Pappaji, P.P.Jyotiben & P.P.Didi (continued)


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A Note from the Editors


28th May 2008 marks the 2nd Anniversary of 1st June is P.P.Pappaji’s realisation day, our beloved Guruhari Param Pujya Pappaji’s Pappaji, you are the life’s breath of the physical departure from this earth. whole Samaj, It may seem that you have physically left us, Despite this fact , the whole Samaj feels His but you have not gone, presence in their lives. Day by day the Gun- In every step and occasion we experience atit Samaj continues to grow in strength in your guiding hand, terms of unity, harmony and spiritual So, you are always present with us. friendship; this was always Pappaji’s motto. Rest of article on Pappaji is still doing His work through His page 3 great swaroopo and today we are able to witness and realise the fruits of His labour with Param Pujya Didi’s Golden Realisation Day and Param Pujya’s Jyotiben’s 75th Birthday celebrations. Param Pujya Ben has given Her blessings on this divine occasion and prayers to Param Pujya Pappaji: Guruhari Pappaji Maharaj ni Jai, Jai, Jai,

P.P. Pappaji's Picture of the Month 495 - Hu Deh ma avvu to-(extract from: “Pappaji na Sanidhye”) Sabha Times -1st June Celebrations Sabha will be held on June 8th at: St. Helens School from 10:30am - 12:30pm. -The “Guru Purnima” Sabha will be held on July 20th at: Vyners School from 10:30am - 12:30pm. -The 1st September Celebrations will be held on August 31st at: Vyners School from 10:30am - 12:30pm

One day, Pappaji's sevak remarked to Pappaji "Pappa, even for a second, you are not consciously in your human body" Pappaji replied "If I were to consciously remain in my human body, I would not be able to respond to all those devotees who are praying for help and guidance. Whether the

devotees who is remembering me is physically in America or here in India whether it is daytime over here and perhaps even night time over there, I need to ensure his request for help and guidance is answered and I have to ensure Maharaj is ever present to help and safeguard him. That is why I am never

consciously absorbed in my physical body.

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1st June 1997 – Atlanta, GA, USA P.P. Pappaji, P.Neelamben, P.Bhartiben, P.Shobhnaben, P.Deviben, P.Nimuben, P.Sushmiben, P.Bhavnaben arrived at the home of Amrutbhai, Sheilaben & Family in Atlanta, GA, USA on the 1st June 1997. We celebrated P.P.Pappaji's Divine Day by starting with poojan and welcoming everyone. Sheetal and Seema presented a fresh date cake to P.P.Pappaji. P. Vimumasi Akota and family joined us as they too were living in Atlanta. During the evening P.P.Pappaji did P. Vimumasi’s Grandson’s balmoral. (hair cutting ceremony for toddlers). P. Dineshbhai Patel and Family joined us too. We as a family met them at the B.A.P.S. Swaminarayan Mandir in Atlanta.

the mountain and gardens. We all sat on a steam train that took us around the mountain. We also visited the Coca Cola headquarters in Atlanta. Nimben Sakaria performed a Maha Pooja at our home and P.P.Pappaji did a sankalp. (special prayers for our family) Sheetal drew a sketch of Yogi Bapa and P.P.Pappaji wrote on it “Bhagwan sau nu kalyan karo” All in all, it was the most amazing and memorable experience we had as a family in a time of need. I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you very much to all our Beno and Samaj for their prayers, help and support during our time of need. “You are always in our prayers”. Jai-Swaminarayan

They stayed with us for 5 nights and 6 Don’t Forget to send in your ideas to us!

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A Tribute to P.P.Pappaji, P.P.Jyotiben & P.P.Didi(continued)

Ben’s Prayer at the May we become your servfeet of our living God ant with our whole being.

May we spread unity, spiritual friendship and oneHey merciful Lord, our ness. support. Today I desire my whole to Your kindness is limitless. be lost in you. Our hearts are overflowing. This is my constant prayer. May you fulfil this prayer with your divinity. We are yours, your light. With lots of faith in your May we portray ourselves stillness. with our actions and words Such that we spread Gunatit virtues.

Dearest devotees! The article quote in this newsletter is; “the whole Samaj feels His presence in our lives. Day by day the Gunatit Samaj continues to grow in

It is not possible to understand the full glory of Pappaji. We only have to stay submerged in his glory. We have to serve him by living by his wishes and By understanding the greatness of his devotees.

Ashish to P.P.Jyotiben Today it is Swami Swaroop P.P. Jyotiben’s 75th (Amrutparva) Birthday. Jyotiben is worthy of being worshipped. We all should understand her glory. Jyotiben has immersed

Ashish to P.P. Didi

At this moment this is his only service. Ben’s Jai Swaminarayan.

there is no doubt. So dearest devotees! Keeping our devotion to God we should serve her. And by doing this we will become selfless like her. Ben’s Jai Swaminarayan.

Akshardham. From her depths, Didi creSwamiswaroop P.P. Didi’s ates such bhajans that by taking Golden Realisation Day Those spiritual words we Anniversary. able to live in God. P.P. Didi, may the Lord You are the support of the give you a long life and whole samaj. keep you in good health. So hey Didi keep your diDidi is the eternal example vine eyes on us. of living by Pappaji’s inspiration. Pappaji has brought (Didi) Ben’s Jai Swaminarayan. with him from

This newsletter was started to encourage our input for improving our understanding of Gunatit Jyot , the importance of seva and some of our beliefs and traditions. As this is still one of the first few newsletters, we thought that you may like to have your say in what goes into the newsletter and help make it more about what you want instead of us choosing. Suggestions are always welcome. To contribute your suggestions you can either email us at: or speak to Sunil or Paavan Gandhi at a Sabha or any other

Hi there, this is Paavan Gandhi—one of the main editors for the GM newsletter. Well, first of all we hope that you like this newsletter, the idea of this one was to be revolved around P.P.Pappaji as it is his 2nd anniversary since he has left us, and also P.P.Jyotiben’s 75th birthday and P.P.Didi’s 50th Divine day. Once again, it has been really hard to get this issue out as we are running out of space! We would also just like to say a really big thanks you to Sheetal Somel for sending in her experiences (see page 2), and Sunil Gandhi & Vibha Gandhi for translating the poems from the Gujarati Newsletter for this one (see page 3) . Thanks for reading!

1st June 2008  

Pappaji is still doing His work through His great swaroopo and today we are able to witness and realise the fruits of His labour with Param...