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Gumptown Magazine is your premier urban business directory. We are a free quarterly publication that promotes local and minority owned businesses as well as provides the latest in urban business community news. Gumptown Magazine connects the community to the resources that they need.


In early 2011, God gave me the vision for Gumptown Magazine. That vision is to encourage urban communities to patronize local businesses. That way, we can keep the dollar circulating in the community and grow economically. When we patronize large corporations, the money leaves our community and goes into the pockets of corporate giants. By patronizing local business, we keep the dollar invested in our community. Furthermore, that vision is to help new and small businesses get the market exposure that they need and deserve. We understand that these busineeses lack the resources to invest in larger mediums such as radio, billboards, and television. That is why our rates and affordable and effective. Gumptown is here to help small businesses because we believe that they deserve the same privileges of free enterprise that larger coproations have. JAMAL THOMAS, MBA Founder Contact us at 334-245-4127 or For more information visit our website and subscribe to our email list. Gumptown Magazine is published quarterly by Manifest Marketing, LLC. Any form of reproduction of this magazine in part or whole without written permission is strictly prohibited. The opinions and views expressed in Gumptown Magazine do not necessarily convey the views of the founder and staff.




e are excited to be celebrating five years of serving you.! As you can see we have a new look. We decided to create a new image because branding is important. Branding says volumes about your business. Branding is what others think about your business. It is the perception that customers have. Your brand should align with your vision. Often times we as business owners make the mistake of developing our brand the way we want it to be versus what our customers want it to be. Your customers should be the focus of all of your branding efforts. Develop a brand that they desire. Develop a brand that will position you above your competitors. Develop a brand that will leave a positive image in the mind of your customers, stakeholders, and the community. Jamal Thomas, MBA

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FEATURES 12 Learning to yield to change 14 Why I walk to end Alzheimer’s 18 Feature Story - First Baptist

Church celebrated 150 years

22 Preparing for your disability interview

25 Getting back to basics 27 One on one with Attorney Virgil Ford

29 Montgomery Noles


5644 Bell Road Montgomery, AL 36116

Sahar Snell

Accountant/Tax Preparer Phone: (334)-478-0029

Where We Serve You with Knowledge and a Magazine Smile! | 7 Gumptown

AT THE SERIOUS INJURY AT THE SERIOUS INJURY LAW GROUP LAW GROUP You will actually talk with You will actually talk with one of our lawyers. one of our lawyers. You will meet with one of You will meet with one of our lawyers. And our lawyers our lawyers. And our lawyers will walk with You through will walk with You through every everystep step of of your your case. case. Call Call us us 24/7 24/7 at at

1-855-SERIOUS 1-855-SERIOUS FREE FREEConsultations Consultations on onInjury Injury Cases. Cases. You Youdon’t don’t pay pay unless unless We WeWIN WIN your your case. case.

AUTOACCIDENTS ACCIDENTS | TRUCKING TRUCKING LITIGATION AUTO LITIGATION PERSONAL INJURY AND WRONGFUL PERSONAL INJURY WRONGFULDEATH DEATH MEDICALMALPRACTICE MALPRACTICE | DEFECTIVE MEDICAL DEFECTIVE PRODUCTS PRODUCTS DEFECTIVE DRUGS DEFECTIVE DRUGS THE SERIOUSINJURY INJURYLAW LAWGROUP GROUPgrew grewout outof ofour our desire desire to to help help regular THE SERIOUS regular people peoplefight fightfor fortheir their rights againstinsurance insurancecompanies companiesand andbig bigbusiness business interests. interests. Unlike Unlike most rights against most lawyers lawyerswho whoadvertise advertise TV, buildrelationships relationshipswith withour ourclients clientsthat that last last beyond beyond the the resolution onon TV, wewe build resolution of of the thecase. case.We Wedon’t don’t have to hire actors, have paid spokespeople or fool people with less than truthful case results. have to hire actors, have paid spokespeople or fool people with less than truthful case results.We We have a proven track record and get results for our clients. Just as importantly, we treat each of our have a proven track record and get results for our clients. Just as importantly, we treat each of our clients with the respect and dignity that they deserve. If you or a loved one has been hurt or even clients with the respect and dignity that they deserve. If you or a loved one has been hurt or even killed due to the wrongful conduct of another, call us 24/7 at 1-855-SERIOUS or visit us at killed due to the wrongful conduct of another, call us 24/7 at 1-855-SERIOUS or visit us at We offer free consultations and you don’t pay us unless we win your case. We offer free consultations and you don’t pay us unless we win your case. MOBILE OFFICE MOBILE OFFICE

11 N. Water St., 10th Floor 11 Mobile, N. Water St., 10th Floor Alabama 36602 Mobile, Alabama 36602 Ph: 251.227.3335 Ph:Fax: 251.227.3335 251.227.3336 Fax: 251.227.3336

MONTGOMERY OFFICE BIRMINGHAM OFFICE MONTGOMERY OFFICE BIRMINGHAM OFFICE 418 Scott Street 418 Scott Street Montgomery, Alabama 36104 Montgomery, Alabama 36104 Ph: 334.832.1001 Ph: 334.832.1001 Fax: 334.832.1001 Fax: 334.832.1001

Follow Us On: Follow Us On:

231 22nd Street S., Ste. 203 231 22nd Street S., Ste. 203 Birmingham, Alabama 35233 Birmingham, Alabama 35233 Ph: 205.206.7070 Ph: Fax:205.206.7070 205.206.7071 Fax: 205.206.7071

LOWNDES COUNTY OFFICE LOWNDES COUNTY OFFICE 64 Academy Lane, Ste. B 64 Academy Lane, Ste. B Hayneville, Alabama 36040 Hayneville, Alabama 36040 Ph: 334.832.1001 Ph: 334.832.1001 Fax: 334.832.1001 Fax: 334.832.1001

No representation is made that the quality of the legal services to be performed is greater than the quality of legal services performed by other lawyers.

No representation is made that the quality of the legal services to be performed is greater than the quality of legal services performed by other lawyers.

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First Baptist Church, Greater Washington Park REV. DR. WILLIE WELCH, III - PASTOR

first baptist greater washing park

2817 2nd Street - Montgomery, AL 36108 Phone: (334) 284-2600; Fax: (334) 284-2681 Email: Website: Gumptown Magazine | 11

LEARNING TO YIELD TO CHANGE Written by: Kimberly McKinney, Founder of Becoming Whole Ministries

Have you heard the old cliche, “No one likes change except for a wet baby?” The person who first spoke these words truly understood human nature. I will be the first to admit that change is not easy, but I believe yielding to change is necessary. Personally, I like to categorize change in two ways. When I do this, it helps me cope better with the circumstances in my life. The two categories are unexpected changes and expected changes. Unexpected changes happen suddenly. When this type of change occurs, it can cause uncertainty, instability, and fear. These feelings make one experience a sense of being out of control. Often these changes are difficult to accept and most people resist or avoid them if possible. Unexpected changes can be beneficial or they could be harmful. The deciding factors of whether or not the changes are beneficial or harmful depends on how one perceives the changes will affect them and how the changes are handled. Examples include: losing a job or losing a spouse. Many times it is hard to recover from these types of changes. On the other hand, expected changes are intentionally decided by the one initiating the changes or is known about in advance. Usually, we feel better prepared for these changes. Expected changes are perceived to be less drastic because one feels more in control of the outcome. You would think this would make it easier or more beneficial, but this is not always the case. A great example is deciding to lose weight because you desire a healthier lifestyle. Is losing weight a good idea? Of course it is! Losing the weight is not the issue. The issue is making an intentional decision to change one’s diet and to increase one’s physical activity. Not only making the decision but committing to the process. Simply put, one must be willing to exchange poor habits for better habits. With that said, I am convinced that yielding to change is important if the society in which we live is to continue thriving. By now you may be asking the question, “How can I yield to change?” Individuals can yield to change by seeking God’s face, by allowing God’s Word to renew the mind, and taking the time to invest in others. 12 | Gumptown Magazine

Prayer is communication with God. That means not only do we talk to God, but if we listen; we will hear Him speak to us in various ways. Specifically, God speaks through His Word. If we ask Him, I know He will help us deal with the unexpected changes as well as the expected changes that happen on a daily basis. Prayer can also create a desire to have one’s mind renewed. Renewing the mind is when an individual experiences a change in one’s mind and one’s heart. This transformation is an intentional process because one has chosen to be in God’s Presence and allowed Him to reveal His Will through His Word. Thus, change will be brought forth. Once a person has submitted to the changes that God has started, then one is ready to initiate change in the community by investing in others. Investing in others can take many forms. One specific way to invest in others is establishing a mentoring relationship with someone that needs to experience the same transformation you have experienced. Eventually, I believe with the gradual implementation of these strategies, true change will be manifested in our communities. Remember learning to yield to change begins when each person submits to personal transformation. To contact Kimberly McKinney email

ALZHEIMERS STORY Why I Walk For Alzheiner’s Submitted by the Alzheimer’s Association

My life changed when my mother, Diana Davis, was diagnosed with Dementia in 2008. My first thought was, “She is only 58 years old. How could this be?” Then I realized I am not ready for this. This is when my journey began. At the time my mother lived on her own in our hometown of Opp, Alabama surrounded by many family and friends. Some family members called me one day to say “your mother has changed and I think you need to take her to her doctor. She has been repeating questions and is not familiar with certain areas.” I could not come to terms with it. This was not MY mother. But, over time I could see “something” was definitely wrong. I went with her to her next doctor appointment and said how mom has been repeating questions and her having issues with memory loss. He did a CAT scan but the results only showed a sinus infection. I was frustrated and not pleased with the diagnoses or the treatment when I KNEW her issues were greater than a sinus infection. One of my co-workers saw my frustration with the diagnosis, and told me about Dr. Marguerite Barber-Owens. Dr. Barber-Owens found my mother in good health but noticed “something” was wrong. She referred me to a local neurologist, Dr. Ben Wouters with Neurology Consultants of Montgomery, PC. He decided she needed to see a neuropsychologist and made an appointment with Dr. Thomas Boll. In June of 2008 the diagnosis of Dementia early stages of Alzheimer’s was made. My thoughts then were, “NO, she is too young”. Dr. Boll agreed, but also said that some people get it even younger. Then I started to cry because I wasn’t ready for this kind of responsibility of taking care of my mom along with my two daughters, Kyndra and Derrika. And then my mother said, “Baby, it will be alright” and I cried more. For two years I drove back and forth from Montgomery to Opp taking my mother to her doctor appointments while she lived alone, until one day when my brother called and said “I need for you to come and get momma. I cannot take care of her anymore.” I went to pick her up to stay permanently at my place. At the time my oldest daughter was a senior in high school and my youngest was in sixth grade. I needed someone or a support group to help me cope with what I was currently facing, because I didn’t even know how to take care of my mom, but where was this help going to come from?

14 | Gumptown Magazine

At this point my mother was at my house all day by herself. She stopped doing her word puzzles that she used to love doing, was not able to prepare her meals, and didn’t know how to pack or what kind of clothes to put and when I tried to help her she got upset and started to cry. My stress level eased a bit but hoping one day that I will be able to have someone to come to sit with my mother for 8 hours or even go back to an adult daycare without the cost. It was not until I was laid off from my job that I noticed a big change in my mother. I could no longer take care of her. I had to place her in a nursing home which was one of the hardest things I’ve had to do. My mother lived there until her death on February 13, 2016. She died peacefully in her sleep. I know she is now in a better place with no more suffering. This is why I Walk for my mother Diana T. Davis at the Montgomery Walk to End Alzheimer’s, so that her memories will shine forever. The Montgomery Walk to End Alzheimer’s is October 1st. Registration is at 8:30am, the Ceremony is at 9:30am, and the Walk is at 9:45am AUM – Moore Hall Montgomery, AL.

Register at


Horatio R. Lee, P. E.



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First Baptist Church at 347 N. Ripley Street invites Montgomery and Central Alabama to Its 150th Anniversary Celebration this fall First Baptist Church of Montgomery, AL is a National Historic Civil Rights Landmark. The congregation first organized in 1866; early parishioners had worshiped during slavery at the other (White) First Baptist Church in Montgomery, on Perry Street. Before the American Civil War, Blacks were allowed only on the balcony of of the church; “they were never allowed on the main floor of the sanctuary unless they were sweeping or mopping.” In 1867, around 700 Colored communicants had marched to an empty lot on the corner of Ripley and Columbus Streets, declaring themselves the “First Baptist Church (Colored)” and founding what became “the first ‘free Negro’ institution in the city.” The wooden building, which faced north to Columbus Street, was called the Columbus Street Baptist Church. The first pastor was Nathan Ashby, who became the first president of the Colored Baptist Convention in Alabama, founded in his church on December 17, 1868. Fire destroyed the first frame church. Between 1910 and 1915, the church was rebuilt{now facing east, toward Ripley Street) under the leadership of pastor Andrew Stokes. Members of the congregation were asked to each bring a brick a day to build it—hence the church’s nickname, the “Brick-A-Day Church.” The building was designed in the style of the Romanesque Revival bt W.T. Bailey of Tuskegee Institute. From 1952 to 1961, the church was led by civil rights activist Ralph David Abernathy, a good friend of Martin Luther King, Jr., who preached a few blocks away, at the Dexter Avenue Baptist Church, from 1954 to 1960. During the Montgomery Bus Boycott (1955-56), it was the location of mass meetings. In the spring of 1958, the basement of the church was the site of the formal initiation of John Lewis into the civil rights movement. 18 | Gumptown Magazine

In May of 1961, the church was a refuge for the passengers on the Freedom Ride which met with violence at the Greyhound Bus Station in downtown Montgomery. The church was filled with some 1500 worshipers and activists and was besieged by 3000 whites who threatened to burn it. The events of May 20-21, 1961, including the “siege of First Baptist,” played a crucial part in the desegregation of interstate travel. First Baptist Church at 347 N. Ripley Street invites you to “Save The Dates” for their 150th Anniversary events:

Friday November 4, 2016 at 6:00PM

Renaissance Montgomery – 201 Tallapoosa Street The National Baptist Convention USA President’s Banquet Celebrating The Mother Church’s 150th Anniversary Dr. Jerry Young, National Baptist Convention President, Speaker.

Saturday November 12, 2016 at 6:00PM

Troy University’s Davis Theater – 251 Montgomery Street Stage Play “Letter from Louie” – The story about jazz great Louis Armstrong, in the latter part of his life Louis is asked by God to present a gospel concert. Also, an evening honoring Civil Rights Activists and Community Leaders.

Sunday November 27, 2016 at 10:00am

First Baptist’s 150th Anniversary Church Service – 347 N. Ripley. Contact Ms. Stinson (334) 264-6921 or for event and ticket information. E. Baxtet Morris is pastor.

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Family Guidance Center of Alabama

Work Ready! An employment program designed for young adults.

Isn’t it time to invest in yourself? Work Ready! serves young adults, 16-24 years old, who are not in school and live in Montgomery, Autauga, Elmore, Lowndes, Crenshaw or Butler County.

Work Ready! offers FREE services including: l

4-week hands-on job readiness experience


One-to-one assistance with job search & the how-to’s of getting employed


Guidance in entering college, vocational college or a credentialing program


Help to enroll in and finish your GED

Call today for more information!

334.270.4100 or Toll Free 1.800.499.6597

Alabama Department of Commerce

This project is funded 100% with Federal Funds made available to the State of Alabama by the U.S. Department of Labor/Employment and Training Administration as the Grantor.

20 | Gumptown Magazine

The Grandma Home House Retreat “The best kept secret in Pike Road, Alabama.� Whether you want to host a corporate retreat, have a relaxing getaway in the country, broadcast webinars set to a tropical background, or celebrate family with a wedding family reunion or birthday party, the 15-acre Grandma Home House Retreat has everything you need to celebrate, teach and relax!

Amenities Pavilion & Deck Two-Story Gazebo Pergola Multipurpose Sports Court Soccer Fields Outdoor & Indoor Kitchens Gift Shop Volleyball Beach 3-Acre Lake Water Equipment Wi-Fi SMART TVs Picnic Tables Two Hammock Parks Brick Fire Pit Boating Dock 25-Foot Outdoor Screen & Projector

Activities & Events Weddings, Baby Showers, & Graduation Celebrations Picnics, Family Reunions, & Religious Retreats Camping, Basketball, Flag Football & Dodge Ball Horseback Riding, Laser Tag, Soccer & Volleyball Festivals, Carnivals, & Feasts Trainings, Workshops, Seminars & Retreats Pedal Boating, Canoeing, & Kayaking Parties: Birthday, Engagement, Tea, etc. Bounce Houses & Water Slides Biking, Hiking, Walking & Skating

Your imagination is the limit! The Grandma Home House Retreat is located on the historic Black Belt Heritage Trail. Connect with us on


Twitter, and


The Grandma Home House Retreat 386 Old Campbell Road Pike Road, AL 36064 (334) 207-8028

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PREPARE FOR YOUR DISABILITY INTERVIEW: TIPS FROM SOCIAL SECURITY Written By Kylle’ D. McKinney, Alabama Social Security Public Affairs Specialist

When a person becomes disabled, it can be a very stressful time in their life. There are many questions and unknowns when you have to transition out of the workforce due to medical issues. While an employer may offer short or long-term disability, most people faced with a disability will file for benefits with Social Security. If you’re facing life with a disability and don’t know where to start, we encourage you to visit our website You can apply for benefits on our website; it’s the most convenient way. Additionally, you can contact us at 1-800-772-1213 (TTY 1-800-325-0778) or visit your local office if you wish to apply for disability benefits. When applying for benefits, you should be prepared to answer a number of questions including: When your conditions became disabling: o Dates you last worked; o The names, addresses, phone numbers, and dates of visits to your doctors; o The names of medications that you take and medical tests you’ve had; and o Marital information. · In addition, if you plan on applying for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) disability payments, for people with low income who haven’t paid enough in Social Security taxes to be covered, we will ask you questions about: o Your current living arrangement, including who lives there and household expenses; o All sources of income for you and your spouse, if applicable; and o The amount of your resources, including bank account balances, vehicles, and other investments. You can view our disability starter kit at Remember, we are there when you might be faced with one of the hardest obstacles of your life. Social Security helps secure today and tomorrow with critical benefits for people with severe disabilities, not just during retirement. Learn more at

22 | Gumptown Magazine

Examples of Special Needs Utilizing a Wheelchair Type 1 Diabetes Autoimmune Disorders

HIV/AIDS Cystic Fibrosis Chronic Respiratory Disorders Intellectual Disorders Autism Spectrum Disorders Sensory Disorders


Language/Speech Disorders Audio/Visual Impairments

Genetic Disorders

Seraaj Family Homes, Inc. (SFH) is a licensed, National Child-Placing Therapeutic Foster Care Agency.

Chromosomal Disorders Epilepsy Cerebral Palsy Mobility Disorders

SFH would like to invite you to partner with its organization as a licensed foster parent for youth with special needs in foster care.

Muscular Disorders Spina Bifida Congenital Heart Disorder Traumatic Brain Injuries

SFH offers initial and ongoing training, and around-the-clock services that include: crisis intervention, in-home counseling, parenting support, respite care, recruitment bonuses, non-taxable income, and much more.

Severe Emotional Disorders Severe Behavior Disorders CORPORATE LOCATION: 400 COTTON GIN ROAD MONTGOMERY, AL 36117 OFFICE: (334) 271-2402 FAX: (334) 271-2405 CLINICAL SUPERVISOR: CAROLYN BALL EMAIL: (877) 656-2638

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Home & Auto. Smart & Easy. Cedric R Bradford, Agent 420 South Lawrence Street Montgomery, AL 36104 Bus: 334-262-5100 Fax: 334-264-3223


When you combine your home and auto insurance, good things happen – like saving time and money. Just another way I’m here to help life go right . CALL ME TODAY.

State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company; State Farm Indemnity Company State Farm Fire and Casualty Company; State Farm General Insurance Company Bloomington, IL

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GETTING BACK TO BASICS: WHY A FINANCIAL PLAN IS SO IMPORTANT Many of us are familiar with the expression, “failing to plan is planning to fail.” As an Agent with New York Life, I can assure you that—when it comes to financial goals and objectives— this old adage still rings true. In fact, it may be more relevant than ever. It isn’t always easy for some Americans to make financial headway. With pensions in decline and interest rates near historic lows, it usually takes persistence and sound planning in order to get ahead. Not sure how to begin? That’s okay—it’s easy to become overwhelmed if you think about all your needs at once. Instead, try taking it one step at a time, starting with the basics: Build an emergency fund—No matter where you are in life, it’s important to set aside 8-10 months of living expenses. You don’t have to do it all at once, but every dollar you save today is a dollar you won’t have to borrow if something unexpected happens. Protect your home and family—Most of us have people who depend on us to keep a roof over their heads and food on their plates. That’s a big responsibility, but it’s one life insurance can help you meet—even if something tragic takes you away. You can start with an affordable term life plan at first, and then add more coverage as your needs and budget grow. Prepare for major expenses like college—As a parent or grandparent, you naturally want the best for your loved ones. Now’s the time to start a college or wedding fund so they won’t have to go into debt to make their dreams for the future come true. Get ready for retirement—There are plenty of ways to set aside money for retirement: 401(k)s, IRAs, and fixed deferred annuities* just to name a few. But they all have one thing in common—the sooner you start, the better off you’ll be in the long run. Try to increase your contributions over time—perhaps 1% with each raise—or, if you are age 50 or older, look into some of the ‘catch-up’ provisions that may allow you to contribute even more. While the recession forced many of us to take a step back financially, it also helped refocus our attention on the things that really matter. A sound financial game plan can help us accomplish many things—but perhaps the most important is making sure we never lose sight of them again. This educational, third-party article is provided as a courtesy by Mr. Toney Chappell, MS, Financial Services Professional, Licensed Agent, New York Life Insurance Company Registered Representative offering securities through NYLIFE Securities LLC (member FINRA/SIPC), A Licensed Insurance Agency. To learn more about the information or topics discussed, please contact Mr. Toney Chappell at 4121 Carmichael Rd., Montgomery, AL, 36106, Cell: 678-464-5974.

WSFA 12.2 Bounce TV, WOW 121, Charter 192, and Brighthouse 213

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One on one with Attorney Virgil Ford Virgil Ford is a proud native of Montgomery. His father was a pastor while his mother was a missionary. Ford was educated in the Montgomery Public School System and graduated from Jefferson Davis High School. Like many successful entrepreneurs, Ford has a story to tell. At the age of 17 Mr. Ford was charged with a Class A Felony. He was adjudicated youthful offender (YO) because this was his first offense. Ford said that he was fortunate to receive this benefit of the criminal justice system. After this incident, Ford began to see himself in the criminal defense arena. “Quietly it has been my passion to prove myself, or right my wrong; for the offense I plead guilty to” Ford said. To him, criminal defense is a lifelong calling. Ford is currently a criminal defense attorney at Hampton & Ford, LLP Attorneys at Law. The firm specializes in domestic relations, criminal defense, and some civil litigation. Ford has been with the firm for three years. His partner Emmett Hampton has been with the firm eight years. Earlier this year, Ford was appointed for a two-year term to serve as a Montgomery Municipal Court Judge. His primary role is to handle misdemeanor offenses and municipal fines. Ford says that most people who appear in his courtroom live in poverty levels. As a citizen, he understands how poverty can affect a person’s ability to pay fines, court costs, and restitution. Ford explained how this helps him to be more sensitive to the community he serves. “I have a greater understanding of what our community needs to remedy the burden put on them for fines and unpaid traffic tickets.” Ford also has a background in public relations. Before law school he obtained a bachelor’s degree in communications and public relations from Alabama State University. Ford knows how to leverage his public relations skills in the courtroom. To him, public relations is nothing more than disseminating a message to a specific audience “PR taught me how to tailor the law to everyone it governs.” As a criminal defense attorney Ford has fought many challenging case. One case in particular dealt with a client who was charged with theft of property and rape. Both cases went to trial and the client was sentenced

Gumptown Magazine | 27

to 20 years. Ford worked the case and as a result the client did not have to serve the 20 year sentence. “That was tough” he said. “But I am proud that I could get that result.” Ford says that being a criminal defense attorney is very rewarding. One reason is because he understands the hardships of being a minority citizen in Montgomery. He also understands the plight of being a victim. Ford remembers how his father taught him that Jesus was the best criminal defense attorney there ever was. “When Jesus said he who is without sin cast the first stone, he saved someone from death” Ford expressed. “Jesus understood that there must be punishment, but the punishment must be just.” Ford obtained his law degree from Miles College School of Law. He also has a mortuary science degree from Bishop State Community College. If you or someone you know is in need of legal representation, you can contact Mr. Virgil Ford at 334-262-2258 or

28 | Gumptown Magazine

MONTGOMERY NOLES STORY Semi- Pro Football Team Prepares For Upcoming Season

Montgomery, AL- The Montgomery Noles Semi- Pro Football Team had Summer Tryouts in July at Hayneville Road park. Since then, the team has been practicing to prepare for the 2017 season which starts in late February. Head Coach Chuck Morgan says that the concept of the team is to offer young men the opportunity to enhance their football careers. “We are giving guys the chance to continue their love for the game and make it to the next level” Coach Morgan said. “Young men can push forward and make that step.” Some of the players do make it to college. Coach Morgan said that playing for the Montgomery Noles allows them to push pass their college career and get more film. The team’s owner Tony Broadnax stated that some of his players have even advanced to arena football. The Montgomery Noles are part of the Xtreme South Football League (XSFL). There is a total of 14 teams in the league in 4 states; Alabama, Northern Florida, Mississippi, and Louisiana. The Noles are scheduled to play an 8 game season, with 4 games during playoffs. Home games are played at local middle schools, True Divine Baptist Church, and locations in Prattville. “The Montgomery Noles is more than football” said Coach Brown as he explained how the team gives back to the community by speaking to kids and feeding the homeless. Mr. Broadnax shared how they mentor youth at Bellingrath and Brewbaker schools. First year football staff members are excited about the season. “I want to bring the championship back to Montgomery and teach the game of football so [they] can move to the next level” said Assistant Defensive Coordinator and Special Needs Coordinator Brian Kapp. General Manager and Offensive Coordinator David Garringer said that he is looking forward to turning the program around this year. For more information about the Montgomery Noles call 334-221-5543 or 334-557-4515. For more information about the XSFL visit


Eugenic M. Lee, Broker 529 S. Perry St. Suite 12-A 334-356-9075 (o) 334-391-5525 (c)

Are you looking for a real estate company who will truly work for you? Come see us at YOUR REALTY COMPANY! Whether you’re searching for land, residential, commercial, or investment property, we’re the company for YOU.

PRE-CONSTRUCTION Memorial Heights 4BR/2BA 1500 sqft 100% Financing Avail. MLS# 306790 $132,900

30 | Gumptown Magazine

Memorial Heights 3BR/2BA 1300 sqft 100% Financing Avail. MLS# 306791 and 306792 $116,900

We help your business stand


2501 East 5th Street, Montgomery, AL 334.832.4975

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Getting a store credit card comes with obvious surface level benefits which are the reasons most people sign up for them. Purchase discounts, increased spending potential, rewards and not having to see the cash leave your pocket right away are all things at the tip of the iceberg that get consumers attention. However, just like the iceberg that sunk the titanic, there are bigger consequences hidden under the surface after you sign up for the card. Let me start by saying getting a store credit card is a great thing to do if you need to quickly start building credit to purchase a home or something like that. They are normally easier to get approved for than some other forms of credit and you normally get pretty decent amounts for credit limits which can significantly help your score. Just one card used properly can help you improve 65% of your score (35% payment history & 30% available credit). One of the bad things that come with having a store credit card is temptation. If the card is for a store that you love you will likely spend more than you need to and dramatically bring down the amount of available credit on your credit report that was a reason to celebrate having the card in the beginning. Normally anything you use past 30% of your credit limit will gradually start to bring your score down. Also, overspending on the card can lead to late payments if you didn’t properly plan out how you were going to pay back the purchases over time. The other issue with store credit cards is that once you stop using them for a few months they normally close. So why is that a big deal? Well, whenever a credit card closes it hurts your credit score. The benefit of having revolving credit is the lower your balance on that open line the more points you get to boost that 30% area of your credit score. Once the card closes that money that was available to you closes with it so you lose all those points you were given. So depending on your situation a store credit card can be a good thing to have. You just need to make sure you spend responsibly with it and plan on using it fairly consistently over time to maximize your credit score. In Need of Some Good Credit Card Options for Building Credit? Visit and try the “Open Sky Card“ William Frazier NACC Certified Credit Counsilor Clean Slate Credit 334-430-5296 |

32 | Gumptown Magazine

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Summertime Fine

3-6-5 CARDIO | WEIGHTS | YOGA • VEGAN/ • • • • • •





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