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Vol XXV Number 15/16

October 23 - November 15, 2012 Gumbeaux Magazine, Pg 2

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Vol XXV Number 15/16

October 23 - November 15, 2012 Gumbeaux Magazine, Pg 3

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Vol XXV Number 15/16

October 23 - November 15, 2012 Gumbeaux Magazine, Pg 4

Sulphur’s Biker Church Pastor says Real Revival Begins When We All Get Involved from time to time and sing and just “Do Something Visable” is not only a motto for the members of a to be apart of this ministry. small church in Things are Southwest happening at this Louisiana and that church. Pastor is exactly what they Vince Guidry, says are doing. he felt that true revival would not Feeding the come until, “I stop hungry, placing talking and start American flags at reaching out to patriotic events, help others in the fund-raisings and community. - - helping those in that’s what we all need are only a part Pastor Vince Guidry need to do”! what of the Open Door Church of Sulphur Louisiana Their feeding program has been is all about. in existence for over a Referred to as the “Biker year and Church” because many of its churches members belong to their feed many people 5 own organization “The Revelators”, a Christian biker club days a week from which is becoming known 11:30am throughout the country. Many of until 12:30pm and also Vickie Dunn they give groceries away to needy families twice a week from 1 to 3pm on Thursdays and Sunday afternoons at the church, located at 423 West Burton in Sulphur. Several other churches are also involved with this program. According to Vickie Dunn, board the nations top Southern Gospel member for the program and a Groups such as Hissong, Mitchell member of St. Theresa Catholic Jon, Beyond the Ashes stop by

Church. Several of it’s organizations are helping with the program such as the Knights of Columbus who have cooked while the “Acts Women’s Group” and members of St. Theresa Youth program serve food. Other churches and organizations involved are Victory Worship Center, Henning Memorial United Methodist Church, students from Sulphur High School, The Diocese of Lake Charles, Prompt Succor, Our Lady’s School and

Caitlyn & Lexi help out

others along with many local families who just want to donate and become a part of this ministry. Many businesses have donated to the program including Billy Navarre, Mimosa Pines Cemetery,

(337) 433-6363

(337) 433-6052

Chic Fill A and other local business, and many more are needed. Mrs. Dunn says because of the tremendous donation of food supplies, a large cooler is disparately needed to keep the food from spoiling. If your church, business or you have time on your hands and would like to become involved, call Pastor Vince Guidry at 337 302-9457. Pastor Guidry, wants everyone to know that all are welcome to attend, eat and fellowship, not just the needy. You do not need to be a member of the church to participate.

n O W NO EB the W

Vol XXV Number 15/16

New Target In Voter ID Battle: by Corey Dade 1965 Voting Rights Act From NPR August 12, 2012

A landmark federal law used to voter ID law. block the adoption of state voter Across the nation, legal battles identification are escalating cards and over a wave of other election state laws rules now passed in the faces past two years unprecedented that impose legal photo ID challenges. requirements, A record five scale back federal early voting They did their part - NOW DO YOURS! periods and lawsuits filed this year challenge the restrict voter-registration efforts, constitutionality of a key provision among other changes. The in the Voting Rights Act. The 1965 litigation has become sharply statute prevents many state and partisan because the changes could local governments from enacting influence voter turnout in the new voter ID requirements, November elections. Voter ID laws redistricting plans and similar have been the most contentious, as proposals on grounds that the nine of the 11 states that have changes would disenfranchise passed photo ID laws have minorities. Republican governors. The plaintiffs, which include Proponents of the Republican-led Alabama, Florida and Texas, are initiatives say their intent is to aiming for the Supreme Court prevent voter fraud and shore up because some justices in a the election system. Opponents, previous ruling openly questioned mainly Democrats and voting and the continued need for parts of the civil rights groups, insist the Voting Rights Act. The high court measures are aimed at suppressing recently received two of the cases turnout among minorities and on appeal and could take them up young people, who tend to vote for in the fall term. Democratic candidates. The Justice Department has challenged EnlargeJ Pat Carter/AP A voter casts his ballot in a West many of these measures in Miami, Fla., fire station during the lawsuits filed under the Voting Rights Act. Republican primary in January. Challengers argue that they The three states, and two smaller should no longer be forced to communities in Alabama and comply with the pre-clearance North Carolina, want to regain mandate because efforts to prevent autonomy over their elections, minorities from registering, voting which are under strict federal or winning elected office were supervision imposed by the Voting abolished many years ago. Rights Act to remedy past "These jurisdictions have made discrimination. enormous strides in increasing The complaints ask the courts to minority participation in elections strike down the central provision and voter registration, but also in in the law, known as "prethe election of minority officials," clearance," which requires says Washington attorney Michael governments with a history of Carvin. He represents the plaintiffs discrimination to get federal in the Kinston, N.C., case, which permission to change election is one of two jurisdictions that procedures. Pre-clearance is have petitioned the Supreme enforced throughout nine states Court. and in portions of seven others. Most of the jurisdictions are in the Critics Question Methodology South. Since its passage, judges have The Justice Department has used consistently upheld the Voting Rights Act and Congress has the pre-clearance provision to reauthorized it four times based on reject several of the plaintiffs' determinations that discrimination initiatives, including Texas' strict

October 23 - November 15, 2012 Gumbeaux Magazine, Pg 5

in elections continues. The civil rights law is widely considered the most effective of its kind in U.S. history. But a push to scale back the statute gained momentum from the last challenge before the Supreme Court, in 2009. The justices declined to answer the constitutional question but signaled that the law's future isn't assured. "In part due to the success of that legislation, we are now a very different Nation," Chief Justice John Roberts wrote in the majority opinion, adding that continued enforcement "must be justified by current needs." Roberts was alluding to one of the strongest criticisms of the preclearance provision and one detailed in the federal complaints — that enforcement is determined by a formula of minority voting statistics from 1964, 1968 and 1972. The methodology fails to account for decades of gains in minority voting and representation in office. Critics fault Congress for failing to update the formula when it reauthorized the statute in 2006 for another 25 years. Many state and local officials believe that the use of current figures would exempt most jurisdictions from preclearance, as Alabama explained in its complaint filed last week: "[I]t is no longer constitutionally justifiable for Congress to arbitrarily impose disfavored treatment on Alabama and other covered jurisdictions by forcing them to justify all voting changes to federal officials ... for another 25 years even though, if the coverage formula were applied using 2000, 2004 and 2008 voter registration and participation rates, Alabama would no longer be covered." Alabama has long chafed at compliance and, in 1965, was the first jurisdiction to challenge the Voting Rights Act. The Supreme Court ruled against the state. But supporters credit preclearance, as the enforcement arm of the law, with breaking the most blatant and unrepentant systems of discrimination. "It has been extraordinarily successful at changing people's habits," says veteran civil rights

attorney Armand Derfner of South Carolina, who has successfully argued voting rights cases before the Supreme Court. He represents the League of Women Voters in a lawsuit against South Carolina's voter ID law. "I think a lot of public officials actually like preclearance because it keeps the government bodies on their toes." Clearest Impact In The South Most data show minority voter participation, both in registration and balloting, has gradually increased since the 1960s. The Pew Research Center says the 2008 elections had the most diverse U.S. electorate, as nonwhites made up nearly 24 percent. Whites' share of total turnout dropped 3 percentage points from 79 percent in 2004. Black turnout reached a record 65 percent in 2008, compared with 55 percent in 1988, according to the Pew study. Driven by Barack Obama's presidential campaign, blacks voted at the same rate as whites for the first time. The greatest impact of the Voting Rights Act is clear among blacks in the South. In the 1964 presidential election, 72 percent of blacks in the Northeast, Midwest and West voted, according to the Census Bureau. Only 44 percent of blacks in the South cast ballots. By 2008, black turnout in the South reached 63 percent, surpassing black turnout in all other regions, the Census data show. "No rational person can think the South of today looks anything like the South of the 1960s," Carvin says. "There's no cognizable difference between the South and other jurisdictions." Increased minority voting also has boosted minority representation in local, state and federal elected offices. More than 10,500 blacks held elected posts last year, compared with 1,469 in 1970, according to the National Roster of Black Elected Officials. The number of elected Hispanics reached 5,850 last year, a gain of 87 percent since 1984, according to the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials.

Vol XXV Number 15/16

October 23 - November 15, 2012 Gumbeaux Magazine, Pg 6

Louisiana Earns New All-Time High In Business Climate Ranking © 2012 Louisiana Economic Development

BATON ROUGE, La. — Pollina Corporate Real Estate Inc. released its annual ranking of top probusiness states, with Louisiana rising to No. 16 in the U.S. Louisiana has climbed 24 spots in Pollina's ranking since 2008, making it the most improved state in the country over the last four years. Since January 2008, Louisiana has improved to its highest-ever position in every major national ranking of state business climates, including those published by Area Development, Business Facilities, CNBC, Forbes, Pollina Corporate

Real Estate, Site Selection and Chief Executive. Gov. Bobby Jindal said, "When I took office, we committed to improving our state's business climate to make it easier for businesses to expand in or relocate to Louisiana in order to create more jobs for our people. Our work to cut burdensome businesses taxes, overhaul ethics laws, and rein in government spending is paying off. We're making incredible progress, but we're not stopping here. We will continue to improve our business climate by making our tax code

Billy Navarre 1310 S. College Lake Charles, LA 70607

“I’ve Got Your Next Vehicle!” Chauncey Marshall Automotive Sales Assistant


Bus: (337) 474-1999 1-800-400-8830 Fax: (337) 474-1733 Cell: (337) 200-1110

Experienced Route Salesperson Wanted Must have dependable transportation and Liability Auto Insurance Please send Resume along with Photo to: P.O. Box 982 Lake Charles, LA 70602 or email to

fairer, flatter and simpler so that more companies want to invest and expand here, and, most importantly, so that there is more opportunity in Louisiana for our people to pursue their dreams here at home." Pollina ranks the 50 states on 32 factors, including evaluation metrics such as business tax burdens, workforce training programs, workers compensation costs, economic development incentives, energy costs, marketing programs and state economic development efforts. Louisiana climbed from No. 40 in 2008 to No. 27 in 2009, No. 20 in 2010 and No. 18 in 2011. The latest Louisiana advancement to No. 16 continues the state's economic momentum across a slate of thirdparty business climate rankings, including the Pollina report. "Governors that should be giving advice on job creation include Governor Jindal of Louisiana," said Brent Pollina, co-author of the report. "Since taking office in 2008, Governor Jindal has pulled his state from a rank of 40th up to 16th in 2012. No other state has moved up in rank this rapidly." Pollina scored the 50 states in two stages: Stage I evaluates labor, taxes, education and several other factors; Stage II evaluates incentive programs, including those for existing or expanding businesses and for small businesses, and the performance of state economic development agencies. Utah ranks No. 1 in the 2012 study, with Virginia (No. 2) as the only Southern state in the Top 10. California ranked last. Louisiana's improved ranking from 2008 to 2012 is based on a variety of factors, including the elimination of several harmful business taxes; the creation of LED's Business Expansion and Retention Group; the creation or enhancement of targeted business incentive programs, such as the new Retention and Modernization Program and the enhanced Digital Interactive Media and Software Development Incentive; the launch

of LED FastStart™; LED's enhanced website; recent economic development marketing campaigns; and improved perceptions of Louisiana among top site-selection consultants and corporate executives. "Thanks to Louisiana's skyrocketing business climate rankings and our aggressive focus on economic development, our state continues to outperform the South and U.S.," said LED Secretary Stephen Moret. "We are particularly grateful to Gov. Jindal and the Louisiana Legislature for supporting economic policy changes that have made Louisiana more competitive and providing the tools necessary for us to successfully compete with other states for new jobs and business investment. Louisiana's economic future is very bright – and getting brighter every day. We look forward to taking another significant step forward next year when Gov. Jindal and the Legislature tackle tax reform." Since January 2008, LED has secured economic development projects that are creating more than 51,500 new jobs, more than $12.6 billion in capital investment and hundreds of millions of dollars in new sales for small businesses across the state. Louisiana earned State or CoState of the Year designations from Southern Business & Development in 2009, 2010 and 2011, and Business Facilities has honored LED FastStart as the nation's No. 1 workforce training program in 2010, 2011 and 2012. Site Selection named LED the bestperforming state economic development agency in the nation in 2011. About Pollina Corporate Real Estate Pollina Corporate Real Estate Inc. is a full-service brokerage and consulting firm, representing corporations in real estate matters on a national and international basis. The firm has advised Fortune 500 clients and startup ventures in commercial real estate matters since 1981.

Vol XXV Number 15/16

Show Me The Money! In 1998, the City of Walker hired the state DOTD for $1.3 million to relocate some of Walker's utility lines. DOTD didn't send a bill until 2003. After the bill wasn't paid, DOTD sent a second bill 9 years later in 2012. It was finally paid when the Legislative Auditor complained, though it's hard to fault today's Walker mayor and council for something that happened 14 years ago. This is typical. As of March 31, 2012, $1.4 billion is owed Louisiana taxpayers in past due accounts receivable. Just about every state agency is owed money. This amount is fairly consistent over time, and rarely falls below $1 billion. The debt includes not just delinquent taxes, but unpaid fees, fines, medical bills, prescription drug rebates and services performed by the state. Over half of the current $1.4 billion, or 53%, is 180 days (that's 6 months, folks) past due. No business in the real world could stay in business if it collected its bills the way Louisiana state government does. Here's what we need to do: Step 1: Find someone competent to catalogue the state's debt, analyze it, and decide which accounts are so old and uncollectible by the state that they ought to be sold

pursuant to Rep. Chris Broadwater's bill that we passed in the last legislative session. Repeat every 3 to 6 months. The state will receive immediate cash for these receivables, albeit at a discounted amount, but something's better than nothing. Step 2: Centralize collections. Right now every state agency is responsible for its own collections. However, DEQ, for example, is much better at protecting the environment than it is at collecting money, and the same is true for just about every agency. Centralizing collections would allow for uniform automated billing, computerized invoice monitoring, debt prioritization, better data, consistent collection practices, and generally an enhanced focus on collecting debts. It would require the state to view delinquent debt management as a core function of government rather than a lower-priority activity. Michigan, Ohio and Colorado have centralized their debt collection, and have the extra money to show for it. Step 3: Use offsets. Employ technology to withhold tax refunds and vendor payments from those who owe the state money. Don't give these debtors new state contracts. Prohibit people who

October 23 - November 15, 2012 Gumbeaux Magazine, Pg 7

owe the state money from running for office or being appointed to a board or commission. Other states have also found that liens, levees, garnishments and license holds have proven successful. Step 4: Demand current information. Louisiana's most recent receivables report is 90 days old. That's an improvement; until recently, receivables reports were only compiled every 6 to 12 months. Someone in state government needs to monitor debts on a daily basis and that can't be done without current information. Step 5: Review the state's credit policy. What is the state's policy for extending credit in the first place instead of demanding

immediate or pre-payment? Are we extending credit to people and businesses that are already delinquent? Is anyone pulling credit reports before extending large amounts of credit? We need a single new, uniform credit policy for every state agency, and we need to enforce it. By adopting proven debt collection practices used effectively by other states and the private sector, I believe Louisiana could reduce its uncollected accounts receivable, and therefor improve its cash flow, at least by 10%. That's an extra $140 million a year. A 20% improvement would be a $280 million a year. Louisiana state government can do better. Louisiana taxpayers deserve better.

Wayne Robinson State of Louisiana License # 299427 1638 Broad Street Lake Charles, La. 70601 337-802-2885

Vol XXV Number 15/16

October 23 - November 15, 2012 Gumbeaux Magazine, Pg 8

The Field of Golden Grass By: Michele Abshire It is funny how you can pass by things on a regular basis and yet never really notice them. There is a field on my way to and from work that I pass almost every single day, twice a day. This field, not spectacular by any means, is simply an empty field with tall grass. Once a year or so I notice bales of hay lying about and the gra It is funny how you can pass by things on a regular basis and yet never really notice them. There is a field on my way to and from work that I pass almost every single day, twice a day. This field, not spectacular by any means, is simply an empty field with tall grass. Once a year or so I notice bales of hay lying about and the grass is cut short. However, in the last couple of weeks it is as if my eyes have been opened to the sheer beauty of that ordinary hay field. Recently, I drove by the field late in the afternoon as the sun was setting in the West. With my sunglasses on and the way the sun was hitting the grass, it was as if the grass was afire with blazing glory, softly swaying to the unseen hand of the wind. Then one cold winter morning there was a hard freeze. As I passed by the field I noticed the tall golden stalks layered with white tipped frost. I noticed the shorter grass at the edge covered with frost, flowing down the sides of the ditch that ran alongside the field, and the water icing over from the cold winters night air. It looked just like a beautiful stream flowing

and brown with the sleep of winter it only takes the sun to beam down upon the stalks to see the golden beauty of each stalk. Like that field, we are all flawed and imperfect. However, the field was brought to life and beauty due to different light and circumstances; God wants to do the same things in our lives. He wants to shine His light in and through our lives so that others will see the beauty of Christ working in and through our lives. As we allow the light of his Son to change us and conform us He will bring out the true beauty that God has placed within each of us. Like I saw the beauty in that field on different occasions isn't it wonderful to know that God always sees us through eyes filled with the light of His love for us? Isn't it wonderful to know that though God knows all our imperfections, flaws and inconsistencies, He always chooses to look for the beauty and the potential within us? Yes, He lovingly tends us and works with us to bring out the true beauty and the desired fruit within us as Philippians 2:13 tells us, “For it is God which worketh in you both to will and to do of his good pleasure.” Remember, you matter to God. God sees you every moment of every day. God shines His light in your life no matter the season. God looks for the beauty within you and desires to draw it forth for all to see so that you can bring glory to His name. God tends you so that you can be fruitful. Remember always that you are special and God loves you. Love in Christ, Michele

through a winter scene that I have seen in pictures from areas further north. Of course, now the field had my attention, as I continued to pass the field I took the time to inspect it thoroughly. I passed the field at different times of day and from different directions. Most of the time, the light was not as glorious and frost wasn't present upon the grass. I began to notice that the grass was not as perfect as I first thought. The grass was quite uneven, clumped in some places and sparse in others. It wasn't quite as beautiful in different types of light or under different circumstances. Yet I haven't forgotten the sheer beauty of that field those evenings and mornings that I passed at a certain time of day and first really noticed the field. We can liken this to circumstances in our own lives. Sometimes we can feel insignificant. We feel like our life doesn't matter and that no one takes notice of us. We feel empty and unproductive. We feel out of sorts and unbalanced. Though that field seems barren, I know that it is not just grass because the bales of hay prove that it grows a viable product. Though I have never seen anyone actually work in or cut the field I know that this happens; the bales of hay prove that the field is under someone's personal care. Though our lives may be passing through a seemingly unproductive Copyright January 2010 ~ time God is always tending us. Michele LeDoux Abshire We are never insignificant to God and He keeps us in His care. He Published in the CSN desires to make our lives fruitful Magazine, Lake Charles, LA just as that field is producing. Though the field seems to be plain ~ March 2010

Pastors W.H. & Carole Yarbrough Welcome you to the

271 Hwy. 171 North In Moss Bluff In The Moss Village Shopping Center

We Believe ... “It’s Not How Bad You’ve Been But, How Good GOD is!” With Great Old Time Singing and Old Time Preaching from the Word of God that NEVER Changes!

Join us this Sunday Morning 10AM and again on Wednesday Night 7PM The Sanctuary is a nondenominational multi-cultural church

If you are unable to be with us ... be sure to watch our Television Ministry on: Friday Mornings at 7:30AM 9:00AM Sunday Mornings on most area cable systems A division of Cameron Communications

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Vol XXV Number 15/16

Kemba Smith Pradia is a wife, mother, and a business owner. You'd never know this but she's also formerly incarcerated — and that means she can't vote in her home state of Virginia unless the Governor reinstates her right to vote. She's not alone. Desmond Meade and Jessica Chiaponne are going through the same struggle as Kemba in the state of Florida. They are three of the more than 4.4 million Americans who've completed their sentences and are denied their right to vote. This is just wrong, and in the coming

weeks, we're making that point loud and clear. Be the first to see the design of our billboard campaign supporting voting-rights restoration for those who have served their time — and then share with someone you know: -votes The real reason why Kemba, Desmond, and Jessica can't vote is not hard to find. Back in 1901, Carter Glass, a delegate to the Virginia Constitutional Convention had this to say about the aim of felon disenfranchisement:

October 23 - November 15, 2012 Gumbeaux Magazine, Pg 9

"Eliminate the darkie as a political factor..." It is appalling such raciallytargeted, archaic laws are still in existence today. These are people who are no longer incarcerated — they have paid their debt to society. Yet they are still being vindictively denied one of their basic rights as an American: the right to choose their elected officials. Virginia and Florida — Kemba, Desmond, and Jessica's homes — are two of the four states with the most stringent law: permanent disenfranchisement for those formerly incarcerated. The others are Iowa and Kentucky. But this injustice is happening all over the country. Those 4.4 million Americans being denied their voting rights come from all but two states. Our billboard campaign will help spread the word about people like Kemba, Desmond, and Jessica, so we can shine a light on the unjust disenfranchisement of people with felony convictions. These people made mistakes, but they did their time and deserve the right to vote. Share our billboard campaign to restore the voting rights of all returning citizens today:

NAACP opposes proposed bills to weaken consumer protection The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) opened in 2011 as an independent agency to promote education, fairness and transparency for mortgages, credit cards and other consumer financial products and services. Sadly, since its inception the CFPB has been attacked by those in Congress who do not see a need to educate or protect consumers from reckless or abusive lenders. The latest salvo in these attacks is H.R. 6139, the mis-named “Consumer Credit Access, Innovation and Modernization Act”. H.R. 6139 would dramatically undermine attempts to protect consumers, especially those who have traditionally been targeted by abusive short term lenders including some payday lenders. This includes low income Americans, racial and ethnic minorities and members of the Armed Services and their families.

Vol XXV Number 15/16

October 23 - November 15, 2012 Gumbeaux Magazine, Pg 10

Boustany Receives Guardian of Small Business Award from NFIB Boustany Applauds Lifting of Rice Ban (Washington, DC) – Congressman Charles W. Boustany, Jr. M.D. (RSouth Louisiana) released the following statement after the Korean government announced it halted prohibition on the bidding and sale of American-grown rice: “South Louisiana rice is some of the safest, most nutritious food in the entire world. Following my letter to Korean Ambassador Young-jin Choi last week asking for immediate reversal of the Korean government’s hold on American-grown rice, I was pleased to work with Ambassador Choi to ensure this situation was quickly resolved. Korea is an important strategic and economic ally of the United States, and I am pleased to see this close

relationship continue. I thank the Ambassador for his assistance in reversing his nation’s recent policy and look forward to working with the nation of Korea in the future.” In reaction to the Korean government’s announcement, South Louisiana rice producer and immediate past Chairman of USA Rice Federation Jackie Loewer said: “Congressman Boustany responded quickly and intervened with the Korean government when Korea suspended imports of U.S. rice over arsenic. We learned today that Korea has dropped the import suspension. This is good news for U.S. rice farmers, and we thank Congressman Boustany for his

Washington, DC) – Congressman Charles W. Boustany, Jr., M.D. (RSouth Louisiana), released the following statement after receiving the Guardian of Small Business Award from the National Federation of Independent Business, the nation’s leading small business voice, today. Earlier in the year, Congressman Boustany tied for the highest score in the Louisiana delegation for his NFIB rating: “Before entering public service, I faced the daily realities of operating my own independent business. It better prepared me to serve in Congress as I can fully appreciate how legislation in Washington affects small businesses. Earlier this year, I voted in favor of the Small Business Tax Cut Act of 2012, legislation that saves businesses $45.9 billion in taxes. Votes like this help small business owners

across the nation grow and create more jobs. I will always champion the cause of small businesses, the backbone of our nation’s economy,” stated Boustany. NFIB President and CEO Dan Danner praised Rep. Boustany for “standing for small business.” In presenting the group’s coveted Guardian of Small Business Award, Danner said, “Smallbusiness owners pay close attention to how their lawmakers vote on the issues affecting their businesses and employees and stand by those who stand for them.” “The record shows that Rep. Boustany is a true champion of small business, having stood strong on the key small-business th votes in the 112 Congress,” said Danner. “This award reflects our members’ appreciation for supporting the NFIB pro-growth agenda for small business.”

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Vol XXV Number 15/16

SWLA Health Fair SWLA Center for Health Services will hold its annual Health and Wellness Resource Open House Saturday, November 3, 2012 from 7:15 am until 12:00 Noon at 2000 Opelousas Street in Lake Charles, Louisiana. SWLA Center for Health Services is a Federally Qualified Health Center which has locations in Lake Charles, Lafayette and Crowley. SWLA is a provider of quality primary and preventive health care as well as dental care for the entire family regardless of the patient’s ability to pay. During the Open House FREE Flu shots will be given from 8am until 12 noon. Every area of the Center will be open for information and to set appointments for those who need them. The health fair will provide patients and visitors the chance to experience the diverse medical options at SWLA. The following medical departments will be at the Health Fair providing information: Pediatrics, OB/GYN, Family Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy and the Fitness Center. The annual Healthy Neighborhood 5K Walk will begin at 7:15 am with a warm up by the SWLA

Fitness Staff. After the walk everyone will have the opportunity to attend free seminars, receive free health screenings including glucose, PSA’s, blood pressure and useful information on varied health related topics. SWLA Providers will be available to answer medical questions. The SWLA Pharmacy will be available to answer questions about medications. The WIC department will assist with health and nutrition questions as well as give free vision and hearing checks. The Fitness Center will be open for workouts until 12 noon. A free healthy lunch will be provided for those who come to visit SWLA. There will be plenty for the kids to do as well! Please come to the SWLA Center for Health Services Health and Wellness Resource Open House and experience all of what SWLA has to offer. Come and take advantage of free flu shots, free health screenings, free healthy breakfast and lunch as well as information and education on the topics that matter to you most. SWLA Center for Health Services has a dedicated staff of professionals who provide a wide range of health care services. Call 337-4935123 for more information.

October 23 - November 15, 2012 Gumbeaux Magazine, Pg 11

Term life insurance or permanent life insurance. What's right for you? If you want to protect your family against the financial consequences associated with death, both term life insurance and permanent Wayne Robinson life insurance can meet your goal. But the two life insurance products are very different. With term life insurance you purchase life insurance for a specified number of years. At the end of that time period, your life insurance coverage ends. Often, term life insurance is less expensive to obtain than permanent life insurance. However, each time you renew a term life insurance contract, your premiums will probably increase. Premiums for term life insurance are based on your attained age at renewal. Many people choose term life insurance when they need death

benefit protection but are unable to pay the higher premiums of permanent life insurance. Later, when they can afford it, they convert their term life insurance to permanent life insurance. Term life insurance also helps you provide money if you die while still owing for a mortgage, car loan or other major debt. If you're looking for death benefit protection for your entire life, permanent life insurance can be the better choice. As long as you pay the premiums, the death benefit will always be there. And premiums for permanent life insurance usually remain the same throughout the life of the contract. Most permanent life insurance plans offer a cash value in addition to the death benefit. The cash value is a sum in the contract that usually increases through the years on a tax-deferred basis under current tax laws. Some people borrow against the cash value to help pay for unexpected emergencies or college expenses, or to help supplement their retirement income.

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For a ride to the poll call (337) 494-1900

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At Patterson Mayor


With Pastor Leonard Wilson of Refuge Temple In Lake Charles

With Louisiana NAAC P President Ernest Johnson

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KAT’S KRACKLINS/CRUZ CAFE t A t s A U s f U o f l l o l A l mA FFrroom The Best

Gumbeaux Magazine Have A Safe and Joyful

g n i v i g s TThhaannkk ing

S N I L K C A R C In Town! CRUZ CAFE 529 W. 18th Street Lake Charles, LA

Cracklins Hog Head Cheese Boudin


Plate Lunches Monday - Friday


Sandwiches - Po Boys Burgers & Breakfast

Monday - Friday 7:30am to 5:00pm Senior Citizen Discount Saturdays 7:30am to 4pm

Catering Available EBT Card Now Available


Tell it Like it Tis:

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Goosport: The Silly Years of Segregation Note: We are repeating this story due to a technical error in our last publication.

by Zeke Rideaux

I spent my pre-Junior High school thought mud crawling was days at 1726 Opelousas Street, swimming, some of us drowned. which sits almost on the corner of Sometimes, those of us who were Opelousas and Shattuck Street. It brave enough would walk down was an integrated neighborhood, the tracks on Goos Boulevard that heavily led to the populated by Calcasieu River. Italian Once there some Americans. of us drowned. I can vividly The river was too recall Pete deep and the and Joe currents too swift Montalbano, for mud the Spanoes, crawling. Red's Grocery One day, the Store, The mother of three Bookstore on of the Italian the corner of girls we played Gieffers and with called me (Picture Donated by Anthony Mitchell) Lyons and a over and said, slew of other Italian Americans “Oz, my girls have gotten older and the businesses that they and time for you to start calling owned. them miss”. That was one request Our integrated neighborhood was I couldn't understand. But, I knew a rare one. Everyone was kind to it wasn't something I was about to one another. Of course there were do. fights among us kids, but before Anyway, I went home and told my the day was over we were mother about the strange request. laughing and playing again. Mother, who was an avid reader, But, us colored kids knew there put down her book and said, “Boy, was a difference in the treatment if you call those girls anything but between us and the white kids. by their first names, I will whip you up and down Opelousas For instance there was a “white Street”. Two of those two girls are only” swimming pool on the still living and we are still on a corner of Shattuck and Cessford first name basis. Streets, right smack in the middle of Goosport. There was this one Us colored kids in Goosport didn't white kid who couldn't understand follow all the rules of segregation. why we could play but not swim Take the city bus rule of whites in together. front and blacks in back. Well, that was a rule we didn't follow, To get relief from those dog days not in Goosport anyway. of summer we would find a waist deep gully, only to cut our feet by We knew the bus driver was stepping on rusty tin cans and frightened of us. After we paid out broken bottles. And, because we bus fare we sat anywhere we damn

October 23 - November 15, 2012 Gumbeaux Magazine, Pg 15

well pleased, that is until we got close to Ryan Street. All of us noticed that the closer we got to down town the braver the bus driver got. We use to drink at the “white only” water fountain on purpose, just to aggravate certain people. One of us would take a drink from a “white only” fountain. Then another one of us would go to a white person and say, “Hey, mister, look at that colored boy taking a drink from a white fountain.The person would yell,

“Hey, black boy, stop that. I'm going to call the police”! We then would take off running and laughing. Breaking the stringent and silly rules of segregation was a lot of fun. As kids we knew the segregation was cruel, brutal, vicious, expensive and most of all silly. I was bringing us back to the late 40's and early 50's. That was many years ago. Have things changed in all those years? You tell me. Zeke

Saturday 9:00AM - 10:00PM Sunday 1:00PM - 7:00PM

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A Community Voice A Community Voice Housing & Community Fair A Community Voice 20th Annual Housing & Community Fair asks the public to come out and receive FREE information on grants, special housing programs, loan information, small businesses and mortgage loans. They can sign up for housing program services available to

them Saturday, October 27, 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. at the Martin Luther King Center, 2009 N Simmons (off Fitzenreiter Rd.). Call to pre-register: 800-239-7379 ext 101. Lanny Roy, President of A Community Voice said, “Today's headlines show the crisis in homeownership in America, with the largest drop in numbers since the

Depression. The Imperial Calcasieu area has suffered a loss as well especially from Hurricane Rita. That is why A Community Voice is working with local banks to turn this around. Our monthly housing classes have helped thousands of low income families own their own home and stay in their homes.” “Please come out to the fair to get free information on affordable housing programs, fair housing laws, loan and mortgage lenders, rehab programs, adjudicated properties, legal services, food stamps and more. The fair allows

people to ask bankers questions in a one to one informal setting on a Saturday when working people have more time, and they can attend workshops on important topics related to housing, as well as a small business workshop.” A Community Voice is a grassroots community organization for low to moderate income families in Louisiana that works for civil rights and social justice. Affordable housing programs are sponsored by Southern United Neighborhoods (501c3). To pre-register: call 800-239-7379 ext 101.

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The Fruit of The Spirit/Joy


October 23 - November 15, 2012 Gumbeaux Magazine, Pg 17

are the plans of men, however, it is God's purposes that will prevail.” When God looked upon the world He had created, He saw with vision, saw the condition of mankind and the choices they were making. So what did He do! He sent His only Son to rescue us. He wants us to catch the

vision and visualize what He has planned for our lives. Jeremiah 29:11 For more books & study materials on this subject, visit my bookstore,, Visit my website and stay tuned for the next article.

By Laura Washington Revelation Knowledge: YOU MUST SEE IT BEFORE YOU SEE IT IN ORDER TO SEE IT. Romans 4:17(b)(AMP) God, who gives life to the dead and speaks of the nonexistent things that (He has foretold and promised) as if they (already) existed. I believe it's common knowledge that we are Spirit, living on this earth in bodies, having an earthly experience, and possessing a soul. Unfortunately, we as humans live as though we are earthly bodies having a spiritual experience, and possessing a soul. Everything emanates from the spiritual realm. The Bible clearly states that things that were made were made from things that were not seen. Again, unfortunately in Christianity, we have become so religious and so stiff that we don't see truth right in front of our face. If you'll stay with me, I'm going to break you out of the box today with some simple truths from the Bible. Many Christians, upon hearing the terms creative visualization will freeze, shut down and refuse to go any further. Many Christians believe this to be a principle attributed to the New Age Movement and Eastern Religions, however, let's take a close look at what the Bible has to say about the principle of creative visualization. Because of limited space, I will give scripture references however, will not interject the entire scriptures word for word. Let's go all the way back to Genesis where God had promised Abram a child, an heir out of his own loins. You know the story, how Abram and Sarai were past child bearing age. Read Genesis 15:2-5. Abram says, “seeing” I go childless. He was looking at his situation with natural eyes “seeing” himself childless, not through spiritual eyes. In verse 5, God told him to go outside and count the stars, number them if he could, for this would equal the number of his

descendants. God taught Abram the principle of creative visualization, seeing in the spiritual realm that which would come to the natural realm. Isaac was born when Abram stopped “seeing” himself as childless. Moses was a great man of faith who saw into the invisible realm and was able to accomplish mighty acts for the kingdom. He could have lived out his entire life as the son of Pharaoh's daughter, however, he chose to leave Egypt and follow God's plan to rescue his people. Leaving the wealth of Egypt, and facing the wrath of the King was a choice he made because he had his spiritual eyes fixed on an invisible King of Kings. “Seeing” with his spiritual eyes helped him to “see” victory in the end for God's people. There's a song that I've heard entitled, “Mary, did you know.” The song is in reference to Mary being the mother of Jesus and the magnitude of all that it meant. In Luke 1:30,31 when the angel told Mary that she would conceive a son, like any other young girl, she probably envisioned getting married, then having a family. But God had other plans for Mary and sent His messenger to tell her so. Mary was chosen because God knew she would be willing to “see” and accept what He had planned for her life. Have you ever stopped to wonder why some of your visions may not be manifesting or being demonstrated? There is a difference between seeing “with” your eyes and seeing “through” your eyes. One is sight and one is vision. Could it be because you have failed to see it before you see it in order to see it? Identify with the examples of the lives of those above and visualize victory. We have, not only the ability, but the right to “call that which be not as though it were.” First and foremost, be sure that your plans line up with God's plans for your life. Proverbs 19:21, “Many

1310 S. College Lake Charles, LA 70607


Gregg Franklin Automotive Sales Assistant

Bus: (337) 474-1999 1-800-400-8830 Fax: (337) 474-1733 Cell: (337) 274-5471

911 4th Avenue Lake Charles, LA 70601 (337) 526-0465

OPEN Tuesday - Saturday 10:00AM - 4:00PM GARAGE SALE EVERYDAY for the Entire Family. Gently Used and New Clothing, school uniforms, toys, Mardi Gras/ evening/ formal/ pageant/ wedding gowns. Tools, household goods, purses, shoes, Lots of baby items. .25 - .50 cent clothing everyday! Winter and Christmas items are here. OWNER: Ellaweena G. Woods

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City and Partnering Organizations to Host 2012 Business Summit & Showcase The City of Lake Charles and partnering organizations will host the 2012 Business Summit and Showcase on Thursday, November 1, from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m., in the Contraband Room and Mezzanine, 2nd floor, Lake Charles Civic Center, 900 Lakeshore Dr. Said Esther Vincent, Director of Community Development and Services: "Included in the program will be a general session with speakers from city, parish, state, and federal offices. Session workshops will address the Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) program, Procurement and Contracts, Title VI, and many other items pertaining to procedures and processes of doing business with the participating organizations. “The Showcase will feature booth displays that will draw attention to federal and local projects that

require bidding by contractors and small businesses." The program will have answers to such questions as: What is a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE), how do you become certified, and what opportunities are afforded to contractors? Partnering organizations with the City of Lake Charles include: Chennault International Airport; Kazette Enterprises, Inc.; Calcasieu Parish Police Jury; State of Louisiana; Lake Charles Regional Airport; Lake Charles North Redevelopment Authority; Christus Health; Lake Area Industry Alliance; SWLA Economic Development Alliance; and the Port of Lake Charles. For more information, please contact Esther Vincent, Director of Community Development and Services, City of Lake Charles, (337) - 491-1440.

The First Automotive Dealer with LED Outdoor Lighting Bolton Ford has taken an additional step to increase the “Green Footprint” at their dealership in Lake Charles, La. Recently, Bolton Ford selected the newest products in lighting technology to replace their current light system. They selected LSI, an American Light manufacturing company, featuring the newest technology in LED Area Lighting, XGB3. LSI has been recognized as the leader in automotive lighting for almost 35 years, spearheading the development of a wide range of innovative fixtures and lighting technology for both interior and exterior applications. The SmartTec Control Technology is the first in its industry; substantially lowering heat levels by effectively controlling heat and dissipating it over time. In addition, it provides the best choice of Lume outputs creating a brighter environment at lower light levels. According to President, King Bolton, “Bolton Ford is one of the first in the country and first in Lake Charles to

use the LSI lights. In addition to the environmentally friendly features, the new light system has a more comfortable and correct light output for our customers. The customer can be assured they are experiencing the actual car color in the showroom or on the lot.” XGB3 is RoHS compliant with exceptional “green” technology, greater than 80% recyclable by weight. It also substantially reduces costs by lowering its demand on electricity. spearheaded the project researching the industry, the companies and the new technology. “By examining the case studies of other dealers using the product, we were able to make the best decision regarding our needs, says King Bolton”. We are pleased to be one of the first in the nation and first in SW Louisiana to adopt this new technology. We invite everyone to visit our store day or night to experience everything in a new light. Bolton Ford is located on 210 at the Enterprise exit or call at 337-474-0070 or log on at

2012 Riverside Park Fall Festival and Sauce Picante Cook-off KZWA 104.9 FM, District A City Councilman Marshall Simien, the City of Lake Charles, the Kiwanis Club Lake Charles-North, 100 Black Men of Metro Lake Charles, and the Lake Charles-North Redevelopment Authority are sponsoring the 1st Annual Riverside Fall Festival at the new Riverside Park, located on the beautiful Calcasieu River at the west end of Fitzenreiter Road. Everyone is invited to come on out on Saturday, October 27, 2012, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., in celebration of the park's first anniversary. There will be food, music, and outdoor fun for the entire family. Bring your lawn chair and blanket and friends and have a great time with FREE food, music, and fun. KZWA's own Diva D will be there with a live broadcast of her #1 Zydeco Show in the Lake Area, so bring your dance partner and let's have a zydeco workout on the bayou. There will be a motorized cart to transport those who need it throughout the park but, if you can, please walk along the river and enjoy the true beauty of the northern part of the City's Louisiana riverfront, bayou, and swamp. There is also going to be a sauce picquante cook-off.

The theme for the cook-off will be “If you find my socks in there, give em back because I know I put my foot in it!” First prize will be a pair of socks that'll be found in the best sauce picquante in town. If you want to put your foot in it, just sign up your team. There is no fee to participate. The only requirement is that cook-off participants serve their prepared food to the people partying in the park. And, oh yes, fishermen, crabbers, and even boat people are invited to help us celebrate a true treasure of Lake CharlesNorth. We are also asking that all organizations come out, represent, and wear your stuff. Fraternities and sororities, show your stuff. Churches, clubs and other organizations, come ready to eat and celebrate on the Calcasieu Riverside. The Kiwanis Club will also hold its annual Walk for Education, so bring your family and friends to walk along the river for a good cause while you look at some of the most beautiful bayou and moss hung trees that give North Lake Charles a Taste of Louisiana. That's Saturday, October 27, 2012, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Riverside Park. SEE YOU THERE!

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City and Parish Work Together and Complete E. McNeese St. Extension Project The East McNeese Street extension project, a joint infrastructure project with the City of Lake Charles and the Calcasieu Parish Police Jury, is complete and now open to the public. The new road was opened earlier today after City and Parish officials participated in a ribbon-cutting ceremony. The City was responsible for constructing the first mile of the E. McNeese St. extension from Hwy. 14 eastward to the city limit line with proceeds from the City’s Bond Issue. This section of the project includes a six lane intersection at Hwy 14, a four lane concrete and curb and gutter for the first 1200 linear feet that transitions two lanes that can be expanded to four lanes in the future. The project also includes water and sewer and street lights. The Parish was responsible for constructing the east two miles of the East McNeese Street extension from the city limit line to Hwy 397 with funds from the Parish 1.5 cent sales tax. This two mile section of the project includes an asphalt two lane roadway with paved shoulders. At the intersection of the Corbina Road extension a roundabout traffic feature was constructed and can be expanded to accommodate future widening. The project also includes water and sewer and street lights. The Police Jury was responsible for constructing the remaining two mile section of E. McNeese St. to Hwy. 397. The Police Jury is also responsible for construction of the Corbina Rd. extension, including its intersection with E. McNeese St. This joint visionary infrastructure project will provide many benefits for local transportation and economic growth, including: · Extension of a local transportation route (McNeese St.), which now connects two

existing state routes (Hwy. 14 and Hwy. 397) and Interstate 10; · Extension of water and sewerage utilities enhancing economic growth and property values; · New access to large areas for future development which will be located near several transportation routes; · New Roundabout feature at McNeese St. and Corbina Rd. intersection, which will improve traffic safety and flow; · Coordinated planning efforts between the City and the Parish, to ensure effective traffic flow, drainage, water, sewerage, and other features for the present and the future. Said Mayor Randy Roach: “The City is pleased to have partnered with the Calcasieu Parish Police Jury on the three mile extension of E. McNeese Street from Hwy. 14 to Hwy. 397. This street project opens a new corridor for access to Southeast Lake Charles and for an additional 2,000 acres of commercial and residential development. We are looking forward to continuing this effort and coordinating a plan for development of this area with the Police Jury.” Said Kevin Guidry, Police Juror District 9: “The Police Jury was proud to have partnered with the City on the E. McNeese Street extension creating three additional miles of infrastructure for the area. We look nd forward to completing our 2 phase of this area’s expansion in 2013, which will extend Corbina Road and will intersect with East McNeese Street at the new roundabout traffic feature. These new thoroughfares mean more than new roadways; they signify progress and growth for our community, and I’m proud of the hard work given by both Parish and City employees to accomplish this endeavor.”

October 23 - November 15, 2012 Gumbeaux Magazine, Pg 19

Book Review No single food or supplement can prevent cancer; amazingly however, vinegar is considered a "weapon" against cancer, according to scientists at the A.P. John Institute for Cancer Research. This also may come as a surprise: Apple cider vinegar may be just the remedy to help you stave off type 2 diabetes, which usually develops after age 40. Most people who have type 2 diabetes, much like people with high cholesterol, can control the disease through diet and lifestyle change. And that is where apple cider vinegar comes in. Researchers at Arizona State University found that including apple cider vinegar in the diet may help to slow the rise of blood sugar after a high-carbohydrate meal. And there is so much more you’ll learn in The Healing Powers of Vinegar, including dozens of home cures! From Ancient Folk Medicine to Modern Miracle — Discover the Amazing Powers of Vinegar. People from all walks of life — as well as some contemporary medical experts and vinegar pioneers —

believe that apple cider vinegar aids digestion, helps maintain weight, and keeps blood pressure down. It’s also known to relieve congestion and maintain healthy skin. Now you can discover for yourself the amazing healing powers of apple cider vinegar. Find out how vinegar’s curative powers can also help prevent age-related diseases like cancer, heart disease, and bone loss. In The Healing Powers of Vinegar you’ll learn how red wine vinegar contains the same important antioxidants as red wine — without the alcohol. Plus, how to put dozens more home remedies to work for treating allergies, arthritis, toothaches, sunburn, swimmer’s ear, sore throat, and other pesky ailments. You’ll also find a wealth of natural beauty treatments and environmentfriendly household hints — from making kitchen countertops sparkle to cleaning up kids and pets! The Healing Powers of Vinegar is a must-have, invaluable resource that will show you how to make the most of this proven, powerful

Listen To the

MARTHA ROSA FONDEL Spiritual Progam Sunday Mornings 10:00AM 104.9 -KZWA FM With Your Host Raymond Fondel, Sr. and Raymond Fondel, Jr. Dedicated to the Memory of Martha Rosa Fondel

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October 23 - November 15, 2012 Gumbeaux Magazine, Pg 20

Seven Tips for Staying Sane and Savoring This Holiday Season By Marla Tomazin

New York, NY (October 2012)—Without a doubt, the holidays are a crazy time of year (as well as “the most wonderful”!). From the end of November to the beginning of January, most of us rush around nonstop, trying to fit in dozens of events, activities, and responsibilities. And even though most of us look forward to this special season all year long, it’s still easy to stretch yourself too thin in the midst of all the festivities. According to Marla Tomazin, that’s why it’s very important to take care of yourself as well as taking care of everyone else. “Most of us don’t realize just how demanding the holiday scramble can be until we’re exhausted, overwhelmed, or even sick,” points out Tomazin, who has been an image consultant for twenty years after earlier experience in the fashion industry. “The good news is, with a little prior planning and prioritizing, you can enjoy and cherish the things that are most important to you without having to run on fumes to make it through New Year’s Eve!” Tomazin promises that when you decide to have yourself a merry little Christmas, you’ll make more memories to cherish, you’ll be a more valuable help to your family, and you’ll be in a good position to enter the new year already on a roll. Read on for her top take-careof-you tips: Make a list and check it twice. Realistically, you can focus only on one or two big goals at a time, no matter how adept you are at multitasking. That’s why Tomazin recommends sitting down (right now!), deciding what is most important to you this holiday season, and prioritizing those things. If spending time with your family is at the top of your list, for example, put them first and consciously make sure that other things remain on the back burner.

Or if eating well and maintaining your health is a primary goal, plan out a strategy beforehand so that you won’t be blindsided by buffettable bounty. Most importantly, remember that you can’t do it all. “I’ll never forget the year I specifically set aside time to spend with my mother,” Tomazin recalls. “She taught me to make the Italian cookies that she and her family had always enjoyed at this time of year. I couldn’t possibly put a price on learning to carry on this tradition, and the memories my mother and I made are certainly better than if we had gone shopping in one more store!”

now and then. Maybe it’s sitting down to enjoy a cup of coffee in the middle of Christmas shopping, or going to see a romantic comedy without your kids. (A dinner with just your spouse can also serve this function if you’d rather not fly solo.) When you unwind and take a breather, Tomazin promises, your perspective will stay clear and your stress won’t become too overwhelming. Plan ahead.

Everyone talks about how the holidays “catch them by surprise” every year. In order to keep from being overwhelmed and overbooked in the coming weeks, Give yourself the gift of health. Tomazin says that you need to look at your calendar right now. When you’re this busy and Start scheduling social stressed, it’s easy to become run down and spread yourself too thin. engagements as soon as you become aware of them, and give And on top of the strain that the yourself plenty of time to fulfill holiday bustle can bring, it’s also cold and flu season…so make sure your own responsibilities so that you aren’t frantically gluing tinsel to take care of your physical onto your daughter’s pageant needs. Tomazin recommends costume at 2:00 a.m. the day getting in some light exercise, before her big stage debut. This even if you can work in only a way, you’ll be able to enjoy short walk a few days a week. seasonal events instead of just Also, be sure to drink lots of water, getting through them. eat healthy foods, and avoid gorging on treats at every Let yourself off the hook, and be opportunity. Lastly, make a point okay with that. to get enough sleep (DVR that Unless you’re Martha Stewart, late-night holiday special if you you’ll never have a picture-perfect have to)! Tomazin promises that if holiday season. (Truthfully, most you do all of these things, you’ll of us can identify more with Clark enter the new year on a healthy Griswold’s mishaps in National foot. And that means that you Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation as won’t have to start all over on the beloved character tries to January 2nd and make a brand create a “good old-fashioned new set of “lose weight and live family Christmas.”) To save your healthier” resolutions. sanity, realize ahead of time that Go on a date…with yourself. you might forget to buy a gift for Great-Aunt Maude, that the dog We tend to be more or less might break a few low-hanging constantly surrounded by other Christmas ornaments, and that you people during the holidays; after might not be able to make all eight all, it’s a season devoted to being with the ones you love! However, dozen cookie recipes you’ve even when it comes to family and collected. That’s normal, Tomazin assures, so don’t beat yourself up. friends, it’s possible to have too Keep your focus on what’s really much of a good thing. To make important and you’ll be less tense sure you don’t become socially drained mid-season, make a point and harried—as well as more to do something by yourself every resilient!

Say no. Many of us have trouble saying no for a variety of reasons: We don’t want to let others down, we don’t want to be seen as weak, we’re afraid to refuse, etc. However, Tomazin points out that until you learn to say no when you need to, you’ll never be in the driver’s seat of your own life. She’s adamant that you don’t have to do it all—nor should you. You don’t have to chair every event, host every party, and buy every gift on your kids’ lists. Again, Tomazin reminds, decide ahead of time what’s most important to you and prioritize those things. Then you can feel okay about saying no to some of the rest. Give yourself a gift (or two). Chances are, you’ve already started shopping for some of the items on your gift list. As you’re choosing the perfect presents for your spouse, kids, friends, and more, Tomazin reminds you not to forget yourself! Whether it’s an afternoon pedicure or a plush new robe to wear around the house during the chilly months, remember that it’s both okay and healthy to invest in yourself. This might even be the perfect opportunity to buy that fabulous dress you’ve been eyeing—after all, you can wear it to your and your spouse’s company parties or cocktail hours. Spending a few dollars or minutes on yourself might seem like a relatively small thing, but Tomazin promises that it can make a huge difference. “Ultimately, you don’t have to completely overhaul the way you approach the holidays to savor the upcoming season instead of feeling stressed by it,” Tomazin concludes. “By putting some prior thought into what you find most meaningful and important, and by acknowledging the importance of your own health and sanity, you’ll find that this is once again ‘the most wonderful time of the year’!”

Vol XXV Number 10/11

Gumbeaux Magazine endorses Dr. Charles Boustany, Jr. For Another Term For U. S. Congressman

August 23 - September 15, 2012 Gumbeaux Magazine, Pg 21

Congressman Charles Boustany

by Lawrence ‘gumbo’ Morrow

 We endorse the reelection of

Congressman Charles Boustany ( # 12) because he’s best qualified to represent all people of South Louisiana – not just a select few.  As Americans, we can disagree on issues without being disrespectful or angry. After one Congressman interrupted our President, shouting “you lie” on the House floor, Boustany’s opponent, Jeff Landry, pulled a near identical stunt during follow-up speech by the President. To boost his national fund-raising efforts, Landry later bragged about rejecting President Obama’s White House meeting invitation. Landry refused to show courtesy to our nation’s highest office because he feared “being lectured to.” Landry fought to break up South Louisiana during redistricting. Our common food, music, culture and friends and neighbors make South Louisiana a special place. The people of Lake Charles have 10 times more in common with those in Lafayette than Shreveport. Landry’s selfish plan would force us to try to reach a Shreveport congressman 200 miles away when we need help. To save his skin, Jeff Landry now denies he supported his own defeated plan to separate Calcasieu and Lafayette. We credit our Congressman Boustany for his strong support for local health clinics and the doubling of funding for these centers that help poor and uninsured people. Boustany supported the law providing more than $2 billion each year for health clinics and voted for to protect this money that Jeff Landry voted to cut and strip away. Also, Boustany helped write the bipartisan law to improve early education for all

children. We applaud Boustany’s fight to improve veterans’ access to local clinics, for hosting enrollment events for Lake Charles veterans and using friendships with House leaders to demand more answers from Washington, DC officials. Boustany also rose in the House of Representatives, to honor a local veteran, Raymond Duhon of Fenton, one of the first group of African Americans to serve in the Marine Corps, the Montford Point Marines. We appreciate Boustany’s aggressive and successful hurricane-recovery work. After Hurricane’s Rita and Katrina, he passed laws to provide training, jobs and tax relief for South Louisiana and persuaded the Bush Administration to extend Medicare enrollment period and waive penalties for South Louisiana seniors. During tough economic times, Boustany fought to protect goodpaying jobs to the Port of Lake Charles. He helped by fighting for the money to improve the port and increase business. According to one study, more than 50,000 Louisiana jobs were related to port activity, creating more than $3.5 billion in wages and income in for our state.  As a man, Boustany has a good heart, and he’s honest and willing to listen. He’s also generous in his annual th contributions for the 4 Degree Knights of Peter Claver annual “Feed the Hungry”Thanksgiving day services. It’s in our own best interest to keep him as our Congressman instead of replacing him with a selfish, disrespectful politician like Jeff Landry.

Representing Louisiana’s 3rdCongressional District • Fighting to Preserve Social Security and Medicare • Former Doctor and Small Businessman • Pro-Life • Assisted in Hurricane Relief Efforts Firsthand

Paid for and authorized by Charles Boustany, Jr., MD for Congress

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October 23 - November 15, 2012 Gumbeaux Magazine, Pg 22

5 Dry Cleaners

Piece Dry Cleaning *Some restrictions apply

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday Dry Cleaning Specials Only




* Off Site Cold Storage * Wedding Gown Preservation * Leather Cleaning We accept all major credit cards American Express/Discover Visa/Mastercard

3 Locations to Serve You

106 W Broad Location

3821 Ryan Street 562-0054

106 W Broad 433-6558

1221 N Hwy 171 436-8246

Vol XXV Number 15/16

October 23 - November 15, 2012 Gumbeaux Magazine, Pg 23


Michael P, Ned Attorney at law


Tuesday November 6th

3112 Enterprise Blvd Lake Charles,la 70601

Vol XXV Number 15/16

October 23 - November 15, 2012 Gumbeaux Magazine, Pg 24

November - Election  

SW Louisiana's only Bi-Cultural Magazine for over 25 years.

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