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Once upon a time, there was a button, which name was Ă“scar.

Ă“scar was sewed on the front of a very formal and serious coat, never went out from home and he was bored. One day he decided to jump and roll around the world looking for friends. Singing and whistling happy and proud of its attractive roundness, he came to the village square.

He rolled between houses and climbed the red roofs, -“Could I play with you?”, he asked very kindly. -“But don’t you see you are round?” roofs answered. “And we are triangles. It’s clearly you can’t play with us” -“What a pity!”. Oscar cried and continued his way

He rolled and rolled along a large road for many hours…. And saw a lot of cars with different colors…….

Many days later, he arrived to a big city (similar to Madrid) - “I’m sure, here, I’ll find a lot of friends”, he thought.

And he moved rolling in front of some colored doors. -“Do you mind if I stay playing with you?”, he asked cautiously. - “No way!” answered them. “Don´t you see we are rectangles and you are a circle?

- “It’s not right”, Oscar thought and kept rolling even though he was sad and tired

He lied down to rest on the sidewalk. The wind was blowing hardly………….

‌.. and dropped him and made him to roll in the air until being elevated very high in the heaven. Far away, Oscar saw some rhombus with long tails; they were kites. He wished wind could help him to fly close to them.

- “Do you let me playing with you?, Oscar asked in a low voice. - “Excuse me, but this is a private rhombus club and you. Mr., you are a circle. We are very sorry”, kites said, and then went out moving their tails. - “It’s terrible! Oscar thought and began to cry.

He let falling down so many tears that he became very light. The wind made him rolling and he moved far away; and lift him up so high that fell on the shining path of the Moon.

- “Good afternoon” said the Moon smiling. -“You are round!!!!! Oscar shouted, and suddenly his tears dried. -“Of course” Moon answered. “You aren’t the only one. The Hearth where you live is round and Sun and planets, too. Cherries and oranges are round, and…. HUGS ARE ROUND, AS WELL…….”. And later Moon added: “How sad you are! If you don’t find friends is because you only look for them with eyes. I guarantee, you’ll be able to see them better tomorrow”.

And that´s what happened. Next day, Oscar came back to Hearth and began to round and round to every place. This way the world seemed him very different: more shining and attractive than before was. And when he landed……

He found a privileged place on the circus magician´s jacket.

He found great friends in the magician´s hat. They were very funny‌ but not all were round.

His best friend was a white rabbit, that went out from the magician’s hat. They travelled together around the world and shared great stories. Since then Oscar never worried to be round. He learned that friends don’t have only a shape, but many. And the most important thing: friends must be discovered by your own heart.


Maths tale


Maths tale