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architecture & interior design



Mavi Proje has grown into a respected regional and international design practice with expertise in a wide variety of building types. Our work comprises planning, architecture, interior design, strategic facilities planning for relocations and renovation and expansion of existing facilities. Central to our approach is the principle of generating design to fit the specific needs of people. Our practice diversity and talent offers the creativity, knowledge, and technological insight to ensure customized design solutions that are responsive both to aesthetic and functional requirements. We offer our clients unique benefits that come from our experience and knowledge of global resources. Our design approach starts with an open

dialog with each client that, at the outset of a project, helps define client objectives for the environment and reveals the design challenge. During project development, feedback from our client helps us add appropriate details and stay true to our objectives as we refine our creative solution. Ultimately, we believe the success of a design solution is measured by the degree to which it improves our client’s business performance. We have become specialists in finding creative and unique solutions for the most difficult budgets and programs. Careful consideration is given to the appropriateness of design choices in terms of context, program and construction. We are known as architects who link exceptional design with time

and budget concerns. The quality of a project is not necessarily related to how much it costs, but rather to how wisely the resources of time and money are spent. We believe in simplicity, which results in flexibility in use and economy in cost. Cost management and life cycle building cost is of great importance. In pursuit of this mission, we are guided by the following ideals: Sustaining mutually beneficial client relationships, Providing design services which encompass creativity, diversity and value added results, Offering guidance through professional leadership and experience. 5


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REFERENCES SDU University Campus Eurasia Apartments John Deere Showroom Hotel Taksim KATEV International School HGG Executive Lounge Selahaddin Management Campus Tibilisi Airport, VIP Lounge Gelidonya Hotel TSK Dormitory The Office KATEV International School HHO Movie Theatre Kemer Mayor’s Office Scala Hotel University Of Sulamani, College of Veterinary Medicine Gözde Bistro Arbil Convention and Culture Center Aquaparadise Hotel Kiev Sheraton Hotel Metallurg Hotel and Sports Complex Joy Hotels Headquarters Goldenring Shopping Mall Kartal Culture Center Gökdag Construction Headquarters Creps Cafe Assos Restaurant Silence Beach Hotel Pegasos Hotel

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metallurg sports complex goldenring shopping mall

hotel sheraton kiev


tsk haydarpasa dormitory

hotel silencebeach

hotel pegasos

kartal culture center

hotel gelidonya

joy headquarters

hvho movie theatre

hotel aquaparadise

kemer mayor’s office

hotel taksim

scala hotel

scala roof cafe tibilis airport

astana katev int. school svyatogorskiy donetsk istanbul sochi izmir tibilis ankara antalya sulamani arbil

john deere showroom sdu university


almaty hotel sochi

gรถzde bistro

hgg executive lounge

the office

gokdag headquarters

park cafe

sulamani collage of veterinary medicine

arbil culture center

katev int. school almaty

arbil presidential center



hotel pegasos antalya

interior design A 3200 bed, 5 star seaside hotel in Antalya, placed on a large site of 160,000 square meters. Large spaces, derived from the required capacity, are interpreted as exterior spaces as streets and squares to digest the crowd.



pegasos hotel, entrance lobby

pegasos hotel, lower lobby 13


pegasos hotel, tourism desks


pegasos hotel, shopping center


In the lobby, below the 6m x 6m glass flooring, a sand surface containing starfish and sea shells creates a water effect. A starry sky representation is created above , using fiber optical technology, with different lighting effects for day and night. 17

pegasos hotel, swimming pool

turkish bath


fitness center

pegasos hotel, restaurant

lobby bar



hotel sheraton kiev, ukraine

design application and documentation The Sheraton Hotel is built as a city hotel situated in the most important center in Kiev. The concept design is carried out by Boston Design Infinitus Inc. Working drawings and documentation services are provided by Mavi Proje. The Mediterranean Restaurant at left, the Theme Bar below.


scala hotel, lobby


scala hotel donesk, ukraine interior design

The Scala Hotel’s exterior reflects the character of its history and culture, while the interior is determined by clean lines, an atmosphere of elegance and comfort. Both public areas, 20 guest rooms and 8 suites provide a modern interpretation of tradition, comfort and luxury. Public areas are redefined and transformed into multi-functional spaces envisioned to appeal to all needs. The lobby, incorporating a polished granite floor, soft stone walls, a glass ceiling and rich wood furniture is a warm and inviting space.


scala hotel, restaurant Light wood and cream toned fabrics along the windows contrast with the dark wood sculptural seating and the artistically created dark blue mosaic surfaces, both appealing to different tastes and moods in the same space.



scala hotel, spa

The Scala Hotel SPA is a tranquil space where indirect lighting through water creates a pleasant atmosphere. The pebble laid floor, wooden deck and green grass wall brings in a fresh outdoor sense. At the same time, a contemporary impression is created with a touch of modern art work and bright steel details. 26

scala hotel, kids club


scala hotel, games room


scala hotel, movie club


scala hotel, guest room



scala roof cafe donesk, ukraine interior design

The Scala Hotel’s roof cafe was commissioned after the hotel design was completed. The roof is handled as a garden with a view. Transparent parapets and transparent tables and chairs maximize the view of the periphery, while heavy dark wood furniture and giant flower-pots emphasize the garden effect in the center.




hotel gelidonya antalya

interior design, renovation, facade redesign The hotel was replanned to relocate all the expanded facilities and the new bed unit extensions. A glass facade is attached to expand the lobby (central part of the photo below).



hotel gelidonya, reception


hotel gelidonya, guest room



hotel taksim, lobby entrance


hotel taksim, reception desk

hotel taksim çeşme izmir

interior concept design Five star hotel in Çeşme, Ilıca. At the time work was commissioned, the hotel had already been built, floors and ceilings were finished, even the walls were covered. Mavi Proje proposed a new concept with a minimum demolition of the existing building parts by hiding them with the addition of very bold and striking elements. 41

hotel taksim, concierge & guest relations


hotel taksim, lobby


hotel taksim, lobby bar



hotel taksim, guest rooms


The rooms were designed to be calm and relaxing places. Several tones of beige were used in all the rooms where a spot red chair (or blue as an alternative), supported with red accessories, becomes the center of interest.


tsk haydarpasa dormitory istanbul

interior design The HaydarpaĹ&#x;a Dormitory was planned to be modern, practical and cozy -a place where the student could feel at home. Economic aspects and considerations of durability shaped the design decisions and material selections. Completely demountable loft units were designed which to be used alternatively as bunk beds or studies. Stainless steel structures and laminated solid wood paneling were used to obtain durable, long life furniture. 48

tsk typical room


tsk dormitory, library


tsk dormitory, restaurant


hotel sochi russia

concept design The project was to transform a building into a hotel in the city of Sochi, Russia. Since the existing rooms were very narrow, the wardrobe was designed as a semi transparent mobile object. Extra depth was achieved by covering the wall opposing the headboard with mirrors.


metallurg sports complex ukrain interior design A facility built for a football team at the city of Donetsk in Ukraine. Since the entrance hall does not receive daylight, it is illuminated from double suspended ceilings to alter the enclosed effect of the space.



park cafe

almaty, kazakhstan interior concept design

A cafe-restaurant in Almaty, Kazakhstan, designed to encompass nature during the long winter season.


gรถzde bistro ankara

interior and corporate identity design




A cafe-restaurant in Ankara. The project was to create a new and more contemporary identity for a modest pastry shop. Light colors and stainless steel elements are used to accentuate freshness and hygiene for this facility which provides service from the early hours of the morning to late at night. To be up to date with today’s lifestyle, TV screens are placed in various locations, including the rest rooms. The relatively small inner space serves as a showroom while the garden becomes the main space for sitting and dining. A long green shrub wall surrounds the terrace sheltered by a large white awning where many flower-pots emphasize the garden atmosphere. There are various sitting arrangements such as tables for two people or for groups, high tables for fast service and large armchairs for longer stops. The main idea was to create a homelike cozy space. Art Nouveau style flower patterns in bright colors are used both for the corporate identity and as a dominant decorative component. 59

gรถzde bistro





executive lounge ankara

interior design Designed as an executive meeting lounge for a construction company with a high business performance. A large area effect is enhanced with the use of large size furniture and large details and accessories. Even the parquet floor has an oversize scaled pattern.





the office ankara interior concept design

A headquarters building for a construction firm consisting of 4 storeys, an attic and a basement. A large inner court is created to get daylight to the basement to be used for recreational facilities. The visual connection with the lower floor created by the atrium aims to give a more spacious feel. The entrance lobby is treated as a prestigious showroom exhibiting the works of the company. Cool colors, mainly black and white, are used except for the surface behind the reception desk which holds a colorful glass art work.


the office, black room


the office, open room



kartal culture center istanbul

interior concept design Rich and colorful materials and strong daylight emphasize the dynamic feel of the vestibule area where columns, reminiscent of classical architecture, are incorporated.


arbil culture center iraq

interior design A 20.000m2 culture center designed with contemporary and economical solutions. A large skylight floods the interior with natural light, giving life to interior vegetation thus enhancing a fresh country feel.



arbil cc, entrance lobby, realization


arbil cc, entrance lobby, 3d presentation



arbil cc, restaurant


arbil cc, restaurant



arbil cc, convention center

This hall is treated as an exterior space with the use of stone cladded and outdoor style lighting fixtures. Partial compositions are applied to visually reduce the scale of the large space. Sky and water influences are used in the remaining portions to achieve depth and spaciousness. 80


hho movie theatre istanbul

interior design


an office in almaty almaty/kazakhstan facade redesign

The structure was only a concrete framework before the design. The sole application was an appropriate cover. To ensure that it would not go unnoticed within the city’s commercial core, we wanted the building to have a straight, clean, effective and well- balanced composition. With this in mind, a grid was applied to display the two stories as one and create a uniform image. The bright white color and the simplicity of the structure makes it noticeable and distinguishable on an urban scale and keeps the building in mind.


entrance facilities first concept


arbil presidential center iraq

architectural concept

entrance facilities final concept

A group of buildings to be built at the entrance of a large settlement for the administration of Northern Iraq containing government, reception and hospitality services. We understood that these buildings were to embody and represent a modern outlook for the developing government agencies and create a forceful impression as such. With this in mind, the structure was aimed to dominate the site as well as integrate within the natural environment. Although the main structure has a withdrawn layout, the curvilinear stationing of the other structures stylizes the unbroken natural flow of the design.

office officers dormitory

car parking

visitor waiting hall

visitor restaurant visitor companions

visitor entrance

car parking


arbil assembley hall extension


arbil presidential office



goldenring shopping mall donetsk, ukrain interior design

A 5-storey 20,000 m2 shopping mall at the center of a traffic junction in the city of Donetsk in Ukraine. Glass flooring was used to provide daylight and to inform pedestrians of the space above.


goldenring atrium 90

The 3D model above is the basement shopping floor to which the pedestrian passages under the street level are connected. There are also 4 floors above the street level. 91

Joy Hotels Headquarters antalya

architectural concept design Designed as a general management building for a company managing 16 hotels in Antalya. A torn plan was used housing an interior garden that receives sunlight from the glass roof. Interior spaces were enriched with the transparent staircases lined up along the atrium over the interior garden and the link bridges at the floor landings. 92



sulamani college of veterinary medicine iraq architectural concept design The local tradition of “wall architecture� is mainly interpreted within the design. The buildings are combined by walls, and semi open sheltered streets so the relationship between buildings becomes clearer. Compact design is carried out as the principal method. Thus closer relations are also provided with other buildings. The buildings are fully protected from western and eastern sunlight. The curved wall constitutes an ample courtyard that absorbs sunlight in the morning. The wall also combines the buildings as an abstract sculpture specially when seen from the main road and the entrance.





astana international school kazakhstan

interior concept design & facade redesign A complex containing a primary school and a high school with all their complementary facilities. Mavi Proje redesigned the facades with durable materials considering the very tough climatic conditions. High temperature kilned brick, compact laminate and aluminum were used while the classic style design was transformed into a simpler and elegant style.



katev concept design for corridors

The ceilings of the corridors are left in concrete and framed with white clean gypsum borders. Classrooms are divided by glass screens above concrete block walls to provide daylight for the corridors. 100

The partition walls curve gently to form cavities for sittig and help to create a live, dynamic area instead of a straight, long corridor. Classroom doors are transformed into a transition space, to give a distinct identity to each classroom. 101



almaty international school kazakhstan

architectural design This complex contains a primary school and a high school with all their supplementary facilities. The entrance is designed to be a public square. The rest of the land is a fragmented garden, providing a private space for each outdoor activity and each age group. Three classrooms of the same grade are separated into groups. Each cluster is self contained and has various common elements such as WC, community room, recess area and an outdoor playground. Each cluster is distinct from the others and has a unique identity. The main spine holds the common functions such as laboratories, cafeteria, library sports hall, meeting hall and branches out to form the multifunction group halls.








(state airports authority)

headquarters ankara

interior concept design & facade redesign The project aims to complete the missing functional parts of an existing civil building and to update and improve its visual quality. Since the building to which it is attached was originally built for a different purpose, the necessary functional additions could not be included within the existing architecture. Moreover, the modern image intended for the building could not be implemented by a change in decoration and such same solutions. We wanted to provide visitors arriving at the institution with a spacious, large and well air conditioned lounge. A solution that would easily bring together various waiting, meeting, inspectional and informational functions was outlined. The newly built extension was to have a preparatory function for the main building. A glass roof was placed on the ceiling plane over the central main area with a wooden pergola below to obtain a well illuminated and a half open space effect. The public building was designed symmetrically and decisively to accentuate continuity.


tibilis airport

primeclass lounge &vip lounge georgia interior design


The comfort of home within an airport was envisioned. Wide comfortable furniture together with soothing relaxing colors such as white and gray were used to have a calming effect on the traveller. The conventional use of dark colored furniture especially to hide dirt in public spaces, was abandoned. Instead, light colored furniture was used to create an atmosphere of freshness cleanness. The use of natural materials such as metal and wood, differentiates it from the usual artificial impression of other airports. The linear false ceiling with an interiorly illuminated ceiling curtain is a decorational trick to emphasize the main circulation axis. The ceiling also helps to adjust the scale of the space.


eurasia john deere showroom astana/kokshetau

architectural design A complex containing a showroom, a spare parts market, a repair shop, warehouses and their complementary facilities such as offices, training classes, a social center, a sports center and a gas station. John Deere sells and maintains large scale agricultural machinery. Kokshetau is one of the worl’s larg-


est granaries and has the world’s largest fields. Agriculture is becoming the major concern of city commerce. John Deere, being the greatest brand, undertakes to form a devoted community of buyers. The showroom building is thought to be the main instrument in forming a brand awareness . The circular showroom building welcomes customers with a wide glass entrance over a gently sloping outdoor exhibition area. The yellow wall divides the site into two: front section for customers and back section for production and storage where only staff will work. This wall touches all the back buildings and provides office spaces and technical rooms for support functions.


The showroom consists of a central hall which is designed as an art gallery and exhibits machinery surrounded by a conference hall, a coffee shop and sellers offices and overlooks a large workshop that allows customers to watch their machinery during repair. The showroom is also overlooked by sharp triangle shaped galleries of supplementary functions. This space has a star shaped glass ceiling and a large span of 60 meters emphasizing the high-tech position of the John Deere company.





campus almaty/kazakhstan architectural design The SDU design for the new campus which is located close to Almaty city is aimed to symbolize a modern image for the future. The stylization of the mountains in the south of the campus is used for the main conception of the faculty buildings. The abstract plastic form of the buildings’ façade is aimed to incite and develop the student’s imagination. An enclosed street is created as a social common area for the 8 faculties; amphitheater-classrooms are located within this social area together with cafeterias, shops, student clubs and other common functions.






The architect receives the employer’s requests and presents relevant proposals by conducting a preliminary meeting. At this phase, capacities and requirements are determined. The architect conducts the first coordination meeting to receive the opinions from other engineering principles. 122


A. Programming Main Idea: The architect executes the necessary design work to form a preliminary design appropriate for the determined requirements. Coordination of this preliminary work with other engineering services is also provided. The achieved preliminary design is then submitted to the approval of the employer. In this phase, site layout decisions and the approximate size of the structures are determined on color rendered plans. The architectural theme is determined with the participation of the employer. B. Design Development Phase: The concluded design and concept decisions are presented in sketch

form including all interior functions and spatial patterns. The facade principles are determined and the effects of the terrain silhouette are taken into account. Coordination is conducted with other engineering services. Finally, the achieved project is submitted to the approval of the employer. C. Contract Document Phase: Application drawings in accordance with relevant laws and regulations are produced for the now matured design. The prepared Architectural design are presented to the relevant authorities for approval and any additions and corrections that may be required by these authorities are

carried out swiftly (documentation follow-up is thought to be conducted by a local building supervision firm). D. Coordination Phase: To control the structure during the construction so that it agrees with design concepts. The architect provides the necessary support during the construction phase. Visits are carried out while communicating with the construction contractor and/or the project manager.



PHASES OF INTERIOR DESIGN The architect receives the employer’s requests and presents relevant proposals by conducting a preliminary meeting. In this phase, the level of quality is determined according to the user profile and operational requirements. If the enterprise has operational objectives for the future, these are laid out. The decoration theme is determined with the participation of the employer. A. Concept: Examples suitable to the determined theme form the preliminary design boards. These should be suitable to the requirements determined by preliminary work. The spatial impact can be understood by experiencing the material and furniture examples on these design boards. Interior operation is roughly provided through color rendered plans and sketches, and submitted to the employer’s approval. B. Design Development Phase: Decoration and furniture layout plans, colored design boards and elevations are prepared to evaluate the suitability for operational necessities. The furniture level is also determined at this phase according to the facility levels. By checking the furniture prices, etc., it is ensured

that the project complies with the general budget figures. Decisions are finalized prior to application and fabrication projects by submitting to the approval of the employer.

als for these spaces are determined in the architectural phase. Operational requirements such as kitchen equipment, behind bar counters are covered by the operator.

C. Contract Document Phase: In this phase; *Furniture layout plans *Floor plans *Ceiling plans *Electrical plans *Elevations *Details *FF&E files and *Coordination with related engineering services is conducted.

D. Manufacturing, Assembly and Production Phase During construction, the designing architect must provide the necessary support to see that decoration work and manufacturing are done according to concept principles. Communication is made and visits are carried out with the construction contractor and the project manager. Also, all production drawings and material samples must be submitted to the designer’s approval. The designer’s assistant will be on site during the final placement of furniture, accessories, etc.

Every element such as furniture, fixed furniture, lighting fixtures, fabrics, curtains, equipment, carpets, decorative accessories, mirrors, paintings etc., is defined precisely. The materi-




ÖZGÜN ÖZHİSAR Interior Designer


Founder of the firm Mavi Proje in 2000. He is responsible for the general project administration, design review, technical and production management of all projects.

Gülnur Özdağlar brought her talents to Mavi Proje in 2005, to serve as a designer.

Mr. Özhisar has been working for Mavi Proje since 2003. He is responsible for design and direction of application, detailing and 3D visualization .

Gamze Güller graduated from the Faculty of Architecture of Istanbul Technical University in 1991 and received her M.Sc from the same faculty. Since then, she has worked for various construction companies as design manager and project coordinator.

She had entered many architectural competitions and had won numerous awards starting from Selim Vanlı has been practicing her graduation from Faculty of architecture since his graduation Architecture of Middle East Technical University in 1986. from the Faculty of Architecture of Istanbul Technical University, in1988. Ms. Özdağlar had maintained her own office Mürekkep Mimarlık He has extensive experience, par- and had designed buildings for ticularly working on large complex government and for the comhotel projects and is regarded mercial sector for more than 15 to be an expert in interior design years. Her experience includes as well. He also has valuable housing projects, public centers experience working with numer- and hospitals. ous consultants from around the world. She has a growing interest in digital art and has had many As he believes building design to exhibitions. She has acquired be the most critical leading ser- numerous international awards vice in the field of construction, on the subject his intent is to achieve a high quality in the world market. 126

A first degree graduate of the Department of Interior and Environmental Design of Hacettepe University in 1993, he acquired his MBA in the same faculty with his thesis “An Attitude of Guest room Design in Hospitality Facilities.”

Ms. Güller is mostly specialized in the Turkic Republics and has assisted more than 750,000 sqm of building construction. She has worked for high quality projects for 5 star hotels, business centers, Mr. Özhisar has worked on interior shopping centers, headquarter buildings and luxury residences. designs and their applications She has gained extensive experion hotel and office designs. He has also worked as a set designer ence from her responsibilities for design development, coordination for private TV channels and has between head offices and site ofdesigned many decors such as the European Beauty Contest and fices and employer and contractor, and the supervision of finishing the KralTV Music Awards. works as well as the project procurement and development. Ms. Güller also writes short stories and has related reputable awards .

İHSAN DUYGULU Consulting Architect

M. SELÇUK ÜNAL Presentation Administrator

MEHMET YAŞAYAN Lighting Consultant

MELİH UÇAR Photographer

İhsan Duygulu works as a freelance designer for Mavi Proje and provides expertise and consulting on required projects.

Selçuk Ünal started to work at Mavi Proje in 2002 as designer, computer graphics and presentation administrator.

Melih Uçar graduated from the Faculty of Architecture of Middle East Technical University, in 1976.

He has studied architecture at several universities in İzmir, Ankara, Istanbul and Vienna.

He graduated from the Faculty of Architecture of Istanbul Mimar Sinan University in 1999.

Mehmet Yaşayan works as a lighting designer at the Turkish National Theatre and is consulted on lighting and stage system designs for Mavi Proje.

He has experience particularly in green architecture and ecology both academically and in practice.

He has supervised more than 40 culture centers, theatre designs and their constructions in Turkey and abroad.

He has been a well known architectural photographer since 1990 and has been working with Mavi Proje since 2000.

Mr. Duygulu is also considered an expert in shopping design as he has designed the first and largest department stores in Turkey. He has worked as a team leader for many international and European Union projects like business centers, industrial buildings, and GAMZE YILDIRIM Architect custom storehouses. Osmangazi University, 2007



Erciyes University, 2008



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