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Preschool with a difference

Yearbook 2012 - 2013

Baby of Mine

...never a tear,


Baby mine, don't you cry. Baby mine, dry your eyes. Rest your head close to my heart, never to part, baby of mine. Little one when you play, Don't you mind what they say. Let those eyes sparkle and shine, never a tear, baby of mine.

This year : We taught the shy to be confident the dependent became self sufficient the introvert became outgoing the helpless became helpful the mum 3 yr old started talking we stopped tantrums of yelling and screaming we stopped fights and started friendships we taught to share, to care and to help we taught to dress, to wash and to eat we wiped the tears, we fought their fears, we laughed and cried, we hugged and rocked we washed and fed, we consoled and nursed we potty trained a bunch ... and we did teach them their ABCs and 123s and the rest so today, they, confident and happy, are moving on, to their 'Big' schools. They are taking a piece of our soul along.


A preschool with a difference … I remember, when we were looking for a good preschool for my eldest grand child, we were slightly disappointed at the options available. That is exactly when the idea of this preschool was born in my mind… The vast majority of preschoolers in Kuwait are confined to their homes, usually with only parents to interact with. This creates a void where their social skills or self sufficiency are concerned. At BoM we try our best to facilitate the painless transition from a protected environment of home to the outside world as smoothly as possible, so that kids are confident to start formal school. With the added international element present in the school the children are also helped to become aware of differences in ethnicity, language, religion and culture. The innocence of your children and their unconditional love and affection has brightened our lives at BoM. Watching them grow and blossom in front of our eyes is a wonderful gift you have given us … We, my staff and I, thank you for your continued support, trust and co-operation. Gulnar Mirza 3

Success, Nothing Less! Outgoing class

Lea Al Khudari, 2.5 yrs Lea joined when she was a tiny 3 months old. She had the advantage of attending Preschool since she was very young — and it shows! She is articulate, confident and a fast learner. This year she even learnt to control her moods and be attentive in class. She is joining Kindergarten at BSK.

Sarah Masood, 3 yrs Sarah’s start was shaky and tearful, but soon she bloomed into a confident, articulate and cheerful girl. She possesses qualities of an achiever: perseverance and intelligence. She forms her own opinions, but respects those of others. Sarah will be joining Kindergarten at ESF.

Nik Danisha Nurbalqis,4 yrs Ieca When Ieca joined, she did not know any English, but this cheerful girl did not waste a minute and zoomed trough Juniors and Seniors to become a star and a leader. Vivacious, loving and helpful, she is soul and heart of Seniors. Ieca learned to read well is about to join KG2 At IIS.


Success, Nothing Less! Outgoing class

Jeremy Paul, 4 yrs

Jeremy and Faith are old timers. They had two eventful years at BoM and feel very much at home. Jeremy was very quiet for a few months, but not any more! He is gentle and loving. The little lady is bold, talkative and enthusiastic. They both learned to read and are about to join KG1 at FAIPS.

Adwithiya Nambiar, 3 yrs

Faith Dolton, 4 yrs

Ayman Nur Rafiq,4 yrs


Rafiq joined as a baby, although he wasn’t that young. He gained confidence since and became independent and cheerful, although he still can be shy sometimes. He has been accepted to KG2 at FAIPS.

Adwi is soft, loving and lovable. This did not prevent her rapid academic growth. Adwi is a sincere and dedicated student and is about to start KG1 at FAIPS.


Success, Nothing Less! Outgoing class

Aania Shahbaz, 3 yrs Aan Danisya Dania, 4yrs

Lianne Ashley Tomaquin,



5 yrs

Daania joined Nursery when she was just over 2, but she took to BoM happily and with ease. This balanced and a friendly girl is joining KG1 at Indian Model School.

Started as a baby but now is graduating from the Senior group. Quiet, shy sometimes but intelligent at the same time. She is leaving us for KG2 at ESF.

This girl may be shy but at school she is the leader. She is helpful, does good work and, at the same time, does not forget to enjoy herself. She is joining KG2 at PIES.

Fathima Rawan,

Md. Tabarak Ansari,

4 yrs

Nurul Alia Maisarah,

3.5 yrs

Fathima is life and soul

Maysarah, 4 yrs

Tabarak loves the school.

Well behaved, quiet and

He is cheerful, friendly and

attentive in class, but all



cheerful and jolly at dance

gressed rapidly in academics

and play. She is joining KG

and is about to join KG1 at

at HMPS taking along her


beautiful smile.

of BoM. She is cheer and laughter personified. She is joining KG1 at FAIPS and will be dearly missed by everyone at BoM.




Success, Nothing Less! Outgoing class

Ariana Iman,

Arisya Iman,

Nuwair Md. Shaif,

4 yrs

4 yrs

3 yrs

Inseparable, precocious and witty : true ‘Parent Trap’ kids. Life at BoM will be dull without them. These girls are good at everything and are loved by their classmates. This duo is about to join Kindergarten at FAIPS.

Nuwair is a young graduate. He is smart, friendly and mischievous. He is fond of all sort of cars and moving machinery and he knows his ABCs well too. He is joining KG1 at FAIPS.

Gopal Thirumaran,

Huda Asim Ali,

Anood M. Hayat,

3.5 yrs

3.5 yrs

3.5 yrs

Although Gopal may look quiet and shy, he is inseparable member of the boys gang: vivacious and witty. He is leaving his friends to join KG at ESF.

Huda and Anood spent only a few months at BoM. In spite of this, they love the school, made lot of friends and are very much at home. Huda is a tomboy and Anood is a true lady. They are getting ready to join KG at ESF in September.


The Journey Begins Graduation 2012


The Journey Begins Graduation 2012


Learning to Fly Our Alumni

Zia, ESF

Katya, Don Bosco

Tia, IIS

Ian & Ashton , BTLC, Manila

Nada, FAIPS 10

Learning to Fly Our Alumni

Zain, Faips

Miguel, PIES

Amina, BSK

Rabab, NPIS


Harraz , IBS

Daniel, ESF

Growing Feathers The present gang

Almaas, 1.5 yrs

Tomo, 2 yrs

Thalia, 2.5 yrs

Shazeen, 2 yrs

Mahi, 2.5 yrs

Evan, 2.5 yrs 12

Juan, 2 yrs

Nandu, 2.5 yrs

Sanketh, 2.5 yrs

Growing Feathers The present gang

Mahdiyah, 3 yrs

Skyler, 3 yrs

Qaleesya, 3.5 yrs

Leugim, 3.5 yrs

Ibraheem, 3.5 yrs

Syuhada, 3.5 yrs

Beduri, 3.5 yrs

Munir, 4 yrs 13

Hooked on Learning


Hooked on Learning


Movers and Shakers


Movers and Shakers


Nimble Fingers


Nimble Fingers


The Young and the Restless BoM’s Future


The Young and the Restless BoM’s Future


Thank You for Your Trust! Parents’ Testimonials Our little graduate will bid farewell to her preschool soon, definitely a bittersweet moment! A place where she learnt her first lessons and made her first best friends. BoM has given her first caring teachers. Thanks for providing her with the care and support needed to develop into a happy and confident girl she is today. Serene atmosphere, affectionate staff, innovative and well structured teaching methods are the strengths of BoM. BoM has played such a pivotal role in Faith's life and our lives as parents through your advice, patience and dedication. Once again, a big thanks and wish all success to BoM as more kids join in coming years to become a part of this big family. Nisha Dolton

In less than three months, we observed a huge development in our son in terms of maturity and sociability. He learnt how to control his tantrums, developed patience, became more appreciative and compassionate. He learnt how to play and share with other children. He can count till hundred with minimal help and knows his alphabets well. He learnt new nursery rhymes and knows how to write and spell his name. He never fails to surprise us with the new things he learned since he entered the school. Thank you very much Baby of Mine! Miguel S. Sernicula

The day I first dropped Lea at Baby of Mine for her first daycare day, almost 3 years ago ….. my eyes shed streams of tears. “How could I leave her when she is so young?” I thought back then. I didn’t know that 3 years later, I would feel so emotional again for the thought of her leaving BoM! Days passed, Lea began to babble and show signs of excitement whenever she saw her teachers… More time passed, and now a toddler, she would rush inside whenever she arrived to the nursery… Days passed again, she now says during the weekend: “I want to go to the school. Where is my teacher?” and a lot of times she would call me “teacher” and then correct it with “mommy”. So now again, tears filled my eyes at the time of Lea’s first official school interview! I was so proud and happy when I saw her reply to all the questions so confidently! Whether Lea leaves at the end of this year or the year after, I wish to say a big ‘thank you’ to BoM for making Lea’s pre-school years so enjoyable and fun-packed and for making her feel so secure and cared for. I owe to you a debt of gratitude for the dedication, hard work, and love that you bring to BOM every day! We love you all so much! Dr. Mirna Safi Daania joined BOM 1st Dec 2011. She was 2 years 3 months old at that time and had never been away from home. She has always been very happy to go to school and not a day did she ever say NO. This has meant a lot to us and we have always felt happy about it. She has learnt a lot at BOM. First positive change was "out of pampers". She speaks up now and tells what to do and what not to. Loves the exercise class and the dance, which anyway is a part of her. She is more active, expressive and very ready to go to "Big School". Daania’s family


Thank You for Your Trust! Parents’ Testimonials Ashley has changed a lot since she joined BoM. She has learned to read well and she gained confidence in her self. She is not shy any more in front of people and she is so happy to go to school in the mornings to be with her friends and her teachers. We appreciate so much your time and efforts in teaching our daughter. Thank you again. Nonila Magno Tomaquin

It has been almost a year since Nandu joined the daycare, and we see lot of positive changes in her. A year back when I first dropped her at school, tears rolled down my cheeks as I was so worried about my little angel. She was only 18 months then. As a working mother I did not have any other option. As the days passed by, Nandu adjusted with ease at her new “home”. She kept learning new things every day and became social, confident and lively little girl. Now she is almost 2 and a half and knows numbers, colours, alphabets, rhymes, and table manners. We are delighted with her progress. Big thank you to every one at Baby of Mine for taking care of my sweetheart. You guys really live upto your name “Baby of Mine”. Thank you for giving me peace of mind when I am at work. I wish you all the very best, keep up the good work! Shwet Nisha Singh

BoM, you have been such a blessing, not just to Jeremy, but to our whole family as well. Often, while perusing through the pics of the day, my oldest daughter and I have wished we too were back in playschool! As we look back, we fondly recollect how our shy and quiet little boy has transformed into a loving, caring and communicative bundle of energy. His confidence , independence and enthusiasm to help out with everything is an ongoing testimony to the good job you are all doing at BoM. Learning is fun and he takes with him this priceless lesson along with all his other adventures and memories. His time at BoM has been worthwhile and we will all treasure his precious moments with you. Well done, BoM and God bless you! We will surely miss you… Love and prayers, The Pauls

It gives me immense pleasure to share our experience with BoM. On many occasions people wondered: why did we take pains to look for the best playschool for Sarah, as playschools are chosen casually. We were searching for the place, where she would want to go to, where she would have to study less and still learn more, where she would feel the warmth of her own home. After enrolling her in BoM at the age of 2.5 years, we never regretted our decision. BoM has metamorphosed her from a shy little toddler to a confident girl with lot of conviction in her speech. In less than a year she can identify all the letters and is clear about many concepts. Leaving this school now, is unexpectedly difficult. She does not want to follow her friends who are joining the ‘big’ schools. She wishes, if not her friends, at least her BoM teachers join her at the ‘big’ school. Saba Ahmed

23, instagram: baby_of_mine


Baby of Mine Yearbook 2012-2013  
Baby of Mine Yearbook 2012-2013  

March 2013 edition