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GI Design & Architecture was founded in 1989 by Jari Inkinen and Hanna GullstÊn. The firm is an award winning design practice which has offices in Helsinki, London and St. Petersburg. GI was involved in designing the first LEED certified building in Finland, Nokia Headquarters in Espoo. The company employs over 20 people and is currently the biggest design company in interior design and architecture and real estate renovation in Nordic countries and Baltic Sea area. GI is an interior design and architecture firm that specialises in designing buildings and spaces that facilitate businesses to thrive. Our approach is to offer design solutions that ensure functionality and quality whilst promoting your company’s sales, image and site specific technical challenges. The property could be business premises that no longer cater to your business needs, a hotel in a need of refurbishment, a premier property that requires a complete overhaul, or a business property converted into a different use. Construction as a line of business involves providing services or housing for people. We can with our design and architecture services support your company’s aims and aspirations to challenging the brief and creating experiences. We are an established company offering services from interior design, architecture, lighting and graphic design, and specialised brand and work space strategists.

We have demonstrated expertise for innovative and sustainable designs across a wide range of sectors, including hotels, offices, restaurants, libraries, universities and other educational environments. We design buildings, spaces and services that combine commercial and functional elements with energy efficiency and ecological materials. We believe profitable business and an aesthetic environment can easily coexist with sustainable development. Good design and architecture are a natural part of a successful company. There values serve as a guideline in our work and as a source of inspiration for us. With strategic workplace design projects, GI Design has been actively involved in developing transparency of client corporate culture, as well as enhancing internal personnel communication and productivity. We have completed over a one million square meters of workplace design projects, and these facilities employ over 40,000 people. GI is an international practise that has completed projects throughout Europe from Helsinki to St. Petersburg, Stockholm to Istanbul and Moscow to Kiev.

Finland is internationally known for its pristine nature, modern design and cutting-edge technology. The living environment has always been of great significance to Finnish people, which explains why sustainable development is one of the key principles guiding our operations. We design buildings, spaces and services that combine commercial and functional elements with energy efficiency and ecological materials. We utilise the latest information and audiovisual technology available in our space solutions. Our design staff makes decisions every day that affect the well-being of people and the environment. Our design decisions have far-reaching consequences, meaning that we have a great responsibility in many respects. We believe that a profitable business and an aesthetic environment can easily coexist with sustainable development. Good design and architecture are a natural part of a successful company. These values serve as a guideline in our work and as a source of inspiration for us.






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The magnificent view over the roof tops of Saint Petersburg worked as a guiding element throughout the design process. The staff is young and so they wanted more informal spaces and less ‘traditional’ formal spaces, an office playground where you can work but also have parties. The design concept is ‘an industrial warehouse’. So, the design challenge was how to convey the theme within a new building. During the design process, V Kontakte staffs’ inside joke was to want concrete effect wallpaper since concrete (real) walls are currently in ‘trend’ and specified everywhere. They wanted that too. Some of the walls within the office were specified brick and in appearance similar to the external walls. The brick wall effect was exposed to achieve the industrial theme and a slight ‘kitch’ impression. The new premises are mainly open plan and so detail to acoustics was critical to the success of the design. GI’s expertise is achieving silent open spaces and an open plan office in this case. Architect and Interior design Work environment development Total area approximately 885 m²

Carpets were specified throughout since the majority of staff are young women with high heeled shoes. There are variety of spaces from phone booths to silent areas, from meeting rooms to play areas. Despite the dark colours on walls and ceilings; spaces are not dark or gloomy. To add a bit of brightness, playfulness colours and features have been added to furniture, textiled rugs and manifestations. Also, reflective finishes; splashes of white on ceilings and walls have been added within specific areas to achieve reflective light and brightness when needed. To highlight the type of company - social media, social networking; prints of peoples’ faces were added on manifestation. The images are relatively abstract; (raster) when near the image and once further you can see quite clearly the face (impressionist). Each solution has been thought over in great detail and consideration and, as always, user driven/focus, the client wish list/brief. As well as incorporating the company’s image and brand.



GI designed NCC office headquarters in the centre of St. Petersburg. The offices will include all of NCC’s sectors within Russia. NCC’s business sectors are construction, housing, property development, roads and infrastructure construction. The new premises are very centrally located, in the heart of St. Petersburg on the top floor of the new department store building, Stockmann. The premises compromise full height curved windows throughout the building. Unsurprisingly, they are the best feature in the space, yet the most challenging to the design due to the amount of light and heat. The aim was to create a modern open plan office space. Spatial efficiency solutions achieved 400 m² of additional space that can be now rented as flexible office space. Considerable amount of legacy furniture was used to achieve a cost-effective project throughout. Architect and Interior design Work environment development Total area approximately 1 900 m²

GI | 2011 | OFFICES | HELSINKI, FINLAND | 2 040 m²


Nordea Bank Finland’s old office was transformed into a new mobile office. Nordea Bank, a financial services group operating in Northern Europe, wanted to transform its Helsinki, Finland offices into an open and flexible mobile office that would visually convey the banks working style and environmental responsibility. It is the first Nordea office, a pilot office project where staff do not have their ‘own’ designated workstations. Detailed 3D modeling was initially used as a tool to test and communicate the spaces for the staff; as well as, used throughout the staff consultations. Since staff no longer have designated ‘own’ workstations, the new open plan office is divided into three different acoustical areas for 45 workstations: quiet/no ‘talk’ area, light conversation areas and loud areas. For example, employees who converse on phones (call centre type service) are designated to the ‘loud areas’. These high volume areas have received specific and considerable amount of acoustic treatments and so required detailed material specifications. Architect and Interior design Work environment development Total area approximately 2 040 m²

It is an existing office building that had poor insulation and lighting. To meet the projects environmental needs and budget; additional thermal insulation and a new advanced lighting system were integrated to the design. The lighting system was designed to automatically adjust to sunlight: when the sun is shining, the lighting indoors is dimmer. This is just one of the many changes that have been made to meet a more sustainable building and thus lowering the maintenance costs. Natural light floods through the office and meetings areas; furniture has been carefully selected to reflect daylight into the spaces (such as white worktops). Natural light, bold colour features to assist wayfinding, a touch of ‘locality/identity’ with images of Finnish forests on manifestations and curtains and a playful selection of furniture in the breakout areas are elements that create a professional personal working environment. The overall result is an innovative, efficient and inspiring space for staff and visitors that will be developed to Nordea’s other offices.

GI | 2010 | OFFICES | HELSINKI, FINLAND | 2 000 m²

STT Lehtikuva

A news and picture agency for the media. Initial concepts were created by analysing staff workplace culture and environment and its operating methods. STT-Lehtikuva moved to their new premises in autumn 2010. Their new premises are centrally located in Voimatalo, Helsinki. Workplace design strategy was used in all spaces. GI was responsible for the development of the workplace environment and the interior design of the new premises. Interior design Work environment development Total area approximately 2 000 m²

GI | 2010 | OFFICES | ESPOO, FINLAND | 220 m²

THE FINNISH SAVINGS BANKS GROUP The Finnish Savings Banks Group wanted to renew their headquarters in Espoo, Finland.

Initially, the brief was to design a new staff lunch/ break area and some additional office space, to improve employee’s wellbeing and update existing internal finishes. The Finnish Savings Banks Groups’ employees highlighted their aspiration for their new offices to be light and functional. The management wanted open plan offices, yet the employees were concerned of the noise levels in an open plan office. This concern was resolved by designing some quiet rooms and phone booths to reduce the noises and so meeting the diverse departmental needs and concerns. Acoustics were taken into account by the selection of materials, such as specific carpets were selected to achieve successful acoustic levels. In addition all break out spaces were redesigned and can now be used as informal meeting spaces for clients. Interior design Work environment development Total area approximately 220 m²


NOKIA MOSCOW Our brief for Nokia’s new Russian headquarters, adjacent to the Kremlin Square, involved a major change in the space allocation solutions.

Personnel that previously occupied their own offices relocated to an open-plan work environment. The objective was to identify a solution that would enable better and more effective in-house communication and openness. The new premises include customer conference rooms and showrooms as well as workspaces for 120 people. This major fit out project involved both architectural and interior design services. The Nokia’s Moscow project won GI the “Comfort and Ergonomics” award in the Best Office Awards 2010 gala in Moscow.

Main, Architect and Interior design Work environment development Total area approximately 2 300 m²

G | 2009 | OFFICES | PORI, FINLAND | 2 400 m²


The most significant regional newspaper in Western Finland relocated to new premises that were once an old, historical cotton mill. The relocation meant that it was an opportunity to change the newspapers operating working methods and to visually convey its more diverse identity. The objective was to improve communication and cooperation between staff. One of the solutions was to house the editorial and commercial departments in an open-plan space where staff previously had their own offices. As well allocating meeting rooms, offices and common rooms on a single floor to increase efficiencies and communication. It was critical to offer various meeting (informal and formal) and break out areas for the staff, not only to ‘divide spaces’ within the open plan office but where staff can discuss, in a more relaxed environment, about their agenda/topics for the paper etc. Offering various space solutions, either a ‘soft cushion’, or sitting on a letter add personality to the spaces. These design solutions have assisted considerably staff communication and reflect more the papers identity. Consept and Interior design Renovation project Work environment development Total area approximately 2 400 m²

Since completion of the new premises, it has become a popular research destination for student groups. Initially, the staff were conserved about privacy since previously having had their own offices. It was essential to offer a variety of spaces with careful consideration to acoustics. Felt (wool fabric) was the theme used throughout the spaces on walls, ceilings and furniture. Not, only is it a sustainable material, brilliant acoustically but also seen as a classic Finnish product. To preserve the historic ‘feel’ of the industrial space, the old brick walls were left exposed. It was an opportunity to blend old construction with new original and sustainable use of materials, lighting and furnishings. It is modern design solution using cutting-edge technology in all new structures. The result was a fascinating combination of old and new - the history of the building and the future of the business.

GI | 2007 | OFFICES | HELSINKI, FINLAND | 3 500 m²


Old meets new – former car showroom renovated for an optimum work environment. Unilever wanted new office premises that would meet their requirements. They wanted their various product brands to be in one building, to form a one ‘brand company’, Unilever Finland. First and foremost it was critical that the brand Unilever is recognised and then the other consumer branded goods. All staff would be under one roof, on one floor. GI was briefed by the client to ‘determine the optimum work environment for us and make it happen’. The result was an interesting combination of modern office space in a former car showroom. The building envelope and the curved roof were conserved; both features of the functionalist movement. Consept and Interior design Renovation project Work environment development Kitchen, meeting places, auditorium Total area approximately 3 500 m²

The unique facility, the contrast of the old and modern, was successfully developed to account for complex acoustic constraints and diverse department needs. The design exploits natural characteristics of the existing building, creating a functional modern workplace with generous daylight. In addition to office space, the facilities include learning kitchens, a meeting place for the company’s entire staff and an auditorium staircase. The spacious hall with the curved roof houses two two-storey internal structure with recreational and work areas on first floor. Unilever’s bold choice breathed new life into this renovated building and it is now fully occupied by a number of businesses. Architecture and interior design by GI Design.

GI | 2005 | OFFICES | HELSINKI, FINLAND | 35 000 m²

SANOMA MAGAZINES A leading magazine publisher in the Nordic region.

Sanoma Magazines is a leading magazine publisher in the Nordic region and a subsidiary of the Sanoma WSOY Group. Rapid growth meant that the publisher’s operations became quite dispersed around Helsinki and so it became difficult to coordinate the business. As a result, the client decided to bring all of its various magazine units under the same roof. The location of the new office was the former head office of Pohjola Insurance Company, a traditional building from the 1960s in the Munkkivuori district of Helsinki. The challenge was to come up with design solutions that would transform an old bureau-type space into an innovative work environment. The work environment was split into fairly small studio-type spaces. Reading and meeting rooms were planned in the buildings particularly high tower section and customised furniture solutions were designed together with the employees. It is a building that was meticulously restored, a complete makeover, to a stunning new media office. Interior design Total area approximately 35 000 m²

GI | 2005 | OFFICES | HELSINKI, FINLAND | 4 000 m²


Perlos is a multinational industrial conglomerate that manufactures plastic components for the electronics industry. Perlos has factories all over the world to ensure its proximity to its key partners. Our brief was to design a head office that would support the identity of a company – ‘A business leader in its sector, while maintaining an element of personality and intimacy.’ The global nature of the company’s business means that employees travel a great deal. Therefore, the work environment was designed as an open plan office to ensure, not only for spatial efficiency, but to enable better inhouse communication and openness during their time at the head office. Architect and Interior design Total area approximately 4 000 m²

GI | 2002 | OFFICES | NURMIJÄRVI, FINLAND | 1 200 m²

TEKNOS The largest manufacturer of industrial paints in the Nordic region. The main production facility is located in the municipality of Rajamäki in Southern Finland. As the company expanded its production facilities in 2003, they wanted to add a new training centre and staff restaurant to the complex. The multi-purpose building GI designed is a modern villa-type pavilion equipped with the latest AV technology, featuring beautiful views of the scenic rural hills of the outside.

Architect and Interior design Total area approximately 1 200 m²

G | 2003 | OFFICES | HELSINKI, FINLAND | 1 200 m²


Atkos is part of the Finnish Post. When the company was established in 2003, they needed a quick and economical solution for their business premises. The Finnish Post had an old warehouse known as “Talli” (Finnish for barn), which was then cleared to be used for Atkos. The design brief was to create an innovative work environment for the company - one that would facilitate the staff’s quick adoption of the company’s new operational strategy. As important factor, was to ensure the visual appearance in the workplace environment that would communicate the company’s values as a modern customer service oriented organisation. Architect and Interior design Work environment development Total area approximately 1 200 m²

GI | 2000 - 2001 | OFFICES | HELSINKI, FINLAND | 120 m²


When Sanoma Corporation had moved to Sanoma House in 1999, a decision was implemented to renovate part of the vacated premises on Ludviginkatu, in the centre of Helsinki, for the use of a newly established electronic media group, Swelcom. The building now includes 120 workstations, a conference centre and group management offices. GI executed both the interior design and project management of the premises. The work was commissioned by the proprietor’s developer Sanoma Real-Estate. Designed and constructed in 2000-2001 Interior design Total area approximately 120 m²

GI | 2001 | OFFICES | HELSINKI, FINLAND | 1 000 m²


The company’s management and marketing division moved to old industrial premises in Helsinki, Punavuori in the summer of 2001. This relocation and office renovation project for a staff of 60 enabled the divisions to be adjacent to its studio functions. GI Design executed the project from initial concept proposals to completion, as well as comprehensive project management. The work was commissioned by the proprietor Ruutunelonen Ltd.

Architect and Interior design Total area approximately 1 000 m²

GI | 1992 | OFFICES | HELSINKI, FINLAND | 1 900 m²


Since the early 1990s, SOL Cleaning Services has been an internationally recognised pacesetter in developing innovative ways of working. The workplace solutions GI Design & Architecture designed for SOL in Helsinki and several other locations in Finland have proven to be highly motivating work environments for the company’s staff while also serving as an important tool in communicating company culture. The completely new working environment concept was in 1992 years ahead of its time. Office concept and Architect design Work environment development Offices and production premises in Finland Total area approximately 1 900 m²

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