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of the LTD Program

I’ve been lucky to be able to see both sides of the picture as a camper and as an LTD. As a camper, I always looked up to the leaders and LTD’s around me. It was cool for me to have a couple of young guys that wanted to hang out with me for a whole week. Now, as an LTD I get to experience a whole new side of camp life. With LTD, I have been able to build friendships with my fellow LTD’s that goes deeper than most. I know I can always count on the people around me when I am at camp. Whether I’m in need of prayer, or just need someone to hang out with, I am well covered. The community aspect that camp brings is my favorite thing about camp. The community and the friends I have made is what will keep bringing me back, even after I have finished my time in LTD. It is amazing how close of friends I have become with the people in my level. Camp will always be that place where I am able to find a strong, faithful, and loving community. That is what I love about camp. - Michael Black, Level 3 LTD


“Discipling students to encounter God as life-long, transformed participants in the Kingdom” The LTD Program is something we do with excellence here at Gull Lake. We seize the opportunity to train and develop young Christian leaders through the medium of summer camp. We believe in running an exceptional summer program for our campers, and that is a natural outflow of investing in leaders. We believe we have a unique opportunity as a camp to invest in the next generation of the church. We are passionate about investing in our LTD students and are eager to welcome them into the Gull Lake family.

To be completely honest, it’s indescribable. Every day is a new challenge, I’m continuously being pushed out of my comfort zone, challenged to see things in a different way, but my faith has never been so strong. I’ve been put in situations that seemed absolutely insane, but the lessons that came out of them opened my eyes entirely. Camp has always been my favourite place to be, and the opportunity to spend time with a bunch of strangers seemed a little odd at first. But those strangers became my best friends and together, each week at camp we are able to impact the lives of young children and each other. Gull Lake Centre is definitely a big family, and I’m so blessed that He has placed me here. - Maddie Roth, Level 1 LTD

Does ltd happen?

is the commitment?


is LTD for?


The LTD Program is for students entering into grade 10 or 11 who love Jesus, desire to explore their relationship with Him, and possess developing leadership qualities. It is a 3-year program that is intensive in the summer, and it runs year-round. This multi-faceted program will prepare students to step into Christian leadership in their communities. The experience is geared for those wanting to grow themselves, challenge others, and seriously deepen their faith.

LTD is a three-year partnership between Gull Lake Centre and you. We agree to journey beside you in your walk with God while you commit to learning to lead as Christ intended, through faith and as a part of the body of Christ. The LTD Program is three years of discovering what it means to be a Christian leader and a follower of Christ. The LTD Program is based out of Gull Lake Centre. We have nearly 100 years of camp ministry experience with many people involved in creating a one-of-a-kind curriculum for the program.

LTD is a significant commitment. It is an incredible but also challenging program that will stretch you. Building a community of trust is of key importance to us so students must commit to the three years. LTD’s are required to re-apply each year although they may decide not to return. This is a progressive program and all students must begin in level 1 and progress through each level.

20:26-28 4:8

Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.

Phillipians Matthew

Whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant, and whoever wants to be first must be your slave - just as the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.



Level 1: Farm Experience in Brownfield: July 8-13th Level 2: Mountain Backpacking Trip July 22-27th (1 group) July 29 – Aug 3 (2 groups) Level 3: Edmonton Mustard Seed: July 22-27th

Camp Practicum Week: Request Dates in Your Application

There are also 3 LTD Retreats that we host throughout the year that are included in the program cost:

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LTD Week: June 30 – July 6th 2018 Level Out Trip: See Dates Online


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Each summer the LTD journey begins in the first week of July. It continues with an off-site out trip as well as week-long practicums taking place at Gull Lake Centre. There is a minimum of 3-weeks required of the summer experience:

Fall Retreat: Sept 28 - 30, 2018 Winter Retreat: January 18 - 20th 2019 Spring Retreat: April 26 - 28th 2019

Applications are available online. To apply, you must fill out an application and gather references. Here’s the link to apply: Level 1 students need three references, one each from:

.• A pastor/youth leader from your church .• A parent or guardian .• One other adult Level 2 and 3 students need three references, one each from: .• Your mentor .• A pastor from your church .• A parent or guardian

The LTD program is now facilitated through a group funding program, so rather than this breaking down into an individual fee, it is based on a fundraising model. The reason for this is it keeps the program affordable for families, sustainable for the camp, and continues to maintain excellence in its quality. Beginning in 2018, LTD’s will be required to fundraise a minimum of $1500/student per year to enroll in the program. Although the actual cost is approximately $2600/student. We as a camp are committed to assisting in the fundraising process through setting up supports for our students. Please review our online video to understand the transition we’ll be rolling out here in 2018. All donations made to this program over $20 will qualify for a tax receipt. We are committed to ensuring finances are never a limiting factor for kids to come to camp and students enrolling in the LTD Program here. Please don’t hesitate to give us a call if you have any questions around this.

Core Competencies




Gull Lake Centre is a Christian institution affiliated with the Canadian Baptists of Western Canada (CBWC) that is committed to the moral and spiritual values reflected in the Bible and through Christ. It is important that all GLC leaders model and exemplify those moral and spiritual values. We desire that our leaders, as a result of their relationship with Jesus, and through the workings of the Holy Spirit, exhibit the Fruit of the Spirit as listed in the letter to the Galatians: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. We require all our leaders including LTD students to commit to upholding our Lifestyle Agreement. This is posted on the application page online. Please thoroughly review this as you prayerfully consider this program.

Identity: Students are able to demonstrate an awareness of self in distinction from others. Students know their personal identity in the form of strengths, weaknesses, preferences, and styles, as well as their overarching identity in Christ. Students understand that their identity, while significant, can change, and their choices can shift or solidify their identity.

identify with. Students will understand that the leader’s role is one of service to the larger group. Christian Practice: Students will act in a way that reflects a transformative relationship with Christ. Living as someone who has received grace from a higher power and in turn affords that grace to others.

Integrated Living: Students live in a way that reflects an understandCritical Thinking: Students are able ing of a holistic life. Living with to think with intentional purpose a desire for a healthy heart, soul, to weigh and judge information body, and mind. Loving God, and available to them to discern the their neighbor; caring for the world truth and demonstrate informed around them (Matthew 22:38-39) decision making. Biblical Literacy: Students will Communication: Students are able be able to comprehend the Bible, to convey ideas, deliver messages, it’s historical context and current and inspire vision in a one-on-one, day applications, and apply those small group, and large group setting. lessons to their own lives. Practical Leadership: Students will be able to comprehend and apply an understanding of what leadership is. They will identify leadership traits and be able to model the ones they

15:12 13:7

Remember your leaders, who spoke the word of God to you. Consider the outcome of their way of life and imitate their faith.

Hebrews John

This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you.

Apply Today: Questions?? (403) 782-2495

LTD Brochure 2018  
LTD Brochure 2018