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February  2014 Dear  Pupils  and  Parents,   Welcome  back  to  a  new  term  and  exciting  learning.  We  are  going  to  have  a  topic   focus  investigating  ‘Castles  and  Commmunities’  linked  to  the  outcomes:  

! By exploring  places,  investigating  artefacts  and  locating  them  in  time,  I  have  developed  an   awareness  of  the  ways  we  remember  and  preserve  Scotland’s  history.                                                                                                      SOC  1-­‐02a                                 !  I  can  use  evidence  to  recreate  the  story  of  a  place  or  individual  of  local  historical  interest.                                SOC  1-­‐03a                               ! I  can  compare  aspects  of  people’s  daily  lives  in  the  past  with  my  own  by  using  historical  evidence  or  the   experience  of  recreating  an  historical  setting.                                                                                                                                                                                                SOC  1-­‐04a                               ! I  understand  that  evidence  varies  in  the  extent  to  which  it  can  be  trusted  and  can  use  this  in  learning  about   the  past.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  SOC  1-­‐01a     ! I  can  describe  and  recreate  the  characteristics  of  my  local  environment  by  exploring  the  features  of  the   landscape.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            SOC  1-­‐07a    

We will  be  reading  fantasy  stories  and  have  already  started  reading  the  first  series  of  Adam  Blade’s  ‘Beast   Quest.’  He  uses  amazing  descriptive  language  which  the  children  and  I  have  been  enjoying  and  discussing   in  class  (we  have  our  milk  and  a  story  after  break  to  settle  us  back  into  class).  We  will  be  writing  our  own   fantasy  stories,  poems  and  medieval  menus  this  term.    

I have  organised  a  trip  to  Direlton  Castle  on  Tuesday  1st  April  (no  April  fool!)   Leaving  school:  9:00am  walking  to  X24  Bus  stop  (using  the  crossing,  with  snack  and   coat).   Returning  to  school:  12  nooon     (At  school  in  time  for  normal  school  lunch  arrangements,  where  they  can  also  have   their  school  milk).   The   cost   is   to   be   finalised   but   will   be   no   more   than   £5.00   per   pupil   (no   money   is   needed   yet).   There   will   be   an  Historic  Scotland  Guide  taking  us  around  the  castle  to  add  to  the  experience  and  historical  interest.   I   would   once   again   appreciate   the   support   and   company   of   six   parent   helpers   to   ensure   a   safe   and   memorable   experience.   We   will   be   travelling   on   public   transport   (walking   to   the   bus   stop,   around   the   castle  and  returning  the  same  way).   The  usual  ‘yellow  permission’  letter  and  ‘payment  due’  date  will  be  sent  out  a  couple  of  weeks  prior  to  the   date  of  the  trip.  But  if  you  are  interested  please  fill  in  the  section  below  and  return  the  slip  to  school.     ............................................................................................................................................................................       Offer  of  help  to  accompany  children  to  Direlton  Castle  via  local  b us  service  on  Tuesday  1st  April  2014.          

Name  of  helper:  __________________________________                                        Child:  _____________________________  

This past   term   has   seen   the   children   practising   with   vigour   their   2,   3,   4,   5   and   10   x   tables   (practising  this  when  you’re  in  the  car  often,  will  help  to  get  them  cemented  into  their  long  term   recall  memory).  As  we  know  they  are  vital  in  the  real  world  and  will  improve  their  mental  maths   processing   and   speed   as   well   as   confidence.   We   have   applied   this   knowledge   to   division   work   and   would  like  to  remind  you  of  the  useful  website: 8.8kb to  help  explain  methods  of  long  division  and  carrying. This   term   we   will   be   looking   at   area,   fractions   and   symmetry   as   well   as   continuing   to   practise   addition,   subtraction,   multiplication   and   division   (money   is   also   addressed   through   these   applications).   In  addition  I  would  also  like  to  give  this  homework  activity  (all  children  created  such  fabulous  space   models  last  term).       build     a           Technology  Challenge:  create  and       mythological  fantasy  creature         At  home  create  your  own  mythical  creature  using     (recycling)  unwanted  packaging.  You  may  want  to     research  ideas  of  creatures  created  and  used  in     existing  stories  or  movies.  There  was  a  three  headed       dog  in  Harry  Potter  as  well  as  dragons,  a  unicorn,  a    

                                  We   will   also   be   looking   at   heraldry   and   creating   our   own   shield   designs,   building   castles   and   hopefully   hosting   a   medieval   feast   and   sharing   information   afternoon   before   we   break   up   for   a   well  deserved  rest  for  Easter,  more  information  will  follow.     With  thanks         Mrs.  Cowie        

P3/4 Parent Newsletter Feb 2014  
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