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DRAFT PCC Meeting Minutes – 5th June 2013 Attending: Jude Leslie – Vice Chair Mrs Tremmel – Head Teacher Geoff Burns Nina Thain Iain Armstrong Fran Simon Tom Heaphy Jim Goodfellow Arran Waldman – Clerk Apologies: Mark Lucas (Chair), Kirsty White, Fiona Boswell, Nic Wilson, Russell Pinkerton, Duncan Edmondson, Sherrie Carolan, Laura Sievwright, Lucy Mackay , Tim Day, David Berry Review of previous draft minutes – accepted Mrs Tremmel Update: Staff Update: There will be 9 classes. We are to welcome a redeployed teacher this coming session: 2½ days and this person will work with Mrs MacIver. Mrs Tremmel has met this person - albeit a brief meeting - and hopes to have a further meeting before the end of session. There is one position to fill - this is for the additional class. News of that post will come soon. Mrs Tremmel will be able to select the candidate from the preferred list. Staff are employed by ELC and not by the particular school. Schools do their own interviewing etc and to a large extent, control staffing. When there are surplus staff in the authority it is the duty of the Business Manager, Mr Richard Parker, to find a post across the schools. He does this for any redeployed member of staff. HTs have no say in this part of the process. Staffing and classes will be out soon. Delaying this news does help to prevent a change at the last minute. Lots of things are taken into account when deciding on staffing for classes for the next session such as the classes current teacher experience, style of teaching, split teacher arrangement etc. Building Works: Building will start soon. Mrs Tremmel has concerns that the contract start and end dates make it very tight. This was not the original plan. There seems to have been a hold up of the letter that starts the process. Mrs Tremmel is in close contact with the architect and he understands the concerns. Nursery: Nursery outdoor equipment – awaiting response from Awards For All – Mrs Tremmel will keep PCC updated.

Parent Carer Council Involvement in Self Evaluation Process for School Staff would like to thank Mark Lucas for taking the time to attend. Mrs Tremmel sent a copy of what had been covered with some photos etc. The staff have now been working on the plan for next session. Key areas will be assessment, quality of learning and teaching, making sense of various data re attainment and progress with pupils, moderation - firstly within GPS and then widen to cluster. Staff are keen to develop their skills and various staff opt to manage things within school - this is also a point for our plan for next session. Discussion on Maths in Gullane Primary School – some PCC members would be keen to have more information on the methods used for teaching the children so they can be re-enforced in the home (i.e. when parents are helping with homework). Mrs Tremmel is going to discuss this with teachers and update at next PCC meeting. Report Format: Staff have found this format to be better for them all round. Most reports take about an hour to 1.5 hours per pupil. This does not include the time to collate evidence etc. This format has reduced the input time by a reasonable amount. The staff felt that the Word format was so much better - sections did not go missing, they could work in a place other than school whilst maintaining security, the front sheet saved time and cut down on errors due to the 'scroll' facility on the old formats etc. GPS staff hope that parents will find the format/content useful and informative. Feedback is welcome. The reports will be going out to families on Thursday 13th June. Nursery Learning Stories: These are not being produced as extensively as previously however, parents will still get the report. These will also be on the agenda for next session. Gullane PS staff are discussing the value etc and the time taken. Staff will always gather information on an individual's progress but the learning stories, in their current format, are not sustainable. Too much time at a PC and this takes away from preparation and planning. PTA: School Fair went very well – thanks to all who helped. Update on monies raised will be in the newsletter. Information on School Disco will be in bags this week. Lucy Mackay will be taking over from Sherrie Carolan as Chair of Gullane PTA. The PTA have had a very successful fundraising year and PCC would like to thank them and look forward to more events in the coming session. Social Media and Communicating With Parents: Discussion regarding email from Carol Snow. In general those attending the PCC meeting thought that social media works well for young people or as a means of personal communication however, don't think that it is an appropriate channel for official communication from the school or council. Jude Leslie is going to email Carol Snow as requested to let her know PCC member’s thoughts and concerns around this.

AOB Reading: New information leaflet produced and given out at P1 induction day and will also be available to parents on the Gullane Primary School website soon. Feedback was appreciated. Website: Some work required on this – a group of teachers have volunteered and will start working on this. Active Schools: P6 & P7 Basketball session is going well and impressive skills in Gullane Primary School. A couple of children have been put forward to Rising Stars. Well Done - some great achievements for children from Gullane Primary School in a number of events: * 3rd at Meadowbank Athletics * Fair Play trophy awarded at P7 Touch Rugby – children were highly commended on lovely manners There will be information coming (Scotland-wide) regarding PE – Mrs Tremmel will update at next meeting. Fran Simon has gained some good contacts regarding setting up a badminton club for children and has received positive feedback. Fran to update at next PCC meeting. Parent Council Training sessions: Arran to keep updating PCC members on training available. Sports Day: Due to take place on Friday 7th June (weather permitting) – 10.15am until 12. Parents and children are welcome to picnic in School grounds after. School Crossing Patrol Guide: Graham Bernard retired on 17th May. Unfortunately due to staffing shortage there was no cover in place for a few days. Parents rallied round and contacted the council and police provided cover for some of the time. There is now cover in place until the end of the term however, East Lothian Council are currently advertising the position as there is currently no cover in place for August. ( Parents are asked to help to get knowledge of the vacancy out into the community. Interested parties can contact ELC on 01620 827911 to speak to a member of the recruitment team, or email on Next PCC Meeting: AGM - Wednesday 11th September 2013, 7pm-9pm at Gullane Golf Inn Hotel The Gullane PCC Constitution was amended so that parents can remain members for as long as they have a child at Gullane Primary School. All parents are welcome. Mrs Tremmel will send out a text after the summer holidays reminding all parents of the AGM.

PCC Meeting Minutes 05 06 2013  
PCC Meeting Minutes 05 06 2013