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Souvenirs An unforgettable celebration must be memorized and remembered through an unforgettable, one of a kind souvenir. Ibrahim and Sara’s wedding is a cherished event where people will witness two souls merging into a new life called marriage. Witnessing such moving occasion will touch the visitors in ways that can’t be described, and in order to honor the guests appearance and get them to participate in this beautiful ceremony, Gulf Marketing has come up with an extraordinary idea for a souvenir; The name of the wedding which is the name of the bride and groom will be written in calligraphy as a portrait image in both Arabic and English. Those too images will then be divided in little squares which will be distributed on all the tables, where guests will get to add their own touch using markers, signing the piece, finger printing it etc… Those pieces will be gathered afterwards, during the ceremony, then, and through the big screen, all the guests and attendees will be witnessing the assembly of all the pieces, forming a magnificent portrait illustrating the guests celebration and merriment towards the new life that is about to be formed. Numbers will be added on the back of each piece making it easier to track them and gather it into a wonderful picture. This souvenir could be hung on the wall of the new married couple’s house where guests and visitors get to admire a masterpiece of their doing giving them the joy of the memory.



With Frames

After Arranging

Iboothme A photo booth device with professional HD Camera for snapping, receiving & sharing photos. It will be covered with an extraordinary design illustrating the magnificent celebration of Ibrahim and Sara’s wedding and will be placed at the venue of the wedding, where guests will get the chance to record splendid moments of their choice with a background they can select out of a set of backgrounds available, and those pictures will be send on the visitors email addresses.

Ibooth in Action

Final image with Frame

Financials Ibooth Rental

1) Software 2) Branding 3) On site Technician and Online Support


The Puzzle

1) Puzzle concept and Design 2) Build Up 3) Assembly with Link to Projector and Video 4) All necessary Tools and Logistics 5) After wedding Creation of the Potrait 6) One Duplicate print out

Sand Art


1) Sand Art Video with editing combined with photo gallery 2) 5 - 10 min video sand Show


Overall Special event execution and management Fee