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Beach Bits • Volume 4 • Issue 12 • December 2016

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Happy Holidays

December 2016 Volume 4 • Issue 12

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Cover Art By Mike Thomas Featured Restaurant David Thornton’s Fishing Forecast Kid’s Korner King Crossword Alabama Seafood Recipes Coupons

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Beach Bits • December 2016 • 3

6664 County Road 95 Elberta, AL 1 FREE Side Order With a Sandwich or Wing Purchase 1 Coupon Per Visit

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4 • Beach Bits • December 2016

Pirates Cove 6664 County Road 95 Elberta, AL 10 % Off Any Pizza Friday, Saturday, & Sunday Only 1 Coupon Per Visit

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Pirates Cove


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De Soto’s Seafood Kitchen 138 West 1st Avenue Gulf Shores 251-948-7294

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Beach Bits • December 2016 • 5

6 • Beach Bits • December 2016

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B g Fish



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8 • Beach Bits • December 2016

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Beach Bits • December 2016 • 9

1. Which group had a hit with "Angie"? 2. Name the group that wrote and released the 1978 version of "How Deep Is Your Love?" 3. Who released "I Saw Her Again"? 4. Which song game first: "My Girl" or "My Guy"? 5. Name the song that contains this lyric: "She was afraid to come out in the open, And so a blanket around her she wore." 10 • Beach Bits • December 2016

Answers 1. The Rolling Stones, in 1973. At 4:33, the song was long enough that many radio stations cut it down to three minutes. 2. The Bee Gees. No less than six groups over the years have produced different songs by the same name. 3. The Mamas & the Papas, in 1966. If you listen carefully, you can hear a mix error and miscued vocal. 4. "My Guy," in March 1963, by Mary Wells. 5. "Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polkadot Bikini," by Brian Hyland in 1960. The song tells of a girl afraid to be seen at the beach in her revealing new bikini, which was still considered risque at the time. Songwriter Paul Vance, however, wrote the song after seeing his 2-year-old daughter in a tiny bikini. Gulf Coast LLC • • 251-458-7135

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251-980-1023 Beach Bits November 2016 • 11

Tis the Season Still Some Good Action Along the Coast as Winter Hits

12 • Beach Bits • December 2016

Tis the season for great coastal fishing as the winter chill descends on the northern Gulf Coast and water temperatures fall through the 60s even before the winter solstice officially begins the winter season on Dec. 21. Good water movement is evident all month, even near the neap tide periods around Dec. 7 and Dec. 20. In addition, ‘winter tides’ will prevail through December with most days seeing lowest water levels during the mid-morning timeframe. This often leans toward a good early morning bite near openings in the beach sandbars and an evening bite on sandy points as the water level grudgingly rises nearer to nightfall. The pelagic species ( jacks and mackerel) are usually long gone by now and mostly those remaining are species in the drum family (red and black drum, gulf, northern and southern kingfish plus the

Gulf Coast LLC • • 251-458-7135

spotted and sand seatrout) with the notable addition of sheepshead, bluefish and occasionally flounder and pompano. All these species make up the bulk of winter fishing opportunities along the Alabama Gulf Coast and are great sport on light to medium tackle in addition to most being great tablefare. Of course, for every trend, there are exceptions and during the mild winters recently experienced some of the fall fishing opportunities extended well into December. Numerous Spanish mackerel were caught from the Gulf State Park Pier in December 2014 and more than a few king mackerel were landed there in December 2015 when water temperatures in the middle 70s prevailed most of the month. The onset of cold air is a bit different every year. These fish have evolved to the variation of conditions and anglers must adapt as well to remain successful. Layered clothing becomes essential gear along with a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen as blustery north winds and cloudy skies may hold air temperatures into the low 40s most of the day while clear skies may allow the temperature to dip below freezing at night. It’s so much more comfortable to have it and take it Gulf Coast LLC • • 251-458-7135

off than need it and not have it. Bait Not, Want Not Proper bait as well becomes more critical with cooling water temperatures when the cold-blooded fish slow their metabolism and often get more picky in their dietary selections and spooky from increased predation from migratory loons. If you use shrimp, try to obtain the freshest possible (even if you have to kill it yourself ). Avoid frozen and prepackaged shrimp as these are much less appetizing to the fish and do not stay on a hook as well. Of course, finding live or fresh dead shrimp may be a challenge in itself as supplies dwindle during cold or inclement weather and bait shops close for the season or reduce their operating hours around the holidays. One alternative is to learn to gather your own bait, like hermit crabs and beach ghost shrimp. Although labor intensive, ‘slurping’ a few dozen ghost shrimp can bring dividends to properly outfitted anglers by garnering bites from fish three to 10 times what fresh or frozen shrimp may offer. About two to four inches long, beach ghost shrimp look sort of like ‘saltwater crawfish.’ They bury themselves in the sand of the surf zone below normal Beach Bits • December 2016 • 13

water level. At low tide, their pencil-width burrows and inch-high mounds are more exposed indicating where to excavate for them. To gather ghost shrimp, place a ‘ghost shrimp pump’ over the hole. Stick the tube a foot or so into the sand and draw the handle upward. Then, remove the tube from the sand, spew the contents off to the side and look for shrimp. Continue ‘slurping’ until exhausting an area. Normally, two to three dozen ghost shrimp can be gathered in an hour and are sufficient to keep an angler or two fishing with enough bait for the rest of the day. Smaller shrimp are impaled tail first onto a Number 6 kahle hook. For larger shrimp, break them into equal halves. As well, fresh penaeid shrimp should have the ‘helmet’ and tail removed to better mimic a beach ghost shrimp. In either case, the bait doesn’t need to be any larger than a 50-cent piece or it is too large for a whiting or pompano to inhale in one bite. Usually the strike comes as a rapid series of light taps, soon followed by a rod-bowing run as the fish grabs its morsel and feels the sting of the hook as it quickly swims away from the pressure. This bodes well for the use of light or even ultralight spinning tackle in the 6- to 8-pound class not only to better feel the bite, but get more enjoyment from the fish that do bite. A 7- to 9-foot fast-action medium power rod is good for this. Use a 3000- to 4000-sized spinning reel that holds more than 200 yards of line in case a larger redfish or black drum takes the bait. Since there are no obstructions on the beach for the fish to break the line it is just a matter of patience to wear that fish down for a catch, photo and release. Pier Preferences The Gulf State Park Pier still offers a nice variety of nearshore fishing options with abundant sheepshead, occasional bull redfish runs and whiting fishing nearer to the beach. Live shrimp is the bait of choice when available for many species, but live croakers or pinfish are preferred for bull reds. Fresh cut mullet or croaker is often used when live bait is not available. Larger spinning or conventional tackle is usually employed to target redfish in excess of 30 inches long and often weighing 20 to 30 pounds. Those 7- to 9-foot rods are ideal 14 • Beach Bits • December 2016

length for pier use and reels capable of holding 250 to 300 yards of 20-pound line are standard. The terminal tackle is usually a Carolina or “fish finder” rig with a 1- to 6-ounce egg sinker or pyramid sinker to hold it in place, depending on wind and wave conditions. A 2- to 3-foot length of 30- to 50-pound-test monofilament or fluorocarbon leader is all that is needed as the drum have no teeth to cut the line. A 5/0 ‘J’ hook or equivalent sized circle hook for the bait is more than sufficient to catch these large fish, which are netted and hauled up to the deck. Though considered a prize catch, large redfish and drum are not particularly notable tablefare yet they are tough fighters. These fish are great candidates for catch, photo and release especially in cooler water. That way, no matter what species you pursue in December, rest assured there will always be some here in the future for us to enjoy during our great days outdoors!

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(251) 971-2005 10062 Tony Drive Foley AL 36535 Open Monday to Saturday 9am to 5pm Closed Sundays

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Toys For Tots • Receiving Thru December 15th Please Drop Off Your Unwrapped Toys • Monday To Saturday 1 PM to 7 PM Dale's Ice Cream Parlor • 2104 East 2nd Street Gulf Shores For More Information Please Call Dale @ (228) 233-7198 • Thank You

Grace Lutheran Church 491 West 23rd Ave Gulf Shores, Alabama 36547 Pastor Hope Knobler 251-968-5991

Gulf Coast LLC • • 251-458-7135

Greg Bougeois 251-583-0216

Beach Bits • December 2016 • 15

1. HISTORY: Who was the first woman to be prime minister of the United Kingdom? 2. GENERAL KNOWLEDGE: What U.S. city's nickname is The Mile-High City? 3. MEDICAL: What does the Greek suffix "-algia" refer to in medical terms? 4. BIBLE: Noah was the grandson of what biblical character? 5. ADVERTISEMENTS: Which fast-food restaurant chain urges patrons to "eat fresh"? 6. MUSIC: Bebop is a style of what kind of music?

16 • Beach Bits • December 2016

7. MOVIES: What was the name of the character played by Marilyn Monroe in "Some Like it Hot"? 8. LITERATURE: What famous ghost story was penned by Henry James? 9. TRANSPORTATION: What is the world's oldest airline still operating under its original name? 10. LEGAL: Witnesses who would prefer not to incriminate themselves might refuse to answer by citing which amendment to the U.S. Constitution? Answers 1. Margaret Thatcher 2. Denver 3. Pain 4. Methuselah 5. Subway 6. Jazz 7. Sugar Kane Kowalczyk 8. "The Turn of the Screw" 9. KLM 10. The Fifth

Gulf Coast LLC • • 251-458-7135

Gulf Coast LLC • • 251-458-7135

Beach Bits • December 2016 • 17


18 • Beach Bits • December 2016

Gulf Coast LLC • • 251-458-7135

ADVANCED CARPET CLEANING & RESTORATION “Family Owned & Operated Since 2003” 1. In 2015, pitcher Zack Greinke became the third Los Angeles Dodgers right-handed pitcher in the modern era to have six straight starts without allowing a run. Who else did it? 2. Jose Altuve became the fastest player in Houston Astros history to reach 800 career hits (647 games). Who had been the fastest to do it? 3. In 2015, Keenan Allen tied a San Diego Chargers record for most receptions in a game (15). Who else did it? 4. Syracuse's men's basketball team, in 2015, became the second team in Division I history to win 50 straight games against an opponent (Colgate). Who was the first to do it? 5. Who was the last American before Auston Matthews in 2016 to be selected No. 1 overall in the NHL Draft? 6. Who was the first Major League Soccer player to have at least 15 goals and 15 assists in the same season? 7. Name the last horse to win the Preakness and the Belmont after not winning the Kentucky Derby in the same year. Answers 1. Don Drysdale (1968) and Orel Hershiser (1988). 2. Cesar Cedeno needed 707 games to do it. 3. Kellen Winslow, in 1984. 4. UCLA's men's basketball team won 52 consecutive games against Cal (1961-85). 5. Chicago selected Patrick Kane in 2007. 6. Jason Kreis of FC Dallas in 1999. 7. Afleet Alex, in 2005.

Gulf Coast LLC • • 251-458-7135

• Residential • Commercial • Water Damage Specialist • Mold Remediation & Rug Cleaning

24 Hour Emergency Service


Beach Bits • December 2016 • 19

20 • Beach Bits • December 2016

Gulf Coast LLC • • 251-458-7135

and to the second add a full cup of baking soda. * Keep stray hair ties (elastics) corralled with a carabiner clip. This will allow easy access to the color you want, too. -- K.S. in Florida

* Towels gone through the wringer a few times, and maybe don?t smell so good anymore? No worries. Here?s something to try today: To get more absorbency and get rid of the mildew smells, just run the towels through two cycles, both in hot water. To the first add 3 cups of vinegar,

* Do you have hydration goals? Using a large plastic refillable bottle, mark off the times by which you should have consumed your water. Halfway down the bottle by 10 a.m.? OK! Then you will know when you need to play catch up. * "Add hooks to the inside of your cabinet doors to hold lids for your pots and

Gulf Coast LLC • • 251-458-7135

pans. Make sure there are no shelves obstructing the lid when the door is closed. Use a short wire rack to hold the bottom, and attach a bungee cord across the top to hold them in place." -- C.P. in Arkansas * "Here?s a fun sleepover or camping hack: Attach a headlamp to the side of a gallon jug of water. It makes the whole jug glow, creating a nightlight or tent light." -- E.X. in New York * Most phones will charge quicker if you put them in airplane mode first.

Beach Bits • December 2016 • 21

THIS JUST IN: MOXIE Holiday Gift Guide Latest styles and trends by companies that inspire.

er. Happy Spritz believes that truly natural, cruelty free and non-toxic products should be available to everyone.

Stick to your MOXIE Barre practice with Toesox:

Dance inspired Releve has a perfectly positioned leather pad that provides superior traction for turns and stops while cushioning the metatarsal head during lands and releves. See you on the dance floor! Half toe design lets toes touch surface for a more barefoot experience Five toe design allows toes to move and spread naturally Made with organic cotton Jane Inc. is a mother and daughter owned company established in 1992. All products are handmade in the USA of quality, natural ingredients. From Jane’s herb garden in the 1970s to the dried lavender in our Eye Pillows now, there is a consistent line of nurturing and love – or comfort and joy -, which is the company’s motto. • Essential Oil Bath Bomb for xxxx Relief.  Each huge bath cube has been lovingly handcrafted and formulated to heal and delight! 22 • Beach Bits • December 2016

• Muscle Ache Effervescent Pharmacy Soak:  A Soak in the tub becomes a healing treatment with our soothing and moisturizing bath salts with added effervescence. We hand-make these in small batched and add dried herbs and essential oils. (2 Lbs.) With Green Tea & Spirulina. • Orange Blossom Bath: A day at the beach can refresh your spirit but dry your skin. This emollient bath contains organic coconut oil to replenish your skin's natural moisture, aloe to soothe, and honey to heal and prevent wrinkles. HAPPY SPRITZ® is a collection of luxe + modern essential oil products created for both men + women. Happy Spritz combines  the functionality + simplicity behind essential oils with a modern and minimal design aesthetic to appeal to the more progressive green beauty consum

The Happy Spritz Giving Mission Happy Spritz is so passionate about animal welfare, rescue + adoption and as part of our company mission, a portion of all Happy Spritz proceeds goes towards benefiting different animal rescue organizations across Canada + the US. (which makes MOXIE love Happy Spritz even more!) Good Morning Beautiful® is an energizing, uplifting + indulgent  blend of sweet orange, lemon and  other 100% pure essential oils that will keep you feeling rejuvenated + revitalized throughout the day.

Cycle Sweat Recover™  This refreshing mix of organic spearmint + tea tree essential oils, will leave you feeling clean + minty fresh pre/post workout. This is a perfect aromatherapy blend for jocks, gym rats, cyclists and runners.  Spearmint + Tea Tree (or  melaleuca) essential oils both have antimicrobial and anti fungal properties.  They work to cool and soothe while leaving you, your gym bag, shoes, wrist or knee wraps clean + refreshed + rejuvenated. 

Gulf Coast LLC • • 251-458-7135

Rugged Gentleman™ is for the dapper + distinguished.  This essential oil blend is an exquisite +  seductively aromatic blend of uplifting patchouli + cardamom  with a hint of energizing citrus essential oils.

Corkcicle Canteen Ditch the cooler. Keep the cool. Enjoy your favorite cold or hot beverage, anytime, anywhere. Crafted from stainless steel with proprietary triple insulation. Patented easy-grip flat sides. No-slip bottom. Keeps drinks ice cold for up to 25 hours or hot for up to 12 without freezing or sweating. Cold even longer for drinks containing ice.

Supercool + Super soft = MOXIE + Emi Jay MOXIE Men Tees, Emi Jay sleeveless and long sleeves, Birthday Cake hair ties and headbands

Inspired by a passion for fashion and many trips to the fabric store, teenage entrepreneurs Emily Matson and Julianne Goldmark founded Emi-Jay in 2009, an accessories brand that has emerged as the leader in on-trend hair ties and headbands. Armed with an impeccable sense of style, this fashion-forward design duo shows no signs of slowing down, as they embark into the apparel industry with the introduction of Tee By Emi Jay. 

With their headquarters in Los Angeles, Emily and Julianne run their thriving business alongside their mothers, while being full-time college students. As they balance running a company and classes, Emily and Julianne remain the creative visionaries behind the brand, which continually grows and sets the latest trends of functional and fashionable hair accessories.  Emi Jay continues to be the leading hair accessories brand. And with a commitment to providing premium accessories, all Emi Jay hair ties are handmade in the U.S.A.  Since the brand's inception in 2009, philanthropy has been at the

Gulf Coast LLC • • 251-458-7135

core of Emi Jay. Each year, Emi Jay donates 20% of all company profits to charity. In early 2014, Emi Jay committed to a 5-year partnership with the renowned Children's Hospital Los Angeles. CHLA is committed to creating hope and building healthier futures for the patients and families in their care. Emi Jay gives back to the community by donating 20% of their profits to charity.  Our Birthday Cake 5-Pack hair ties are handmade from a soft and stretchy material that provides a comfortable, all day hold. They are a simple styling solution to any ensemble! 100% hair tie; resist the urge to eat.

Stance Athletic Fusion socks For a sock that puts you two steps ahead even when you’re standing still, look no further than Stance’s Tempo Low. This low-cut performance sock from our Athletic Fusion Collection is the perfect balance between form and function, with sweat-wicking fibers, air channel cushioning, and mix-and-clash design of bold color blocking and strong athletic stripes. For the perfect fit for each foot, the Tempo Low was crafted with anatomically correct footbeds and specially placed mesh venting. Set your own pace with Stance’s Tempo Low. Beach Bits • December 2016 • 23

Our Gulf Coast community is inspiration for the MOXIE signature scent. Paddywax Happy 8 Oz. Sea Salt & Surf Candle Fun patterns, brilliant color and mood-lifting fragrances make our Sea Salt Surf Glass Candle a happy gift. Each Happy comes with a delightful quote sure to elicit a smile. Give a little Happy!

With Woman Code, holistic health coach Alisa Vitti shows women how to maintain health and vitality with a food-based program to rebalance their hormones. Alisa Vitti found herself suffering through the symptoms of polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), and was able to heal herself through food and lifestyle changes. Relieved and reborn, she made it her mission to empower other women to be able to do the same. Groundbreaking and informative,  Woman Code educates women about hormone health in a way that’s relevant and easy to understand. And the five-step protocol can markedly improve health and

24 • Beach Bits • December 2016

overall quality of life. Also in the MOXIE studio, The Desire Map and What You Must Know About Women’s Hormones. MOXIE Approved Beautycounter Bundle: Charcoal Cleansing Bar Purifying Charcoal Mask Rosewater Mist Wake up your complexion with our skin-softening toning spray, made with organic rose essence, purified water, and moisturizing sodium hyaluronate. Rosewater Mist is a MOXIE instructor post workout pick me up!

Created without harsh ingredients that can be overly drying to skin, these little ‘lumps’ of coal are pretty much the best gift you can give your skin this season. Charcoal absorbs impurities and purifies congestion without drying out skin. Use these staples as part of your beauty routine for smoother, brighter, younger-looking skin in less than 15 minutes. This giftable duo comes in special holiday sizing and is packaged inside a limited edition red box.

MOXIE Beautycounter Bundles are available for purchase in the MOXIE studio or by contacting Stephanie Loper or Rebecca McCollough.

With every shape, size, gender, and fitness level in mind, MOXIE is a boutique lifestyle fitness studio where mindfulness is at the core. MOXIE is a cardio fitness experience that focuses on creating health and wellness by strengthening the mind and body in unison. Our classes combine inspirational coaching, motivating music and challenging total bodywork and are guaranteed to be anything but dull! MOXIE Lifestyle Fitness Studio The Wharf, Orange Beach AL 251.219.0504 @moxie_lifestyle

Gulf Coast LLC • • 251-458-7135

Gulf Coast LLC • • 251-458-7135

Beach Bits • November 2016 • 25

If It Swims, We’ve Got It! End of County Road 10 on Bon Secour River Supplying Quality Fresh Seafood Since 1975

251-949-6288 We Ship Seafood to Your Door! 26 • Beach Bits • December 2016

Gulf Coast LLC • • 251-458-7135

So in honor of our newly recognized State Crustacean, grillers everywhere, fire up that grill! In a small bowl, mix together the garlic powder, paprika, black pepper, and cayenne pepper. Place the shrimp in a large bowl and season with 3/4 of the spice mixture, tossing to evenly coat the shrimp.

Bacon-Wrapped, Jalapeño & Cheese Stuffed Shrimp INGREDIENTS 2 lbs large Brown Shrimp, peeled and deveined 2 tsp garlic powder 2 tsp paprika 2 tsp black pepper, freshly ground 1/2 tsp cayenne pepper 2 oz Monterey Jack Cheese, cut into thin strips 3 jalapeño peppers, halved, seeded, and cut into thin slices 1 lb back strips, halved 1/4 cup butter, melted 1 lime, quartered (for garnish) Plenty of skewers Slicing, stuffing, and wrapping the shrimp can be a little time-consuming, but the end result is well worth the effort!

Working with one shrimp at a time, make a slit about 3/4 inch long at the base of the shrimp and place one jalapeño slice and one cheese slice in the slit, then wrap the shrimp with half a slice of bacon. Thread the shrimp onto skewers and season lightly with remaining spice mixture, then brush the shrimp lightly with melted butter. Place the shrimp on a clean and oiled grilling grate and grill over high heat until the bacon crisps and the shrimp just cook through, about 2-3 minutes per side. CREDIT Courtesy of the Organized Seafood Association of Alabama.

They have a crisp, salty bacon coating that holds some heat for the jalapeño—all this in one crustacean. And speaking of crustaceans, did you know the Brown Shrimp is now officially the State Crustacean of Alabama?

Gulf Coast LLC • • 251-458-7135

Beach Bits • December 2016 • 27

Dr. Pamela O. Edwards Family Dentistry

Dr. Pamela Edwards Has Been Practicing Since 1988 and Was Joined by Her Daughter Dr. Mary Edwards in 2013. They Are a Mother Daughter Dental Team That Can’t Wait to Help You With All of Your Dental Needs. For Outstanding and Friendly Service Please Come by Our Office. You Will Find Our Dental Services Very Affordable and We Accept Most Insurance Plans, Including Blue Cross Blue Shield. 105 West 14th Avenue Gulf Shores, AL 36542 We Are South of Walgreen’s in Gulf Shores. 251-500-1025 28 • Beach Bits • December 2016

Gulf Coast LLC • • 251-458-7135

Please Support Our Local Sponsors!

Dr. Pamela O. Edwards Family Dentistry 105 West 14th Ave Gulf Shores, AL 36542 Located South of Walgreens 251-500-1025

Free Exam With Cleaning Expires 12/31/16 Can Use Both Coupons With A Single Visit


Ask For The


Dr. Pamela O. Edwards Family Dentistry 105 West 14th Ave Gulf Shores, AL 36542 Located South of Walgreens 251-500-1025

Free Flouride Treatment With Expires 12/31/16 Cleaning

$5 Off $40 Before Tax 1 Per Party Per Visit No Other Offers Expires 12/31/16

Can Use Both Coupons With A Single Visit

Gulf Coast LLC • • 251-458-7135

Beach Bits • December 2016 • 29

Pirates Cove

6664 County Road 95 Elberta, AL

$1 OFF Per Pound on All Shrimp Up to Ten Lbs.

10% Off Any Pizza

This Excludes All Running Specials.

Friday, Saturday, & Sunday Only

Expires- 12/31/16

$5 OFF Any $35 or More Purchase Excludes Holidays One Per Purchase Per Table Per Visit Please Exp 12/31/16

1 Coupon Per Visit

Pirates Cove

6664 County Road 95 Elberta, AL

1 FREE Side Order With A Sandwich or Wing Purchase 1 Coupon/Visit

30 • Beach Bits • December 2016

Expires 12/31/16


One coupon per person per purchase



Expires 12/31/16

Gulf Coast LLC • • 251-458-7135

Gulf Coast LLC • • 251-458-7135

Beach Bits Deecmber 2016 • 31

Beach Bits December 2016