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2 • January 2020

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January 2020



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5 January Fun Facts to Parent 6 Parent by Jennifer Beck 7 Movie Night January We 8 This Recommend That You… 9 It’s Great to Create! for Settlement 10 Proposals by Chris Reynolds to Combat Clutter in 12 7theWays New Year

by Sonny Glover and Melody Gallion

this World with 13 Leave Memories, Not Dreams

Pro Dad: 10 Family Clips: What Do Teens 20 All 35 Culture Resolutions to Keep This Year Talk About on Social Media?

Christian Wins 14 Northside 4th State Title In A Row!

Football Fun! 21 Family by

on the Family 36 Focus by Jim Daly

Driving While 15 DWI: Intexticated

to Get Your House in 22 How Order

This New Year be Better 39 Will Than Last Year?

24 Family Night Out Coupons 26 Kids in the Kitchen Tropical Garden 28 The by Jené VanButsel

40 Building Community 41 Looking Back 42 January 2020 Events 45 Weekender 46 Reader Photos of the Month

by Gaynel Senka

16 Words Matter by Dr. Kira Wilson

17 Heart Gallery Diaries: The 7 E’s to 18 Dungy Help Others Reach Their Full Potential

by Tony Dungy,

“You should eat a waffle! You can’t be sad if you eat a waffle!”


Reader Photos of the Month

4 • January 2020

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30 PCS Education Spotlight Culture’s Top 10 Movers 32 Pop and Shakers (2019 Edition)

by Adam Holz,

by Jeff Iskra

by Paul Asay,

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January 16, 1786

Ja n u a ry FU N FACTS

Approx 43,000 pints of blood are used each day in the United States. January has been designated National Blood Donor Month to raise awareness during a time of year when blood supplies often fall to their lowest levels. Giving blood is a way to support the community by helping to ensure that a stable inventory will be available in Hospitals. Blood transfusions can save the lives of premature babies, cancer patients and victims of trauma or illness.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. once said, “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is: ‘What are you doing for others?’” Each year, Americans across the country answer that question by coming together on the King Holiday to serve their neighbors and communities. The MLK Day of Service is a part of United We Serve, the President’s national call to service initiative.

Ever since 1983 the President has declared January 16th to be Religious Freedom Day and has called upon Americans to “observe this day through appropriate events and activities in homes, schools, and places of worship.” The day commemorates the Virginia General Assembly’s adoption of Thomas Jefferson’s landmark Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom on January 16, 1786. Freedom to worship according to an individuals belief is part of our American heritage. Today freedom to worship is enshrined in the Bill of Rights as part of the United States Constitution which states, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.”

January 20, 2020

1.9 million lbs. It is estimated that 1.9 million pounds of pasta were sold in American Grocery stores last year. If you lined up 1.9 million pounds of 16 oz spaghetti packages, it could circle the Earth’s equator almost 11 times. Pasta is one of America’s favorite foods, and January 4th is National Spaghetti Day. So turn on some Pavarotti music, boil up a pot of pasta, and enjoy the holiday. And don’t forget the breadsticks!

Over 1 billion sold

It is estimated that Elvis Presley has sold over one billion record units worldwide, more than anyone in record industry history. Elvis Presley was born in a two-room house in Tupelo, MS on January 8, 1935. On his 11th birthday, Elvis genuinely wanted a bicycle. However, his parents could not afford the bicycle, so he settled for a guitar. This simple gift changed Elvis’ life and helped fuel his desire to be a singer.

2909 Highway 19 Holiday, FL 34691 (727) 934-7035

33817 Highway 19 Palm Harbor, FL 34684 (727) 781-7303

7901 Ulmerton Rd Largo, FL 33771 (727) 531-4841

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January 2020 • 5

I did get to see a few of the movies as a kid too. Sometimes, although not very often, one would play on TV. There was also a drive-in theater that was still open in my town when I was really young. We saw a few Disney movies there, and I also remember seeing The Fox and the Hound and a re-release of Sleeping Beauty in a regular theater.

Parent to Parent So I just have one burning question: Where has Disney plus been all my life? The world certainly has come a long way from the days when my sister and I were sitting next to a record player in our bedroom listening to the LP version of Cinderella or Robin Hood, waiting for the chime to tell us when it was time to turn the page in the accompanying book. Then there were other well-known Disney stories that we only had in book form. Even though I knew the stories well, I was in high school before I heard any of the songs from The Rescuers or The Aristocats, when we rented those movies on VHS.

My kids, of course, have always had much better access to their favorite Disney movies than I had. We still have boxes and boxes of old VHS tapes stashed away in a closet from when David and Daniel were little, as well as several multi-disc cases of DVDs and Blu-rays with Hanna’s and Haylee’s favorites, and at least two dozen digital copies. But none of that can compare to the ease of the new Disney Plus platform. My kids have access to pretty much any Disney, Pixar, Marvel, or Star Wars movie they can think of at any time. And since they each have either a tablet or a phone (or both), they can watch different things without any fighting over what disc goes in the Blu-ray player. Haylee has really enjoyed watching a lot of the old

Your Children are in Good

lling Now Enro

PK Fa0l1l9-V 2020

Certified VPK Provider Ages 2, 3, and Pre-K Year round (7-5:30) Affordable tuition Safe environment Large classrooms Lunch provided

The next big improvement that I’m waiting for is to be able to stream Disney Plus into the entertainment system in our minivan. Of course, then the kids would have to go back to agreeing on a single movie or show to watch, but it would be nice to be able to play the sound through the vehicle speakers when they do manage that! Until next time,


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First Baptist Preschool Center

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6572 Seminole Blvd., Suite 9, Seminole 393-8822 The hiring of a lawyer is an important decision that should not be 9, solely on advertisements. Before you decide, ask 6572 Seminole Blvd., Suite Seminole 393-8822 6572 Seminole Blvd., Suite 9,based Seminole us to send you free written information about our qualifications David A.393-8822 Peek, Attorney. 6572 Seminole Suite and 9, Seminole 393-8822 10700 Johnson Blvd., Suite 1, expertise. Seminole 393-8822 of a is lawyer is an important decision thatshould should not solely on advertisements. Before you decide, askdecide, ask The hiringThe of hiring a lawyer an important decision that notbe bebased based solely on advertisements. Before you us to send you free written information about our qualifications and expertise. David A. Peek, Attorney.

hiring of a lawyer is an important decision that should not be based solely on advertisements. Before you decide, ask us to sendThe free you written information about ourourqualifications andexpertise. expertise. David A. Peek, Attorney. usyou to send free written information about qualifications and David A. Peek, Attorney.

* Preschool only

6 • January 2020





animated movies over the past few weeks since we signed up, Hanna has been revisiting some of her old Disney Channel favorites, and, Daniel and David are really enjoying the Star Wars series, The Mandalorian.

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Plugged In’s award-winning website and reviews are designed to shine a light on the world of popular entertainment while giving families the essential tools they need to understand, navigate and impact the culture in which they live.

See full reviews at

1917 – January 10

Two British soldiers receive seemingly impossible orders during World War I. In a race against time, they must cross into enemy territory to deliver a message that could potentially save 1,600 of their fellow comrades — including one’s own brother.

My Spy – January 10

Nine-year-old Sophie catches JJ, a hardened CIA operative, spying on her family during a routine surveillance operation. In exchange for not blowing his cover, JJ begrudgingly agrees to show the precocious girl how to become a spy.

Dolittle – January 17

Dr. John Dolittle lives in solitude behind the high walls of his lush manor in 19th-century England. His only companionship comes from an array of exotic animals that he speaks to on a daily basis. But when young Queen Victoria becomes gravely ill, the eccentric doctor and his furry friends embark on an epic adventure to a mythical island to find the cure.


Jan 14

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Jan 14

Jan 21

January 2020 • 7

This January we recommend that you… READ IT

Home Work: A Memoir of My Hollywood Years by Julie Andrews With her second memoir, Home Work: A Memoir of My Hollywood Years, Andrews picks up her story with her arrival in Hollywood and her phenomenal rise to fame in her earliest films — Mary Poppins and The Sound of Music. Andrews describes her years in the film industry — from the incredible highs to the challenging lows. Told with Andrews’s trademark charm and candor, Home Work takes us on a rare and intimate journey into an extraordinary life that is funny, heartrending, and inspiring.



Children’s Gasparilla Extravaganza January 18

Frozen II Soundtrack This charming musical sequel again elevates sisterhood, empowerment, love, and acceptance — while introducing catchy new songs that are sure to please young Elsa and Anna fans.


The Children’s Gasparilla Extravaganza and Parade has been a part of Tampa’s Gasparilla celebration since 1947. The Children’s Gasparilla Parade takes place along beautiful Bayshore Boulevard and uses part of the same route as the Gasparilla Parade of Pirates. In past years, the Children’s Gasparilla Parade included over 100 units, including marching bands, dance units, school organizations, local neighborhood associations and a lot more. To purchase reserved seating, visit


Star Wars Live in Concert: Return of the Jedi Jan 25 – Ruth Eckerd Hall

Experience Star Wars as never before with Ruth Eckerd Hall’s live performance of Star Wars Live In Concert: Return of the Jedi! This concert will feature the full-length iconic film on the big screen with The Florida Orchestra performing the iconic music of John Williams. The Star Wars saga has grown into one of the most iconic film productions of our time. Don’t miss the Premiere of the Return of the Jedi in concert at Ruth Eckerd Hall!

• Learn to Ice Skate • Daily Public Skating • Learn to Play Hockey • Birthday Parties • Group Events

Have you ever dreamed of giving up on city life, moving to the countryside and living a simple existence on a farm? Blogger and author Ree Drummond has done just that, but unlike the average person (who would probably prefer a private existence), Drummond has publicized her life on her blog, The Pioneer Woman. For her site, she cooks, bakes, writes about raising and homeschooling her children, loving her husband, ranch life and much more.

Buy 1 Get 1

FR E E Public Session Admission

SKATE TO BE COOL. OLDSMAR 255 Forest Lakes Blvd 813-854-4010 x0

8 • January 2020

SKATE TO BE COOL. CLEARWATER 13940 ICOT Blvd 727-536-5843

COUNTRYSIDE Westfield Countryside Mall 727-723-7785

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Buy one admission get one admission free with this coupon – Save $11 Expires 2/29/2020. Skate rental not included. Good at all 3 facilities.

t a e r G It’s ! e t a e to Cr Snowman Pillow Case Supplies Needed: • Plain Blue Pillowcase • White Fabric Paint • Black and Red Fabric Markers • Paper Plates 1. Put white fabric paint on a paper plate and spread it out with a spoon. 2. Dip your child’s foot into the paint and make sure the bottom is thoroughly covered. 3. Press foot down on the pillow case. Repeat with other foot. 4. Allow time for paint to dry. Once dry, use markers to draw on the arms, buttons, nose, mouth and hat.

Beach Memory Jar Supplies Needed: • Mason Jar • Sand • Shells • Family Photo Simply fill the bottom of the jar with sand, drop in the shells you have collected and insert a photo from your trip to the beach. Put on the lid and you are all set!

Mickey Gasparilla Tee Supplies Needed: • Plain Gray Tee Shirt • Black Fabric Paint • Red Fabric Paint • Yellow Fabric Paint 1. Download Mickey Pirate outline from or similar website. 2. Following the simple outline, paint the outline of Mickey onto the Tee using the black paint. Then paint on the outline of the bandana with the red paint. 3. Fill in both the bandana and the rest of Mickey. Paint on the ear ring and allow time for paint to dry. 3. Once dry, you are ready to party!!

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January 2020 • 9

Proposals for Settlement

When the Loser Pays for the Winner’s Attorney’s Fees

by Chris Reynolds

Retaining an attorney for a divorce, a criminal law matter, or a business contract can prove extremely expensive in terms of the amount of attorney’s fees needed. Further, in many cases, the client owes these fees regardless of whether you win or lose. However, there are some areas of the law where the expense of hiring an attorney isn’t prohibitive. For example, personal injury attorney’s often take cases on contingency, which simply means that the attorney takes a percentage of whatever is recovered, but the attorney is owed nothing if nothing is recovered. Florida has another interesting component to attorney’s fees in certain situations: the proposal for settlement. Essentially, a proposal for settlement is a way for the winner of a lawsuit to get the loser to pay for the winner’s attorney’s fees. For example, an injured party in a lawsuit can make an official offer (a proposal for settlement) and file that offer with the court. The other party (defendant) then has 30 days to accept that offer to settle. If the other party (defendant) does not accept the offer to settle, and if the case then goes to a jury trial and the jury awards the person who proposed the settlement more than 125% of the amount that the injured person was willing to settle

for, the court can then shift the attorney’s fees and make the defendant pay the attorney’s fees and costs for both parties. Of course, this also works for defendants. A defendant can propose a settlement to a plaintiff, and if the plaintiff does not accept it within 30 days and the jury awards 75% or less than the settlement amount proposed by the defendant, the plaintiff may have to pay for the attorney’s fees and costs for the defendant.

attorney could be many tens of thousands of dollars, so this proposal for settlement statute is extremely significant.

than 75% of the amount proposed by the defendant), then the plaintiff may have to pay the attorney’s fees for the defendant.

As a hypothetical example, consider a plaintiff who submits a proposal for settlement for $100,000.00, and a defendant files a proposal for settlement for $50,000.00. This usually happens months before the actual trial, and in this hypothetical, the plaintiff is willing to settle the case for $100,000 and the defendant is willing to settle for $50,000. Assume that neither party accepted the proposal for settlement and the case went to a jury trial. If the jury awards more than $125,000.00 (125% more than the $100,000 proposed by the plaintiff), then the defendant may have to pay for the plaintiff’s attorney’s fees. On the other hand, if the jury awards less than $37,500.00 (less

If a plaintiff loses, the plaintiff might end up owing money. In the above example, if the jury awarded $10,000, and the defense attorney fees and costs were $40,000, then the plaintiff would owe the defense attorney $30,000. On the other hand, if the jury awarded $160,000, and the plaintiff’s attorney’s fees and costs were $40,000, then the total verdict would increase by $40,000 to $200,000.

It is important to note that the attorney’s fees and costs for either the plaintiff or defense


Now Enrolling for Fall

Christian School





317 Milwaukee Ave., Dunedin, FL 34698 10 • January 2020

Mr. Reynolds hails from St. Petersburg, graduated from Northside Christian High School, Eckerd College, and Stetson University College of Law. He lives in Pinellas with his wife and three boys, all of whom attend Keswick Christian School. Mr. Reynolds also has parents living in Pinellas County and a sister who recently returned from overseas as a Christian missionary.

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The Proven Education Your Child Deserves • Preschool – 8th Grade • Christ Centered • Safe, Nurturing Environment • Excellent Curriculum • Extended Care Available 7am to 6pm • Affordable Tuition!!

As you can see, the amount to propose as a settlement can become very strategic because it creates the risk of having to pay for the other party’s attorney’s fees, which can be tens of thousands of dollars or more. If you or a loved one has been injured as a result of the negligence of another, please contact an experienced trial attorney.

Call today to schedule your personal tour!

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Hours: Mon-Fri 8:00 am - 7:00 pm Sat 10:00 am - 4:00 pm BRING THIS AD FOR 15% OFF PACKING OR SHIPPING

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Automobile Accidents Slip and Fall Wrongful Death Pedestrian Injuries Motorcycle Accidents You Focus On Healing While I Deal with the Insurance Company No Fee Unless We Recover For You Free Consultation You Owe Nothing Until we Recover For You

Experienced Trial Attorney


If a settlement can’t be reached, Chris has the experience and understanding of trial advocacy to continue working on your behalf.

Personal Injury Attorney Office in Pinellas County

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January 2020 • 11


Ways to Combat Clutter in the New Year by Sonny Glover and Melody Gallion

The New Year is the time for a fresh start. It brings a feeling of starting over, and an opportunity to improve all areas of your life. In the New Year, take some time to complete projects you’ve been putting off for months. You can create an even better home for you and your family by decluttering and organizing your home.

Add shelves

Follow these tips for easy and quick ways to de-clutter your home.

This challenge comes from, and is a simple project to add to your routine. Clean and organize by choosing 12 items to throw away, 12 items to donate, and 12 to return to a proper place in your home. This helps you organize, declutter, and give to a good cause all at the same time!

Keep things at arms reach

Keep items you use daily somewhere where they can be easily reached, whether that’s in a basket, on a shelf, or in a cabinet. Store everything that is used sparingly on a higher shelf or in the garage or attic. It will be easier to find what you need when you need it.

If your home is cluttered adding more furniture won’t help. Instead of adding a bookshelf or desk, add wall shelving. You’ll have room for books, picture frames, paperwork, and even a television without cluttering your home with more furniture.

12-12-12 Challenge

Garage storage

Make your garage your main storage area. Use old dressers and other furniture to store seasonal items and items you don’t use daily. Paint the furniture the same color to create a unified look.

Get rid of broken items

There’s no point in keeping items that are broken or unused, they’re just taking up precious space in your home. If you haven’t used it or gotten it fixed in the past six months, you probably never will. Throw it out or donate it to make room for something new.

Use things up

It’s a habit to save special items for special occasions, whether it’s fancy bath soap or an expensive spice. Stop saving these things for the right time,

use them and enjoy them now. Use what you have before you buy something new to help keep clutter at bay.

Deal with one room at a time

Take it step by step. Organize and declutter one room at a time, makes it easier to focus on the task at hand. If you try to juggle too many rooms at once, it may never get done. Go through these tasks every few months to help maintain an organized home. A decluttered home can give you and your family peace of mind – and room for something new.



All-Inclusive ~ Cruises ~ Disney ~ Tours ~ Universal Studios Group Trips - Family Reunions - Destination Vacations

12 • January 2020

Say you saw it in the Gulf Coast Family Newspaper

Leave this world with

Memories, not Dreams!

by Gaynel Senka

Please allow me to introduce myself, my name is Gaynel Senka and I’m a lifelong resident of Pinellas County. I graduated from Keswick Christian School and am very involved in our church and community. I’m a wife and mom to 4 kids, in a family that loves to experience things together! We’ve decided to adopt an approach to life where we create memories, not dreams!

that, and accumulated the debt to tell about it! We now believe that living debt-free is the best, most responsible way to live life, so I do everything I can to help people plan vacations that fit their budgets while giving them the memories they’re looking for! You do not have to break the bank to have a great vacation, and I’m here to help people do just that!

As part of this adventure, I work as a no-cost-to-use travel advisor. I truly enjoy getting to know families and individuals, and helping them plan anything from a simple flight or hotel stay, to their ultimate dream vacations!

As a travel advisor, I can help with literally any vacation you may have in mind. I specialize in Disney destinations, Cruises, All-inclusive resorts, and group trips! I have been to these places, slept in the beds, eaten at the restaurants, had conversations with the staff, and will only send people somewhere that I would take my own family. I will treat your family’s vacation as if it were my own, and do everything I can to make sure you create great memories together!

Over the years, we’ve saved up, planned, and penny-pinched our way through vacations all over the world! I know traveling with a family can be expensive, as I’ve been there, done

If you are currently dreaming of the perfect trip for you, your

family, or even a group of friends, reach out to me anytime and I will do everything I can to help you. I can plan it for you, with you, or just take care of the details, that part is totally up to you!

rates than you may find on your own. I will make sure you are getting the trip you are looking for, at the right price, with no surprise expenses once you arrive at your destination.

The best part about all of this is that my services are FREE! It will not cost you an extra penny to take advantage of my expertise, in fact, I am often able to find better

To advertise, call 727-612-0783

January 2020 • 13

Northside Christian Wins 4th State Title In A Row! The Northside Christian School Royal Ambassador marching band represented Pinellas County with another State Championship. This is the fourth consecutive state title for the little band from St. Petersburg and the 8th state title for the band since 2006. Nathan Farrell, who has been the band director since 2001, cites hardworking students and a unique show design formula as the secret to continued success. “Our staff has been together a long time. These are some of the most creative thinkers and skilled teachers in the marching band world. We always keep the home crowd in mind as we design. How can we get the audience involved and singing along?” This year that creative process sent the students on a road trip. “Over the River and Down 95” tells the story of

14 • January 2020

the band trying to get from New York City all the way down to Florida to visit Grandma. The show begins with the NYC skyline and morphs into salsa dancing flamingos — along the way using unusual tools like vocal solos and ensembles, raging guitar licks, tuba quartets, and even a banjo solo. “Finding the right voice for grandma was an interesting journey” says Farrell. “She moves the story along with phone calls. At first we used the voice of assistant director Cory Simpson. He did a great job...but one day one of the students answered his phone on speaker and we heard his grandma say “hey sweetie!” — we knew we had found our voice talent!” That voice belongs to Audrey Conner long time St Petersburg resident who has had two children and 6 grandchildren in the band dating back to the 1980s.

the Florida Marching Band Hall of Fame last year. Farrell has been leading Northside’s band since 1997.

The band has traditions that stretch back to the 1970’s. One of these includes circling up after every performance and singing “Seek Ye First” (a Christian song based on Matthew 6:33). Northside’s band is truly a dynasty and its director, Mr. Nathan Farrell, was inducted into

Say you saw it in the Gulf Coast Family Newspaper

FMBC (Florida Marching Band Championships) hosts the statewide regional competitions that lead to state semi and final rounds. FMBC was founded and is still run by Cathy Kersten — now a Pinellas County resident.

Voted Top Work Place in Bay Area!

DWI: Driving While Intexticated Texting while driving is a growing trend, and a national epidemic, quickly becoming one of the country’s top killers. Drivers assume they can handle texting while driving and remain safe, but the numbers don’t lie.

The minimal amount of time your attention is taken away from the road when you’re texting and driving.

Preschool through 12th Grade on one Beautiful 28-Acre Campus

If you’re traveling at 55mph, this equals driving the length of a football field without looking at the road.

7777 62nd Avenue N St. Petersburg, FL 33709

727-541-7593 Christ Centered School of Excellence •

Rebecca Lindquist


7145 22nd Ave N St. Petersburg 33710


727-742-0315 or book online at


1. 1,600,000 accidents per year 1 2. 330,000 injuries per year 2 3. 11 teen deaths EVERY DAY 3 4. Nearly 25% of ALL car accidents

Texting While Driving Is:

1. About 6 times more likely to cause an accident than driving intoxicated 2. The same as driving after 4 beers 4 3. The number one driving distraction reported by teen drivers

New Client SPE CIA L S 25% OFF

Texting While Driving Causes:

To advertise, call 727-612-0783

Texting While Driving:

1. Makes you 23X more likely to crash 5 2. Is the same as driving blind for 5 seconds at a time 6 3. Takes place by 800,000 drivers at any given time across the country 4. Slows your brake reaction speed by 18% 7 5. Leads to a 400% increase with eyes off the road 1 National Safety Council 5 National Hwy Transportation Safety Admin. 2 Harvard Center for Risk Analysis Study 6 VA. Tech Transportation Institute 3 Ins. Institute for Hwy Safety Fatality Facts 7 HumanFactors & Ergonomics Society 4 National Hwy Transportation Safety Admin.

January 2020 • 15

Words Matter by Dr. Kira Wilson, Director, Covenant Academy

Our words have tremendous power. Words can bless and words can curse. Words can build up or tear down, encourage or dishearten. In communicating with our children, it is important to communicate clear expectations, truth, grace, and love.

Communicate Clear Expectations

Most children want to please their parents, most of the time. Communicating clear expectations gives children a path to success in this regard. Sometimes parents communicate an expectation in the form of a question causing confusion for the child, and frustration for the parent. A parent might say, “Would you like to clean up your mess?” and are surprised when the mess isn’t cleaned! If you have an expectation, communicate it clearly. Rather than, “Do you want to change your outfit?” state “Please change your outfit.” Giving choices has benefits but not when you have an underlying expectation.

Communicate Truth

Communicating truth can inspire and encourage a child to aspire to greater things. Speak truth into the heart of

your child. Look for opportunities to state positive attributes and gifts you have observed in them. For example, try “You are so kind to your sister;” “Your patience will be rewarded;” “Thank you for being honest;” “You are very creative;” or, “It is clear you have a passion for that.” Keep in mind that although we must always speak truth, not all truth must be spoken. True words can easily communicate disappointment, disdain, and opposition. Unkind, cruel words do not inspire change and will hinder the relationship.

Communicate Grace

Words seasoned with grace are needed for correction. In communicating grace a parent understands that discipline is an opportunity to train the heart. It’s also an opportunity to teach children that although their behavior is unacceptable, they can be forgiven and restored to those they have sinned against. Correction is not an opportunity to unleash wrath and disapproval. Such words can destroy trust and sever further communication. The Bible offers great wisdom when it comes to communicating:

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“A soft answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger.” (NKJV, Proverbs 15:1)

Communicate Love

With our words we communicate a feeling of acceptance, encouragement and support. Words confirm our love, our priorities and our values. Children need to feel secure in a parent’s love for them. They need to know that parents value them more than material things, more than reputation, or personal gain. Every night at bedtime until our children left home, my husband would say to them, “Mommy loves you, Daddy loves you, and Jesus loves you.” I enjoy asking my grandchildren the questions, “Who loves you?” and then listing together all the people in their lives that love them.

grace and love, words can bless and breathe life into our children. To learn more on this topic, I invite you to attend “Refueling Your Child’s Love Tank” on Friday, February 7. 9:30 a.m. I will share key strategies to connect to the heart of your child from the preschool to teen years. Children will enjoy a fun and educational music class from special guest, Miss Karen of Music with Mar. Each family is only $10. All proceeds go to help children in foster care through Door of Hope. Seats are limited. Register early!

Words are powerful. When used to communicate clear expectation, truth, Dr. Kira Wilson is the Director of Covenant Academy in Pinellas County. With more than 30 years in Christian education, her passion is to encourage and equip teachers and parents to develop in children a love for learning and a love for God. She cherishes family time with her husband of 38 years, three children, and two grandchildren.

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16 • January 2020

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INFORMATION NIGHT February 17, 7 p.m.

Do you have room in your heart and home for a waiting child?

Terynce Age 11

Photo courtesy of Jonathan R Photography

Terynce is a happy kid who loves to laugh. In his free time Terynce likes to play video games and watch Netflix or YouTube. Terynce’s favorite video games have anything to do with sports. From football to tennis, he loves them all. His Netflix preference is cartoons about super heroes. He loves Marvel!

All the benefits of a private Christian education — three days a week and two days of the love and attention only you can give. College Preparatory Character Driven Dedicated Teachers Learn at Home Twice A Week

Affordable Tuition Art, Music, Soccer Scholarships Accepted Engaging Field Trips

When asked what Terynce’s favorite sport is, he said Wrestling. John Cena is his favorite. Terynce is also a big fan of pizza, but no fish please! Terynce likes to be active, so any time on the playground is greatly appreciated. Terynce needs a forever family who is ready to love him just as his is, and help him grow.

Elena Age 16

Photo courtesy of Brandi Image Photography

Elena is sweet and down to earth. In her free time, she likes to draw and go outside. She also loves to cook, especially empanadas! She loves any kind of Hispanic food!

If Elena could have any pet it would be a husky! She thinks they are elegant dogs.

Register for our information night by contacting us at: or Call: (727) 542-6294

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When Elena grows up, she wants to be a Lawyer. Preferably one for the Government. She wants to make a difference in this world. With a loving family, she just might be able to do that!

For more information about the Heart Gallery visit or call 727-258-4806. January 2020 • 17

It’s time to get in the game. Here is an explanation of the 7 E’s of reaching the full potential in those you lead.

1. Engage Effective leaders walk alongside the people they lead—and they love every step. They spend time with their teams and find ways to understand each member. As a fiftysomething coach working with Generation Y or Millennial athletes, I had to find ways to plug in—whether by hiring young coaches or enlisting my teenage son’s help as a “consultant.” Anything that opens up the lines of communication and allows us to engage others is a step in the right direction.

by Tony Dungy Blessed is the leader who seeks the best for those he serves. — Unknown If you want to become a leader who adds value to other people’s lives and to the life of your organization, how do you get started? What do you do?

As a leader, I have found that I cannot move the ball forward with positive, nurturing leadership until I engage with those I am blessed to lead. Once I’ve engaged with them, I am able to educate and equip. Throughout the process, it is essential to encourage, empower, and energize in order to finally elevate the people around me.

must not be content to merely teach the group from the front of the room; they must take a hands-on, one-onone approach to mentoring individual lives. By providing others with the opportunity to grow, we help them become even more valuable members of the team, even as we’re building the overall strength of the team.

3. Equip Chuck Noll said, “Our job as a coaching staff is to show you what to do and how to do it. Your job as players is to do it consistently.” Leaders need to create an environment in which others

2. Educate Leadership needs to be about helping others become the best they can be, it is built on a foundation of teaching, helping, and guiding. Our goal should be to help everyone earn an A—or whatever the equivalent measure of success is in our organizations. Leaders

N U F N U e F h t e e N h r t U e F e h r N e e W U h h tt h e dFs ! W e ! r s e d h e n r W E e n r h e WN e v eerr E ! v s e d N n ! E s You! d e u v n o r ! e Y E v S e e u v o r o t r ! e Y N e Seerrvvee You v 727.521.6931 oS ions e ! at727.521.6931 s ttto c n N o o i L t u a 3 o s ! S c n Y o o 727.521.6931 o i e L t 3 Loca ions Ser v 2869 54th 54th Avenue N, N, St. Pete Pete 2869 2869 54thAvenue Avenue N, St. St. Pete 2869 54th Avenue N, St. Pete

at ns to 33 Loc 3 Locatio

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Our Mission: Developing Young Minds. Our parentsand Missio staff a Our Our staff Mission: Developing working Young Minds. and staff are PARTNERS, PARTNERS, working together Our toparents meet the nee and are together to meet Our Mission: Developing Young Minds. Our parents andthe the staff needs are of of PARTNERS, the children children working and their their together families. to meet needs the and families. and the staff are PARTNERS, working together to meet needs of the children and their families. the needs of the children and their families.

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can be productive and excel. They set parameters and guidelines for the task, project and continually recast the vision, and then provide the tools and equipment needed for everyone else to be successful in their assignment and to ultimately accomplish their mission.

them while they were playing. He was there to give guidance and help in times of crisis, but he prepared them so well that when the game started, he trusted his players would be able to execute on their own. Preparation followed by appropriate freedom.

4. Encourage

6. Energize

Encouragement is the fuel that powers our efforts to engage, educate, and equip. Nothing does more to lubricate the rough spots than a good dose of encouragement. Good leaders care. Strong leaders lift others up. Not everyone is good at encouragement – I understand that. And now that I’ve acknowledged it, you may never use it as an excuse again. If you have been called to lead—and every one of us has that calling in some aspect of our lives—then you have been called to encourage—period.

Great leaders energize and inspire those they lead. Even as they face their own daily struggles and stresses, leaders look for ways to energize and motivate the people around them.

5. Empower Once the people you lead are ready, it’s time to turn them loose. But not before

7. Elevate they’re ready. As a mentor leader, you have a responsibility to engage, educate, equip, and encourage them first—and at every appropriate point thereafter, as well. You can’t just walk in and empower them. The River Rouge High School basketball coach Lofton Greene made sure his teams were so well prepared that he didn’t have to constantly direct

As a leader, you have to function with the goals of your organization in mind.

But the ultimate goal of every good leader is to build other leaders. Many people struggle with this essential concept. Elevating is difficult. It seems paradoxical to elevate someone who might end up taking your place. But raising up leaders is the truly selfless goal of every strong leader, the culmination of focusing on others. To elevate your followers mean helping them reach their God-given potential, even if it means preparing them to replace you or leave your organization for better opportunities elsewhere. Those are the methods for maximizing the potential of any individual, team, organization, or institution for ultimate success and significance.

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January 2020 • 19

10 Family Resolutions to Keep This Year The beginning of a new year carries with it the inevitable looking back paired with the hope of a fresh start and second (or third) chances. As the clock moves ever closer to midnight on December 31st, we feel the need to promise to do better than we did last year. We resolve to lose weight, to be on time, to be better with our money…to stop smoking or drinking or swearing. By the time January 31st rolls around, many of us have had a relapse in our resolve. Part of the reason that we fail to keep these resolutions is that we attempt to tackle them on our own. So, this year, instead of making an individual promise that you’ll soon forget, why not make some resolutions as a family? You help hold each other accountable and can grow closer in the process. All Pro Dad would like to suggest 10 Family Resolutions to Keep Next Year. 1  A Weekly Family Game Night. Take a trip to the local bowling alley for a game. Or pile up the board games on the dining room table and have a tournament. The act of playing together fosters feelings of fun and family. Playing board games can teach children important social skills such as taking turns and how to be a good winner or loser. They also learn a lot about interpersonal communication as you talk and laugh together while you play the game. 2  Commit to One Healthy Eating Change. Trying to make your diet healthy overnight isn’t realistic or smart. Make small steps, like adding a salad (full of different color vegetables) to your diet once a day or switching from butter to olive oil when cooking, or skipping sodas altogether. As your small changes become habit, you can continue to add more healthy choices to your diet.

3  Turn off the TV. Television is a wonderful invention and not bad in and of itself, but in many homes, we use the TV as a buffer from communication. So, turn it off when you’re eating meals together. If you’re really feeling adventurous, try going without television one night a week. Who knows, you might discover that you don’t miss it at all. So take the plunge and try not watching TV. 4  Eat Dinner as a Family. Sharing a meal together, breakfast, lunch or dinner, is one way a family builds its identity and culture. Stories are shared, jokes are told, and family values are instilled. The act of coming together for a common meal teaches the importance of sharing and compromise, and helps younger members of the family understand problem solving and listening skills. 5  Be Quick to Apologize and Quick to Forgive. Let’s face it—we all mess up. When you mess up, be quick to apologize. When it’s your turn to be hurt, be quick to forgive. Forgiveness is good for your body, your relationships, and your place in the world. That’s reason enough. 6  Exercise Together. This resolution works well with #1 – 4. You could have a game of tennis, or miniature golf. Get out in the yard and play ball! Point out your end zones and have a game of scrimmage. Don’t have a football? Toss a Frisbee. The whole idea is to get outside and do something you and your family will enjoy.

20 • January 2020

7  Revisit your Childhood. Get down on the ground and roll around with your kids. Build a fort in the family room with couch cushions and sheets. Tell knock-knock jokes to each other. Just because you’re a grown-up, doesn’t mean you can’t be silly and have imaginative fun with the kids. In those moments of silliness, you can have serious bonding and build bridges for heart-felt communication. 8  Do Something New as a Family. Routine is a great thing when it comes to families, but that doesn’t mean to have to get stuck in a rut. Make a point to do something new as a family. Doing something new together will give you a common memory…so get out there and get adventurous together. 9  Make each Child Feel Special. It’s great to do things as a family unit, but it’s equally important to celebrate the individuality of your kids. Make a resolution to do something once a month with each of your children. Do something together that will make them feel special and valued. 10  Nurture your Relationship with your Wife. The best thing you can do for your children is to nurture your relationship with your wife. When your kids know that you value your wife as your first priority, they have a feeling of security and love that’s nearly unshakeable. Make a point to put that relationship first, and your family will benefit.

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I read a blog post from husband and wife team Danielle and Astro Teller recently that struck a chord with me. It said that, “Sometime between when we were children and when we had children of our own, parenthood became a religion in America.” They went on to point out that, like many religions, parenthood has been elevated to a place of wholehearted devotion and sacrifice that can’t be questioned. To do so is to risk being labeled a heretic. The number one casualty of our new form of worship? American marriages. If you’ve fallen victim to the parenting as a religion mind-set, it may be time to get your house in order. Hear me out on this: Parenting is a high calling. Our children are blessings, and we should give them our best. But modern American parenting often elevates caring for and providing for our children to an unhealthy level that is damaging to our marriages and (get this!) actually hurts our kids. By more or less worshiping them during the formative years, we distort our kids’ perceptions of themselves and their place in the world. And then, when our little idols up and leave, we’re left with a spouse we barely know in a home that loses all meaning without children. Ask yourself these five questions to see if you’ve turned parenting into a religion and if it’s silently damaging your marriage. © 2014 iMOM. All Rights Reserved. Family First, All Pro Dad, iMOM, and Family Minute with Mark Merrill are registered trademarks.

Drama Kids offers exciting programs for ages 4 to 18. Kids who take our classes have tons of fun and develop important confidence-building skills that will help them personally and academically. Activities include: • Improvisations • Mini-scripts • Speaking skills • Character analysis

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1. Do I treat my marriage as the primary and most important relationship in my life? Aside from your relationship with God, your marriage should be number one. And, while lots of parents can agree with that idea in theory, the way they live out daily life doesn’t validate it. The needs/desires of the kids always come first — over the needs of the spouse or marriage relationship. We understand that younger children especially need you more much of the time. But be honest: Is your spouse perpetually holding the runner-up trophy?

2. Do I disapprove of couples who occasionally steal a weekend or a vacation without the kids? I was having a conversation with another mom a few years ago about a third couple when she remarked, knowingly, “They’re the kind of people who go on trips and leave their kids at home with the grandparents.”

What kind of people are those I wondered? People who still like each other? People who don’t think their kids are so fragile they will crumble in the care of loving friends and family for a few days? “We’re those kind of people, too,” I told her, with a smile. Conversation over.

3. When I do get time alone with my husband, do I struggle to find things to talk about? Having every corner of your marriage invested in parenting can leave a couple with little else to connect over. {Tweet This} If you have absolutely nothing to say to one another (besides discussing the kids) when you’re alone, you may have succumbed to “children as the center of the universe” syndrome. Try making a loose rule that date night is for talking about other things and remember that he was an interesting person before he was a daddy.

$ $$$$ $$$ $$ $ $ $$$$ $$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ $ $$$$ $$$ $$$ $$$ $$$ $$ $$$$some $$ $$$$Save $ $$$$ $$$ $$$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $$ $$$$$ $$$$ $$$$ $$$$ $$$$$ $$$$$ $$ $$$$$$ $$$$$ $$$$$ $$$$$ $$$$$ $$ $$$$$$ $$$$$ $$$$$ $$$$$ $$ $$$$$$ $$$$$ $$$$$ Go with $$ $$$$$$ $$$$$ $$ $$$$$$ $$

4. Do my children exhibit signs of feeling entitled to my constant attention? If your kids have a meltdown when you leave for a date night or refuse to back up and out of the room when you say you want to talk to daddy alone for a while, it’s possible that you’ve created the monster by conditioning them to think they are entitled to your total focus all the time. You can restore balance in their thinking, but it will have to be intentional on your part.

5. Do I feel like a failure if work or other responsibilities take me away from my kids’ activities? We understand that there’s a tension here. It’s entirely possible to be too devoted to your career to the detriment of your children. But on the flip side, a mom or dad who comes to most all of the games or performances your child participates in, but has to miss a few to take care of professional or volunteer commitments, is not a bad parent. Your job is what enables you to feed, clothe, and educate your children. There are other real needs in your community where your help is needed. By taking a balanced approach, you’re teaching your children that a life well lived encompasses a lot of different things.


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Be incredible! For over 20 years Classical Conversations has been equipping parents to be great educators at home. Get access now to the tools that over 40,000 families use to home educate.

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January 2020 • 23

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January 2020 • 25

in the kitchen

Here is a quick and easy appetizer recipe for your Super Bowl party or any other occasion. It is easy to make and your guests will love them! These little biscuits have meatballs and cheese inside. Eat them plain or try dipping them in marinara sauce, either way they are sure to be a big hit!

Cheeseburger Cups • 1 can refrigerated biscuits • 5 slices American cheese • 10 frozen meatballs 1. Separate biscuits and place into 10 greased muffin cups. 2. Cut cheese slices into fourths; place one piece on top of each biscuit. 3. Thaw meatballs and place one on top of each biscuit; top with remaining cheese slices. 4. Bake at 400 degrees for 10 to 12 minutes until biscuits are lightly browned.

Cool Kids Cook

26 • January 2020

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We love apples for a snack, espe­cially this time of year! And, there are a couple things that pair absolutely great with apples — peanut but­ter and choco­late. So, why not enjoy all 3 fla­vors together? That’s exactly what we did with this apple appetizer and it was so, so good!

Peanut Butter Apple Dip • 8-ounce package cream cheese • ½ cup peanut butter • ¼ cup brown sugar • 1 teaspoon vanilla

• 12-ounce jar hot fudge sauce • Chopped peanuts • Sliced apples

1. Beat cream cheese, peanut butter, brown sugar and vanilla in a large mixing bowl until smooth. 2. Spread half of peanut butter mixture into a medium serving bowl; spread half of hot fudge sauce on top; repeat layers. 3. Sprinkle chopped peanuts on top and serve with sliced apples.

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January 2020 • 27

28 • January 2020

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January 2020 • 29

Seminole Middle School student wins Pinellas County Schools First Annual Geography Bee Lauren Basara, an eighth-grader at Seminole Middle School won the Pinellas competition, which was open to all middle schools. More than 30 students from seven middle schools participated in the geography bee. Lauren will be taking a qualifying test for the state geography bee, which will be held in April.

Photo, left to right: K-8 Social Studies Specialist Michelle Anderson, Geography Bee winner Lauren Basara and Pinellas Council for the Social Studies President Carter Waterkeyn

Florida Art Education Association announces winners of the 2019 K-12 Student Art Assessment & Virtual Exhibition Two Pinellas students won top awards in the statewide competition. Charlotte Bayly of Clearwater High won the prestigious Best in Show for her color pencil artwork, “Desperation.” Her teacher is Clayton Burkey. Madison Cyr of Safety Harbor Middle School was the Middle School Winner for her oil pastel, titled “Steps & Tunes.” Her teacher is Nicole Eiler. Sargent Art sponsored prizes for the competition. The winner of the Best in Show will receive art supplies worth $500, and her teacher will receive classroom art supplies worth $1,500.

Charlotte Bayly – "Desperation"

Madison Cyr – “Steps & Tunes”

The middle school winner will receive supplies worth $100, and her teacher will receive classroom supplies worth $300.

View the virtual gallery of artworks that received an “Award of Excellence” or an “Award of Excellence with Distinction” at

Kudos to all Pinellas art teachers who had their students’ artwork accepted into the exhibit. Pinellas County had 94 artworks selected, which was the most statewide.

Students who received an “Award of Excellence with Distinction” for a perfect score will be on display at the 2019 FAEA Conference in Ponte Vedra Beach.

A teacher from Japan spends a month in Pinellas County Haruko Takamizawa, a junior high Junior teacher from Nagano, Japan, spent a month in Pinellas County as part of the City of Clearwater teacher exchange program. During her time here, Takamizawa visited and made presentations at Countryside High, Safety Harbor Middle, Carwise Middle, Palm Harbor University High, Bay Point Elementary Magnet, James B. Sanderlin and Northeast High schools.

business partnerships. The teacher exchange began in 1983 and currently, two Pinellas teachers spend one month in Nagano schools during the summer. A Nagano teacher is hosted here for one month each fall. The teacher and student exchanges have been the backbone of the Sister City program.

“At all the schools, the students and teachers were very nice,” Takamizawa said. “And the students have so many options and can decide on the type of education they want.” Clearwater and Nagano, Japan have been Sister Cities since 1959 when Mayor Kurashima of Nagano came to the United States. He was searching for a city with similar economic and community needs and wished to develop new friendships, ideas and

30 • January 2020

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January 2020 • 31

Pop Culture’s Top 10 Movers and Shakers (2019 Edition)

by Paul Asay, Before we officially turn the page on 2019, let’s take a look back and see the folks in the world of entertainment and technology that made the year one to remember—for better or worse.

time next year, according to Barclay’s. Netflix has been the big kid on the block for a while, but let’s face it: these new upstarts are carrying plenty of muscle to the party.

Baby Yoda: This 50-year-old toddler doesn’t just make this list because it’s the cutest thing ever (though it is), or because it became the ultimate Christmas toy that no one could have, or that it gives us another chance to talk about Star Wars (which is always fun to talk about). It’s also about what Baby Yoda represents—a massive shake-up in the streaming network space. Disney+ has more than the breakout character of the year: it has signed up 24 million subscribers in less than two months. Fellow freshman streaming service Apple TV+ hasn’t unveiled how many have subscribed to its own startup, but some believe that it could be on track to rack up even more—100 million by this

Fortnite Soldiers: ‘Course, it’s not just Disney and Apple that Netflix might be wringing its digital hands over. The streaming giant sees the online game

Fortnite as even bigger competition. “We compete with (and lose to) Fortnite more than HBO,” a Netflix earnings report released this year read. And no wonder: Epic, the company behind the shooter, says that 250 million people were registered to play the game as of this March (compare that to the 151 million users who subscribe to Netflix), and almost as many companies seem to be vying to market themselves in the

game—causing Polygon to call it a “giant, endless advertisement now.” And when Fortnite shut itself down to launch a new season this fall, leaving a gigantic black hole in its wake, hoo-boy were gamers upset. Maybe that 2019 lawsuit, which alleges that Fortnite is as addictive as illegal drugs, has some merit. Reed Hastings: Interesting that we mentioned Netflix in connection with both of our first two entrants, isn’t it? And even though the Netflix CEO landed on our list last year, we couldn’t stop him from making a return. From the boundary-shattering inclusion of Netflix’s movie Roma in Oscar’s Best Picture category to the hordes of people who watched this year’s highly touted The Irishman (Netflix says 26.4 million) Netflix was all over the entertainment landscape. Its series Stranger Things was once again one of the buzziest shows around. It banked 117 Emmy

Feather Sound Smiles Dr Amir Daoud, DDS BDS

Restorative, Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry We are offering an Upscale Blend of high quality Clothing, Shoes & Accessories in an inviting “boutique” setting. You will also find Furniture, Household Goods, Toys and more. All proceeds support the ministry of Keswick Christian School. We are committed to Community Investment through participation in a FREE Clothing Voucher program. Be a part of changing lives ... visit our store and ... be pleasantly surprised!

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nominations, second only to HBO’s 137. And it dominated both the film and television nominations at the Golden Globes just a couple of weeks ago, pocketing 34 nods in all. “Not bad for a company that just got into the original series business six years ago,” notes Variety.

Scarlett Johansson: Netflix owes some of its awards-season buzz to Johansson, who co-stars (with Adam Driver) in one of the streaming service’s most-hyped movies, Marriage Story. But that’s hardly Johansson’s sole claim to fame this year. The thespian racked up a rare double helping of nominations with the prestigious Screen Actors’ Guild, landing not only a Best Lead Actress nomination (for Marriage Story), but a Best Supporting Actress for her role in Jojo Rabbit. And let’s not forget that she made quite the impact on another little movie you might’ve heard of: Avengers: Endgame, which just happens to be the second-biggest-grossing movie of all time. Little wonder that Forbes named her (for the second year in a row) the world’s

highest-paid actress, collecting around $56 million. And that’s before she shows up in her own stand-alone superhero movie, next year’s Black Widow. Lizzo: Talk about a slow burn. This Houston-based singer, rapper and flutist takes her spot on the list in part for “Truth Hurts,” a song that was released back in 2017. Two years later, it was re-released and caught fire on the video sharing site TikTok, then went to No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 and stayed there for two months. (It was also featured in the film Someone Great, which was released by—you guessed it—Netflix.) Now she’s released her third album (Cuz I Love You), has been nominated for a record eight Grammys and has earned raves for her messages about body positivity. Her songs and performances are not without their problems, as Plugged In takes note of. Still, no one can miss the fact that Lizzo has made a massive impact in the world of music.

Mickey Mouse: It seems only appropriate that 2020 will be, in China, the Year of the Rat. After all, 2019 was unquestionably the year of the mouse. We’ve already talked about the massive debut of Disney’s streaming service, Disney+. We’ve mentioned the year’s biggest movie, Avengers: Endgame, which also hails from the Mouse House.

And we should offer a nod toward Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker latest and, some say, last chapter in Disney’s Star Wars Skywalker saga. In fact, Disney’s home to seven of the year’s nine highestgrossing movies, and the studio became the first in history to earn more than $10 billion worldwide in a single year. Indeed, Disney dominated the movie business in 2019 like no other company had in history. Yep, forget the standard mouse trap. This mouse traps money. Jussie Smollett: Seems like a decade or two since this story first broke, but no. Smollett, star of the Fox show Empire, says he was attacked Jan. 29 in Chicago by two men in ski masks, who made racial and homophobic slurs as they beat him and put a noose around his neck. (Smollett is both black and gay.) About two weeks later, he made a tearful appearance on ABC News. But by the next week, police in Cook county had concluded that Smollett had organized the attack himself— allegations that Smollett still hotly denies— and the city demanded that Smollett pay back all the costs incurred by the investigation. While the FBI is still apparently investigating whyChicago dropped those charges (suggesting that there’s still a little uncertainty in some quarters as to who did what to whom and why), Smollett was dropped from Empire. And the story certainly hits plenty of cultural buttons: ongoing dialogues about discrimination, the power of (and the potential power to misuse) celebrity; strong and growing cultural divisions. And who knows? Maybe this’ll be a tale we’ll be following in 2020, too.

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Daenerys Targaryen: Avengers: Endgame? Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker? Nah. The year’s biggest pop-culture finale was on HBO, in the form of its wildly popular (and incredibly salacious) fantasy series Game of Thrones. Pundits trumpeted the program as perhaps the macroculture’s last real water-cooler show, with a few calling it the greatest, most ambitious television show in history. And then the last show aired and it was … well, less enthusiastically embraced, we’ll say. Many were furious at the fate of the lovely-but-ruthless Daenerys (played by Emilia Clarke), feeling it was out of character for the show. Others vociferously defended the choice the showrunners made. The controversy illustrated one of the most interesting dynamics at work in 21st-century popculture storytelling: The passionate ownership that fans feel toward their favorite tales, their unmatched ability to voice that passion (thanks to social media) and, sometimes, their unwillingness to accept a story that takes an unexpected turn. Meanwhile, Clarke has been speaking out about how HBO pressured her to take off her clothes for the show. But she also admitted feeling

January 2020 • 33

bad about leaving that disposable coffee cup on the table during a shoot. Who knew that Westeros had a Starbucks? Alex Trebek: The longtime Jeopardy host has always been synonymous with class. But he engendered a new wave of respect when he announced this March that he was battling stage 4 pancreatic cancer. He admitted the diagnosis was poor, but that he was going to fight it and continue working for as long as he could. In October, he said the cancer was getting worse and that the chemo-

34 • January 2020

therapy he was undergoing was creating sores in his mouth, making it more difficult to talk. He noted that “there will come a point when [fans and the show’s producers] will no longer be able to say, ‘It’s OK.’” But that day hasn’t come yet. On a Nov. 11 show, Jeopardy contestant Dhruv Gaur scrapped writing an answer for the Final Jeopardy question, and instead wrote, “We love you Alex!” the normally unflappable Trebek choked up a bit, but he wasn’t alone. In moments, #WeLoveYouAlex was trending on Twitter.

Kanye West: What a long, strange journey it’s been for the rapper this year. Long regarded as one of pop culture’s most mercurial figures, West took a sharp turn toward the spiritual. He launched his famous Sunday Service in January of this year, partnering with longtime West Angeles Church music director Jason White to bring gospel and the Gospel to thousands of well-heeled, well-paying attendees. In October, He pushed out his ninth studio album—one he was originally going to title Yandhi

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but instead turned it into a praise-andworship project named Jesus is King. He scrapped his notoriously explicit lyrics and said that the whole album is to “share the gospel and the truth of what Jesus has done to me.” And when Christian comedian John Crist became enmired in a scandal and was dropped from a massive Christian youth conference, who stepped in? Kanye West. The rapper has always explored spirituality in his music, of course, while being still very focused on … well, West. And some are still skeptical as to how sincere West’s wholehearted embrace of faith is. But no question, West’s spiritual journey has not only been one of the year’s most compelling stories, but it has perhaps helped make the Gospel all the more compelling for a new audience, as well.

Culture Clips: What Do Teens Talk About on Social Media? If you’ve ever wondered exactly what teens tend to post on social media, well, wonder no more! Pew Research just published an in-depth look at “Teens’ Social Media Habits and Experiences.”

positive outcomes—including strengthening friendships, exposing them to different viewpoints and helping people their age support causes they care about,” write Monica Anderson and Jingjing Jiang.

And the data mavens at have broken down those results into this infographic:

Elsewhere in the always-overflowing realm of screen-related news this month, Apple reported that Fortnite’s online multiplayer mode known as “Battle Royal” was the top free iPhone app of the 2018.

Bragging and Boasting on Social Media

% of U.S. teens who say they ever post about the following on social media

Accomplishments 49% Family 44% Emotions and feelings 34% Dating life 22% Personal problems 13% Religious beliefs 11% Political beliefs 9% None of these 28% Source: Pew Research Center Based on interviews with 743 U.S. teens (ages 13–17) conducted in March and April 2018

In addition to the topics teens talk about, Pew noted that teens view social media as both beneficial and at times problematic. “While [teens] say they at times feel overwhelmed by the drama on social media and pressure to construct only positive images of themselves, they simultaneously credit these online platforms with several

Given the myriad ways we can interact with screen-based content these days, it’s not surprising to learn that some rural youth are now spending more time on screens than they are outdoors, according to new research published in the journal Environment and Behavior. Speaking of the environment and technology, some public health experts are worried that the forthcoming 5G next-generation cell network system (scheduled to be rolled out in 2019) may pose health risks. Salon contributor Nicole Karlis writes, “Public health experts, professors, and watchdog groups are increasingly concerned about the untested aspects that this next-gen cell network requires—including more cell towers and a constant chorus of higherenergy photons streaming through human bodies and dwellings.”

by Adam Holz,

Facebook may have had its share of troubles recently, as PluggedIn has reported regularly in Culture Clips. But the social media giant continues to refine its strategy for delivering content and engaging the billions of users it still has. This past December, Facebook rolled out its new local news feature, called “Today In,” a service that will be available some 400 cities. NBC reports, “The dedicated section collects and aggregates relevant stories for local communities in a packaged form in the user’s News Feed. Facebook said the goal is to allow users to ‘catch up on news, events, and discussions happening in your community.’” Ironically, though, people don’t really want to read about news. They want to watch it, according to a new study from the Pew Research Center. Nearly half of Americans (47%) prefer watching news telecasts than listening to (19%) or reading about (34%) what’s going on in the world. The study’s co-authors, Amy Mitchell and Hannah Klein, noted that “viewing loyalties have yet to migrate fully to the web.” Web content providers of varying stripes are also imposing more stringent limits on what users can post and see. Tumblr has

St. Early Jerome Childhood Center Space Available for Fall

And in closing, Apple’s Tim Cook recently said that tech companies have a moral obligation to take a stand against hate speech online. As the winner of the AntiDefamation League’s inaugural “Courage Against Hate” award, Cook said, “We only have one message for those who seek to push hate, division, and violence: You have no place on our platforms. You have no home here.” Cook also added, “I believe the most sacred thing each of us is given is our judgment, our morality, our own innate desire to separate right from wrong. Choosing to set that responsibility aside at a moment of trial is a sin.”

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announced a new ban on pornography. Starbucks also announced pornographic sites will not be accessible via its free, instore WiFi.

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with Jim Daly Q: The past three years I’ve made a New Year’s resolution to work out and lose weight. And every year I lost momentum within a few weeks. I feel guilty about breaking my promise to my family—and myself. What can I do differently this year? Jim: Many of us make some sort of resolution this time of year, and a lot of those involve healthier living. According to psychologists, guilt might get you to start exercising, but it’s unlikely to keep you going. It’s a good idea to take a proactive approach to eating right and getting healthy exercise. But you need to be strategic. Michelle Segar, a psychologist at the University of Michigan, suggests the problem is that most of us start an exercise program out of guilt. We feel it’s something we have to do. But we’ll only continue exercising if we’re able to realize that not only does exercise help us feel better, it also improves the quality of our life.

Dr. Segar says society has made the mistake of making exercise feel like a “chore” instead of the gift it really is. Studies have shown that people who run, walk or go to the gym together tend to exercise much more consistently than those who don’t. Some think it’s a matter of accountability, but it’s more likely due to the fact that most of us thrive in the company of like-minded friends. Among

BE STRATEGIC ABOUT STAYING COMMITTED TO NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS fellow exercisers, a warm camaraderie usually develops—where people connect on various levels, depending on the stage of life. So, I suggest that you find a friend or two—and you might soon find a new and healthy routine. As the saying goes, any load is easier to bear when someone else helps with the lifting. To help your family thrive, visit

HOW TO HANDLE ENTERTAINMENT IN THE COMING YEAR Q: My husband and I have decided that this coming year, we want to take a strategic approach to how we handle entertainment in our household. Bob, if you could offer every parent just five tips of media advice, what would they be?

Bob Waliszewski, Director, Plugged In: That’s a great question. Here are my topfive suggestions: 1) Choose your family entertainment choices based on bettering yourselves. People give all sorts of reasons for their selections. Take movies, for instance. Many will watch a film simply because of the buzz, an ad they saw on TV, who’s in it, how it did financially opening weekend and/or the special effects budget. I’m not saying those things are unimportant. But first and foremost, we should be asking: “Will this film make me (and my kids) a better person? Will it inspire, encourage and uplift?” If it doesn’t, why bother? 2) Get into your kids’ entertainment world. Do you know your children’s favorite musicians? Video games? TV shows? Ask today. Then ask at least every six months. Research their choices at 3) Know what your children are doing for entertainment when they’re at someone

MARCH 2, 2020 WWW.TRINITYCOLLEGE.EDU 36 • January 2020

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else’s home. If the form of entertainment doesn’t meet your household’s standards, be quick to supply a great alternative. 4) Model it. If you as parents privately consume media that you’d be embarrassed about if your kids found out, know this: Someday they will. I don’t know why exactly, but it just works that way in life! 5) Put things in writing. When our children were growing up, I wrote out a “family media constitution” that gave us some written guidelines to fall back on. We all signed and dated it. And it helped tremendously. I recommend you post it in a public place in your home.

CREATIVE SOLUTIONS FOR DEALING WITH A PICKY EATER Q: We have a 4-year-old daughter who is a very picky eater. Every meal seems to turn into a fight. Can you offer some practical ideas for easing this conflict? Danny Huerta, Vice President, Parenting and Youth: The first thing I’d suggest is this: Don’t panic over a finicky child who wants the same food for every meal. I know one family whose two young boys asked for corn dogs and pizza, no matter what was served. The parents didn’t give in to those requests, but also didn’t leave their sons at the table for hours until they finished their spinach. When kids are hungry, they eat. As a parent, you get to make the initial choice of what foods are going to be available in

the home and shop accordingly. But in that context, try involving your daughter in choosing and making the meals. When children participate in this way, in many cases they inevitably taste a variety of foods and get accustomed to a range of options. They also feel some ownership of the food. You can be creative and play “gas station” with your 4-year-old at meal times. Explain that filling up our bodies is a lot like driving and riding in cars. You can’t skip the gas station; and if you put the wrong fuel in, or none at all, the car/body won’t work right. The ideas are endless. As your child gets older, help her identify and distinguish “fuel” foods from “pleasure” foods. Of course, through the years I have also worked with several children who had sensory issues. This presents a different challenge. If you try various creative ideas to get your child to eat and nothing seems to work, she may need to be evaluated by an occupational therapist. An assessment can help determine if there are any sensory processing issues that create a reaction to certain textures or tastes when it comes to food.

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HUSBAND ISN’T PULLING HIS WEIGHT WITH CHILDCARE DUTIES Q: My husband is more than willing to play with the kids. But when it comes to the practical side of parenting— dinner, diapers, bath times—I don’t think he pulls his weight. What’s a woman to do?

Jim: I’ve heard this complaint from many wives. Men and women often have different understandings about parenting. You may feel it’s natural that tasks be shared equally. But for your husband… well, it might not be so obvious.


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with Jim Daly cleaning the house and grocery shopping. The idea isn’t to punish your husband, but to help him understand the realities of the workload around the house. If he’s into sports, you might try using team-based descriptions to illustrate how different players may change assignments based on the game situation and play design. It could be he wasn’t expected to help around the house when he was younger. Or maybe his parents had clearly defined roles that now guide his thinking. Whatever the reason, communication between a husband and wife in these situations is key. So start by sharing your concerns and see if, together, you can agree on ways to split household duties to your mutual satisfaction. If dialogue doesn’t do the trick, counselors often suggest you set appropriate boundaries to motivate his involvement. For example, let him know he’ll likely have to fix his own dinner since you’ll be busy with other things, like feeding and bathing the kids or

Fortunately, most guys will get the picture and step up. But if this is still a source of tension in your marriage, I invite you to call our staff counselors at 1-855-771-HELP (4357). Or visit for more information.

WHAT’S THE HARM IN LIVING TOGETHER BEFORE MARRIAGE Q: My boyfriend and I want to get married eventually, but we’ve been told that living together for a few years will help us prepare before making things “official.” What do you think?

Greg Smalley, Vice President, Family Ministries: Living together almost seems to have become the new engagement. The problem is that research shows the divorce rates for those who live together before marriage are significantly higher than for those who don’t. Cohabitation is a risky venture because there’s no commitment holding the relationship together. It’s essentially two people saying to one another, “I’ll hang out with you as long as you make me happy.” That’s a shaky foundation to build a life on. It infuses doubt and mistrust into the very DNA of your relationship from the get-go. In other words, you’re sabotaging your marriage before you even walk down the aisle.

The biggest problem is most don’t know how to prepare for marriage properly. They don’t realize they can learn how to build a successful relationship. And that’s too bad because premarital counseling can make a lifetime of difference. If you doubt that, consider this: Eighty percent of couples who get quality premarital training stay married. That percentage of success shows that there is a way for couples to make a lasting commitment to one another. We have loads of resources and information available to help your relationship thrive at

I think a lot of young adults are choosing to live together because they’re afraid to commit. Maybe their parents divorced, or they’ve been swayed by negative messages about marriage in the culture. Whatever the reason, I believe these couples want to get married and stay married.

Jim Daly is president of Focus on the Family, host of the Focus on the Family radio program, and a husband and father of two.

TO KNOW HIM AND LIVE THAT OTHERS MAY KNOW HIM You will be encouraged, challenged and have opportunity to grow in your personal relationship with Jesus Christ!


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Will This New Year be Better Than Last Year? By Jeff Iskra None of us have reached our full potential. Life has so much more for us to experience and to achieve. This requires us to make some changes, which in turn, usually require us to face some fears and insecurities. Are you aware of the circumstances that trigger your fears? Has insecurity held you back?

• They have a fear of being rejected. 3. Insecure people are defensive and struggle with healthy disagreement • Wherever two or more are together, there will be a disagreement at some point. Conflict is what happens in life. • How we respond to conflict reveals our level of security / insecurity. 2. Insecure people give in return only Four Common Traits of Insecure People what they are first given • Defensiveness is surest sign of inse1. Insecure people are too worried curity. • They treat others only as they are about what others think of them treated. • The insecure person has a fear of not • Fear dominates their heart and negabeing “right”. • They live an “eye for an eye” philostive thoughts dominate their mind. ophy. They can compliment just as 4. Insecure people believe they must good as they can criticize and both promote themselves or else they will are quick from their tongue. be overlooked • No matter what the topic, the inseDr. Jeff Iskra is the Pastor of Church by the Sea cure person must share their expein Madeira Beach, FL. Jeff has been married to rience, often trying to overshadow his wife Charlene for 29 years and they have two others. children, Spring and Eli. He is often seen at a local • They have a fear of not being valued. Starbucks or on his motorcycle. For more information

“2020 holds unlimited potential and unlimited opportunities. Choose to face your insecurities.”

see or

If you recognize any of these traits, look at the deeper issue. Is this fear real or imagined? Is it a certainty or only a possibility? 2020 holds unlimited potential and unlimited opportunities. Choose to face your insecurities. Here is one of my favorite Bible verses: 2 Timothy 1:7 For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline. May this New Year be the best yet!

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Looking Back Bathing beauties taking part in the 1961 Tri-City Suncoast Fiesta Take a run on the beach past the Palm Pavilion. (Courtesy of Florida State Archives.)

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Captain Wilson Hubbard arrived in Pass-a-Grille in 1929 and began catching and selling fish from the Merry Pier. His purchase of five rowboats and 40 cane poles when he was 17 was the beginning of what became the famed Hubbard’s marina operation. Hubbard bought his first charter boat after World War II, and the Eighth Avenue Pier became known as Hubbard’s Pier.

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A “double jump” was one of the featured acts at Aquatarium shows.

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One of Pinellas counties big draws was its extensive public beaches, long recognized as one of Florida’s finest. After the war, twopiece bathing suits became quite popular as seen in the following postcard. McKay, Step Up For Students, and Private Scholarships available

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January 2020



The Outback Bowl is played on New Year’s Day right here in Tampa Bay, featuring teams from the SEC and Big Ten Conference. The game is a culmination of a week-long schedule of events throughout the Tampa Bay. This year’s teams are the Minnesota Golden Gophers and the Auburn Tigers. January 1 - 31 BRICK HISTORY Featuring key figures from Mozart to Martin Luther King and recent history from mobile phones to the moon landings, history comes to life in LEGO® bricks during “Brick History,” a new exhibit at the Tampa Bay History Center. The exhibit features ­­­28 meticulously crafted models, each depicting a person, moment or discovery that altered world history. January 1 - 31 GCM’S GINGERBREAD VILLAGE Celebrate the holidays and the new year at GCM with a gingerbread-inspired wonderland, sponsored by Macy’s. Visit the museum’s sweet winter wonderland and build a gingerbread village of recycled goodies, icing-skate in your socks, gingersnap a family pic, and more! Watch the village grow, all made from recycled materials like cardboard, pipe cleaners, bottle caps, and more. January 1 - 13 WINTER’S TAIL-GATE WEEK Receive 1/2 priced admission when wearing your favorite college football team’s logo apparel in celebration of all of the bowl games! From the Outback Bowl to the National Championship – wear your team’s logo proud to redeem this offer! Enjoy a special tailgate party here at CMA with classic tailgate games, music, and food!

42 • January 2020

January 1 - 5 DISNEY’S ALADDIN Discover a whole new world at Disney’s ALADDIN, the hit Broadway musical. From the producer of The Lion King comes the timeless story of ALADDIN, a thrilling new production filled with unforgettable beauty, magic, comedy and breathtaking spectacle. It’s an extraordinary theatrical event where one lamp and three wishes make the possibilities infinite. January 3 - 5 JURASSIC WORLD LIVE Jurassic World comes to life for the first time in a touring arena show! Your trip to Isla Nublar takes a terrifying turn after the Indominus rex escapes and causes chaos in the park! The adventure continues as you join forces with a team of scientists to unravel a corrupt plan and save Jeanie, an all-new dinosaur, from a terrible fate. Along the way, experience some of Jurassic World’s most iconic dinosaurs including Blue the Raptor, Triceratops, Pteranodons and the mighty Tyrannosaurus rex!

while Ivan uncovers life’s greatest mysteries deep inside the priceless works of art, one dazzling illusion at a time. January 7 - 31 BUSCH GARDENS REAL MUSIC REAL MASTERS

January 7 THE TAMPA THEATRE BALCONY TO BACKSTAGE TOUR Where does the organ go when the movie starts? Why is there a stuffed peacock perched near the proscenium? (And, for that matter, what is a “proscenium” anyway?) Learn the Theatre’s secrets, stories, art and architecture and witness its historic restoration efforts with a “balcony to backstage” tour of Tampa’s majestic movie palace. January 9 - 12 WALT DISNEY WORLD MARATHON WEEKEND

Busch Gardens Tampa Bay’s longest running concert series returns! This amazing concert series brings unique acts to Stanleyville Theater, including firstrate tribute acts, acrobatic performances and chart-topping artists from the greatest musical eras. Grab a seat in the climatecontrolled Stanleyville Theater and see these memorable acts live at Busch Gardens. January 7 TODDLER TUESDAYS AT ZOO TAMPA In honor of Manatee Awareness Month, this month’s Toddler Tuesday will be all about manatees. Join us as we read “Kobee Manatee: Heading Home to Florida” by Robert Scott Thayer and “A Manatee Morning” by Jim Arnosky. After the readings, stick around for an exclusive animal mingle.

January 4, 11, 18 & 25 DILLYDALLY WITH DALI Children can discover the creative world of Dali through games, puzzles and arts + crafts activities which educate and encourage family interaction. Dillydally with Dali takes place under the direction of the museum’s Family Programs Coordinator in the 1st floor Education Classroom.

Vancouver Canucks, the Arizona Coyotes, and the Los Angeles Kings.

January 7 CHILDREN’S BOARD OF HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY FREE TUESDAY The Glazer Children’s Museum proudly presents a Free Admission Tuesday program held on the first Tuesday of every month, between 12-7pm. Join us and great partners like WEDU PBS for free, family fun.

January 5 January 7, 9 & 14 ILLUSIONIST IVAN AMODEI PRESENTS TAMPA BAY LIGHTNING HOME GAMES SECRETS & ILLUSIONS The Tampa Bay Lightning have become Illusionist and Winner of Penn & Teller one of the NHL’s must-see franchises. FOOL US, Ivan Amodei will arrive at Without a doubt, the Lightning are one of the Straz Center with his new stage show the best experiences in sports, and a visit SECRETS & ILLUSIONS. Set on the to Amalie Arena makes it easy to see why. streets of Paris, you’ll enter the legendary This January make plans to come out and Louvre Museum, where an enchanting “Be the Thunder” as the Bolts take on the musical muse escorts you through galleries, Say you saw it in the Gulf Coast Family Newspaper

Come join Mickey and friends for an extraordinary race weekend—put your endurance through the paces, enjoy amazing entertainment and earn commemorative medals. Dare to test your limits? Try a multi-race challenge for the chance to earn even more medals. No matter your skill level, you’ll be a part of a community of fun-spirited runners— uniquely Disney! January 11 MONSTER JAM Don’t miss Monster Jam this January at Raymond James Stadium. You can see the massive trucks up close, meet your favorite drivers and crews, get autographs, take pictures and enjoy other family-friendly activities. It’s an unforgettable part of the Monster Jam experience where special connections are made and lifelong fans are born. This is Monster Jam. January 11 TAMPA BAY HISTORY CENTER’S LIVING HISTORY SATURDAYS Get face-to-face with Florida history during Living History Saturdays! Each month, a living historian will tell stories, show artifacts and give a short presentation on a different Florida-related theme. Discover what life at sea was like for an 18th

century privateer, listen to a young couple navigating changing social attitudes during the 1960s, or hear about the home front in 1940s Tampa during WWII. Free with admission. January 11, 18 & 25 MINECRAFT MANIA AT MOSI You’ve dug dirt, punched a tree, slayed a zombie or twenty . . . now it’s time to put those skills to the test in MOSI’s Minecraft Mania! Play on custom-designed individual and multiplayer worlds and scenarios found only at MOSI. Each week will feature a new adventure where you will learn useful tips and tricks that will guide you on becoming a Minecraft Designer, Adventurer, and even Master. January 11 WINTER JAM Christian music’s premiere multi-artist annual outing, the Winter Jam Tour Spectacular, returns to Tampa’s AMALIE Arena with a fan-favorite headliner,

GRAMMY®-nominated singer/songwriter Crowder. Winter Jam, which is hallmarked annually by its musical diversity, central focus on the Gospel, and a “no ticket required”, will come to Amalie Arena on this January. Highlighted by a time of worship each evening, renowned worshippers Passion and acclaimed Passion Movement founder Louie Giglio, will be featured during the tour’s stop in Tampa.

January 11 - 12 SHARK DAYS AT THE FLORIDA AQUARIUM Join The Florida Aquarium for a weekend dedicated to our ocean’s apex predators— sharks! There will be fun and educational activities throughout the Aquarium from 9:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. In between activities, see special shark dive presentations in the Coral Reef Gallery; and hear more about sharks at the Aquarium’s Ranger Station in the Wetlands Trail gallery. January 15 CELINE DION One of the most immediately recognized and widely respected superstars in pop music history, Céline Dion, is coming to Amalie Arena. Dion’s COURAGE WORLD TOUR, is her first U.S. tour in over 10 years. Delighting her fans with a very special performance of songs from her chart-topping catalogue, Dion will close the concert with an intimate Q&A with the audience.

January 17 - Feb 24 2020 EPCOT INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF THE ARTS AT WALT DISNEY WORLD RESORT Catch captivating performances everywhere you turn at the Epcot International Festival of the Arts. The event features visiting artists, an array of foodie delights and opportunities for guests to embrace their own inner artists. Immerse yourself in a world of color, culture and creativity when the Festival of the Arts returns this January!




DEC 19 – JAN 5 THE STRAZ IT’S BROADWAY AT ITS BEST. 813.229.STAR (7827) • STRAZCENTER.ORG • Group Sales (10+ get a discount): 813.222.1016 or 1047 Events, days, dates, times, performers and prices are subject to change without notice. Handling fees will apply. DECEMBER 2019

To advertise, call 727-612-0783 ALADDIN ad_TBParenting_12.1.indd 1


January 2020 • 43 10/24/19 11:37 AM

January 17 4TH ANNUAL SPACE RACE Now for the 4th year in a row, Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex presents the Space Race, benefiting United Way of Brevard. The Space Race is a 3K course throughout Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex and registration is now open! Enjoy a view of the historic Rocket Garden, the full-sized booster stack at the entrance of Space Shuttle Atlantis® and the Mercury 7 mural on Heroes & Legends featuring the U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame. January 18 EXPLORE MORE! FAMILY DAYS AT MFA Join the Museum of Fine Arts St. Petersburg the third Saturday of the month for a special day of family fun! With arts and crafts, family tours, and other special programming, there is so much to do at the MFA. Each month will feature a different theme so your family can explore with us again and again! This month’s theme is the Art & Science of Seeing.


January 18 - 19 C.S. LEWIS: THE SCREWTAPE LETTERS This acclaimed and faithful stage adaptation of C.S. Lewis’ satiric masterpiece follows Screwtape, a senior tempter in Hell, as he schemes to capture the soul of an unsuspecting human on earth; and reveals spiritual warfare in vivid, humorous and powerful ways.

Come enjoy the 2020 Ashley HomeStore Children’s Gasparilla presented by Chickfil-a on Saturday, January 18th. The Children’s Gasparilla Parade has been sailing down Bayshore Blvd since 1947. Thousands of pirates, marching bands, dance groups, and other community organizations all participate in the wonderful annual event that is all about the kids. All events on this day are alcohol free.




U .S .


January 25 - 26 SEAWORLD’S JACK HANNA WEEKEND Join “Jungle Jack” Hanna for wild animal shows, autograph signings and special meet-and-greets when he visits SeaWorld on January 25 and 26. The internationallyknown animal expert will share animal facts and travel tales from his adventures around the world during animal shows at Nautilus Theater.

A walk through history in LEGO® bricks

NOW OPEN Featuring key figures from Mozart to Martin Luther King Jr., and events like the Boston Tea Party and the Moon Landing, see pivotal moments in world history come to life in LEGO® bricks.

©2019 The LEGO® Group. Brick History is not sponsored, endorsed or otherwise supported by the LEGO Group.

44 • January 2020

January 25 STAR WARS: RETURN OF THE JEDI IN CONCERT Experience Star Wars as never before with Ruth Eckerd Hall’s live performance of Star Wars Live In Concert: Episode VI Return of the Jedi. This concert will feature the full- length film on the big screen with The Florida Orchestra performing the music of John Williams.

801 Water Street • 813.228.0097 Tampa Riverwalk @tampabayhistory

January 20 MLK DREAM BIG 2020 & FAMILY FUN DAY AT TROPICANA FIELD With the support of the Tampa Bay Rays, this event will begin immediately following the Parade in Tropicana parking lot. There will be plenty of vendors to purchase your favorite foods or stylish outfits from. Not to mention free entertainment and fun for the entire family made possible by our generous sponsors.

Smithsonian Affiliate



January 29 DOKTOR KABOOM - LIVE WIRE! THE ELECTRICITY SHOW Doktor Kaboom will explore the fundamentals of electrical energy and the history of humanity’s adventures into its

Say you saw it in the Gulf Coast Family Newspaper

potential. At the dawn of the 19th century, mankind first harnessed the power of electricity, the world changed and the journey still continues. January 30 THE FLORIDA ORCHESTRA PRESENTS THE WILD WEST Enjoy a morning of Music at the Mahaffey Theater. The Florida Orchestra will be performing music from the American West, including Williams’ The Cowboys Overture, along with selections from Copland’s Rodeo and Billy the Kid Ballet Suite. Akiko Fujimoto conducts. Free coffee and doughnuts. January 31 STOMP The award winning international percussion sensation, STOMP is a unique combination of percussion, movement and visual comedy. STOMP has created its own inimitable, contemporary form of rhythmic expression. Both household and industrial objects find new life as musical instruments in the hands of an idiosyncratic band of body percussionists, who use everything but conventional percussion instruments to fill the stage with a compelling and unique act that is often imitated but never duplicated. February 1 A GALA EVENING WITH BERNADETTE PETERS The multiple award-winning Broadway, film and TV star joins the Florida Orchestra at the Mahaffey Theater for heartfelt renditions of songs by Sondheim, Rodgers & Hammerstein and more. Michael Francis conducts. A great concert for a great cause: your Florida Orchestra.

Have an Event? Email submissions to for consideration or visit our online calendar at

The Gulf Coast Family Weekender





HAPPY NEW YEAR! Jurassic World Live Tour Amalie Arena Experience some of Jurassic World’s most iconic dinosaurs including Blue the Raptor, Triceratops, Pteranodons and the mighty Tyrannosaurus rex!



Christian music’s largest annual tour kicks off its 2020 season on January 10 in Tampa.


Disney’s International Festival of the Arts Walt Disney World Epcot Experience the ultimate cultural celebration as food, art and entertainment perfectly merge into this 4th annual event!

Steve Martin & Martin Short Ruth Eckerd Hall

This celebrated comedy show redefines the form in unexpected and profound ways, from two of the funniest, most influential and acclaimed talents of the past century.


Discover a whole new world at Disney’s ALADDIN, the hit Broadway musical. It’s an extraordinary theatrical event where one lamp and three wishes make the possibilities infinite.


Winter Jam Amalie Arena



Disney’s Aladdin Straz Center


This cultural celebration boasts authentic Latin traditions, live entertainment honoring the three wise men.


Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend

Run the most magical course on earth during the final race of Disney’s Marathon Raymond James Stadium Weekend.

95 East West Shrine Game Tropicana Field th

The East-West Shrine Game gives top college players a chance to showcase their talents and support Shriners Hospitals for Children.


3 Kings Celebration Busch Gardens

Gasparilla Parade Of Pirates Downtown Tampa


C.S. Lewis: The Screwtape Letters Straz Center

This acclaimed stage adaptation of C.S. Lewis’ satiric masterpiece follows Screwtape as he schemes to capture the soul of an unsuspecting human on earth.


Tropicana Field Don’t miss this grand opportunity to meet with the area’s top home improvement experts! They’re ready to meet you with great demonstrations, giveaways, tips and so much more.

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Loie Life is too short to have boring hair!


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Jasmine You had me at bacon!

Anna A smile is a curve that sets everything straight.

Aiden Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in our hearts!

Westside Christian School K – 12 Christ Centered, Preparing for Purpose What makes Westside Christian School different? We teach to the student – not all students learn the same – so how can they be taught the same? Individual lesson plans, building and preserving their confidence, leading and growing to their full potential is at the heart of Westside. McKay and Step-Up Scholarships accepted.

46 • January 2020

Tuesday and Thursday Free clubs for students: Art, Digital Photography, Chess, Discovering God’s World Science Club

Wednesday Youth Group, Praise Band and Yearbook Elementary Art, Computer and Spanish classes

Free tutoring

Say you saw it in the Gulf Coast Family Newspaper


Westside Christian School 11633 137th St. N., Largo


Call for a campus tour Like us on Facebook Westside Christian School – Home of the Warriors

START HERE SYLVAN HAS EXACTLY WHAT YOU NEED More than 7 million parents have trusted Sylvan to deliver results. Wherever your child is in the education journey, we can help. Get ready for a big impact in school, at homework time and in life!

Advancement & Test Prep


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Proven, intensive tutoring programs

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Multiple Pricing Options & Flexible Schedules Start with our Insight Assessment

Affordable Monthly Memberships taught by Sylvan teachers - subject matter experts


Flexible Schedules for our SAT/ACT Courses Free Practice Tests & 26 hours of personalized instruction

Sylvan of St. Petersburg & Seminole 3951 Tyrone Blvd.



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Say it all.


A Home for Christian Families

January 15, 9am January 27, 7pm Kindergarten January 29, 9am Kindergarten February 12, 9am March 11, 9am April 15, 9am

As a Christian school united by common beliefs and values, it is no wonder Keswick has become something much larger. Students, families, faculty, and staff are bound together as a community of believers united in a single mission and purpose. It’s an atmosphere where warmth and love are demonstrated daily, and where families enjoy a wonderful peace of mind knowing they have made the right educational choice for their child. That, will make you smile. Experience Keswick for yourself: or call 727.393.9100 for a cheerful tour.

Infants – 12th grade 10101 54th Avenue North St. Petersburg, Florida 33708 FINANCIAL AID AVAILABLE

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Gulf Coast Family - January 2020  

Gulf Coast Family's primary purpose is to encourage families along the Gulf Coast by providing worthwhile information that deals with family...

Gulf Coast Family - January 2020  

Gulf Coast Family's primary purpose is to encourage families along the Gulf Coast by providing worthwhile information that deals with family...