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Reading is an adventure that begins early inbya child’s life. Judy Adorno, Director, Sylvan St. Petersburg Parents play a key role in helping their child become a life-long reader by instilling the joy of reading at an early age. Educational experts recommend that parents spend at least one hour per week — or 10 to 15 minutes a day — reading with children long before school starts. Reading skills and habits develop young, so it’s important for parents to encourage their children’s love of reading. PRE-K READING: INTRODUCING THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF READING Pre-K children eagerly soak up information about the world around them. (Don’t you just love watching your child’s eyes light up when his or her curiosity is sparked?) Have you noticed that books, new words and “once upon-a-times” are capturing your child’s imagination?

This is the perfect time to bring words to life with pre-K reading activities. Use a multi-sensory approach to introduce your child to the wonderful world of stories, sounds and letters. Try a variety of reading activities so your child gets to see, hear, touch and move around — a truly engaging approach to learning to read. Read stories aloud and act them out. Or, pick a storybook character and pretend that character is coming to dinner. As you read a favorite book to your child point to the words as you say them — encouraging her to recognize that words have meaning. To motivate and inspire your soon-tobe-reader, give supportive feedback and lots of fun books to choose from.

KINDERGARTEN: CREATING A STRONG FOUNDATION FOR READING Reading aloud continues to be important with Kindergarten children, as it helps them to develop language skills. Encouraging discussion with a child also contributes to language development and can help with reading too. Nurture your kindergarteners reading behaviors by helping your child relate read-aloud stories to events in her life. Subscribe to a magazine for your child to learn about topics that interest him and have fun making cookies together — using the recipe to demonstrate the need for reading and math.

Don’t forget to read outside the home as well there are many opportunities to read to your child — and have him read back to you — as you’re running errands, attending events, or dining out. Parents can also take advantage of reading opportunities on the Internet. For example, Book Adventure is a free, interactive, reading motivation program created by Sylvan Learning and found online at www.BookAdventure.com. For additional tips on instilling the joy of reading and making learning a fun family endeavor, visit the “Parent Resources” area of www.SylvanLearning.com. For more info­rmation about your local Sylvan, call 727-347-6284 or visit www.SylvanLearning.com/SaintPetersburgFl.


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Gulf Coast Family's primary purpose is to encourage families along the Gulf Coast by providing worthwhile information that deals with family...