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Preparing for an Emergency in Your Home by Charles A. Welborn, MD, MPH, FAAP, FACEP Medical Director, After Hours Pediatrics Urgent Care As part of National Emergency Medical Services Week (May 15-21), May 18th will honor Emergency Medical Services for Children (EMSC). Emergency care for children has changed over the past several years with new standards for child-sized equipment, child-directed treatment regimens and specialized training for 911 providers on how to care for children. The 911 system is designed to provide emergency care to those with life threatening conditions or in life threatening

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situations. In order to assist these pre-hospital providers to best care for your child in an emergency, here are a few hints to help you be prepared ahead of time: 1. If your child takes any medications, it is important to keep an up-to-date list of the name of the medicine, how much your child takes and how often they take it.

3. Keep a list of important documents, such as allergies, insurance coverage, guardianship documents and immunization records, etc. All of these items can be place in an envelope on top of your refrigerator so they are easily accessible in an emergency.

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4. Think ahead about in what type of situations you may need to call 911. Remember, 911 should be reserved for true emergencies. Examples include your child not being able to breath, being unresponsive, losing consciousness after a fall or bleeding that you cannot stop. These represent potential life threatening conditions for which your child may need an immediate intervention. You should not activate the 911 system if your child has a fever, bumped their head while running but did not lose consciousness, or is crying a lot. None of these conditions is life threatening. In these instances, you may want to take your child to his or her pediatrician or pediatric urgent care facility for evaluation.

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5. Take basic first aid classes so you can learn how to take care of your child’s non-life threatening conditions.



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Hopefully you will never need to call 911, but you should always be prepared none-the-less. Here are a few more things to keep in mind to help 911 find you: • Your house number should be large and easily visible from the street. • If activating the 911 system at night, turn on lights so it is easier to find your residence. • Gather the emergency documents listed above. During National Emergency Medical Services Week, we recognize members of the 911/emergency response system for the dedication and life-saving services they bring to our communities. Being prepared for an emergency is as important as knowing how to access 911 and it can help 911 providers do their best job.

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2. Keep a list of emergency phone numbers, including all contact information for parents or guardians, your child’s doctor and your child’s pharmacy.


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Dr. Charles A. Welborn is a board certified pediatrician at After Hours Pediatrics Urgent Care (www.afterhourspediatrics.com). May 2018 • 35

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