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• Which of us would make the best teacher? Hanna. • Which of us would make the best chef? Daniel again. • Which of us would make the best Disney character? Haylee.

Parent to Parent

• Which of us would make the best architect? David.

Do you notice a pattern? The kids that aren’t Daniel definitely did! Of course many of the occupations were things that none of my kids are well-suited for, so the process of elimination frequently led me to my creative, low-key younger son. I don’t actually think Daniel would make a great waiter for example - he’s a little too laid back with no sense of urgency. But while David is very precise and would probably never make a mistake on an order, he is also very impatient and could easily end up alienating a good number of customers and kitchen employees alike. Then my sweet, outgoing, but slightly scatterbrained Hanna would have a great rapport with her customers and coworkers, but might never actually get an order right. And while Haylee might eventually come out of her shell, at this point in her life, she is too shy to think she will ever make a living at a profession that requires that level of customer interaction.

• Which of us would make the best waiter/waitress? Daniel.

We had a good time, and I think it helped the kids to recognize some of their own strengths as well as

My kids and I had an interesting conversation at dinner the other day. One of them would ask me, “Which one of us would make the best...?” Then I was supposed to determine which of the four would be the best at that particular occupation. Because of the occupations they picked though, it ended up going something like this: • Which of us would make the best artist? That would be Daniel.

those of their siblings as we talked about the reasons for each of the answers. And had they asked about different professions like “Who would make the best actor?” (not Daniel), “Who would make the best pharmacist?” (nope, not Daniel), or “Who would make the best pilot?” (definitely not Daniel!), the results might not have been quite so lopsided. And they never did ask me who would make the best lawyer either. But with David giving me at least two or three reasons why he was actually the best choice for every single occupation except “Disney character”, I can assure you that would have been a very obvious decision! Until next time,





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