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Consisting of more than sixty original screen-used costumes and props from all seven Star Wars films, innumerable pages of original concept art and paintings and all the love and creativity used to bring a galaxy far, far away to life, Star Wars and the Power of Costume is a must-see event for even the most casual Star Wars fan. The exhibit opened in November and will be at the MFA till April 1st, giving anyone who might travel to the Tampa Bay area the perfect opportunity to witness the living art of

the greatest space opera to grace our theater screens. The Museum of Fine Arts St. Petersburg has dedicated a substantial amount of space to the exhibit, ensuring that the rooms never feel claustrophobic and lending an austere grandness to the entire experience through some truly ingenious uses of lighting. Like most selfguided exhibits, your ticket to Star Wars and the Power of Costume entitles you to an audio handset that gives details

about the costumes and designs when prompted. Most rooms in the exhibit are centered around a particular theme such as “Royalty and Beyond,” “Outlaws and Outsiders,” “Droid Designs,” or “Jedi vs. Sith,” - an intriguing way to arrange the various costumes and props that works far better than simple chronology to compare and contrast design and craftsmanship across the saga.

see entering the exhibit is the original storyboard drawing of the opening scene to “The Star Wars,” and it perfectly sets the tone for your experience. Virtually every room after has design sketches and paintings and storyboard pages covering the walls, begging for your attention. And every one of them is an original, pulled from the Lucas film Archives just for this exhibit.

Star Wars and the Power of Costume has a refreshing focus towards the Prequel Trilogy, ensuring that all parts of the saga are represented as equally as possible. But many Star Wars fans will likely want to visit the MFA just for the costumes of the Original Trilogy. The costumes are remarkably well-preserved, allowing the audience to get closer than they ever have to a piece of film history. Just a few of the pieces shown are Princess Leia’s white gown and slave bikini, Luke Skywalker’s Jedi robes, and even a full set of Boba Fett’s original armor. Something that may take visitors by surprise is the amount of concept art posted in the exhibit. The very first artifact you

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