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Why Is It So Important to Wear Retainers After Orthodontic Treatment? by Dr. Nick Reynolds, Northeast Orthodontics “Really? My kid has to wear the retainer every night for the rest of their life? When I had braces, my orthodontist told me to wear it for just a couple years and then stop.” This is a very common comment we hear from curious parents when discussing the importance of wearing retainers after orthodontic treatment is completed. Where the misconception came from, we really aren’t quite sure. The evidence has been in the literature for decades about treatment relapse being predictable in both amount and timing. Nonetheless, the same surprised expression on parents’ faces are seen weekly when we deliver the news that we recommend night time wear, or as we call it, “nighttime for a lifetime” of the retainers after braces come off. For those of you wondering what exactly a retainer is and what it does, I will digress

and fill you in! The point of braces is to take your teeth from the natural position your body wants them in, to a position of a perfect bite and a handsome or beautiful smile. Once braces come off, we like to describe the teeth as being in “wet cement”. The bone and gum tissue around each and every tooth is immature. If left alone, your body will immediately fight to put the teeth back into the “natural” position they were before you ever had braces. The reality is, you have natural orthodontic forces in your mouth twentyfour hours a day. Your teeth’s position are a result of cheek pressure, tongue pressure and chewing forces. Braces did a great job overpowering those forces and putting the teeth in their perfect position, and retainers are your insurance policy of keeping them there. The retainers themselves are typically made of plastic, or acrylic, and they fit over the teeth to keep them placed in the proper position. Ev-

ery patient has unique teeth, and unique treatment circumstances, so we prescribe and tailor make the retainers for each individual patient. Our office has a protocol of requesting you wear your retainers full time (twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week) for the first month after the braces come off, and then we will taper the number of hours down to nighttime only wear (approximately eight to ten hours) by month three. We find that starting full time and tapering down the number of hours increases the chance of the patient’s compliance with following the protocol long term and minimizes the pressure and soreness of wearing the retainers much quicker. Additionally, we also offer a bonded wire retainer behind the lower front teeth, if requested. We are very proud of our treatments, and want you to

maintain that healthy and wonderful smile forever. After all, our completed cases are our best advertisement. We want you to walk around town with a huge smile on your face, and tell everyone it was our office that made your smile perfect!

Dr. Nick Reynolds “Since as long as I can remember, it’s been my goal to pursue a career in which I can work with my hands, help someone everyday, be artistic, strive for perfection, and provide for my community. Orthodontics is the perfect marriage of all those things. I couldn’t see myself doing anything else! My goal at Northeast Orthodontics is to provide the children and adults of St. Petersburg with handsome and beautiful smiles while providing first class service, state of the art care, and a friendly atmosphere.”

MORNING STAR SCHOOL Serving Students with Special Learning Needs Since 1969 Morning Star School offers a comprehensive curriculum tailored to the individuals needs of each student in a small, caring environment for grades 1-12.

• The maximum student-to-teacher ratio is 12:1. • All classroom teachers are ESE certified and certified by the state of Florida. • Speech and OT are part of the school day for qualifying students.

Where Fut�res Begin

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• Christian studies, Art, Music Therapy and PE are part of our Please join us on January 25th at 9am for our open house and school tour! program. RSVP to (727) 544-6036. • Our High School program includes a Life Skills curriculum.

• We accept the McKay Scholarship and Gardiner Scholarship.


4661 80th Avenue North • Pinellas Park, FL 33781


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Gulf Coast Family - February 2018  

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