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Are Your Kids Back to School? Back to the Routine?

By Ana Frias

Today we will talk a little bit about how sports and especially Jiu-jitsu can help your children with their daily routine and why regular sports practice is such an important component of school development. A recent study conducted by The Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine study screened 12,000 6 to 18-year-old children and concluded that physical activity contributes to cognition, increasing the blood supply and oxygen to the brain, decreasing stress and improving concentration and humor. Nowdays, children are spending less time throughout the day doing physical activity and more time in front of their computer screens. While access to the internet and fast information can be good, too much time in front of the screen can also be detrimental. As parents we must be very careful with both how and how much our children use technology. We at American Top Team ST Pete are sport educators and we know how important it is to have a good balance in order to be successful at school. So school and Jiu-jitsu can make your child a more complete human being. Here are just a few of the advantages Jiu-jitsu training can have on your children: • Most children spend 7 hours or more a day at school. As a result, many parents end up signing their children up in an after school “babysitting” program because there are no other options. Children get stressed and get tired from sitting down for many hours. What a difference

though, just one hour of sports practice can make on the wellbeing of your child! It helps them grow physically, helps prevent injuries and increases the blood supply to their brains. Jiu-jitsu is a complete sport that moves all muscles of the body. • Increased focused physical activity also has been proven to help greatly with children’s behavior! As Jiu-jitsu is an individual sport, it will help children develop the competitive instinct they own. Children learn how to win and how to lose. We must teach children how to deal with the loss and how to learn from it. And then start all over again to accomplish the goal and win and to become a victorious human being. Jiu-jitsu teaches this every single day. This will also help them understand that a bad test today can motivate them to study more and do a better test tomorrow. • Physical activities also develop self discipline which will carry over into the classroom. As with most things in life, learning is developed through habit and routine. With Jiu-Jitsu children learn on TATAMI that they must respect their SESEi master and after some months they understand that this should be the same type of respect they show their school teacher, who studied for years to teach them and prepare them for their future. Discipline is taught from how the uniform is to be worn, to the respect they should have for their training friends.

medication to calm him down and for that reason they decided to enroll him in Jiu-Jitsu classes earlier than Ana Luiza. Jorge started practicing Jiu-jitsu at the age of 4 and he has been learning how to love others every day and that you can train with your opponent and respect him. Although his aggressiveness was making his parents worried, the Jiu-Jitsu training started to make a difference at his behavior both and home and at school. He became a new child as he was using his energy in sports and it was a scape valve. Thanks to the routine, he learned there is a time for everything. American Top Team St Pete as a family gym worries about your child’s education. Master Junior Fernandes and his wife Ana both agree that Jiu-jitsu has played an important role in the education and development of their two children. For example, our daughter Ana Luiza Fernandes has been a shy child since she was little and for her it was very hard for her to go to school. She used to cry a lot and she did not like school, as she found it hard to make new friends. After 4 years of Jiu-jitsu training, she feels more secured, communicative, loves going to school and joining clubs and projects. On the other hand, our son Jorge Fernandes “Jorjao” has always been a secured boy with high self-esteem. Since he was little, he went to day cares where he had some behavior issues and even, “bullying” other children. Jorge was diagnosed with DDI (Dissociative identity disorder) and he was prescribed

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This is just one of the examples of how Jiu-jitsu helps different personalities. Today Jorge does not take any medication and he is in a special class at school, collecting many medals at home. Although Jiu-jitsu is an individual sport, it cannot be practiced without an opponent. At American Top Tem ST Pete students are taught the importance of team work. Teaching a position to a friend will make you grow. That will be your best training. Jiu-jitsu is a contact sport and the constant trainings will create a bond between them for the rest of their lives. We hope this information helps demonstrate how physical training and especially Jiu-jitsu can help your child with both their physical development and their development at school. We are so confident with the results, that challenge to you train with us for a week to see for yourself. For more information, call (954) 638-0860 or at

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