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Now they didn’t know how badly we needed a bunny until my 13-year-old, Hanna, went to a friend’s birthday party a few weeks ago. The birthday girl’s family raises bunnies, and had more than could fit in their hutch at the time, so they decided a good party game would be to release a few bunnies into their backyard and let any of the guests who could catch one keep it.

Parent to Parent So what does a family with four kids, two dogs, a cat, and a couple dozen fish need the most?

Well Hanna caught a bunny, but she left that party with another friend whose mom wouldn’t let her bring it in her car. She told Hanna to leave the bunny at the birthday girl’s house, she could ask us if it was okay for her to have the bunny, and then the birthday girl could bring it to her on Monday if it was. Well, yes, Hanna did ask if she could keep the bunny. We told her “no,” but not surprisingly, that information never made it back to the birthday girl. So on Monday after school, when only my 16-yearold, Daniel, was at home, the bunny arrived at our house.

• Is it stock in a pet food company? Well, that wouldn’t hurt, would it? But no, the dogs are small, fish don’t eat much, and there are certainly families out there with more and bigger pets than ours anyway. • Is it a housekeeper or a maid? I would definitely say so, but unfortunately, I have been almost unanimously outvoted. It turns out that, according to my four kids, what that family needs more than anything else is:


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It’s been several weeks now, and so far, Hanna has done a good job taking care of the bunny herself. But if anyone who raises any kind of reptile or rodent tries to invite one of my kids to a birthday party, they’re not coming! Until next time,


It’s a pretty well-known fact that if you don’t want

A bunny, of course!


an animal to live with you, you should not let it into your house. And that was definitely true of this bunny. Once its box entered into our house, it immediately joined our family. Any suggestion of letting it go, giving it away, etc. was met with crying and accusations of abandoning a family member. Like I said, they hadn’t known it before, but the thing we needed most was that bunny!

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