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Young Health Talk: Flu Season  As the flu season fast approaches, many of my patients are seeking my advice as to whether or not to get the flu shot. Firstly, I stress it’s their decision, but as for myself, I won’t be getting one. Your first response to this may be that firstly, a doctor, as a first responder, should arm himself against the flu in order to be available himself to treat the sick, and secondly he should do so as an example to others. Be assured, I have come by my decision after much study and deliberation, so let me list my reasons. It’s in February, at the end of the flu season, when the WHO (World Health Organization) gathers data from scientists from around the world, giving their best educated guess as to what flu strain will be the most prevalent come November/ December. Sometimes their prediction is accurate, sometimes it’s not. If their prediction is off, it means the flu shot prepared for that year’s flu is of little help. And even if they get it right, the

flu shot is not comprehensive enough to tackle all the types of flu strains circulating during flu season. Another reason I choose not to get the flu shot is that many patients, after getting the shot, come down with flu anyway, as this is a side effect of taking the vaccination. So what do I recommend instead? I have several tricks up my sleeve. Firstly, I make sure I’m getting enough protein each day. (Take your weight and divide by 2 – that is the protein in grams you should be consuming each day to maintain a healthy immune system). Secondly, I need to maintain my iodine levels. Thirdly, I need to take appropriate amounts of Vitamin C. Each person has a different tolerance level for Vitamin C. Take Vitamin C in small increments. Your goal is loose but formed stools. Diarrhea would be an indication that your body has hit its saturation point and you

by John D. Young, MD need to back down to the previous dosage. You’ll find that your daily dose may change. If you start fighting the flu, your body’s tolerance for vitamin C goes way up as it uses all the available C to fight the virus.

and trace minerals delivered intravenously. Because it bypasses the gut, the body is able to handle the higher doses of Vitamin C, B and magnesium. Speaking from personal experience, it works quickly and very effectively.

And finally, at the first sign of flu symptoms, I get a shot of Vitamin D3 (or I’ll take it orally if the shot is unavailable). If flu symptoms persist after I’ve taken these measures, I have one last bow in my quiver: the Myers IV cocktail. Developed by Dr. John Meyers, former Chief of Medicine at John Hopkins University of Medicine, it’s a combination of vitamins

Getting the flu shot does not guarantee you will not get the flu. But be assured, should you start feeling symptoms, there are some natural alternatives you can take to fight it. Please remember to consult with your physician before embarking on any vitamin regimen. To Your Health, John Young, MD

Dr. Young has been an Emergency Room Physician and Family Practitioner for over 16 years. He is an Assistant Professor of Medicine at Marshall School of Medicine, WV. Dr. Young’s ongoing research in alternative therapies has led to many innovative products being used around the world.

Treat the Cell, Heal the Body A Step Beyond Alternative Medicine Our goal is to treat each patient with specific remedies custom designed to attain optimal health on a cellular level. We endeavor to treat the root of a health issue, rather than just treat the symptoms. We believe that optimizing cellular nutrition and function is the best path to a healthier you. John Young, MD

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Gulf Coast Family's primary purpose is to encourage families along the Gulf Coast by providing worthwhile information that deals with family...