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How to Get Out of Your Workout Slump What Is Motivation?

Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary defines motivation as “that which gives purpose and direction to behavior.” Whether you’re motivation is to win, lose weight, build muscle or look amazing for your high school reunion – you need something to get you moving to make that happen.

Get your motivation back and your Fit on with these seven tips:

1. Plan to get past obstacles before they happen. If you’re skipping exercise because of family responsibilities, plan a family walk or outing and get everyone involved. 2. Try working out in the morning. You’ll have more energy throughout the day and won’t make the excuse to skip it because you’re tired or have to work late. 3. Workout with a friend. When a friend is waiting for you, you’re less likely to back out! 4. Make a list of goals and put them on the refrigerator. When you think about skipping your workout, go back and read your list. Remember why you’re doing this!

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5. Keep track of your progress. When you reach a goal, this will motivate you to keep going. LFF members can easily do this on LifeCenter™. 6. Plan your workouts the night before and be prepared with a workout bag ready to go so there are no excuses! 7. Reward yourself! It’s important to pat yourself on the back for reaching your goals. Get a massage, a new pair of workout shoes or plan a night on the town every so often.

Active workouts to switch up your routine: • Roller Blading • Ice Skating • Group fitness classes such as Yoga, CXWORX™ or Zumba® • Group training such as a Boot Camp or personal training to strengthen weak areas of the body or improve flexibility • 5Ks, 10Ks or trail runs Feel motivated? Take these ideas and make your fitness success a reality!

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Did you know

that there are over 114,000 children and youth throughout the United States in foster care who are currently waiting for adoptive families. November is National Adoption Month, a month set aside each year to raise awareness about the adoption of children and youth from foster care. In his proclamation recognizing National Adoption Month, President Obama reminds us that “All children deserve a safe, loving family to protect and care for them.” If you are interested in learning more about the waiting children here in our area, we encourage you to contact the Heart Gallery at (866) 233-0790.

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voice | piano | guitar | Drums | Uke | Rock Band | Hip Hop | Lyrical | Tap | Combo | improv | Sketch Comedy | Writing | Directing | Audition | Music Theatre

November is National Adoption Month

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