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Managing a family is a big job with so much to do. The question is… how do you get it all done or how do you get it done easier?

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The answer is that it’s not just about time management. It’s about “Energy Management.” You can accomplish more when you are energized. Your brain can prioritize better when it is energized. Another Red Bull is not the answer, however. Compare energy management with the recipe for an amazing meal. It will not turn out like you hoped if you skimp or shortcut the process. Your body will not give you what you need if you do the same. Here is where most people struggle. They do not know the right recipe for how to have abundant energy. Let’s cover a few choices.

by Nicole Dennison, Certified Life and Health Coach

Choose the right vitamins: It is very difficult to get all the nutrients we need directly from our food, so instead having the right combination of supplements can make all the difference in the world. Supplementation will give your body what it lacks so you can get your day accomplished easier, and with energy to spare. To help you even more so with energy and time management, next month’s topic is Fast Food Eating: Tips to Eat Healthy, Yet Fast.

Choose the right food: Physical energy is derived from assimilated nutrients. Organic vs. non-Organic, GMO vs. Non-GMO and packaged vs. fresh raise questions. The best answer for creating sustained energy is to go with fresh food that has not been scientifically tampered with or sprayed with toxic chemicals. Choose the right drinks: Sometimes when the body feels hungry or tired, it is thirsty. Try drinking 12 ounces of water when you feel a dip in energy. Soda, coffee and ‘energy drinks’ will give you an unhealthy temporary high. Sustained energy will happen with smart drinks like protein smoothies and vitamin infused water. Nicole Dennison is a Certified Life and Holistic Health Coach and the founder of Change the Course Coaching. She invites readers of Gulf Coast Family Magazine to accept her offer of a free 30-minute phone consultation to learn tips on how to have more energy and how to custom design the right nutritional supplementation plan. Recipients of her 30 minute consultation will receive a free casserole & quick meal recipe guide. Her website is or she can be reached at 727-644-4102.

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