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even a semi-clear picture. But hey, I don’t watch much TV myself other than sporting events, and the Lightning are having a terrible season anyway. Add that to the fact that we still have the smaller TV that works just fine, and I haven’t been in any hurry to replace it. My kids, on the other hand, have been begging us for a new TV.

“ My kids also have the So we have a “small” 32-inch television in our living room (isn’t it ridiculous that someone who grew up watching 13- and 19-inch TVs calls that small?), and until recently, a 51-inch television in our family room. The big TV is over 10 years old and has been going bad for several months now, starting with poor coloring, and eventually getting to the point where it would need to warm up for over 10 minutes to show

oddest ways of being “helpful” sometimes. ”

My kids also have the oddest ways of being “helpful” sometimes. David, my oldest, found an old projection TV at a yard sale and brought it home. One Saturday, while the rest of us were away, he decided to “help” by taking the worn out TV out to the trash (turns out the trash service won’t pick it up though), and replacing it with this 25-inch garage sale find. Then he couldn’t stop there. After hooking up the cable box and the Blu-ray player, he added an old 100-CD rack that we had out in the garage (ever hear

of an iPod, David?) and a VHS player (wow!). And now that we had a VHS player in our family room, we of course would need some tapes to play in it. So he went up to his sister’s room (she has an old TV/VHS combo), dumped out all her movies, and selected enough to fill up all of the shelves on the entertainment center (the rest he left lying on the floor in her room). Between the 25-inch projection TV and the shelves full of VHS tapes, our family room now comes straight out of the 90s! At least we don’t have an antenna. I’m sure I won’t be surprised though if for his next garage sale buy, David goes even more retro and comes home with an Atari or a record player. At least that would be retro enough to be cool! Until next time,


“Mom, I’m bored. There’s nothing to do.” If you’ve ever heard your child say that, then we have an adventure for you! “Bored” is never heard at a Soul Adventures summer camp. Imagine these experiences: • Kayaking • Rope courses • Paint balling • Paddle boarding • Sailing • Archery • Fishing • Beach olympics • Snorkeling • Mountain biking Combine these exploits with a powerful daily devotion time, and you have the recipe for an adventure that might just last a lifetime.

Summer will never be the


Camps offered by Soul Adventures: Jr. Adventure Camp (5-9 year olds) Adventure Camp (10-14 year olds) High School Adventure Trips Private Group Adventures (3-5 days avail.)

Reserve your adventure at Soul Adventures is located at 129 North Belcher Rd, Clearwater.

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