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February Family of the Month

What a wonderful perspective on life our February Family of the Month has! The Nowlin family finds true joy in life and each other and they show and share their love in so many ways. Charlie and Elizabeth first met while attending a Christian summer camp when they were in high school; however, the romance didn’t come until much later when “the time was right.” Since then, they have been blessed with a home filled with fun and laughter and not to mention three amazing boys! “Our children are the loves of our lives and it is a real joy to be able to take care of them. We get so much enjoyment from just watching them grow and learn and mature. The difficult part of parenting though is that we know there will be hard and disappointing moments—but parenting is not hard work, it is HEART work.” Together, the Nowlins know how to make the most of life! But this young family does know heartache too -- more than most of their peers can even imagine. “Our whole perspective on life changed this past year;

the experience brought our sense of family and faith to a much higher level,” explained the couple, as they recounted the courageous battle their son Everett fought this past year. “Over the past year, our family encountered incredible trials that could have so easily broken us. However, family, friends and strangers provided a very unique kind of care that allowed us to survive both individually and as a family. This year we discovered what it truly means to “love your neighbor” and we found out how many people were willing to drop their lives and help our family in so many ways. We couldn’t imagine doing this past year without them and our family is forever grateful for their love and service.” Tragedy has not stopped this young family’s love and support of one another. On the contrary, it has brought new meaning to their lives, and their bonds are stronger than ever. Gulf Coast Family commends you, Elizabeth and Charlie, not only for your positive spirit, but for reaching out to others through your experience.

Meet the Nowlin Family

Family Favorites

February equals strawberry season in our home, so that means heading to Parkesdale Farms to get some strawberry shortcake! February is also Heart month and as a family of a congenital heart patient we are thinking of other Heart families this month. Local “vacation-type” activity: We love Sailing Florida and have used them many times to charter sail boats out of St. Pete. Foods: Charlie loves LaTeresita’s Arroz Con Pollo, Elizabeth enjoys trying something new at every opportunity, Trenton likes Sushi, and Nate will have one more banana! Restaurants: We all love Capital Tacos because the food is amazing and we can ride our bikes there. Sports teams: The Auburn Tigers Movies: Star Wars and Marvel movies. Words of wisdom: Don’t be afraid

to trust an unknown future to a known God.

Our fondest memory from 2016. There was a Sunday evening this past year when most of our siblings, our three boys, our three nieces, and one nephew came over for a Marco's pizza picnic in the front yard. It was totally impromptu and one of the greatest family nights because we had all three of our boys. The big kids played and Everett's oxygen line reached just far enough for him to join the group and watch all the action. It was simple and beautiful!

Meet the Kids Trenton (13.5) is a kind and quiet kid who loves being outside fishing, riding his bike and playing with neighborhood friends. He’s enjoys passing the time playing Clash Royale and he can’t wait until Star Wars The Last Jedi comes out! Nate (2.5) loves every day of his life and fills his time with imagination based play. Recently he was sitting in his old Exersaucer with a 10 key calculator “flying an airplane”. He also loves playing outside, making friends at Publix and being towed in his bike trailer. It’s important to note that he’s joined the Dark Side!

16 • February 2017

The name Everett means “strong and courageous like a boar”, and boy was he ever! He was the strongest and most courageous little baby there has ever been. With God, his parents, his family and the medical team’s help, he scaled so many walls and overcame so many odds. We will always remember his joyful, fighting spirit.

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Gulf Coast Family - February 2017  

Gulf Coast Family's primary purpose is to encourage families along the Gulf Coast by providing worthwhile information that deals with family...

Gulf Coast Family - February 2017  

Gulf Coast Family's primary purpose is to encourage families along the Gulf Coast by providing worthwhile information that deals with family...