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Nope. She apparently would never share something so boring as a school assignment with me. She can take care of those just fine on her own, thank you! This was actually a slide show titled, “My Christmas Wishes,” and it was addressed “to Santa and Mommy” with the request to “please take this into account.”

Parent to Parent My daughter, Haylee’s 5th grade class has been using Google Docs a lot this year for writing assignments, so when I received an email the other day stating that she had shared a presentation with me, I assumed it would be a school assignment.

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Following the title page were twelve slides with pictures of the gifts she wants for each of the “12 Days of Christmas” this year. We have been doing a modified version for a few years now, where we get each of the kids a small gift on each of the 12 days leading up to Christmas (instead of the traditional 12 days following Christmas). In addition to the picture on each slide, she also included comments at the bottom with details such as the website where each toy could be ordered, the price (including shipping where applicable), and on a few of them, the compelling reason why she needs that particular item (“I do not own my favorite movie,” for example). I guess it really isn’t all that unexpected. After all, this is the same kid who has been writing notes to the Tooth Fairy every time she loses a tooth, negotiating what she believes to be a fair price. She has asked for as much as $35 for one tooth.

But actually, with the exception of one gift – “For my official Christmas present I would like the amazon fire 8 HD kids edition as you know and the car headrest mount for all kindle tablets” – her requests are pretty inexpensive. They are mostly stuffed animals, and the grand total, according to her notes, would come to a little over $300. Considering that we have four kids, it’s still a tad high, and she doesn’t really need that many new stuffed animals anyways. So she’ll still have a handful of days where her gift is a box of candy or some bathtub crayons. But you certainly can’t fault the girl for trying! Until next time,


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