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10 Tips for Keeping Your Teeth Extra Clean During Christmas Holidays by Dr. Nick Reynolds, Northeast Orthodontics

A beautiful, bright & white smile will always help you stay self-confident. Here are 10 tips for keeping your teeth extra clean during Christmas Holidays.

1. Eat right for whiter teeth.

If you are used to consuming coffee, black tea and on top of that you also smoke, chances are that your teeth look yellowish and spotted. After eating any foods that stain your teeth you should immediately brush them in order to avoid staining. Avoid dark juices, cola and gravies and get used to healthy snacks such as raw vegetables (apples, carrots, etc.) that help clean your teeth thoroughly.

2. Respect brushing times.

Latest researches have released a study according to which the perfect time for

brushing your teeth is two minutes. Two minutes are needed in order to cleanse your teeth from bacteria and harmful deposits. Use either a timer, or get used to humming a song such as “I Wish You A Merry Christmas” (it actually works!)

3. Use the brush lightly on your teeth.

There is a misconception that if you brush harder the teeth, you will cleanse them teeth better. Brush using circular movements, and by holding the brush at a 45 degree position against your gums.

5. Use only alcohol-free mouthwash.

your gums, use salt instead because it has the same whitening effect.

6. Always cleanse your tongue.

Make sure that you always have in handy a pair of scissors and bottle openers. Using your teeth for such purposes can break or chip them easily.

Rinses that contain alcohol dry your mouth excessively, and some studies have even proved that alcohol mouth washes increase the risk of oral cancer. Make sure to clean your tongue thoroughly in order to remove all the harmful bacteria deposits and to obtain a fresh breath. There are several professional brushes that come with a tongue scraper.

4. Tea is important for your teeth. 7. Use baking soda for Drink at least one cup every day, because tea contains important flavonoids and whiter teeth. fluoride that will prevent the bacteria from sticking to your teeth.

Use a small amount of baking soda to brush your teeth with it. Alternatively, if you feel that baking soda is rough on

8. Don’t use your teeth to open bottles or Christmas gifts with tear plastic covers.

9. Hydrate properly.

Make sure to drink one glass of water every hour while you are working. This way you will help flush all the harmful bacteria from your mouth, and you will also keep your digestive system healthy. The more water you drink, the healthier and whiter your teeth will be. Moreover, the risk for gum disease and cavities will also be significantly reduced.

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