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Back to School Health Tips

When the kids are in school, health should be one of your top priorities. Of course, learning is important, but lots of children in one place mean lots of germs. Following these tips will help your kids stay healthy and will make school health a top priority for your family.

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Finally, get your child into a healthy routine of exercise and sleep. If the physical exercise at school is limited, your child will need play/exercise time after school. Sleep is vitally important; most children need 8 to 10 hours of sleep to function optimally. If they don’t get the required amount, they simply will not be alert in class, have difficulty paying attention, and perhaps experience more behavioral problems.

Dr. Charles A. Welborn is a board certified pediatrician at After Hours Pediatrics Urgent Care (

Teach Your Kids to Wash Their Hands Washing hands is the best way to stay healthy both in school and out. Stock up on Tissues Be prepared for all those sniffles and sneezes that are bound to come while your kids are in school. Update Their Vaccines Vaccines help protect not only your child but also the other kids around them from lots of really serious illnesses. Get Your Hand Sanitizer Ready When their hands aren’t visibly soiled and soap and water just isn’t available, instant hand sanitizer works great. Pack Healthy Lunches Teaching healthy habits at home and making sure you either pack healthy lunches or teach your kids which foods to buy in the cafeteria, will go a long way to improving your child’s health at school. Encourage Physical Activity Research has shown that physical activity is just as important to your child’s health and development as mental activity. Keep Them Home When They Are Sick Keeping your child home will help him recover faster and will also prevent the illness from spreading to the rest of his classmates.


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