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Tiger Cubs Expected this August What better way to celebrate World Tiger day this past July 29th, than with the recent announcement by Walt Disney World that Sohni, a Sumatran tiger at the Maharajah Jungle Trek located in Asia at Disney’s Animal Kingdom is expecting her first litter of cubs in just a couple weeks. Disney shared this exciting news in the following announcement: “Disney is involved in efforts to save critically endangered Sumatran tigers. To date, the Disney Conservation Fund has provided nearly $2.5 million to protect tigers and their habitats. At Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park, Sumatran tigers Sohni and Malosi have been actively breeding, and we are delighted to announce that Sohni is pregnant and expecting cubs sometime in August.” Sohni and Malosi were introduced to Maharajah Jungle Trek after

a recent renovation. The previous tigers were relocated to make room for a breeding pair, as this is common for zoological facilities. It allowed Disney to be a part of a Sumatran tiger breeding program. Needless to say, it didn’t take long for these critically endangered Sumatran tigers to start breeding. It is not clear when the cubs will make their appearance at Maharajah Jungle Trek, but it will likely be a month or so after they are born, so that mom and cubs can bond. One thing is certain, Sohni has gotten excellent care during her pregnancy. The animal care staff and veterinarians make sure each animal receives the best care available. These tigers eat better steaks than you can find at your favorite

steakhouse! And their vet staff is sure to give them the best care. These cubs will be an awesome addition to the Disney’s Animal Kingdom family. And this news is not only very exciting news for the animal care and veterinary staff, but for the world because any Sumatran tiger birth is a win for the species. The Sumatran tiger is critically endangered with only about 400 individuals left on the island of Sumatra, Indonesia. That is why each birth is so important. Zoological facilities are working together to save this species from the brink of extinction as well

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as hundreds more. Deforestation and poaching are the greatest treats to these magnificent animals. There are a few simple things that you can do on a daily basis to help save amazing animals and all of the other animals that need our protection in the wild. You can take those blue bins seriously and become an avid recycler, try to use reusable bags and water bottles and bags when you’re on the go, conserve energy, carpool, find ways to volunteer or donate to spurt wildlife research, education, and conservation. Education is keep in spreading a message of conservation to protect animals such as the Sumatran tiger.

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