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Now I don’t like hard-boiled eggs, and neither does my husband. So when our older kids were little, we just bought plastic eggs with which to hold egg hunts with our kids. With a piece of candy or some change inside each, that approach served us well for several years.

When I was a kid, my family would decorate Easter eggs by hard-boiling them, and then using one of those PAAS kits or a food coloring and vinegar mixture to add the color. We’d have a few eggs that were a single color, several that were two colors – one on each half, and then we might have two or three where we overlapped the two colors, creating a stripe down the middle. And that’s as fancy as it got.

Then a few years ago, my oldest son, David, announced that he was going to paint Easter eggs. With my background, I of course assumed that in addition to eggs, we would need food coloring or a kit, just like my family had done. And since three of my four kids do like hard-boiled eggs, I was fine with that. I bought the supplies and told him to have a good time. It turns out that I know nothing about the art of decorating Easter eggs! David waited until a Saturday when the rest of the family was doing something and he stayed behind. When we arrived home, there were no hard-boiled eggs, but there was a bowl of uncooked scrambled eggs in the fridge (actually, they may have been on the kitchen counter, but at least he didn’t throw them away) and paint supplies all over the counter.

had blown the eggs out of the shells and then painstakingly created some of the cutest egg shells I’ve ever seen. There was a Buzz Lightyear and Woody, R2D2, and even one inspired by Van Gogh’s Starry Night. I think it took a little longer than he had anticipated, because he did let his younger brother and sisters decorate some of the remaining eggs as well. So we got a few single-colored eggs out of the exercise, but the coloring was still done with paintbrushes, not cups and spoons. This year, my youngest, Haylee, is excited about decorating eggs, and thanks to her older brother’s influence, she also does not believe that decorating eggs involves food coloring or vinegar. She wants David to help her, and she is planning an entire lineup of Winnie the Pooh characters. It sounds too complicated for me, but I’m sure between the two of them, they can get it done, and it will be adorable. Until next time,

David’s eggs were definitely not intended to be eaten, nor were they intended to be used in an egg hunt. He

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