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eavesdrop during recess, this is what you would hear them say…

1. Teachers love your kids more than you know.

by Dana Hall McCain

I’m not a teacher, but I’ve spent my entire life surrounded by them on all sides: both of my parents, both siblings, and their wives, plus a countless list of friends, aunts, uncles and cousins. Education is our family thing (and I’m the oddball for choosing a different career path). What all this exposure to veteran teachers gives me, however, is a unique insider/outsider perspective. Sometimes we lose focus on the fact that the education of our children should be a partnership–a team pursuit wherein parents and teachers are all in for the goal of equipping and nurturing your child to be all God made him to be. When things get tough or a child is struggling, the parent-teacher relationship can become tense. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Our educational system isn’t perfect, but there are countless men and women who have devoted their lives to teaching and who want what’s best for your child. If you could sneak into the teachers’ lounge and

Let’s face it: Education isn’t an easy or especially lucrative career choice. With today’s pressure to meet standardized testing benchmarks while also caring for the social and emotional needs of kids from diverse circumstances, it’s uphill all the way. So why do they do it? With rare exception, it’s because they really do care. They worry about your kids when they lie down at night. They find themselves pondering in the grocery store line how to help a kid who’s “stuck” academically to have a breakthrough. So when you’re frustrated with your child’s teacher for whatever reason, understand that the problem is likely not a lack of concern on their part. Communicate about your concerns, but approach them as a teammate, not as the opposition.

3. Read early. Read often. Then read some more. I posed this question to a fantastic preschool teacher who taught my oldest back in the day. She said, “I can tell almost immediately when 4K children are placed in my classroom which ones have been read to a great deal since infancy. They’re better students.” Interestingly, I received the same feedback from a high school English teacher. If, despite your best efforts, your child doesn’t love to read alone, keep reading aloud to them throughout childhood.

4. Even honest kids get things wrong sometimes. One seasoned teacher put it to me this way: “I tell my parents that if they’ll believe only about half of what their child says about me, I’ll extend the same courtesy to them.” It’s true; kids get facts mixed up, misunder-

2. If you love your child, you’ll let her fail early. When I polled my teacher friends, this theme came up over and over. Parents are so concerned with the numbers on the report card (even in grammar school), they can’t bear to let their children take the deduction for a forgotten assignment or deal with the consequences of any failure, no matter how small. They rush to school to deliver the project or practice gear or to argue for a do-over when their student bombs an assignment. This severely inhibits the child’s ability to learn personal responsibility and how to bounce back from a misstep. Kids learn important things when they are unsuccessful with a task. Your teacher wishes you would resist rescuing your child too quickly or too often so those natural consequences could shape them into better people.

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