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November Family of the Month

Meet the Corradino Family Pumpkin pie, cooler climate, corn mazes and their anniversary—these make November special for Marc and Bethany, who refer to the Tampa Bay area as “our home” because “home is always the place we enjoy getting back to.” But the Corradino family finds joy in reaching out from home to serve others. And that is by design. This father and mother of Gulf Coast’s November Family of the Month set the example. “We are striving to be a family that thinks of others first and serves.” The Corradinos enjoy their life in Florida when they are here in the states. “We love the warm weather and enjoy the relaxed pace of life in the Bay area—not to mention the easy access to beautiful beaches. We also, love the fact that we are so close to family!” Prior to coming back home to the Tampa area here in 2016, the Corradinos had been working in Thailand for the previous three years. “We serve the people of

Thailand by meeting many of their needs such as teaching them English, mentoring young men and women, working with orphans, and sharing with the people how they can have abundant life in Jesus Christ.” Bethany and Marc approach parenting with the same drive and passion as well. “We love our girls; they are amazing in so many ways. We love watching Audrey, Chloe, and Mimi grow, learn and discover. We count the opportunity to parent them as the most important responsibility God has blessed us with!” Married 9 years this month, Marc and Bethany first met at First Baptist Church of Indian Rocks in the young adults group. “Marc got my phone number after an activity at Red Lobster—what a romantic place! We began dating shortly thereafter and our lives have been on one amazing ride ever since!” We at Gulf Coast Family applaud the Corradino family for their passion for others and for the loving life they share. They are a great example of a joyful and fun-loving family and we are honored to have them as our Family of the Month.

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Family Favorites

Sports teams: The New York Mets—Marc and his dad always used to watch the Mets games together when Marc was younger. After the “Amazin’ Mets” beat the Red Sox in 86’ Marc was hooked and now we are all Metsies! Foods: Our family loves Italian food, Thai food, and Mama’s home cookin’—which is usually Southern style. Mmmmmm! pass the cornbread ya’ll! Free time: We love the beach, having picnics, watching movies with popcorn, going on walks and hikes together. Fall traditions: We’ve just started a tradition of painting pumpkins together. We also love to visit a pumpkin farm, and have apple cider, pony rides, and candy apples! Local attraction: One of our favorite local vacation activities is going to John’s Pass. There’s so much to do there and it’s been a family favorite for years. Dream vacation: We’d like to take a Disney cruise together as a family through the Caribbean.

Meet the Kids Audrey, our oldest, is very kind, mature, and loves teaching her little sisters. She is also very curious and wants to learn about everything. She loves reading, listening and telling stories that she makes up on her own. Chloe our little “ladybug” is constantly full of energy and excitement. She’s always in motion and loves cuddling with Mommy which is the only time she actually slows down. She runs like the wind wherever she goes and loves to collect things like shells, rocks, and ladybugs. Mimi, our two year old, is a sweet delight. She is always full of kisses and loves singing beautiful

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songs. She is very bold and not afraid of anything except for alligators! When her big sisters get out of line she’s sure to let them know - us too! All three of our kids love traveling, exploring new places and going on adventures. They also enjoy ballet and gymnastics, and they all love eating Thai food and Mac & Cheese!

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Gulf Coast Family - November 2016  

Gulf Coast Family's primary purpose is to encourage families along the Gulf Coast by providing worthwhile information that deals with family...

Gulf Coast Family - November 2016  

Gulf Coast Family's primary purpose is to encourage families along the Gulf Coast by providing worthwhile information that deals with family...