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Protect Your Family

Safer Summer Fun by Attorney G. Alan Tripp, Jr.

1) N  eighborhood boundaries and whose homes they may visit; 2) Who to call and where to go in case of an emergency; 3) Their full name, address, and telephone number(s); 4) To keep doors locked and not to open the door if they are home alone; 5) N  ot to approach a vehicle or accept a ride from anyone without parent permission; 6) To avoid pools and other bodies of water without adult supervision; and 7) Their curfew, and to call if they will be late. Theme parks are a wonderful place for family vacation and can be lots of fun. While you are planning your trip, take some time to talk to your students about ways to stay safe before you arrive at the park. A few minutes of advance preparation will make your arrival and the outing at the park much more enjoyable and much safer. Before leaving home or on the way to the days outing, discuss and derive a plan to meet in a specific location should anyone become separated from the group. Teach your

younger children to always check first with you first before accepting prizes from anyone. Instruct your children to tell you if anyone makes them feel scared, uncomfortable, or confused. If a stranger ever tries to take them away, teach children to runaway and yell, “this person is not my father (mother)!” It is wise not to allow children to wear clothing or carry items that display their names. Upon arrival at the park get a map and immediately show your students where the help/information centers are located. Point out to them examples of people who can help, like park personnel, if they become separated from their group or lost. Make sure your child is carrying some form of identification and emergency contact information to include phone numbers and emergency contacts. Always accompany younger children to the restroom. It seems simple and it is. And finally, talk to your children and prepare them for an enjoyable and safe summer. For more information go to: Safety.pdf

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The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children recommends parents and guardians consider children’s summer activities, both structured and unstructured, and take appropriate actions to help keep them safe. Your children should know:


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