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May Family of the Month

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Meet the Sparklin Family As our May Family of the Month, the Sparklins are a shining example of parents and children enjoying that sense of unity that binds individuals into family. Married for twenty-five years this May, Rex and Shelley are “incredibly blessed” with their number one job: being parents to their four very active kids – Rex Jr., Allisyn, Ryan and Reid. Shelly grew up literally on a small island in the far Eastern Province of Nova Scotia, called Roberts Island. As Shelley describes it, “Just imagine the scenery in the famous book series Anne of Greene Gables and you will capture the landscape of where I grew up.” Rex on the other hand grew up in Southern Michigan until his family moved to Kissimmee Florida in the early 80’s. Rex and Shelley met while attending college at Liberty University in Virginia. As Rex tells the story, “I looked across the room and saw the

most beautiful smile while playing that game many of you may remember, Pictionary.” Shelley’s smile not only captured Rex’s attention, but later his heart. After they were married, and Rex finished law school, the two of them moved to Seminole, Florida in May of 1994 where Rex began serving Christians in the Legal Ministry. Rex continues to serve as a local attorney serving Christians and also is the Executive Director of the Florida Association of Christian Child Caring Agencies (FACCCA) which makes it possible for faith based children’s homes to serve the needs of children in the State of Florida. Shelley stays extremely busy herself. While being a full time homeschooling mom of three children (still at home), Shelly also works as a Registered Nurse and supervisor at Palm Garden of Largo, nursing home and rehab. In addition, she also serves many hours during the week as the full time secretary for FACCCA to keep the ministry for children organized.

Even though they are very busy, time together is very important for the Sparklins and as a result family activities revolve around life at or close to home. Whether it is going kayaking or scuba diving, going for walks, getting ice cream for a special treat, working on projects together around the house or just enjoying each other’s company, the Sparklins have a way of keeping the things that matter always in focus. We commend them for their devotion to keeping family togetherness as a priority in their busy lives. The Sparklins definitely know how to have fun together and live life to its fullest, and we are honored to have them as our May Family of the Month.

Family Favorites Words of Wisdom: Try to live below your means and live debt free. Foods: Strawberry Short Cake, Chocolate Chip Cookies and Rappie Pie!!! (A Nova Scotia Dish) Restaurant: Cheesecake Factory Movie: Courageous Free Time Activity: Kayaking in the Gulf or Biking around Pinellas Summer Tradition: Visiting Shelley’s childhood home in Nova Scotia and watching the World’s largest tidal fluctuations – tide differences of over 35 feet! (local tides around Tampa are only about 3 feet.)

To read more of Rex Jr.’s story, visit our website at If you would like to recommend a family to be featured as the family of the month, send a photo and a description of what makes your family unique to

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