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June Family of the Month

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Meet the Wickstrom Family The family that sings together will likely do everything together. And Greg and Aimee Wickstrom and their two kids - Kingsley and Kaia - are just such a family. “Together” is an important word in the Wickstrom vocabulary - and has been since Day One. “We met at a 4th of July party in 1993 and we have been together ever since,” recounts Greg. “We were married five years later to the day - July 4th 1998 and in the 18 years that we’ve been married, we can easily count the number of days we’ve spent apart. It feels very strange for us to be apart for more than a few hours.” Greg and Aimee both grew up in the Tampa Bay area and have lived here pretty much their entire lives. “We love living here,” the couple told us. “ Living in such a diverse and metropolitan area is quite a treat. From the museums, libraries, and historical places to the fun activities, concerts, beach-

es, and natural beauty, we really enjoy all the opportunities the Tampa Bay area affords our family.” Greg and Aimee are teachers at Pinellas Preparatory Academy - Aimee teaches Art and Greg teaches music - and they both have been teaching at PPA for the past 14 years. “We both love so many things about being educators. Having the responsibility to teach and influence these young minds brings out the very best in us. Earning the respect of the amazing families at our school is very rewarding. Military Veterans, Police officers, Doctors, Lawyers - it is truly a privilege to teach these fantastic children.” But more than teaching, Greg and Aimee enjoy their role as parents. “We have had so many blessings in our lives, but raising our children has to be at the top of the list. We are a very close-knit family and there is nothing

we enjoy more than spending time together!” Gulf Coast Family congratulates our Family of the Month and applaud the Wickstroms for the loving life they share!

Family Favorites Foods: We really enjoy all of the variety available in our area—Sushi, Thai, Indian, Mexican, Italian, Greek, Chinese, Ethiopian, Vietnamese... Movies: The Big Lebowski, Gattaca, Blades of Glory, Office Space, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Fantastic Mr. Fox, most HBO series. Restaurants: Red Mesa, Mazzaro’s Local fun: Family bike rides Words of wisdom: “Happiness is just a smile away.”

Word: Extraordinary Sports teams: All Tampa Bay teams, but mostly the Tampa Bay Lightning. Go Bolts! Free time activities: “If we have any free time we’ll do family yoga (all of us love yoga) and definitely have some family snuggle time. Mostly we just try to spend quality time together. The kids enjoy swimming for the Clearwater Aquatic Team (C.A.T.), participating in triathlons, playing music and drawing. Kaia also loves to ride bikes and garden and Kingsley enjoys trying to build some contraption. Recently he built a digital camera from a kit and over the summer he plans to photograph everything!”

Summer traditions: Traveling— this year we will be going to see Niagra Falls!

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