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38 • December 2016

Benefits of Massage by Tiffiny Rudkin, Jade Tree Wellness Center, Inc.

So, a friend calls me and says, “Tiffiny, I have these headaches almost daily and it’s affecting my life. Is there anything you can do to help?” I say, “Of course. Come see me for a massage and I can see how tight your neck muscles are.” He comes in and I do an assessment. It seems that his neck muscles are wrenched all the way down into his back. I tell him massage can help but he must be devoted to it. It may not be fixed in one treatment but it is fixable. Four sessions later, my friend comes in and his headaches are completely gone. I still see him every two weeks. This is just one of the many benefits of massage. Massage helps to increase blood flow, increase lymph flow (which in turns increases our immunity), lowers blood pressure and encourages relaxation. While there is a long list of things that Massage is good for, these are just a few. Massage helps to pump oxygen and nutrients into tissues and vital organs, including the skin, improving circulation. Massage can reduce stress and release endorphins which are amino acids that work as the body’s natural pain reliever. Massage encourages better sleep, reduces anxiety and depression symptoms and also manages back pain and normal every day aches. Massage not only works on the muscles and blood flow aspects but also aids in moving energy throughout the body allowing an improved sense of general well-being. This includes physical, emotional and spiritual effects.

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One more quick story. A man I network with sent his wife in for a massage so she could relax. He said after the fact, “Have you seen that Snickers commercial where you aren’t yourself and then someone tells you to eat a Snickers bar and you become yourself again?” That was his wife before and after her massage. When mama is happy, everybody is happy! While there are many different modalities of massage, all have their place in our society. Some modalities include Sports massage, pregnancy massage, TMJ massage, Craniosacral therapy, Acupressure, Aromatherapy, Therapeutic massage, Swedish relaxation and many more. Massage is good for Sciatica, Frozen Shoulder syndrome, leg pain, plantar fasciitis and is even good for breaking down scar tissue. Abdominal massage can help with digestion problems and keep bowel movements on the go. Most of all, we as humans are born into a touching world. As we get older, touch is no longer as accepted as it was when we were 1-5 years old. To have a safe and therapeutic or relaxation touch weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or as often as you can helps keep us smiling and sane in an insane world. If you thought that massage was just a luxury, I hope that you will find this article helpful in reassuring you that it is NOT a luxury, but a preventative maintenance for the most important machine you will ever operate, YOUR BODY!

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