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November Family of the Month

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Meet the Tacia Family Joy in life and love for each other are unmistakable traits in GCF’s November Family of the Month. With sweet dispositions and infectious smiles, the Tacia family seems to bring joy to all those around them. Parents Steve and Katie, who both grew up in the St. Petersburg area and even attended high school together in St. Pete, did not start dating until Katie’s senior year at the University of Florida. As Katie explained to us, “Steve came up to Gainesville to visit his best friend at the time, who just happened to be seeing a friend of mine. The two of us were “stuck” together and thankfully we have been “stuck” together ever since!” Fall in Florida is a favorite time of year for the Tacia family - but this family finds happiness and laughter any time of year! “We love it here and we are so grateful to be settled in the area,” Steve and Katie told us. “This is our home. Our friends and family are here, the weather is amazing and we are surrounded by water! What more could one ask for.” It is not surprising the family enjoys being so close to the water, especially since Steve has been serving in the United States Coast Guard for the past twenty years. “I truly have enjoyed all my time in the Coast Guard,” shared Steve. “I have been blessed to have had the opportunity to work in some spectacular areas,

alongside some amazing people, while serving my country.” Currently Steve serves in the Coast Guard Reserves and is assigned to Station Port Canaveral where he is in charge of a duty section that performs search and rescue, law enforcement missions in the area. Steve also serves in the Sheriff’s Office where he has worked in Patrol, in the Environmental Lands Unit, as a School Resources Officer, as a Burglary Detective, and has worked in Internal Affairs. Not to be outdone, Katie is also very active in the community and works full time as an Elementary teacher at Keswick Christian School. “I love sharing my passion for education and it is my goal to positively impact every child I come in contact with!” While they both have many responsibilities with their careers, the responsibility they both cherish the most is that of raising their three kids. “Parenting is a lot of hard work,” the couple told us. “But it is well worth the time and effort and we wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.”

Meet the Kids: Caleb (13), Conner (11), Eiley (7) A perfect afternoon in Caleb’s eyes would be spent outside on the baseball field. Caleb is quite passionate about the sport, and as his family will tell you, he lives, eats, and breathes baseball. Caleb also enjoys playing soccer and swimming. When not outdoors playing sports, Caleb is either reading or working on figuring out how something works. Conner has never met a stranger. He can talk to anyone and treats everyone as though he’s known them his whole life. He is a soccer fanatic but like his brother, Conner also plays baseball and swims. Blessed with a great sense of humor, Conner can do some amazing imitations. He’s very easy-going and even-keeled. Eiley is the family sweetheart. She has the nickname of “Little Mama”, as she knows how the household is to be run and can pick up wherever mom leaves off. In many ways, Eiley is a “girly-girl” but she can also keep up with the boys and hold her own. She loves all sports – especially gymnastics and soccer. She has a great imagination and has a gentle spirit.

Gulf Coast Family would like to say thank you to this wonderful family for their service to our country and to our local community. Steve, Katie, Caleb, Conner and Eiley, THANK YOU! May God continue to bless our country through families like yours.

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