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The Young and the Young at Heart The sounds of summer! Making plans to be with our out of town grandchildren has reminded me of being with my own grandparents who lived in Alabama. I remember hearing the spring on the screen door as it opened and closed, and Grandma “hollering” from the other room, “Don’t slam the door!” My Granddaddy Folsom had a red wagon he kept in his shed, and a GREAT hill in front of his house. He would let us coast down the hill, and then pull us back up, I don’t know HOW many times. He had 10 children, so there were always LOTS of grandchildren around, and he NEVER complained about all those trips up the hill! He would also take us “to town” and let us get the multicolored Lifesavers. Whenever I taste those, I always think of him! I have prevailed upon some of my Facebook friends to share summer memories that they shared with their grandparents, so here they are!

The Disney coloring books, and crayons kept in a sawed off milk jug—my favorite color was “minty green.” Going to a huge store in Ohio called “Bear,” and seeing all the candy in huge wine barrels. Eating tomato and cucumber sandwiches – Sleeping on “pallets” on the floor – The taste of fresh mint sun tea, made from fresh mint leaves from the garden. Hanging clothes on the line with peg clothespins – Fresh honeycomb just pulled from the beehives – Fresh tomatoes sliced on a plate, and picking the seeds out to dry for next planting – My grandpa smoking cigars as he “worked on something” in the garage, and sitting in the driveway, listening to baseball on the radio – Watching the Price is Right when Bob Barker still had dark hair – Eating homemade scrapple—thin and crispy – Sitting on the front porch swing and drinking

by Joy Lancaster sweet iced tea – Learning to make strawberry jam with strawberries that grew along the sidewalk. There are many more memories that have been shared with me, and I will share them at a later date, but one theme is woven throughout the memories…NONE of these memories were made because of money being spent…they are all based on just “being there” with your grandparents.

Grandparent Tip

There can be no value put on the TIME you spend with your grandchildren, and the memories you are making with them.

There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens...

We believe...

There is a time for compassionate care.

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