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Protect Your Family

by Attorney G. Alan Tripp, Jr.

inquiries placed on your account and request Treat your trash and mail carefully firmly in writing that they be removed stating Always shred your receipts, statements, the relevant details of your case. checks, or any other other documents that contain sensitive personal information. Remember, if it is not in writing,

the agencies may claim they never received your request.

Help protect your family from America’s fastest-growing crime, IDENTITY THEFT. According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), as many as nine (9) million Americans, including up to 500,000 children, become victims of identity theft each year.

How are these individuals becoming victims? The FTC outlines nine (9) basic methods of identity theft: 1. Stealing information from businesses or computers 2. “Dumpster diving” through trash 3. Obtaining unauthorized credit reports 4. “Skimming” credit and debit card accounts and authorization numbers using high-tech information retrieval devices 5. Stealing wallets and purses 6. Stealing mail 7. Diverting mail by completing a change of address form 8. Stealing personal information from your home

9. “Phishing,” or posing as an official representative of a company or government to gain confidential information from you Should you become a victim of identity theft, the unfortunate burden of proving your innocence and rectifying the problem many times rests on your shoulders. You will need to assert yourself when dealing with the defrauded agency or company, as well as the credit reporting agencies and any current or potential creditors. The first step is to immediately alert all three major credit reporting agencies and place a fraud alert on your credit reports to keep thieves from opening any new accounts or creating any new activity in your name. Next, you need to review all of your credit reports immediately and flag anything that appears suspicious. Report any fraudulent

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The Internet can give you access to inIn the first year that fraud has been detected, formation, entertainment, financial offers the FTC recommends that you check your and countless other services, but at the credit reports periodically, then follow up same time, it can leave you vulnerable with a routine check with each of the three to online scammers, identity thieves and major agencies at least once a year. Close more. any fraudulent accounts that have been compromised. A police report should be filed and Use intricate passwords and change reported to the FTC’s Identity Theft Hotline them from time to time at 1-877-IDTHEFT (438-4338). Again, keep Avoid using easily available information well-organized, written records of any comlike your mother’s maiden name, your munications and actions you take to set the birth date and the last four digits of your records straight. Social Security number. Combinations of letters, numbers, and special characters While nothing can guarantee that you won’t make the strongest passwords. become a victim of identity theft, you can minimize your risk and the resulting damage Verify a source before sharing information if a problem develops by making it more difDon’t give out personal information on ficult for identity thieves to access your perthe phone, through the mail, or on the Insonal information. ternet unless you’ve initiated the contact Protect your social security number and are sure you know who you’re dealNever reveal your social security numing with. ber or that of a family member unless you understand how it is to be used by I hope you will take steps to protect you and the receiving party. your family from identify theft. DISCLAIMER - Nothing in this informational public service article should be construed as giving legal advice and should not be acted upon without first consulting an attorney. Also, this article should not be construed as creating an attorney-client relationship.

Grade 8 School” “There’s PreK2 No Placethrough Like Holy Family

26 • July 2015

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Art, Music, Chapel, and Cooking. A.P.P.L.E. Accredited • Free VPK program

86th Ave. N. 131st St.

250 78th Ave. NE • St. Petersburg, FL 33702 727-526-8194 •

Half Day or All Day • 7:30am – 3:00pm Enhanced afternoon program includes N EW

Oakhurst Rd.

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At Holy Family, we provide your child with a strong academic foundation in a safe, faith-filled environment. • IA (Iowa Assessment) and ACRE test scores higher than the national average • Advanced curriculum that includes technology, foreign language, music and art • Enrichment program for qualified students • Student leadership, sports and extracurricular activities • Small class sizes! • PreK2 through 8th grade • Financial aid available through “Step Up for Students”

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Faith – Values – Academic Excellence

Be on guard when using the Internet

Park Blvd

Rainbow Preschool will fill your child with many happy memories and a solid foundation for future growth

School tours every day 9:30-11:30am

Oakhurst United Methodist Church 13400 Park Blvd., Seminole • 727-397-5759 Say you saw it in the Gulf Coast Family Newspaper

Guess my age

There were 129 years between the birth of Cleopatra and the death of Boudicca but, as their combined ages came to only 100 years, there must have been 20 years between their lives. Therefore Boudicca must have been born 29 years after the death of Cleopatra in 30 BC. This makes the date of her birth 1 BC.

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