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The Young and the Young at Heart

by Joy Lancaster

Back to school – 2015. It is always a special time. As a former kindergarten teacher, it is very important to me that all children (but especially those related to me!) are successful in school. We have 4 grandchildren starting back to school this year – from 1st to 8th grade. Since I believe in the principle that “In the multitude of counselors there is wisdom,” I asked several of my colleague friends for their opinions about fostering success. “What do you believe,” I

Grandparent Tip

Though many of these comments are meant more for parents, we grandparents can do our part too. When I was teaching, some of my favorite classroom helpers were grandparents! Think of ways you can become involved in the success of your grandchild’s education. Be a constant source of encouragement to your grandchildren throughout all their school years. Remember: they do pass quickly and, before you know it, you will be attending their high school graduations!

asked, “are the best things parents and grandparents can do to guarantee success in the classroom?” Here are some of their ideas:

Academic Preparation • Start reading to your children in their infancy. Acquaint them with written words, and associate the words with pictures. • Talk to your child – a lot! For instance, “I am buying crackers; let’s put them in the cart and be careful that we don’t squash them.” • Have your children take part in play days with other children. • Take them places such as the park and story hour at the library. • Teach them number concepts. For example, “Which one is the largest, smallest, etc.” or “Count how many Cheerios you have.” Have them put items in patterns, such as in the making of a fruit loop necklace: pink, green, yellow…pink, green, yellow.

Emotional Preparation • As the child nears school age, let him visit various classrooms. • Get them active in church activities where they are in a classroom setting for a short period of time. • As the big day approaches, be sure to attend any pre-school startup activities. Perhaps your school hosts a family picnic to help children get acquainted or a “meet the teacher” activity of some kind. • Mom (and even Dad) – be sure to try to hold back those tears as your child comes to his classroom!

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• Be sure your child starts out each school day with a nutritious breakfast. Keep the conversation lighthearted, and send your child to school with encouraging words ringing in his ears. • Be involved in your child’s classroom—not annoying, but involved! Ask your child’s teacher how you can best help.

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