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Destination: Dinner with the

Hungry Family

and low carb options, and an impres- the sacrifice would be too great . . . sive kids’ menu, too. but this banana burrito is something camole was a real treat. Since the special. Share it with someone you Hungry Dad makes a killer blend, On Monday “Taco Night,” the Hun- love, and eat happy. the kids are choosy about their guac, gry Family might be back for the but Abuela’s passed the test. Not the specials on drinks and 99-cent tatypical variety, it showcases fresh cos. Maybe Hungry Big Brother will chopped avocado blended gently compete in the taco eating contest! with house-made pico de gallo. Pret- Poblano’s also offers live music on ty sure it could be eaten with a spoon Friday nights. as the main meal. No need, though, because fresh corn chips are the per- Looking around on their visit, this fect vehicle to get the guac into hun- family could tell that the Poblano’s gry diners’ mouths! motto could easily come true for them. The motto goes, “Warning! Just listen to the menu description We may be habit-forming!” No wonfor Pollo Picoso: “Kick it up a notch der the servers here tend to know with this dish, which includes grilled what customers will order before chicken and sautéed onions, topped they take their seats. Trust the Hunwith our salsa verde and queso dip gry Mom on this—whether you’re in combo, served with Mexican rice, Hillsborough or Pinellas, Poblano’s refried beans, and 3 flour tortillas.” is worth the drive for fresh, authenA spicy chicken dish with rich depth tic Mexican food, lovingly prepared and an overarching lime bite, Pollo and served in the most friendly atPicoso is the house favorite, and this mosphere! Hungry Mom’s personal pick. P.S. Important! Do not leave without With the oldest Hungry Brother’s a banana burrito. Skip dinner if you menu choice, becoming a man might must. Well, don’t do that, because happen faster than ever anticipated! He dove into the burrito Grande, which as the menu says, is GIGANTIC. Even with his gigantic appetite, he couldn’t finish it!

Poblanos Grill & Bar Best. Mexican. Ever. The Hungry Family voted, and Poblano’s wins, hands down.

Now when they first pulled into the parking lot of Poblano’s in north Clearwater, the Hungry Mom had a few misgivings about bringing the gang. Viewing the outdoor dining area within the strip mall, she couldn’t see the soul that lies within the doors. But as soon as these hungry folks were greeted by the hostess, Mom knew that everything would be better than okay. Here is a staff, headed by Juan and his family, who genuinely care about their guests and are passionate about the food they serve. The Hungry Family were treated to a sampling of the most popular menu items. With this family’s passion for guacamole, Abuela’s gua-

The amazing nachos, split by a couple of our Hungry Kiddos, were heaped with delicious and fresh ingredients. Poblano’s also offers a variety of entrees, combos, tacos, Mexican classics with a modern twist, vegetarian 22 • August 2015

Poblanos Grill & Bar

2451 N. McMullen Booth Rd Clearwater, FL 33759 (727) 796-7080 •

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